Rory couldn't remember whether her dad had left on his business trip yet. But as she came into the house, she could only pray that the house would be quiet without him.

Just to be safe, "I'm home." She called as she set her bookbag down on the couch. Not hearing anything, she smiled, thankful to have the house to herself. She grabbed a poptart off of the kitchen counter and headed into her room for a nice read.

It might have been an hour before she heard the front door open. She started to get up, to go see her mom, excited to talk with her after a long week of school and stuff. But then she heard her father.

"He is your ex-boyfriend." Rory felt her entire body tense at the angry voice that cut through the house. "No, he is your ex-fiance." Luke, Rory grimaced, They're talking about Luke.

. She pushed her door closed quietly, hoping to remain out of the ensuing fight. She heard something hit the wall. And when she heard her mom's tiny cry of pian, she knew this was going to be a bad fight.

The front door slammed, locking the rest of the world out of the chaos that was to ensue here.

Lorelai watched her husband's face for any change in acknowledgement to what she had just said. His icy blue eyes bored into her face, the anger emitting enough for his hands to be shaking. He held her purse he had ripped off of her arm when he pushed her into the wall. Following her eyes to his hands, he threw her purse across the room into the mantelpiece, causing pictures and glass to fall and break.

"How the Hell do you expect me to believe you?" He yelled, starting to walk towards her.

Lorelai scrambled to her feet, and started to back away from his advancements. "Chris, please." She said, fear rising in her throat. But he just kept coming toward her. "Chris, you know I love you. You're my husband. I love you." With each step that he came closer to her, her hope of calming him down faded. And her heart sunk when she felt her back reach the end of the kitchen door. He just kept coming towards her.

Her one glance at Rory's bedroom door gave her the relief that at least Rory wasn't home to witness this again. Lorelai hated when Rory saw Chris do this to her. And there was always that fear that Chris would turn on her daughter. It hadn't happened yet. But as Lorelai pulled her mind back to the horrible situation approaching her, she knew Rory would never be safe with how vollitle Chris could be.

He finally reached her. His hands reached her body. Grabbing her around the waist, he pushed her hard into the door behind her, "I might be your husband, but you still want Luke." She whimpered in pain and fear. He brought his hand up to backhand her across the face, but her reflexes were getting better, because she instinctively blocked his hand with her forearm.

That might have been the instinctual thing to do, but Lorelai could tell from his face that it was probably the worst thing that she could have done.

His big hand encircled her wrist, wrenching it down, twisting her arm which caused her whole body to completely reverse so she was facing the wall, her cheek against the hard door. She screamed in pain and he continued to pull her arm up behind her back, sharp pains shooting up her entire spine. He shoved himself up against her so his lips were only inches away from her ear.

"Chris, please stop. Please." She cried, tears streaming down her face, hoping beyond reason that he would calm down with her pleas. But instead of him stopping, he used his free hand that wasn't twisting her arm to grab a fistful of her hair and pull her head back so her neck was elongated and exposed. Now he meanicingly whispered in her ear, "I'll make you forget him. Then we'll be the happy family we should have been." Tears cascaded down her face, her chest heaving with fear as her heart pounded inside of her body. She cried out in pain when he seductively and violently bit into her earlobe, then said, "You'll be in so much pain the entire time you'll have only room for thoughts of pain in that rambling head of yours."

He let her arm fall behind her, the tension a welcome respite. But then he pushed her back towards the living room. She stumbled and fell, but his strong hand still gripped her hair to violently pull her back to her feet only to shove her again toward the living room. He only let go of her hair when they reached the couch, and he gave her one final spin and shove so she was laying on her back looking up at him.

"Chris, no. Please. Not this." She begged. Her imagination flew to what was about to happen. He had gotten violent with her before. She had deserved the slaps and the threats. She took those with little protest, only because she was glad it had never gotten to Rory. She also knew there were feelings she was still holding in her heart for Luke, so she knew Christopher was justified in his feelings and actions.

But this. This was about to go to a whole new level of horror. He was her husband. This was her house.

She put her arms up in protest. "Christopher, don't do this." Her eyes searched into his to find any sort of hesitation from him. This next step wasn't him. This had never happened. "Chris this isn't something we can come back from…"

As she felt his hand reach down and pull her buttoned down blouse apart, she started to physically cry. Sobbing.

"Im your husband, Lor." She wanted to puke hearing him use her nickname at a time like this. "I can do what I want with you." She turned her head to the side when he bent over to kiss her. When his lips didn't make contact because she turned away, he roughly grabbed her face with his hand and forced his tongue down her throat. She couldn't breathe until he lifted his face from hers. She heard his belt unbuckle and she just sobbed even more. "Chris."

Straddling her on the couch, he lifted her skirt enough to graze his hand up her thigh.

She started to fight. "No. Stop." She screamed. Her hands reached up to his face, her aim for anything that would make him leave her alone. He used one of his giant hands to pin her arms above her head, giving him access to her torn blouse and what was underneath. He started to do unspeakable things to her torso with his free hand. She started to scream even louder. "Help. Someone hel.." His free fist came slamming into her jawbone, jerking her head to the side with such violence that she saw stars.

She started to black out, but he spit in her face pulling her back to her reality of hell. His demonic voice whispered into her ear, "You're all mine. And you're gonna be awake the whole time."

Rory whispered through the tears streaming down her face. "Luke. Come quickly. Help." She said into her phone. She knew he would come. She hoped it would be in time.

She then threw open her door, carried her phone with her into the living room where she dropped it onto the carpet, open so he could hear what was going on.

She wanted to keep her eyes closed and not see the horror that was unfolding before her right here in her own home. Her eyes met her mother's first, the fear and angst now filled with terror in the loving, caring best friend that her mother was. Rory knew her mother was more concerned about Rory not getting hurt than she was about the atrocities that were happening to her own body right now.

"Get away from her." Rory screamed at her father. The look of surprise on his face as he stood up from off of her mother made her so sick.

Her mother cried, "Rory, go. Leave now."

But there was no way that Rory was going to leave her mother alone with this monster any longer. "No. He is going to leave." She pointed at her father, who had somehow composed himself to be standing and walking towards her. But Rory would have none of it. "Stop right there."

He didn't listen to her. And she knew he wouldn't. She just hoped she could avoid the worst of what was coming until Luke could get here. "Rory, this is between your mother and I. You need to go and take some time away and cool off." His smooth voice made her want to puke.

She just stood her ground. "No. This is wrong and you know it." Her heart was pounding in her chest, but she continued, "Go, take some time and cool off." She was hoping that the fact that her father had never hurt her would maybe help him realize he needed to calm down and leave.

"Rory, honey, married couples fight. This is normal. You're not used to normal because of how abnormal your mother's relationships with other men in the past have been."

That was it. Now she was angrier than she was afraid. "You monster." She screamed. "How can you even think there is any part of normal to this situation?"

Her mother's voice echoed from the background trying to stop her, "No, leave now, Rory. Stop talking."

But Rory couldn't. "Youre the one who cant accept a normal relationship. Youre so insecure with Mom that you feel threatened because she had a relationship you know was better than what she has with you right now." She could see the anger in his face escalating, but her plan was working. He was distracted from her mother. "I hate having you here. At least when Mom was with Luke we were a real family. This is just your horrible attempt to make yourself feel like more of a man." He was only inches away from her face now. But she couldn't stop. "Well Luke was so much more of a father to me than you'll ever be. He was here. You weren't. And right now, I wish he was here instead of you."

She could hear her mother's terrified scream as her father's hand reached out to the lamp that was on the sidetable and brought the base of the lamp flying toward Rory's head. Rory ducked, missing the weapon aimed at her head.

Her mother screamed, "Chris, NO. She was midway across the living room when the first contact of the glass with Rory's head exploded in pain. Chris, anger flaring thorugh the air, turned toward Lorelai's advancement towards him, and pushed her weak body away. Her mother landed on the ground. Rory was still conscious, nad she looked up to find her father kneeling above her, the lamp in his hand. Instead of coming to his senses, he raised the lamp up again. And again. And brought it down on her shoulder, and on her amrs she tried to use to shield herself. She could see her mother's hands clawing into her father's back, grasping for control of the lamp. But anger was controlling the lamp that came down again and again on Rory's body that was exploding in pain. But as she started to blackout, she heard a voice coming from outside of this hell. Luke.