New York wasn't quite how Peter remembered it. And yet, it hadn't changed either. He was surprised how easily he could find his way around after so many years of living on the west coast.

It also didn't hurt that Dipper had a map on his person just in case. Always prepared.

New York was a wild contrast to California. And even more so to Gravity Falls which had stolen their hearts and made their very identities. But they handled the new oddness fairly well. Making sure to grab the back of Mabel's shirt to stop her from running off to who knew where to look at who knew what. Also, the sheer volume of chaos was different.

Chaos back home was more rallies or rampant gnomes. This appeared to be casually dodging cars taxis and super beings as they fought one another. Dipper, being the ever sensible one was pulling them away from the chaos as a flying and helmeted individual was fighting some bear suit wearing man. Mabel, in her usual fashion had her phone out and was recording the wild action, no doubt to send to Candy and Grenda, meaning that soon, all of Gravity Falls would be hearing about it and their phones would have their inboxes full within the hour.

Peter just helped Dipper avoid the chaos and rubble with his little skill of the spider from Gravity Falls.

"This is awesome!"

"Mabel! Now is not the time!" Dipper screeched out over her voice, "We're sitting ducks here!"

"Psh. We'll be fine- Oh my god he makes rainbows!"

"Peter! Help!"

Peter placed his hand on Mabel's back, allowing his sticky fingers to go to work. With little effort he dragged her away from the chaos of the super being fight.

"Aw Peter! I wanted to see some action," Mabel pouted.

"Just ask for Grenda for some footage of the Manotaur fights."


"We're trying to stay alive Mabel, that is not a crime."

"Yes it is! The crime is boredum itself!"

"Do you really want to deal with government again?" Peter hissed as he glanced over too few men hidden in the shadows wearing suits.

"Gah! Scary light show!" Mabel shifted her tune dramatically as she pretended to be terrified to avoid the possibility of having to deal with government agents again without the memory eraser. She began to run, now pulling Dipper and Peter behind her, her yell unbridled and lengthy. Peter did his best to stifle a laugh at his step sister's antics as it probably wouldn't have been a good idea to appear sane if he was laughing at this chaos. Especially in front of the who Peter could only think of as government agents.

Not that it would have mattered. Mabel was always incredibly fast. And held an abnormal strength for a teenage girl. And it wasn't like Peter and Dipper were fighting against her, so in New York record time they made it four New York blocks in about thirty six seconds.

"That was intense," Dipper wheezed as they turned a corner.

"Man I'm loving New York," Mabel laughed.

"A little more wild then I remember it," Peter admitted.

"We'll take your word for it," Dipper joked as he took a deep breath.

"So coffee anyone?"

"There's still a fight of epic proportion down there and you want coffee? Is any place still open with a fight down there?" Dipper questioned.

"It's New York," Peter answered as he sauntered into a still open coffee shop.

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