Naruko: A Story Redone

By: dbrame91

This chapter starts early on in chapter 16, after Naruko has split up from her party to go find Hinata. Sorry for the delay in release. Between working on the next chapters to my two stories, my job had a change in my hours where I worked most of the time, and starting a relationship, I have been quite busy. Thank you for the understanding everyone, I plan to get actual chapter 17 out sometime soon.

Chapter 12.5: Kushina

"You're not helping my point Zabuza. I'm trying to teach her responsibility and professionalism." Kushina said in a sigh as she shook her head slightly. "She needs to report in like every other ninja, in every other village, when she returns from a mission," the redhead said as she continued her rant. Crossing her arms under her bust she shot the pale Kiri born man a challenging look.

Shrinking away from the challenge Zabuza shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes before meeting the Uzumaki matriarch's purple with his brown. "Fine, I'm a bad influence on the blond one and you are right. Now can we get moving again, I would like to get some sleep before the week is over." With a sigh the redhead nodded and restarted the march to the Hokage tower.

Thirty minutes later found the returning ninja in the office of the Hokage, currently waiting for the older man to arrive as they had missed the man on his way home. Kushina had requested that he be notified and that the report was an important issue that needed immediate attention. When the Sarutobi elder arrived he was in his usual robes and hat, though the robes looked more rumpled than normal. "Welcome back. Now I must ask, what is so impor..." The aged man began as he entered before stopping suddenly upon seeing the former Kiri shinobi.

Looking around the room Hiruzen signaled for the door to be closed, an order that was heeded immediately. The Sarutobi man sat down in his seat and with a quick pulse of chakra on the trigger under his desk activated a series of seals to keep any person eavesdropping from hearing something they didn't need to know. "Okay, Now please give your full verbal report from the time that Kushina united with Team 7."

The red haired head of the Uzumaki clan stepped forward, her hands behind her back and posture stiff. "I met with Team 7 roughly forty-eight hours after their request for support, at the house of their mission's client in Nami no Kuni." Kushina began. "Upon arrival the Genin Team and their instructor informed me of the situation. Two hostiles working for a man by the name of Gato had crossed their paths in Koriyo village. Those men were the rogue Kiri shinobi known as the Demon brothers. After dealing with that threat Team 7 continued with their mission and encountered one more hostile, as well as a third party who at the time appeared to be a Kiri Hunter." Taking a breath Kushina met the eyes of the Hokage. "The hostile was Momochi Zabuza and the Hunter was actually an accomplice and student of his, Yuki Haku, both of which were formally apprehended by myself and Team 7 who currently stand before you. Before their capture Zabuza was out of commission for about a week, during which time myself and Uzumaki Naruko infiltrated the hideout of Gato and his men." At this Kushina looked at her blond daughter and motioned for her to take over as she herself stepped back.

Taking the spot her mother had just occupied "Naruko" stood straight with her arms at her side. "During the infiltration I was taken to Gato by his two personal body guards. After encouraging them to start drinking I was able to talk the three into taking me to see the bed ridden Zabuza, after hearing about the shipping magnate's plan to double cross the swordsman." Rolling a shoulder slightly Naruko continued her report. "During the face to face with the prone hostile I was identified by Zabuza but my cover was not blown to the three men who had brought me to him. After a short exchange between Gato, Zabuza, and Haku I was able to pass off a message to Zabuza about the planned betrayal." Taking a steady breath Naruko relaxed slightly before she continued. "After delivering the note Gato, his body guards, and myself returned to the hideout. Once there I encouraged further drinking until all three men were incapacitated. From there I searched Gato's office and found several things of value, including the ownership papers for his company. I then made a passable copy, changing some of the numbers in the license so that it would not work as the actual papers. After that, I reunited with Jonin Uzumaki, and we both returned to our client Tazuna's house."

Taking a step back to rejoin her team Naruko relaxed completely as Kakashi and Kushina then both stepped forward. The two Jonin took turns delivering their debriefings of the mission after the impromptu recon. It was well into the midnight hour upon the finishing of their verbal reports, and both stood waiting for the next questions. "And what do you suggest we do with the two prisoners from this mission? Neither one is a Konoha, or Fire country, citizen and should be turned over to their homes as criminals." With a slow exhale of smoke from the aged Sarutobi's pipe he eyed both Jonin expectantly.

Kushina was the first to speak up. "I request that Momochi Zabuza be put on a probationary period, and during that time be turned over to the care of the Uzumaki clan. We will be fair to him, and his student, while they are under our watch. As for the Yuki teen, he was never an official shinobi of Kirigakure as Zabuza found him after the Civil War for his homeland."

"And how do you plan to do so? As I am sure most, if not everyone, in this room knows that you and Momochi-san share an intimate past. The young heiress of the clan is also reportedly close to the man as well." Taking a drag of his pipe before blowing outwards again, Hiruzen eyed all the occupants of the room. "Both of these factors can cause your objective position to be less so on any issue of punishment if one should arise."

"With all due respect Hokage-sama, I disagree. I want Zabuza to stay in the village because of our past yes, however that will provide me with more reason to make sure he keeps in line until he is free from the probationary period and terms. I will also put forward the condition that during the time of his disciplinary period Zabuza will be placed under heavy ANBU observation, and have his chakra limited through the use of seals to be applied by a third party of your choice."

Hiruzen nodded his head. "Those are fair enough conditions. It may take some time for the seals, I will need to recall Jiraiya to the village." Taking a small puff from his pipe the man continued. "We will also have to call a meeting regarding their presence in the village. For now though, return home and rest, all of you." With a chorus of confirmation and polite bows, the group of seven ninja left the office and made their ways out onto the streets again.

As the group walked down the stairs Kakashi gathered the attention of his three students. "We will have a team meeting tomorrow at the Uzumaki Estate." Everyone agreed as they reached the bottom landing of the stairs. Once out of the building Kakashi and Sakura parted ways from the rest of the group, all of them heading to their respective homes. Upon return to the Uzumaki clan's home Sasuke was assigned to find a room for Haku to stay in before he went to bed, and Naruko hurried to her own room for the remainder of the night.

Kushina shucked off her vest and slid it into the closet near the entrance of her home before she pulled the tie from her hair. With a sigh and a relieved smile, the red head stretched out her back and allowed her shoulders to relax. With that done Kushina slipped off her sandals and placed them in the same closet as her vest.

Zabuza removed his own sandals while he stood next to the Uzumaki head as she tried to relax before he felt her hand slip into his carefully. Looking at her, Kushina's smile grew as her slim fingers flexed tighter around his own. Unseen because of the bandages covering his face, Zabuza returned the smile and squeezed his love's hand back. With that slight exchange between them Kushina pulled the man down the hall and up a flight of stairs to the second floor, and then to her room. Grabbing the top line of his bandage mask Kushina pulled the coverings away to claim his lips as she guided his head to the same level as hers.

In response Zabuza put a hand on the back of her thigh and lifts her closer to himself as he navigates them to the bed. Laying Kushina gently on the mattress Zabuza follows her down, not breaking the kiss, as his hands move to undo the belt of her pants before working on the clasp. Just as he feels the extra room made by the undoing of the pants a loud slap of water was heard hitting the floor of a room on the other side of the wall to Zabuza's back. Lightly pushing Zabuza off of her Kushina got to her feet before going and leaving the room.

Without leaving the top of the bed Zabuza heard what must have been the sound of the door to the room on the other side open with a loud bang followed by a growl. A second after the growl Kushina storms her way past the door to her room and slams open another door. "Naruko you better be in this room, or so help me I will hunt you down with the wrath of Kami at your heels!" A louder call of frustration sounds from this third room before Kushina storms back into her room. "You! You're the one who gave her the idea to send a Mizu Bunshin, with your story of having done it yourself, and because it didn't make a sound as it formed no one noticed her switch out with it." When the redhead was close enough she began to jab her finger into his chest. "Tomorrow, you are going out with Juugo and hunting her down so she can receive her punishment. And tonight, you better get yourself downstairs and onto the couch starting now. If you don't get going in three seconds, I will push you down the stairs myself."

With a heavy sigh and putting his hands in the air as surrender, the pale man got up from the bed and began to make his way. Stopping in the threshold of the room he turned his head back to look at her. "Can I at least get a blanket or something?" In response Kushina threw a sad, thin pillow at him. As he was about to ask about the blanket again he was suddenly gripped by the face and dragged from the room, his heels sliding along the floor before becoming airborne. Turning over in the air he landed on his feet and looked up the stairs. 'I just wanted a blanket.' Turning on the ball of his foot Zabuza began to look for the couch.

Zabuza was rudely awoken by Kushina the next morning. When she had come downstairs she found the tall man asleep on the couch, knees hanging over the arm of the two and a half person seat. Still angry over his part in the delinquency of her daughter the angered mother grabbed the bottom of the seat and lifted with enough force to send it over itself, depositing its sleeping contents onto the floor with a loud bang. Using a bit of chakra Kushina's voice projected throughout the household. "Everyone get up and come to the kitchen. House meeting, now."

Once all the occupants of the house gathered Kushina called the attention to herself. "You are each going to take a portion of Konoha, and look for Naruko. That means every training ground, clan compound, store, or restaurant." Seeing they all understood the job, her expression quickly grew exasperated. "Go! Now!"