"Status report."

"Vitals signs are normal, no visible change for the past 24 hours. Subject shows no distress since operation."

"And the crystal?"

"Shown to be perfectly compatible with subject. Doctor this is the most success we had."

"This is good- what is happening?!"

"Shit we need more people. Restraint the patient!"

"Kratos are you alright?"

"I'm alright-HA-CHOO!"

Kratos blew and whipped his nose with tissue, his face flushed red. Alicia is looking at him with concern. "I think you should go home."

"…..yeah." His woke up with a headache and its getting worse. He had forgotten how being sick is like, and mother nature made him remember.

"I'll call Damien to pick you up, I don't trust to you to drive home like this."

Kratos shook his head, "His busy with a shot today."

"Great-Oh, Yuan!"

The blue haired man walked into right when he banged his foot against the counter.


"Are you alright?" Even though his face was blank, there was hint of concern in his voice.

"I'm taking a leave, Alicia remember to check everything when you close up okay?"

The woman nodded, but stopped him from walking out. "Yuan, mind doing this man a favor and send him home? I don't trust him to get home safely like this."

Yuan nodded without hesitation.

It was Saturday, so that meant Lloyd was going to be at home. Maybe one of his friends would be coming over. If it was Zelos his house would be doomed.

The drive was quiet except for the music coming from the radio. It was playing some rock before and it hurt his head so he changed it, much to Yuan's distaste.

"Kratos would you stop messing with the radio?"

The redhead continued to jab the buttons with his fingers.

A slender hand grabbed his wrist, it was callused and it felt nice on his skin, so he stopped. It moved up to feel his forehead.

"You're burning up. What have you been doing?"

Well it was Anna's birthday yesterday and I forgot to bring an umbrella and it rained.

"So you just stood there for the whole day?"

Did I say that out loud?


The hand moved upwards and smoothed down his hair before returning to the wheel. He would deny later that he whined.

"I had to run to the nearest bus stop. It was far."

"Where was your car?"

"I was too lazy to drive."

"Mr Yuan, what are you doing here?" A moment later. "Why are you carrying my dad?"

Kratos refused to stand and get out of the car so he had to carry him.

Is he sleeping-yes he is why is he sleeping.

"Your father is sick, I brought it back."

Lloyd made way for the man to walk in. He took in his surroundings then walked towards the stairs.

"His room is at the end of the hall to your right!" Lloyd called up to him. He heard voices coming from –what he presumed to be- the living room.

After he place the man on the bed, he walked downstairs to ask Lloyd for some medicine when he heard a familiar voice.

"Surprised to see you here Yuan."

He turned towards the source of the voice and replied, voice full with dread. "Zelos."

Said man was sitting on the couch like he owned it, bare feet kicked up onto the armrest and a soda can in his right hand. "Heard you brought the old man back, what're you planning to do to him."

Yuan felt a vein pop on his forehead. "Get your mind out of the gutter."

"It wasn't in there to begin with, whatcha thinking you dirty old man."

Fortunately (for Zelos) Lloyd appeared out from the kitchen with a bag of chips. "Hmm, you know Zelos?"

Yuan ignored the question. "I need medicine for Kratos."

Lloyd gave a nodded and came back with a box filled with pills and a bottle. He followed Yuan up to his father's bedroom, just to check up on him.

He left when Yuan was giving him the medicine.

The blue haired man raised to leave but something grabbed him with surprising strength and pulled him back down.

When he lifted his hand to remove Kratos' hand the sick man started to mumble.

"Should have…stop Mithos."

Yuan froze, the leaned closer to hear clearer.

"Need to…get Yuan out…people coming…"

The hand gripped his shirt tighten as Kratos started to flinch and the mumbling became louder and faster.

"Martel….human…traitor murderer fucking asshole comE BACK MITHOS!"

He was already trashing around at this point and Yuan had to restrain him by pushing his shoulders into the bed forcefully.

Hands shot up and almost pushed him off but Yuan stayed firm. He trapped both wrists in one hand and forced them above the sick man's head while pressing his forearm firmly under his chin. He pressed his weight down, trapping KRatos' lower body between in tights.

Instantly the man under him went limp, his eyes wide and unfocused. He started mumbling in a language Yuan haven't heard in a very long time.

"Please no more….it's too much I can't do it."

"Calm down, nothing is happening, everything is alright."

"The crystal…."

Kratos fell silent after that. His eyes blinked slowly, becoming more focused but still fogged over because of his sickness.


Yuan leaned forward, letting his forehead to press against sweaty skin, allowing his body to relax slightly. "Everything is alright, I brought you home."

Kratos blinked again and smiled sadly, "I'm sorry."

"For what?"


He was already asleep again, breathing slowly. The man above him was another matter.

What? Did he mean…

Yuan got off. He tucked the redhead under the covers and smoothed down his clothes.

Does he remember?

He walked down stairs, planning to avoid Lloyd and Zelos altogether.

He didn't seem to before. Are the memories coming back?

His hand was on the door knob when Lloyd stopped him.


And of course someone stopped him from making his escape.

"How is he?"

"He fell asleep."

Something in the teen changed as he looked at him. "You remember, don't you."

Yuan nodded, and noted that Zelos was gone.

"Look, Kratos doesn't remember anything, about Cruxis, about the desians about anything. But sometimes at night, he would talk in his sleep."

"He would say something from the journey of Regenaration, bits and pieces of Cruxis and more shit I don't understand. Hell sometimes he black out at randomly and talk like he was still a four thousand years old guy."

Lloyd ran his hand through his hair and scratched his neck. Seems like his habit never changed.

"Look I'm worried about him," the teen confessed, "And since you were his best friend. I want you to look out for him."

Yuan examined his former godson and smiled.

"What have I been doing up till now then?"

From: Kratos

Sorry about Saturday, I didn't cause much trouble did i?


Don't worrya bout it, I dealt with it before.

From: Kratos

I don't know what to feel about that

From: Kratos

Thanks by the way, maybe I can buy you dinner?

To: Kratos

Alright, you pick the time and place.

From: Kratos

I'll send you the info later, see you

If he felt happier, he didn't show it.