Voltron: Legendary Defender One-Shot!

Title: Pink Dye

Pairing: Lance x Keith / Klance

WARNING(s): BoyxBoy, Shounen-ai, Gay guys, Swearing.

Rated: T

Disclaimer: If I own Voltron- Keith will definitely become Lance's waifu; which I don't. Characters belong to their rightful owners and I own the story only.


Lance was running, like literally running. He almost crash onto Pidge, who was carrying some equipment.

"Oi! Watch it!" She barked angrily.

Lance was about to talk back but stopped and continued running as he heard Keith's roaring voice.


Lance was running again, this time with Keith fast on his heels. He kept on running whilst looking back and screamed.

'Keith's catching up! Shit!'

Keith was slowly catching up to him and when he did, he harshly pushed Lance against a wall. Gripping the front of his shirt, his other fist was aiming for Lance's face.

"You-" He growled, face coming closer towards the other.

"I said I'm sorry!" Lance put up both of his hands in defense.

"Yeah- like I would believe your sorry ass. You put pink dye into my shampoo!" Keith continued.

It all started with Lance being an idiot he was, changing the contents of Keith's shampoo with pink dye. And now, he's in for it.

Lance's eyes were looking everywhere except for the Red Paladin in front of him. He could feel Keith's gaze on him. He could feel his fist getting nearer to his face. He closed his eyes, wishing there was something he could say to stop the man in front.

Some of Keith's hair were pink while other parts were still black. He looked ridiculous and funny in the same time.

An idea passed Lance's mind and a grin was plastered on his face.

"Come on… It was just a prank dude. Besides, you look cute with some pink on."

There was silence. Both of them were silent. Keith with a blank expression and Lance with a grinning one.

Slowly, heat was rising to Keith's face. 'Did he just- What- No way. I'm dreaming.' He thought. Lance's words echoed in his head. Lance just called him cute. Great, now he was flushing even more.

"Liar." He called out. He released his grip from Lance and was backing away slowly. He was just about to turn away until he felt Lance holding his hand.

"I did not, Keith kitty." He assured him.

Soon, Keith was now in front of Lance again but this time with his arms pulling him closer. Keith was turning red. He quickly freed himself from the Blue Paladin and turned to face him squarely. He pointed a finger at him and threatened.

"One more word- one embarrassing word- and you'll be waking up with purple hair."

That one threat managed to shut Lance. Keith walked away with his cheeks dusted in pink and a small smile formed on his face.

The next day, Lance woke up with some parts of his hair dyed in purple.


Keith heard him from outside and grinned evilly.

'Revenge is so sweet.'

Keith is a bad kitty. Wait- they're both naughty for each other.