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Danny parks the Camaro and climbs out of the car. He is returning from interviewing the wife of their victim. With Kono mixed up with IA Five-0 is short a man, so Danny did the interview by his self. Meanwhile, Steve went to talk to Max and Chin did some research on the computer.

With a tired sigh, Danny makes his way over to Kamekona's truck. It's nearing lunch time and Danny had texted Steve that he'd pick up lunch for the three of them on his way back. Danny's phone begins ringing and he looks at the ID. Speaking of the Neanderthal.

"Hey, I just got to Kamekona's," Danny says as a way of greeting.

"What'd the wife have to say?" Steve asks over the line.

"That her husband was a nice guy. She doesn't understand who'd want to hurt him," Danny replies as he approaches Kamekona. He gives Kamekona the order before Steve continues.

"Well, he was into something. Intentional or not. People aren't murdered for no reason. I mean the guy was shot in the chest," Steve responds and Danny sighs.

"You're preaching to…" Danny begins as he shifts his stance only to have pain explode in his shoulder. Danny drops the phone and falls to the ground with a thud. He can hear people screaming around him as well as Kamekona calling his name.


"You're preaching to…" Danny's voice sounds over the line. Steve waits but Danny doesn't continue. There is a thud and a clatter before the line goes dead.

"Danny? Danny?!" Steve calls out but a glance at his phone shows he is indeed no longer connected.

Steve calls Danny's phone but it only goes to voice mail. Dammit Danny, Steve thinks before jumping out of his chair and striding out of his office.

"Steve?" Chin asks seeing the near panic on his boss's face.

"Chin call HPD. Send them to Kame's. Tell them we have an officer down," Steve hastily relays as he runs out the door.


"Flippa, call 911," Kamekona orders as everyone around the truck is screaming and running for cover. Kamekona grabs a clean apron on his way out. One minute Danny is standing in front of him on the phone with McGarrett, the next he's on the ground bleeding.

"Danny!" Kamekona shouts as he moves over to the fallen detective.

Dropping to his knees, Kamekona wads the apron up and pushes it onto the bullet wound. Hearing a groan of pain emanate from his friend Kamekona utters words of encouragement. Flippa appears and Kamekona looks over at him.

"HPD is on their way," Flippa says with a look at Kamekona. Glancing around them Flippa continues. "I don't know. Ya think it's safe out here cuz?"

"We can't leave him. He'll bleed out," Kamekona replies and nods his head towards the phone on the ground. It's vibrating and the screen is lit up with Steve's name. "Answer that and put it on speaker."

Flippa moves over to the phone and pushes the answer button. Putting it on speaker Flippa sets the phone down next to his cousin.

"McGarrett," Kamekona answers the phone as he keeps the pressure on the wound.

"Kame, where's Danny? Is he okay?" Steve's worried voice sounds through the speaker.

"Right here. It doesn't look good Steve," Kamekona replies and he hears Steve curse. Sirens and tires squealing has Kamekona looking up. "HPD's here Steve."

"I'm not far. Two minutes," Steve says and tires squealing sound through the speakers.


"It doesn't look good Steve."

Kamekona's words echo around him as Steve pushes his truck to go faster. Come on, Steve urges the large vehicle. Steve can feel the panic running through him and he tries his best to push it down. With hands gripping the steering wheel tight Steve takes a sharp turn onto the street Kamekona's shrimp truck is. The trucks tires squeal but Steve doesn't care.

With another squeal of the tires Steve slams the truck into park and jumps out. With his legs moving faster than they have in a long time Steve runs towards Kamekona's shrimp truck. Just as Steve nears the large mass of people and police officers, paramedics emerge from it. Steve jerks to a stop when he reaches the gurney they're pushing.

"Danny! Danno, I'm here buddy," Steve assures as he grabs Danny's hand and meets the paramedics hurried steps. His eyes drift to the bullet wound in Danny's chest. The gauze covering it is soaked in crimson. "God…"


Steve braces his hands on the window sill and hangs his head between his locked arms. He takes a deep breath and curses the hitch in it. Hands gripping the ledge tight enough for knuckles to turn white, Steve knows it's the only thing keeping his hands from shaking.


Steve's head pops up and he sees Chin running towards him. Chin. Dammit, I forgot to call him. Fear filled wide eyes meet Steve's panicked ones.

"Kamekona said Danny was shot?" Chin asks while searching Steve's face.

"Yeah. It… it was in the chest. He's in surgery," Steve stutters out before taking a quivering breath.

"I talked to Duke on the way here. He says they think it was a sniper," Chin explains and gently guides his boss to a chair where he nudges Steve to take a seat. Steve looks like he's about to collapse.

"Was anyone else hurt?" Steve asks realizing just now that he didn't even check the crime scene he was so worried about Danny. Steve looks over at Chin and sees him hesitate. "Chin?"

"Danny was the only one shot," Chin announces with a frown. "I had Duke tell HPD to scour the surrounding area for any signs of a sniper."

"Okay… all right… we need to get down there… we need to process…" Steve starts but his eyes drift towards the doors Danny disappeared behind.

"You need to stay here for news on Danny. I'll go take care of the crime scene," Chin says with a squeeze of Steve's shoulder. Steve turns to face Chin to argue but Chin is already walking out the door.


"Steve," a male voice says and Steve turns around and sees Dr. Kuai enter the waiting room.

"Alika, how's Danny?" Steve asks as he hurries over to Dr. Kuai's position. The doctor holds his hand up in a calming manner seeing the worry rolling off his friend in waves.

"He is fine. We got the bleeding to stop and closed the wound," Alika Kuai explains and Steve relaxes and runs a hand through his hair. "He's ready for visitors if you would like to see him."

"Yeah, thanks," Steve says with a nod of his head.

An hour later finds Steve pacing Danny's hospital room with his phone to his ear. Chin had called him with an update on the case as well as getting an update on Danny from Steve. Steve listens to Chin and glances over at Danny before responding.

"Okay, so we know for sure it was a sniper and the intended target was Danny. The question is why," Steve says as he watches his partner breathing in the slightly raised bed before him.

"My guess, it has something to do with the case we're working on right now. It seems pretty coincidental that someone from our or Danny's past would appear when we're on a case this big," Chin theorizes and Steve nods his head.

"That's what I'm thinking," Steve replies and runs a hand down his face. "Okay, so why only Danny. Why not come after all of us?"

"Maybe the sniper only knew about Danny," Chin offers and Steve begins searching his memory for someone that only met Danny.

"The wife," Steve suddenly says and turns around to look at Danny. "Danny is the only one who met the wife. What if she killed her husband, or had him killed, and when Danny came knocking on her door she spooked."

"And had Danny killed as well," Chin finishes and Steve moves into the hallway.

"Only whoever she hired wasn't successful," Steve adds in as his eyes begin searching the hallway.

"You don't think the sniper would come back to finish the job do you?" Chin asks and Steve turns back towards Danny's door.

"They tried killing a cop in broad daylight at one of the busiest locations on the island. Yeah, I think he would," Steve replies and runs a hand over his mouth as his eyes dart to his sleeping partner.

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