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"Steve, hey, where are you?" Chin asks over the line after Steve answers the phone.

"In Danny's room," Steve answers nonchalantly, his eyes meeting Danny's and he puts the phone on speaker. "You find anything?"

"We got Halloway," Chin says through the speaker and Steve breathes out a sigh of relief. He leans back in his chair and glances out the window as Chin continues talking.

"She wouldn't give up the sniper." Steve scowls and his eyes meet Danny's before looking out the window again. This time, though, Steve sees a flash of light coming from the roof of building next door.

"Steve, listen, I think…" Chin begins but Steve begins moving before anyone realizes what's happening.

"Danny!" Steve shouts and he grabs Danny and yanks him off the bed. The partners crash to the floor as the hospital window shatters and a thud sounds as a bullet hits the pillow where Danny's head recently was. Danny groans in pain as he hits the floor but doesn't have time to think before Steve drags him towards the wall behind the end table. Steve peers around the corner of the end table and out the window. There is another flash of light before a gunshot is heard. Steve jerks his head back as a bullet hits the wall across from him. "Chin! We're taking fire here! We need back-up!"

"I'm on it Steve," Chin's voice sounds through the speaker before the call is disconnected from Chin's end.

"Is everything…?" a nurse asks as she appears in the doorway. A bullet hits the wall next to her and she let's out a scream.

"Get out of here!" Steve shouts with a wave of his hand and the nurse rushes away, quickly shutting the door so no bullets escape in to the rest of the hallway. A groan has Steve turning his attention to Danny.

"Danny? You okay?" Steve asks as he begins searching him for any injuries. A splotch of red on Danny's chest catches Steve's attention and he pulls the hospital gown away to see Danny's stitches have popped open. "Dammit."

"Tell me you can get this guy," Danny groans out as Steve sets him against the wall.

"All I got is my handgun Danny," Steve says before peering over the table only to dodge down as another bullet hits the top of it. Steve looks down at Danny and sees the grimace of pain on his face. "Stay here."

"Woah, woah. Wait. What are you doing?" Danny says hastily as his hand clambers and grasps Steve's shirt.

"I'm going to get to the window so I can get a better shot," Steve explains with a pat on Danny's shoulder.

"You said yourself. All you have is your handgun," Danny counters with a look at Steve.

"I can still hit him Danny. It just won't be as easy if I had a sniper rifle," Steve replies and moves to get up but is halted by Danny's hand still gripping his shirt.

"Be careful," Danny says and forces his self to let go. Steve nods his head and peers around the corner of the table again. Not seeing anything he hastily begins army crawling under the bed and to the wall. A gunshot sounds and a bullet hits the floor just narrowly missing hitting Steve. "Steve?"

"I'm good," Steve replies as he flattens his self against the wall and takes out his gun. He checks the clip and then replaces it. He takes a deep breath and peeks out the broken window. Placing where the sniper is, Steve pulls back. His eyes dart to Danny's hiding spot and then, he swiftly moves and lets off a couple shots towards the snipers position. Quickly darting back behind the wall, Steve misses being shot once again.

"Come on Chin, where are you?" Steve mutters to his self. Taking another deep breath, Steve steps out to let another few shots loose only to have bullets whiz by him. Steve lunges out of the way, landing on the floor with a grunt.

"Steve?" Danny's voice is heard but Steve doesn't answer as he hears shouting from outside. Shots are heard and Steve takes a chance to look out the window. "Steve?!"

Across the way, on the roof of the building, who Steve believes is Chin, is arresting a man. SWAT and HPD are surrounding the two of them and Steve grins in relief. Chin looks in his direction and salutes towards him which Steve returns.

"Steve!? Dammit!" Danny's angry voice sounds again and Steve turns around to see Danny crawling out from behind his hiding place.

"Dammit Danny. What are you doing? You don't even know if it's safe yet!" Steve exclaims as he runs to Danny's side and helps him up to his feet.

"Why the hell didn't you answer me you Neanderthal?" Danny grounds out with a glare at Steve as he helps the shorter man back into bed.

"Why? Were you worried about me?" Steve asks with a smirk and Danny grimaces as he shifts his position.

"What can I say? I'm used to having you around. Even though it means I get shot at every day of my life," Danny snarks back and Steve's smirk turns into a grin.



"Alright, thanks Chin," Steve says into his phone as he takes a seat in one of the chairs in his backyard.

"Everything taken care of?" Danny asks from his spot in the opposite chair.

"Yeah. Paperwork's done and Halloway is going to jail," Steve replies with a sigh and leans back in his chair.

"Chin say why he didn't call about finding where Halloway was?" Danny asks with a glance at his partner. It was a question Steve had asked him after everything calmed down.

"Yeah. Said he didn't want to say anything until he knew for sure. Didn't want to bother me with another dead end," Steve replies with a shrug of his shoulder.

"Told you," Danny says with a look out at the ocean.

"Told me what?" Steve asks with a furrowed brow and a look at his partner.

"No one wants to deal with you when you're in guard dog mode," Danny answers with a smirk and a glance at Steve who just scowls in return.

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