It all felt somewhat surreal. The adrenaline the three had come to know and adore mixed with the mundane city life they had all experienced, colliding into one hot mess.

But it was at least interesting.

Dipper came home and had begun to write detailed journals, much like their Gruncle Ford had back when he studied the abnormalities of Gravity Falls. But instead of monsters and misfits, Dipper had taken to writing about all the strange powers that came with the whole superhuman situations that seemed almost eerily ordinary in New York.

Peter half wondered if there was something in the water...

Mabel, on the other hand, had her new celebrity crush of the week thing going on. The rainbow energy flying guy with the helmet, or Nova as he seemed to be called, was now being added to her scrapbook of crushes. She'd have to get a new one soon at this rate...

Peter was just content, letting the fate of the world be placed in someone else's hands. It was hard enough finding out that Dipper and Mabel, as well as Grunkle Stan and Ford, were supposed to be a part of some magical nonsense to get rid of a one-eyed flying dapper dressed demonic Dorito hell-bent on cosmic domination.

But beggars couldn't be choosers. Especially in a city of such a high population, obviously, there was going to be more crime. More crime, more superhero chances.

Most would love the opportunity to see heroes like that. For Peter, it reminded him of more of the wild instances in Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls was better, though. No need to hide what they knew or could do. New York was a different beast. Everyone watched and recorded and caused something to be blown out of proportion. The people here were more beastly than the wild creatures and civilizations intertwined with Gravity Falls.

A mere week had passed for the trio, and Mabel had already filled a scrapbook with hero papers and articles, as well as some well-timed pictures. She had an easier time integrating into the wild society of New York. Dipper was dragged along for the ride, often shielded by his sister from Flash. While Peter knew Dipper could take care of himself, some instincts would never die from the twins.

Peter, on the other hand, kept off to the side when possible. The twins were inseparable since coming to New York; Peter could slip away unnoticed, though. At least for a little while. New York was his original stomping grounds. So he had a lot to look over. And given his little... side effect from living in Gravity Falls that one summer, he needed his alone time periodically.

And to avoid having a connection between his unassuming appearance and his powers, he made sure he was covered from head to toe. Dressed in a red hoodie and a pair of blue sweatpants, a bandana covering his hair and mouth, and sunglasses over his eyes, he darted towards the rooftops of the city. The freedom was exhilarating.

Granted, it was often interrupted by people who needed help. He never hesitated to help them, recalling how each person who stood aside during Wierdmageddon was tortured, perhaps even worse than those who fought back.

So he'd save the potential victims in alleyways and leave a mark in the alley, high above most people's heads. He'd silently thank Robbie Valentine for showing him how to make art and messages using spray cans. It was marking his territory. Those who he had taken down would attest to that. And others who tagged areas had little chance of being a threat to him after all he had been through. Just two Xs overlapping unevenly as a mock spider of sorts.

The last thing he wanted though, was for it to be on the news. While Mabel and Dipper didn't pay the news much mind, it wouldn't take them too long to realize that Peter had dipped his toes into the chaotic criminal underbelly of New York.

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