Naruko: The Story Retold

By: dbrame91

This will be a part one of two chapter, the second will be a Kushina view to go parallel to this, so it will be more like a Chapter 12.5. Going to give you a warning, there will be a lemon scene in this chapter. I will mark it out at both the start and end if you want to ignore it.

Chapter 12: Naruko

It was late at night when the group of five teens and three adults reach the large gates of Konoha. The mission in Nami no Kuni officially ended two weeks after the battle for the bridge. The first two days after the battle Naruko had spent unconscious, her body trying to regulate the sudden supply of Kyuubi chakra trapped in her system by the now healed over seal on her hand. When she awoke Kushina was the first person there to fill her in on what happened.

With a weak laugh she had tried to play off the idiocy of the mistakes she had made. The first being a complete underestimation of just how much raw power the Kyuubi possessed. The second mistake was not drawing her improvised seal in a mirror image, which was why she had absorbed the bijuu chakra instead of it being suppressed within her mother again. The third mistake was the use of an on-the-spot designed seal when she had just begun to understand the almost lost ninja art, a mistake that had taken more lives than most people would think.

After waking up it was another three days before she was allowed out of bed, the entire time her connection to Yoko went unchecked. The blond's chakra control had been shot, as evidenced by her attempts at even the easiest exercise leading to failure, for that first day she was allowed out of bed. The missing connection between the sisters went unnoticed until the Namikaze heiress tried to ask the kitsune image of herself for advice. It was with slow and careful progress that Naruko reopened the connection, having to use the same method she had first used to find herself in the chakra girl's room.

Gato had been tried publicly by the people of Nami, an event that even the Konoha ninja were roped into, in a trial that only took two days. During the proceedings Naruko and Kushina had both been asked to step up as witnesses against the small man. During her report of the events that included her Naruko brought up how she had "been given" the rights to Gato's company by a drunken version of the man, a claim that Gato denied immediately. It was during the delivery of the verdict that Naruko succeeded in finding her way back to her sister's room. The act of doing so accidentally flaring her chakra roughly, expelling a portion of the bijuu chakra still in her system that scorched the wooden bench she was sitting on, and scaring the amassed civilians present.

Yoko coming back had drawn the swordswoman's complete attention internally. Naruko started with trying to go over everything that happened after they had lost consciousness. It wasn't until half way through the rambling that she stopped. Yoko hadn't been paying attention, too consumed with looking at herself. She now had three tails, each identical and fully under her control, and her ears seemed a bit shaggier than normal. Realizing that she didn't have Yoko's attention, Naruko also began to inspect what used to be a mirror of her with additional features. Yoko still looked the same, no differences between the girls' proportions, but she felt instinctually more beastial.

The fur inside her ears was a bit lengthier, barely longer canines that pressed slightly into her bottom lip, where she used to have only her single tail now swished three identical tails, and the nails at the ends of her fingers were long and sharp now. Each tail was the same shade as her hair and tipped with a small amount of white. The fox girl's eyes were now a deep red, filled with worry and surprise causing them to shine brightly with a barely contained power. Naruko also noticed six long black lines along the girl's cheeks, the lines were angled kind of like a child's drawing of sun rays getting further from each other the further out from the middle of her face they got. As more minute changes came to light Naruko also picked up more on her sister's presence. Not that she was standing next to her or exactly where she was, she could feel the well of bijuu chakra that her body had taken in and apparently gave to the red haired chakra teen.

While between the new features and boost of chakra Yoko could easily be more intimidating she was also more alluring, in an elegant way. Her posture belied strength and grace in equal parts. Her hair seemed to cling to her back, showing off her body shape gently. Whenever she moved Yoko's body was slow but purposeful, easily moving as if weights had suddenly been taken off of her limbs. The overall effect was a lot to take in but both teens worked through the confusion before playing real world catch up.

After Naruko returned her awareness to outside of herself, and everyone calmed back down, the proceedings went on slowly. Gato was to be executed. He would be tied up like his men had done to a man named Kaiza, a man who had been viewed as a hero and became a part of Tazuna's family. Unlike Kaiza's execution though Gato would be left out to slowly die, with just enough food and water to keep him from dying too quickly. Haku and Zabuza decided to take turns watching over the site, making sure that any of Gato's men who may have escaped from, or not been present at, the destruction that had become the bridge site on that day did not come to free the tiny man.

Once Gato's trial was complete and all the Konoha ninjas were rested they began to assist with the island civilians. A week later Gato died on his stake, the bridge was finished, and a celebration for both accomplishments was held the night before the ninja returned to Konoha. All those in the group chose to cross the bridge on foot, and much of the trip was taken at a slower pace with short bursts of travel at ninja speeds. And now here they were, the great gates of Konoha and they could already see the gate guards stepping out of their shack to collect the team's paperwork and identifications. The look on the faces of the two Chuunin when they saw the infamous swordsman as the team's "prisoner" was worth the annoyance of being stopped and held up at 11 o'clock in the evening.

Once inside the village Naruko split from the group, leaving a clone behind to go with her team. "Were are you going Naruko?" Kushina asked as her daughter tried to escape. "You need to check in and give your short report on the mission with the rest of us." The redhead said as she crossed her arms and stared down the blond, one eye squinting.

"I'm going to go sleep. Also I am sending a clone, which is as good as me going, for the report." Naruko explains as she tucked a few loose strands of hair back behind her ear and starting to walk off again. Suddenly she felt a bit awkward as her brain processed the memories returned from her clone, and the pain of having her ear pulled. With one hand on her right ear and looking to where her doppelganger had stood, finding her mother's arm outstretched to where its ear would have been. "Oh come on, that is just mean. You know the Kage Bunshin would be just as good as the original."

"You can't just pick and choose what obligations you need to follow through with. It is also exceedingly rude to send a clone to meet with the Hokage." The red haired matron of the Uzumaki household replied as she crossed her arms over the front of her Jonin vest again. Her tone and glare demanding submission on the point.

"Just one more difference between Konoha and Kiri I guess." When everyone looked over at Zabuza he shrugged nonchalantly. "What? I always used to send clones to give in my reports." Looking around again he huffs indignantly. "It probably never helped my standing with the Mizukage, but it was a good use of a skill that was often under appreciated." As everyone is focusing on Zabuza no one, except for the swordsman, notices Naruko making a water clone before running off.

Five minutes later finds the Namikaze girl outside the Hyuuga compound, along a side wall. As she sneaks around outside the estate she taps a finger randomly in the air from time to time, feeling quick shocks from some kind of seal generated barrier as she does. 'So lame. Thinking that this will keep anyone out... Well maybe a cloud ninja would have an issue.' Stopping in her wonderings she looks down at the ground carefully for any signs of disturbance along the ground of the alleyway. 'Yoko, you think they put this one together just for me?'

'With how often we have found our own ways into the grounds, it isn't a complete impossibility. Maybe we could apply a seal to a kunai to try and cut through this one? It might work better with the additional Kyuubi chakra we have now.' The chakra constructed kitsune muses as she slowly brushes one of her tails. 'We could also try an underground assault... Or just ask to be allowed in at the front gate?'

'Where's the fun in that? Plus, Hinata loves little surprises.' Keeping her eyes on the ground she finds a slight patch of shuffled dirt, like someone taking a sudden turn. Stopping, she brushes the dirt a bit and finds a loose cobblestone beneath. Taking out one of her preferred kunai she slowly pulls the stone loose and finds the underside is painted with a basic first tier seal painted onto it. 'Bingo!' Taking a few seconds to go over it carefully she pulls out a random slip of paper and burns a temporary shut off seal onto it, before applying it to the seal on the stone and then testing the barrier.

This time the shock is greater, apparently the shut off being on a dampening aspect of the seal. With another look at the ink on the stone Yoko speaks up again. 'The third aspect has a hidden fourth key in it. Adjust your seal with a line through the middle that suddenly goes right to curve.' Yoko explains as she provides an image of her directions. With a shrug and a quick flourish Naruko does as advised. This time when she tests the barrier she isn't stopped at all. Once on the other side she takes the paper off the stone and fits it back into place carefully, allowing the barrier to come back to life with her inside it now.

Putting all of her stealth skills to use Naruko slips over the wall with no sound, avoiding even lightly landing on the clay tiles along the top of it, and pulls her form deep into a nearby bush. Spreading some of the branches away from her face she looks around, trying to find any trace of a patrol. Not spotting a single soul, or a single light on in the surrounding houses, the blond sneaks from shadow to shadow until she is near the main house. With a gentle touch she sticks her left hand to the tiles above her head and pulls herself up. Taking a few seconds to double check the area she takes a few long and slow strides till she is underneath her moon eyed friend's window before taking another one of her kunai and slipping the latch up to unlock it.

A second later she opens the window and pulls herself through carefully. Looking at Hinata's alarm next to her bed Naruko smiles, 'Record timing.' Slipping off her sandals Naruko eases her way closer to the bed and gently shakes the blue haired teen awake. The Hyuuga heiress opens her eyes gingerly, her sight blurry with sleep, before suddenly swinging an arm out instinctively. Forgetting to add chakra to the blow it is a quick palm strike that pushes the blond back a bit. Getting out of bed Hinata's night gown billows out flowing gracefully as her feet meet the carpeted floor. Hearing a slight hiss at the attack Hinata blinks her eyes a few times to clear them before pulling her hands to her mouth.

In a whisper Hinata approaches the other teen, "Naruko-chan what are you doing here? What time is it?" Looking around she finds her clock and gasps again. "Midnight? It is so late. Thank goodness I don't have to report for a team meeting tomorrow." Looking back at Naruko a soft smile forms on her lips at seeing her for the first time in several weeks.

"Kuso," Naruko curses in a soft whisper with both eyes closed. "Sorry Hina-chan. I just got back from my mission and I wanted to surprise you." As the words leave her mouth Naruko is enveloped in the other girl's embrace, as her arms wrap around the blond's abdomen. Opening one eye slightly and barely smiling she leans in and kisses the other heiress. "Even with getting hit, I still prefer this to going and seeing the Hokage to report in." Naruko giggles as Hinata blushes a light pink before helping her up and crossing the room to her bed. Helping the blond shrug off her jacket Hinata looks at the place she hit, finding no bruising or signs of her chakra having been fed into area.

With a slight application of an anesthetic jutsu Hinata numbs the spot carefully before releasing the hold on her chakra. "Th-there you go Naruko-chan," the Hyuuga teen says as she pulls her hand away. As her hand rests gently in her lap with it's double, the blue haired girl is hugged spontaneously and pushed down to the bed carefully, Naruko using her whole body to guide the change of position. A fresh blush lighting across her cheeks Hinata begins to stammer softly, "N-Naru..." Her words being stopped by the blond bringing her lips to the other girls, absorbing Hinata's entire attention and supply of air as the kiss slowly drags on.

Lemon Warning: Start

Pulling away, Naruko locked her gently glazed blue eyes with the, lightly purpled, white eyes of her lover. Blinking vacantly Naruko refocuses on Hinata and reaches the bottom hem of her shirt to lift it over her head in a quick motion before reclaiming Hinata's lips in a soft kiss. The blue haired girl drapes her arms around the blond's neck as she pulls herself up a bit to deepen the kiss with a contented sigh. The kiss doesn't last long though as Naruko snakes a hand up Hinata's night wear and lets her nails glide over the toned stomach, her fingers coming inward as she closes her hand before opening the fingers again and letting the extremity work its way further up to the other teen's ample chest.

Naruko smirked as she heard Hinata's breath catch while her hand playfully explored the Hyuuga heiress's soft breasts. Trying to catch her breath Hinata broke the kiss, panting softly as Naruko continued to tease her nipples, rubbing her fingers across them before giving them small kneading twists between her forefinger and thumb. With a mischievous look in her eye Naruko slowly guided the bottom hem of the form hiding garment up to expose the beautifully pale skin underneath, and stopped just before the apex of her toned legs.

With a gentle, guiding, hand the blond parted Hinata's legs and kissed her right thigh from her knee to just before her core. Repeating the process Naruko slowly traveled down the shuddering bluenette's left thigh. Letting her teeth scrape playfully across the comparably pale skin, Naruko teased the accepting teen's desires before carefully working her arms under the legs of her lightly panting lover for support. Once both got comfortable with their positions the blonde looks up into Hinata's eyes and smiles as her head lowers closer, before her mouth disappeared from view and Hinata's senses go haywire as she felt the light ministrations of her fellow kunoichi.

Bringing the back of her hand to her mouth Hinata's pants slowly work up to soft moans as her hips wiggled weakly. Naruko's tongue slowly crossed along the Hyuuga heiress's core in a drawn out rhythm. Each pass of her tongue traced the contours slowly with gentle grazes of her teeth. As the treatment continued Hinata's moans gained volume and her eyelids grew closer.

Happily obliging to the cues, Naruko continued her work. When Hinata hit the point where she was unable to reach her peak, Naruko began to run her thumb over the other teen's weak spot. The Hyuuga's hips bucked suddenly as she felt the additional contact and gasped as the blond's thumb continued to work at her bundle of nerves. With continued teasing Hinata was worked closer to her limit until she finally hit her release. As the white eyed heiress released her pent up pleasure, Naruko pulled away to trail kisses up Hinata's stomach as she ran one of her slender fingers across the expecting slit. With a sharp gasp Hinata's release covered her fellow teen's finger and left herself panting as she felt the blond's skilled digit slowly slip inside her.

With a pur to her voice Naruko leaned into Hinata's ear and whispered, "I love that face you make Hinata-chan, but now I want you to help me." The blond let her finger dive in and out of her lover with a rhythmic movement that caused her to squirm and pant. "Will you make me feel good too Hinata-chan?" Naruko's finger rubbed a bit harder as she asked, her free hand going to the bottom hem of her shirt and guiding it over her head to drop it to the floor next to the Hyuuga heiress's bed. As Hinata nodded in reply a smile grew on the Namikazi's face.

With a smooth movement Naruko rolled herself onto her back, bringing Hinata with her so that she was hovering over the blond. Hinata's legs and arms were a bit shaky as she supported herself, leaning in a bit closer and planting her lips happily on the blond's. As the Hyuuga teen came back down from her previous climax she forced herself to stay in position with just her legs as she helped her lover out of the calf length pants, and the underwear under the single layer. Naruko assisted the blue haired girl by angling her hips up and off the mattress. As Hinata removed the garments her hands ran over her partner's shapely ass. As Hinata's actions got bolder and more confident Naruko's smile grew wider, until Hinata lowered her mouth to the blond's right breast and began to tease the pink bud at it's peak.

Each of Hinata's kisses sent warmth through the blond as she accepted the tender contact. With a well practiced hand the white eyed heiress began to play with her blond lover's other breast, kneading it slowly and letting her thumb run across the nipple. Naruko's breaths began to grow more shallow as she was teased and kissed, trying to push herself into her lover more, wanting the other heiress to keep going. "Oh kami. Mmmm, Hinata." Releasing the blond's nipple from her mouth, Hinata met her eyes with a thin strand of saliva connecting her bottom lip to the bud she had released before moving over to the other breast and using her right hand to massage the one she had just been teasing.

Naruko's breath catches when she feels Hinata's mouth on her other breast before lightly biting at her nipple. As she feels the teeth graze her skin she shivers and runs a hand through the dark hair of her fellow teen. Hinata's lips turned upwards as she smiled happily, it was always worth surprising the blond to hear the way she would gasp. As the bluenette's mouth and right hand continued to tease her fellow heiress her free slid carefully over the toned stomach of the sunkissed blond and down to her core. With another quick hitch of breathe Naruko's eyes opened a bit wider as she ground herself into her friend's hand, moaning softly as she did.

Emboldened by the moans and slight grinding of Naruko's hips Hinata let one finger trace along the outside of the blond's womanhood, taking care to rub Naruko's more sensitive areas. As the Jyuuken user reached the bundle of nerves she circled it a few times, earning several breathy moans as the blond rocked harder into her hand. With a gentle but quick movement Hinata slipped a finger into Naruko's expecting sex, the blond's bodily fluids aiding in the careful piston motion of Hinata's finger. Releasing Naruko's nipple Hinata moved herself upwards, kissing the Namikaze along her neck, jawline, and finally to her ear before whispering to her. "Mmm Naruko, do you want more?" As the blond nodded, trying to keep herself quiet, Hinata let a second finger find its home inside the blonde.

Naruko took a sharp breath as she enjoyed the feeling. Slowly grinding her hips against Hinata's hand Naruko began to moan a bit louder. Hinata leaned into the blond's ear a bit more and began to nibble and lick at the shell of the ear. Keeping her movements slow and dragging against the blond's walls, the Hyuuga brought her companion to the edge of release before stopping. Naruko moaned her discontent, grinding her hips slowly, as she waited for Hinata to start again. Naruko's moans turned into wimpers as she continued to wiggle under the other heiress. "Tell me what you want Naruko."

The blonde moaned weakly as her hips continued to move in small circles, "Please don't stop Hinata. I'm so close." Naruko stopped her grinding when she answered, panting lightly as she met the Hyuuga's eyes. As she waited for the paler teen to start again. Hinata leaned in and captured her lips in a soft kiss that grew in hunger as she licked the blond's lips to request access to her mouth. Naruko happily obliged when their lips met again, letting her own tongue dance with the invading pink muscle until she felt Hinata restart her ministrations, causing the Uzumaki heiress to lose focus for a fraction of a second.

With her new found domination of the blond's mouth Hinata explored the warm cavity slowly. Each slow drag of her fingers along Naruko's walls made her barely shudder. Every time her fingers went into her lover Hinata made the inward motion a little faster, letting the tips of her fingers rub against the deepest places. To reward the enjoyable contact Naruko wrapped her arms around Hinata's shoulders and pulled herself up to deepen the kiss as moans flowed into the kiss. In answer to the blond's lifting of herself Hinata carefully brought her arm behind the other teen to help support her as she increased her speed again.

After three more deep reaching thrusts Naruko hit her peak, not breaking lip contact as she released her pent up pleasure. The blond could feel the slickness from her fluid on the insides of her thighs, as well as on Hinata's hand which was carefully removed from her tender core. With a content sigh Naruko kissed her fellow teen again and nuzzled her face into the other's neck. "Kami, I missed that." With another kiss she leaned back, bringing the Hyuuga in her arms with her as she intertwined their legs. Hinata brought herself in closer as well, enjoying the closeness to the person she loved.

The two laid there together for several minutes, Naruko leaving a faint kiss somewhere on Hinata's face while the usually timid teen smiled and casually let her hand glide along the blond's torso. Still feeling aroused the young Namikaze woman used her leg to playfully brush along the delicate petals of Hinata's core, earning a soft moan and the wondering hand of her lover to move to one of her breasts. Taking the mutual sexual advance as a sign of consent Naruko let her kisses linger longer and closer to the white eyed girl's lips, marking every kiss with another rub of her leg against Hinata's groin. As the blond continued her teasing Hinata returned the favor, starting to rub her leg against the blond in a similar rhythm matched by her rubbing of the pink tip to Naruko's breast.

Both teens continued their teasing, which slowly escalated to more intimate actions. The two grew more aroused with each little tease until they suddenly found themselves both hitting their own climaxes again at about 2 in the morning. Panting lightly they shared another kiss as she drew themselves together and Naruko covered them with a blanket, noticing her Hyuuga slowly succumb to exhaustion.

Lemon End

It wasn't until morning that the two teens awoke. When they did it was to the sound of angry Hyuuga voices that started outside of the main house and eventually worked its way inside, before remaining on the first floor of the large clan home. The rising volume of the voices waking Hinata first, who tried to wake her blond companion only to be grabbed in a full body hug and pulled back down to the mattress. The bluenette's squirming encouraging the blond to nuzzle in closer, rocking her hips slowly against Hinata's leg.

The heiress to the Namikaze name only waking up when a large slamming sound and shaking of the house occured. Naruko hastily throwing her clothes on as Hinata found her nightwear near the window of the room on the floor. Hinata followed behind Naruko to the top of the stairs. The blond continued down the steps only to stop when an older Hyuuga member from the main family came flying into view, back first and into the stairs. The voice of another branch member yelling out, "We've already told you, the Namikaze girl isn't here." As another crashing sound pervaded the air the voice called out in a different direction. "Subdue him now, and get him out of here...And somebody go to the Uzumaki estate, and tell their clan head to come get this brute!"

An almost animalistic roar came from down the stairs as another Hyuuga is sent through the air. The voice behind the roar a familiar sound with a deep tone to it. The roar turns into wild laughter before stopping and turning into a broken mess of fear. "Oh Kami. P-please just stay away, it's not safe."

Jumping down the rest of the stairs Naruko rushed towards the voice, letting her steps make noise to draw the tall teen's attention. "Juugo, stop. Everything is okay, so please relax." As the orange haired male turned around, Naruko noted damage to his shirt around his left collar bone and the ruined remains of Jiraiya's latest seal on his skin. With her eyes opening slightly she stepped closer, careful to keep her eye on his transforming right arm, as she spoke softly. "Juugo, are you okay? Who hit your seal?" Juugo's response was to look around worriedly before looking at his own arm. Lifting his arm Juugo pointed to the man who had been thrown into the stairs.

Creeping closer Naruko put a hand near the damage and examined the seal. It was a mess, the strike had been placed near the top of the design and between the force of the strike and the burst of chakra it had shattered. There were lines of uninked skin that flashed through the intricate line work of the seal, making it look like shards of glass, and the damage also ruined some of the aspects intended to operate the seal's workings. "Kuso. He destroyed the inhibiting parts of the seal." As she applied chakra to her fingertips she caught a slight motion before jumping back to dodge the wild swing. Keeping her attention on his eyes it was clear that Orochimaru's former lab rat was not in control of that attack. Rushing forward Naruko threw herself at him, taking him down to the ground and out into the courtyard, before trying to ensnare the arm.

With a quick jerking motion of the arm she was thrown off of Juugo as he jumped back to his feet. His transformation spreading into his face, and one eye taking on a look of focused haziness. His unchanged features still set in looks of fear. Trying to hold his arm back Juugo looked at Naruko. "Please, just stay away. I don't want to hurt anyone, Naruko-san." His arm jerked suddenly forward, pulling his upper body into it before he reigned in the motion.

Looking a bit harder at the teen's arm she saw the bruising marks of Juuken strikes on his greyed skin. 'So trying to shut down his chakra points won't help. It will probably just make it worse in fact.' Thinking a bit harder Naruko tried to bring back the design she had used in Wave to suppress the kyuubi chakra, and reverse the image, while also trying to reconstruct the damaged parts of the seal that had already been applied to the tall male. 'Yoko, do you remember the seal?' With an affirmative answer and a flash of memory from the sister made of chakra, Naruko began her plan

With quick use of chakra and a single hand sign Naruko created four shadow clones. The clones each split apart and charged the tall teen. Swinging his enlarged arm around to try and catch the clone to his right in its side. The mass of chakra given human shape leapt back to avoid the arm and returned to its charge as the other three clones grabbed him in different places. One clone jumped on his back and wrapped an arm around his throat. A second then grabbed his monstrous arm and used chakra to stick herself to the ground. The third took hold of his non-transformed arm. Clone number four, the one that had dodged the swinging arm, jumped forward to grab the offending limb as well to provide extra support.

Taking her chance, the blonde ran toward the struggling dog pile and captured the orange haired teen's face between her hands before smashing her lips into his. Forcing chakra to her tongue Naruko worked the pink muscle into the mouth of her clan's ward, and began to apply a rough idea of what the seal on his shoulder had been. Pulling away from him Naruko was ready to move incase the seal didn't work. Juugo was breathing heavy, his eyes a bit unfocused as the greying skin began to recede back to a point near his heart. The three clones holding onto his arms dispersed themselves as the one keeping Juugo in a choke hold eased her arm away and helped lay the teen male down to his back. Hinata and Naruko both approached the laying figure and began to check for any signs of serious harm.

Juugo's eyes snapped open as he pushed himself away from the two. Both approached him carefully, the Namikaze woman taking his hand tenderly to calm him as Hinata continued to inspect his limb for damage and nodded slowly as she cleared any injury she found as non-serious. Forcing the large teen to sit still was the hardest part, as every time Hinata would reach out to him Juugo's first reaction was to flinch away. Once he was calm and Hinata had cleared him Naruko helped him to his feet before hugging him. "Juugo, next time you need to come find me just be polite, and respect when people tall you you can't just go into their homes." Looking up at him Naruko smiled toothily and tightened the hug when her victim of embrace nodded his head.

Letting go of Juugo, the blond turned her attention to the gathered Hyuuga clansmen as her mood turned serious. "Who was the idiot who struck the seal on his shoulder?" When one of the branch members stepped up and claimed it was the man from the elder's who had been used to destroy the stairs Naruko continued. "Why did he think that would be a good idea? Is he an expert in seals? What if it was meant to activate when it came into contact with chakra?" When no one answered, the blond threw her hands in the air with a huff as she began to walk with the hulking teen to the front gate. "Come on Juugo, let's get you home."

The blond then began to walk into the main house, hands on the back of the taller teen, until she stopped and looked over her shoulder to her fellow teen and recent bedmate. "I'll see you later Hinata. We can go and get something to eat for lunch or something. I'll send a clone to let you know." With a nod from the Hyuuga heiress and a wave between the two, Naruko began to guide Juugo back out of the clan compound and onto the main streets of the village.

Once clear of the foreboding walls of the clan's grounds Naruko stopped pushing at Juugo's back and walked side by side with him. "Juugo, was it kaa-san who sent you to find me?" Juugo's only answer was a nod of his head. "So then she probably knows it was a clone that went with them to debrief the Hokage," she muttered to herself before biting at her thumb nail. Turning her head to the left to look at the quiet teen Naruko took in his features more thoroughly. "You're going to need a haircut soon," the blond stated as she studied the tatters of his clothes. Naruko added on, more as an after thought, "Let's go get you a new shirt before we go home. You don't have enough options to pick from, and you usually only wear those old rags from when you were in that snake guy's lab." Taking his hand gingerly Naruko pulled him by the arm slightly, smiling with her eyes closed to reassure him.

It was close to noon when Naruko silently eased the front door of the Uzumaki household open and tiptoed inside, Juugo shuffling behind her. Darting her head back and forth the blonde waited for any signs of any occupants coming to the front entryway, noting several pairs of shinobi sandals and a pair of wooden geta sandals as well. The count meant that everyone was still home, or home again, with an extra pair that the blond recognized as belonging to her pink haired teammate. Quietly slipping off her own sandals Naruko placed them on the floor, angled so the toes were to the door in case she needed to make a sudden escape, and Juugo does the same. The new shirt that Naruko had helped him purchase was a durable brown fabric that was left on the tighter fitting side to keep down any noise made by the garment, but still with enough room to allow for freedom of movement without worry of overtaxing the material.

Slowly bringing a finger to her lips, Naruko signed for Juugo to stay silent as they tried to sneak further into the ancestral abode of the Leaf aligned Uzumaki clan. With practiced steps the blond crept by a few closed doors before being stopped outside of the kitchen, her mother's agitated voice freezing her in place. With an almost mechanical set of slow and jerky motions the teen looked into the room to find it occupied by most of the household's regulars, as well as her Team's teacher. It had been her mother who told her to freeze, as she stood in the kitchen in more civilian style attire. She was wearing a long dress over a simple white shirt, but her hair was up in a high ponytail and she had on a sage green apron over her dress.

Naruko's brain worked slowly as Juugo entered the room and sat at the table uncomfortably. The only thing the filter between her brain and mouth could get out was an indignant comment to Kakashi. "Why do you still have your shoes on Kakashi-sensei? That is very rude to do in anyone's home, especially when it isn't your home." The blond forced out, her body still unresponsive to her attempts to flee.

"Naruko, that is hardly impor-," Kushina began to counter before snapping her head towards the silver haired Jounin. "KAKASHI! GO TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, NOW! I DON'T KEEP MY HOUSE CLEAN, ONLY TO HAVE YOU KEEP YOUR FILTHY SHOES ON AS YOU STROLL AROUND!" Her voice held an angry rumble to it as she angled her arm back before throwing a wooden spoon at his head. With a quick duck and puff of smoke Kakashi had vacated his seat and walked back in a few seconds later, this time without his sandals on. "And you, Namikaze Naruko, are in soooo much trouble. I told you that you needed to join your team personally when reporting on the mission to the Hokage, and you respond by making a second clone when no one is looking so you can sneak off to do who knows what." Looking over her shoulder to the orange haired teen she directed her next questions to him. "Where was she Juugo? And why did I get a message from a Hyuuga branch member asking me to meet with their clan head in private?"

"Hey! You don't need to ask him, I would have answered honestly." Naruko spoke up, unfreezing from her spot to take a step forward. as her mother rounded on her again the blond stopped, changing her tone to one of respect. "Sorry Kaa-san. I meant to say 'I will answer your questions, Kaa-san.'" Naruko's hands were behind her back, left hand in her right, and her elbows locked into position. trying to avoid eye contact Naruko waited for Kushina to speak.

"Oh really? Okay, let's start small. When did you make the water clone?" The redhead crossed her arms after forming the question.

"After Zabuza said he used to do the same thing, while everyone was focused on him. I don't think he noticed me do it either." Naruko was quick with her reply.

"Where did you go after that, and why?" Kushina's frown grew a bit wider, as the other occupants started to feel uncomfortable.

"I went to the Hyuuga estate. I wanted to say hello to Hinata." Again, the heiress's reply was quick.

"And how did you get into the Hyuuga clan compound?" This time the Uzumaki's head tilted as she spoke, the action more of a menacing one than inquisitive.

"I went over the wall on the eastern side of the clan grounds, between the third tree and the old storehouse." Naruko paused briefly before adding more. "I also had to bypass a barrier, created by an expansive system of average complexity seals, around the outside of the compound walls. The barrier was a new addition since the last time I had visited."

"What about after that, where did you sleep?"

Naruko's cheeks turned a light pink as she directed her attention to her toes. "I spent the night at the Hyuuga compound, where Juugo found me earlier this morning."

Turning around again, Kushina eyed the teen. "Is that true Juugo?"

"I don't know everything, but I did find Naruko-san at the Hyuuga estate as she said." Juugo's answer was careful as he began to feel the weight of the attention directed to him.

With a sigh Kushina looked up at the ceiling before asking her next question. "And is any of that why I have been called upon by the third most annoying male figure on the council?" Looking between the two women Juugo slowly nodded.

"It isn't Juugo's fault Kaa-san. One of the Hyuuga elders hit the seal on his collar bone and damaged it." The blond said quickly. "Without the seal he went crazy and caused some damage, but I was able to get a new one on him." Naruko's arms waved about minimally as she explained. Jiraiya took the most interest in the fact that his seal had been damaged, and requested to see the remains. Juugo obliged the white haired Sannin, pulling on the neck of his shirt to show the shattered seal.

"What about the new seal? Where is it?" Jiraiya asked as he made mental notes about Juuken being able to affect seals such as this. Juugo then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Along the pink muscle was a black mark identical to the one that the white haired man had put on the teen's collar bone. The finer workings of the seal were different, meant to work further from the orange haired male's heart. With his lips grimacing a bit Jiraiya bobbed his head from side to side as he studied and thought over the work. "How do you feel? Is there too much drain, or maybe not enough?" Juugo shook his head.

"No Jiraiya-sama. I feel much like I did with your seal when it was in working condition." Juugo answered.

Jiraiya nodded his head twice and exhaled. "Well the new seal seems to be just as capable as the first, so we will call it okay for now. If anything comes up you need to let Kushina or I know so we can try to take care of it." Juugo responded with a nod of confirmation, remaining in his seat as Kushina takes over the conversation again.

"Well," directing her attention to her daughter, "you have a lot of planning to do today Naruko. Juugo, you need to come with me while I go visit the Hyuuga compound."

"What?! What am I planning for?" The blond's voice was a whine as she tried to refute the possibility of over exerting herself.

This time Kakashi answered. "We are going to be doing some team training to work on that combination you three used against the Hunter-nin, seeing as it proved useful. And we are going to discuss it today before we set up a schedule for the training."

"And we need to replace that broken hunk of steel you are still carrying around in your scroll." Zabuza followed up with. "You never should have been using that thing when you hit your growth spurt. That old sword was meant to last you till you were about ten."

At this Naruko's whine grew in pitch as she slumped her shoulders and looked at the floor. "So now I have go shopping too? This day sucks ass!" As soon as the word had left her mouth Naruko realized her error and tried to duck, expecting her mother to swing the wooden spoon at her, instead of Kakashi, only to be forced to the ground in a mess of golden chakra chains.

"I am sorry Naruko, but there are some things that need to be worked on while we have a few weeks." Kakashi spoke seriously, gaining the attention of all his students. "The Chunin exams are coming up, and I am thinking that you three may be ready, but only after some serious work." Getting up from his spot he met the eyes of all three teens. "We will have two weeks before the exams begin, and there are going to be teams from almost every village participating."

The unspoken warnings were picked up by everyone present. Even some less friendly villages would be sending participants, and that was a big risk for anyone with big-name parentage or heavily desired kekkai genkai. It also meant that criminals from other villages, like Zabuza, would not be able to completely relax. "We also have an idea of who the villages are sending, but that of course can't be shared with possible entrants." Sighing once Kakashi looked at each student before continuing. "So I want you three ready for almost anything, including enemy Seven Swordsmen students and counter chakra affinities.

Suddenly feeling the restraints removed from her body Naruko took up a cross legged sitting position and nodded. "Okay. Can Zabuza and I go take care of the sword stuff?" With a nod from the cycloptic Jonin, Naruko rose to her feet again and patted herself off.

As the blond did so, Zabuza stood as well and approached the head of the Uzumaki household, taking her in a quick hug. "I'll make this trip as short as I can." The ex-Kiri shinobi said. "Wouldn't want to break any rules of my probation," he whispered to her as he tightened the hug lightly and released her.

Kushina nodded and handed the pale man a book of paper slips, with the Uzumaki emblem on the cover. "In case you find something suitable right away or need to put down money in advance... Though Naruko will have to sign when you go to pay, only she or I can use the Uzumaki funds." The redhead explained as she met the man's eyes and smiled. Directing her attention to her daughter Kushina spoke again, "Don't take too long. Just go to the shop near the old Uchiha District. It's the only place Minato went to when he needed his kunai made."

Both the teen and the former mercenary nodded, and made to leave the compound. Kakashi and his two still present students began to discuss their roles in the fight on the bridge and minor tweaks that would probably need to be made. Kushina and Juugo then left the room as well, Kushina having to call for the orange haired berserker to follow as she removed her apron and hair tie. Being left alone at the table, Jiraiya looked over to the ice user who had remained silent the whole time. "So...Are you a guy or a girl?" the older male asked as he watched Haku. "I'm going to guess guy from the silence." They both continued to sit in silence that only grew more awkward as it went before the white haired man got up. "Well, I need to report in to the Hokage on some stuff my spy network picked up so I will see you around from time to time," he said before vanishing in wispy smoke of a shunshin.