Okay, so I tried my luck at writing a DAI fic a little while back. Kind of lost it for that one but I pulled it and I am currently working on it. But while I was scrubbing that one this one popped into my head and I wrote it as fast as my fingers would let me. It has been sitting on my computer for a good amount of time and I just got the gall to post it. So I hope that readers take a liking to it. It is an OC fic, not SI. So if you do not like those then please find something that you do like. I hope the response to this one will be positive as there are a lot of OC stories out there already. Language and gore here...some slightly explicit content in later chapters.

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own anything other than my OC. I'm sure everyone knew that but juuuuuust in case, here is my confession. :)

Chapter I

The evening hours had crept up silently taking hold of the day by filling it with the sounds of the approaching night. Cicadas hummed all around in the trees, birds flew in a frenzy to gather in the branches for the night and the pale blue sky was transforming. White clouds flashed against the mixed background of oranges, reds and pinks. It would have been beautiful, truly a sight to stop and appreciate for a moment or two had I not found myself in such an awkward state.

My cheeks flaring their own shades of reds and pinks, my current dilemma sat in my state of dress…or rather undress. I had awoken only an hour or so before to find myself lying on the sopping, disgusting and spongy earth. A marsh, mire, swamp, or whatever, to me it was hell.

Why am I here? Do not bother asking, I do not know the answer myself, but what I do know is that I need to find shelter and some clothes. This sleeveless shirt and underwear combo was exposing way too much skin to the elements and they were taking full advantage. Mosquitoes were being a pain and I was already sporting several tiny marks all over my legs and the air was turning cool as the temperature dropped with the setting sun.

"Ouch!" Hissing as yet another tiny insect had taken to my neck I slapped the spot and found the bits left over in my palm. Stringy legs sticking in every direction through the tiny puddle of fresh blood it had just sucked from me. "Yuck." I scrapped my hand across the rough bark of a nearby tree clearing it of the tiny mutilated body and pressed on. I was becoming irritated. The campsite I had been in just hours ago was nowhere in sight and I was nearly 100 percent positive I retraced my steps properly. Only it led me to some dense brush and trees right where the tents should have been but there was nothing. Even taking the initiative to walk further around just in case I had misjudged the distance, but still there was no sign of the camp or my friends.

That's the last time I sneak away from camp to relieve myself alone. Weren't females supposed to travel in packs when it came to this stuff?

I even went as far as to alert every dangerous creature or shady wanderer in the vicinity to my whereabouts by cupping my hands over my mouth and yelling out. But to my dismay I was met with only silence. Where the hell did they go? I wasn't even gone that long!

Pausing a moment I thought back, hadn't it already been dark when I wandered off? Looking down I grimaced, it would have to have been for me to step out of my tent in next to nothing like this. Come to think of it I don't remember much besides waking just earlier. And, now that I think of it, just what in the hell was I doing sleeping in the first place? Shivering from my chaotic thoughts I shook my head, I do not like this.

Walking on through the darkening area, I wrapped my arms around myself in a tight embrace. Both for some meager amount of coverage and to retain some of the body heat that was rapidly leaving me with each cool gust of wind. It was getting darker by the second and I was losing visual on the forest around me. My feet as well were getting cold, the wet spongy ground sinking in as I applied my weight with each step encasing my foot in nasty brownish water. Sure to be ridden with microscopic warriors of pain and death. A sickening sucking sound echoed in my ears each time I pulled, or yanked my foot from the hold it had on me.

I was half hoping I would stumble upon someone that could lend me a hand and point me in a direction of comfort and half praying that I didn't. The lack of clothing and knowledge to my situation was not the best for conversation starters for the sane but if I wanted to land my ass in a padded room with a nice tight white jacket then here's to hoping I find someone. Unless they were of the more unsavory sorts, I shivered, yeah not going to think about that too much.

Wandering a little further produced nothing and I was losing hope of finding at least some type of shelter. I could not build anything now; the dimming light would make that project impossible. Regardless of the fact I had no tools and very little knowledge on how to go about it anyways. But just as I was near ready to just plop down onto the mushy ground I caught sight of a faint glow. Shining just enough to outline the top of a small but decently enough sized hill a short distance away from where I stood.

"Here's to hoping they aren't perverts." Mustering up what little courage I had I walked the distance and trekked up the low hill. I paused once at the top, my head tilting as I gazed at the little cottage.

Recognition pinged around in my head as I stared down at the little abode. I was sure I had never been here before yet I couldn't scrub the feeling that I knew this place from somewhere. Deep in the pit of my stomach something was telling me to move and knock on the door but with caution. And so, I planned to do just that. Sliding down the hill gracelessly nearly slamming to the ground on my rear end a few times I finally found myself standing before the roughly constructed wooden door of the very, VERY old style cottage, hut…whatever. Really, really small house.

My hesitation grew as I lifted a fisted hand to knock on the door. Only hoping that as my mind raced about what could possibly be on the other side of the door it would simultaneously shut up about the strong feeling of familiarity. Just don't be a pervert, I kept chanting silently in my head. So, taking a deep breath I knocked firmly. I could hear rustling, a few thumps and what I thought might have been a curse word or two when finally the door cracked open just a hair.

Through the little crack I could see a woman, her golden eye peering up to me. "State your purpose." Her gravelly voice laced with age dragged across my ears. "Speak, girl. Visitors are not often about here…what is your reasoning?"

I jerked; obviously I hesitated to answer longer than she was willing to wait. Raising a hand I made a quick wave and gave a kind smile. "I'm lost and was hoping that maybe you could help me?"

Her one visible eye narrowed scanning me up and down before she slammed the door shut. Taken aback I stood there staring at the now closed door with widened eyes. Well that was a bit rude, old bat!

"H-hey?!" I finally found my voice and rapped on the door again. "Are you really going to leave me out here like this?" I shrieked in disbelief.

Footsteps echoed inside before I heard her voice speak, but the door remained closed. "You speak as if I am to blame for your placement."

I reeled; her voice was harsh but non-threatening. "Well, I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I was just hoping that you would be able to help me."

"And what could you offer should I choose to aid you?"

Looking down I spread my arms away and narrowed my eyes. "I don't exactly have anything of value on me. I would have thought that obvious with my lack of clothing." Kind of hard to carry shit around when you're half-naked, old lady!

There was shuffling around before the door pried open just as it had before, only her right eye visible in the fading light. "Material possessions are not the only thing of value, child."

Crossing my arms back over my chest I huddled into myself as I looked to her. Confusion was obviously written across my face and the woman seemed to take some amusement from it as she cackled. "I'm afraid I still have nothing for you." I shook my head looking off to the side in frustration. Was she hoping I was going to beg and plead for her assistance? Well, this old hag had another thing coming then!

But, I thought wearily, it is getting darker and I still don't have a clue as to where I am.

"I do not expect you to beg and plead, girl." My head snapped to her and she cackled loudly again. Clearly I was rather amusing to her standing there gawking in my night clothes freezing my ass off. "Tis written all over your face, you are much like my daughter. Ever the stubborn one."

Sighing I looked to the older woman, "If you could just point me in a direction where I could find other people I would be grateful. I don't fancy standing out here with this growing night to freeze my unmentionables off."

She cackled again in that gravelly tone and to my surprise opened the door completely. Her graying shoulder length hair rustled in the breeze and her golden eyes looked to me with interest. I had to suppress a shiver, her judgement seemed to hold higher in my subconscious than I was willing to admit as her eyes bore into mine. Creepy wasn't the word, no, she was…strange. Different, a bit intimidating even but nothing saying I had to worry about waking to find myself missing organs or body parts neck deep in a tub of ice.

"You are lucky enough to have found me without running into trouble. Darkspawn are scouring the wilds as we speak, you are lucky to not have caught their attention, girl."

Literally choking on my own words I looked to the woman, flabbergasted beyond compare at the mention of the creatures. Coughing a few times to clear my lungs I drew in a deep breath releasing it slowly. "Darkspawn? Are you serious?!" Okay, flip that, I was not the insane one here. If I had been in any other state of mind I might have started laughing, but her serious expression held my tongue silent.

"I am not so old that my eyes cannot see what is before them." She scolded me.

That tingling of recognition trailed up my spine and shot a bolt inside my head. "Flemeth." The name fell from my lips without permission in a low mystified tone of expression.

A single eyebrow rose on her forehead as she looked to me. "Tis a name of many that I have been given, yes."

My wide eyes scanned the woman standing before me; she did resemble the woman to my knowledge almost to the final detail. "I'm going crazy." I mumbled and turned around stepping away from the door, dazed and relying completely on my legs to make good judgement of where I was heading.

"Perhaps." She cackled again. "Are you going to wander the wilds appealing to bandits and the like? Or did you disturb me only to come to that final conclusion of yourself?"

I stopped and turned to look at her over my shoulder. My mind was blank, "I…"

"There is something about you that has unwittingly caught my attention." Flemeth stepped out of the doorway turning to face me. "I will agree to lend assistance…if you agree to answer my questions."

I turned and faced the growing darkness and then looked back to the woman. Sighing, "I'd be an idiot to walk around like this in this dark."

"Wise, girl." Flemeth stepped back inside leaving the door open for me to follow. Apprehension eased into my head as I stepped inside the little hut and closed the door behind me. First upon notice, I saw that it was only the older woman and I inside and for that I was even more grateful. If she really was the woman she claimed to be then her daughter was an even bigger pain to deal with. Morrigan was one I was in no mood to deal with right now, her cheeky comments always drove me up the wall. Though, the old woman wasn't much better, I did favor her over her daughter.

"You can find more suitable clothing there." She pointed to a small chest in the far corner of the room.

I looked to her waiting for any further instructions, when she gave none I trudged over towards the small wooden chest and lifted the lid. There wasn't much, mainly trousers and tops…what were they called again, tunics? All of different shades of blah and some more worn than the others, the fabric showing years of use but as I picked up a light blue in colored tunic I noted the fresh smell. At least they were clean. And they would still manage to cover more than what my current apparel was capable of. Digging further down I found a slightly less worn out pair of leather pants that looked close enough to my size and a small leather belt. Pulling all the items I had found into my arms I turned to find Flemeth standing over the pot hanging above the fire, the flames licking greedily at the bottom.

"Um," My eyes moved around the small one bedroom home before resting on the woman again. "Where can I-"

"Pull that cord." Without looking at me she pointed across the room just to my right.

My eyes landed on a small dirt brown leather cord tied around a thin sheet. I pulled it as she had instructed and it fell, closing off the small area I was standing in providing a kind of privacy screen. Good enough, I shrugged and began pulling the pants on, having to wriggle a bit to get them over my larger calves and thicker thighs. Note to self, squats are good for the legs, not so good for tighter than necessary pants. I breathed a sigh of relief when I was finally able to wiggle and fight the material over my butt, the hard part done. Taking a moment to catch my breath, the struggle was indeed real here, I reached for the thin cord wrapped around the trousers.

Securing the pants with the thin piece of leather strap, I then turned and grabbed the shirt, er tunic. My eyes darted to the sheet keeping me from her view and I shook my head. This was ridiculous. Huffing, I pulled the material over my head and pulled it down over the sleeveless shirt I was wearing. Thankful for the one time I had gone to sleep in my bra, I adjusted it and then groaned.

"Damn hips." I hissed as I pulled the top down and watched it bunch up. The material wasn't stretchy and would go no further than the start of my curvy frame, plus my backside didn't help. Then I had a thought, I pulled the sheet to the side, "Um, Flemeth? Would you happen to have something sharp I could use to, um, alter this with?" I pulled the fabric of the tunic out to show her.

Her eyes lit with amusement as she looked to me before moving to one of the small shelves near the fireplace. She walked over handing me a small dagger and I slipped back behind the sheet. Using the dagger I cut two identical slits up the sides of the tunic and then used the thin leather belt, wrapping it around my hips somewhat loosely but enough to secure the fabric down.

"There." I huffed and stepped out from behind the sheet. Walking cautiously towards Flemeth I held the dagger out to her. "Um, thank you."

She took the dagger but not before giving me a strange look and turned to place it back on the shelf. I stood there awkwardly watching as she returned to stirring the stew in the pot. Since she wasn't willing to break the ice I took the time to look around the room again. It did closely resemble the one from my memory though there were more details that technology just couldn't quite reach. Like the smell for one. My nose crinkled. Stale, moldy, dirt and whatever that was she was cooking to death in that large clay pot pervaded the room.

Spider webs hung from the ceiling collecting dust. Small fruit flies glided around the room. It wasn't dirty, just something that came with living out of civilization I would take it, and I am sure the cobwebs overhead were used for something other than dust collectors.

Several different colored liquids sat in vials of various sizes on the shelf along with several other items. Cooking utensils I'd wager were a couple and some more clay pots ranging in different sizes. A variety of dried herbs hung across the top of the fire place and around the room, though sparsely decorated; there were several containers and chests sitting here or there. There sat a single bed in the room. Obviously hand crafted, uneven and rumpled from what looked to be hay stuffed beneath a thick layering of blankets.

Could be worse, I thought, shrugging and jutting out my bottom lip.

"Here." Flemeth suddenly appeared, bowl in hand filled with the mystery stew.

"Um, thank you." Reaching out I took the little wooden bowl and spoon she offered upon my acceptance. Taking a place atop the wooden chest situated at the foot of the small bed, I scooped up a spoonful. Eyeing it warily, I blew at the steam rising from the hot liquid surrounding the chunky bits.

"Do not worry child." Flemeth took her own seat just feet from me on a small stool, a bowl of her concoction in her hands. "I do not take to poisoning. What good would it do me to poison myself?" Her old eyes filled with amusement as she glanced my way and spooned her own food to her mouth.

Reluctant still, I managed to put the spoonful into my own. It wasn't horrible, a bit bland but I wasn't expecting five star chef results out here in the Wilds. And I was not even going to touch base on what the meat in this was, better to not know so my stomach stays happy. Spooning another fill, I softly blew on it to cool before following with my second bite.

"Now," Flemeth started, her voice startling me as I made to blow the heat from my third spoonful, successfully sputtering the hot liquid everywhere. Luckily she was not sitting close enough to be pelted by the barrage. I gave her my apologies as she looked to me. Pulling her own spoon from her bowl, she took another fill before fixing me with a curious glare. Suspicion dancing in her golden eyes as they lay upon me, "Why are you here?"


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