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Start Chapter 1

"You must look your best, understand? The 'Black' clan, even if we do not agree with them on most things, is to be respected. Their bloodlines are favored by the Shinigami himself! We ourselves are closely related to their clan, what parts of it that are human at least… Nearly all members of their branch seem to have developed silver eyes though, likely from whatever beast they thought was suitable to breed with. They also have powerful demon blood. And no, I am not exaggerating. They are a formidable clan. It is one of the reasons I have cautioned you, if they are asking for our assistance after so many centuries than they must be having a major problem. Especially as they have tried their best to hide from the public eye nearly as long as they have been out of contact with us, besides your great great aunt marrying into their family." A tall proud, severe looking man with black, almost blue hair and coal black eyes said in a fretting tone to a young handsome teen with similar coloring. The teen's hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He could hardly be more than 14 maybe 15 years old at the most.

"Of course father." The teen said.

"Good, good. It is a great honor to be invited to the very place the 'Black' clan resides. No one knows where they live anymore. It is rumored that it is somewhere in tea country or the land of snow though. I still don't understand why they do not simply join with our clan and stay here or at least visit." The man grumbled.

The teen gave his father an uncomfortable look at the remark. There were quite a few good reasons not to, including his clan being crazy and wanting to cause wars along with their rude attitudes. Also he wasn't sure how people would react if they found out they were related to a bunch of people that were part demon and supposedly favored by a god of death. Yeah…. That would go over well, right….

"Anyway, if possible, I would like for you to try and convince them to rejoin us. We are not producing as many female clan members and even as much as it discomforts me to even think about it, having some of their…. Gifted…. demon blood males around would greatly help in renewing blood as they aren't as closely related and would at least give us one or two more marriage options…. For the clan members less interested in…. the fairer sex… if you know what I mean?" The man said, rubbing his neck.

"Um, not really…. I understand what you are implying with the lack of interest in women as it seems that many of the clan members are homosexual but I am unable to follow what you are attempting to imply about the males of the other clan." The teenager said, a blank expression on his face.

"I would not suggest allowing them to know that… you know… Especially as it can bring danger to that part of our clan but every three to five generations a few carriers are born. They are males able to give birth to very powerful normally talented children. It is all of the demon blood.

From what I have read, it isn't that uncommon with demons to have a few born that can carry children. They often have extremely large, powerful chakra reserves but aren't physically very strong and are sicklier so you must try not to be too pushy with them if you meet one. They will likely look more like a female and be smaller than the other males. They also often have calmer temperaments. It may not be a guarantee though as the rumor is that the 'Black' clan has a tendency to be mentally unstable and violent when agitated to any degree. They also have a tendency to horde strange objects of power and some…. Are.. senseless or eccentric even in nature to the point of embarrassing. There really is rarely any in-between temperament when it comes to them as they are so mentally unstable, likely from inbreeding far more than is suitable for so long. Try to avoid such individuals." The man lectured his son. He really didn't want any of the really psychotic members joining back up with the clan if it could be helped. They were still family and in Fugaku's mind they should have to join back up with the Uchiha clan before they had even left but they were also extremely unstable. He wasn't sure if they were capable of logical thought, or at least most of them. He actually wondered how many members there were.

By last count, over 75 years beforehand, there were only about 20 members left, 2 babies had been on the way though. Before that a recorded 48 with 3 on the way had been alive only 120 or so years before that and they had extremely long lifespans which was another reason why Fugaku wanted them to begin to mix back into the family. It was worrying him. He wondered if that branch was dying out or something, if so it would be a horrific loss of such powerful lines!... Even if they never did anything. It was said that they could cause storms to form simply by being upset and lightning to incinerate an area when enraged without even meaning to. He wanted power like that mixed back into the family lines.

"So you are saying that… Most of them are completely out of their minds and that… Men can-can get pregnant?" Itachi said, looking mildly confused though feeling completely overwhelmed by the information.

"I know, I know, it sounds crazy but it is the truth and it will be useful, trust me. Now get ready, it is time for you to leave Itachi!" Fugaku said, the expression on his face a bit jealous. He really wish that he were able to leave with him their lands were likely exquisite.

"Yes father." Itachi said. Unsure if he even wanted to go through with leaving. He was trying to work against his clan gaining further power after all. He really didn't want them to get it through their heads that it was fine to cause a war or something.


First impression that Itachi got was that the compound was barren. Not void of things. No it was full of lovely expensive objects worth more than even he could imagine and he came from the richest family in the leave village. What it was barren of was life. The beautiful compound that he was walking through with his escort, looked like it could easily hold hundreds if not a thousand members. It was disturbing. Itachi's eyes darted around seeing dark red smudges here and there on the walls and floors. Blood. The farther the two got the darker and redder the stains became and the farther they got the worse it became.

Stone and glass were warped and melted everywhere, walls crumbled, a few bodies could be seen here and there laying on charred frames, likely in their bedrooms. They were scorched nearly to dust and the air smelled strongly of ozone. Itachi couldn't help but feel more and more dread as he saw so few burned to death as they slept. Had this great clan his father had told him about dwindle to so few members? If so how? Itachi feared that he was too late to save any of them the way things were going. He watched his distant cousin, Rabastan, look around with wide horrified eyes silent tears ran down his attractive face.

The man suddenly started running, panic on his face. Mumbling something about a princess and green eyes.

Rabastan burst into a room with doors taller than most 2 story houses, slamming the doors against the wall. He wailed in denial at the sight before him. Charging the man that stood over the finest bed that Itachi had ever laid his eyes on. Red was splattered everywhere and still weakly spirting from the figure laying on it, unmoving. Dark shoulder length hair lay wetly over the figure's face like a death shroud. The sound of a child's quiet terrified sobs quickly reaching his ears from the very place the figure laid. It left Itachi's stomach twisting.

"You returned sooner than expected." The man said sounding bored, immediately bringing up the Tanto he had just killed the figure in the bed with.

"You-You killed them! You killed them all, our family! You just killed Sirius, your own brother!" Rabastan snarled.

The man snorted, "There weren't many of them left anyway! Harrison's grandfather made sure of that! They weren't worthy of life! They weren't blessed by the Shinigami like Harrison was! Like the head family! My stupid brother only ever did one thing right and that was to have that boy!" The man insisted, his gray eyes twisted and wild.

"What the hell are you talking about? Harrison's father's father was not the Shinigami, he was joking when he use to tell us that! You are completely out of your mind!" Rabastan said.

"No I'm not! I saw the Shinigami with my own eyes the night Harrison was born, standing over my brother! Now get out of my way! You are in the way of renewing our destiny!" The man insisted both looking and sounding demented.

"D-destiny what are you talking about Regulus?" Rabastan asked, sounding like he was dreading the answer.

"I am saving the clan of course! It was becoming weak! We allowed too many to taint it these last few centuries! 5 humans from outside of the clan were allowed in, disgusting! No, I will grow it anew! I will use the princess' blessed blood in assisting me once he grows old enough! We will have a glorious rein with powerful beautiful offspring!" Regulus said, grinning.

"You-you plan to what?!" Rabastan shrieked, teeth elongating into large beastly canines and his eyes began to glow as volatile yellow lightning sparked across his skin. It instantly scorched the rug beneath his feet. "I'll rip your throat out before you even get a chance to look at him! Just because he has green eyes doesn't mean he's blessed by the Shinigami you psychotic freak!" The man snarled, quickly beginning to overpower his cousin.

Itachi was completely sickened by the omission. The man planned to force his own baby nephew to become his broodmare and obviously by the way he was talking about not liking new blood to be added he planned for his own children to procreate together! Itachi made a few clones of himself and slowly made his way to the bed as the other two were occupied.

He paled as he realized that the child wasn't only near the bed, he was still laying in it with his dead… mother. Pinned by a limp arm and covered in blood. Now that he could glance around the room he could see finely crafted toys and things laying around the room in a comfortable clutter, a small portrait of the same dead beautiful man with sharp canines grinning along with a man of similar age with pale, almost silver amber eyes and strange grey tinted hair smiling kindly. Being held up in the amber eyed man's lap was a small young baby its head held gently in the man's large spindly hands. It had a head full of wavy black hair looking much like some delicate little doll. Its eyes were still a bit milky but had a green hint to them a black dog looking stuffed animal sat leaning against the adorable child. They looked so content… it was heartbreaking the grinning man's own brother massacred them all for some sick power trip or and desire to play god.

Itachi grimaced, slowly raising the cold likely previously cuddling arm from on top of the pitifully crying child. He startled nearly stabbing the, thought to be dead man, as he was grabbed desperately. Itachi's eyes slightly widening.

"Here. 'ak 'is. Harri needs 'em 'es! He-he 'eeds Pat-Patty to. 'Emus made for 'im!" The man insisted, silver eyes pleading as he gurgled copious amounts of blood spilling from his mouth.

Itachi shook nodding, he took the slimy key offered. "Of course. I will take good care of him, I promise you that… I am sorry that I can do nothing to help." Itachi said. Looking from the man. One of his clones was given the key and ran off. Itachi nearly lost his balance as the building shook, the walls cracking around him. His eyes darted around, it looked like the roof was beginning to sag. Damn they hit a structural wall. One of the clones walked up, handing him a scroll with a storage seal in it and another grabbed the stuffed animal laying on the floor, looking exactly like the one in the picture. Another snatched a few of the pictures sitting around the room and sealed those into his own scroll handing that over.

As he did so Sirius gave one last exhale.

"Collect as much as possible. This place will not hold much longer." Itachi said in a monotone voice, swaddling the blood covered child in his cloak. "Do not fear I shall never leave you." The teenager whispered to the whimpering child slowly walking out. Something in him insisting he protected the baby with his life.

Itachi heard an explosion and fire began to consume everything. He ignored it though, continuing to bounce the child and spoke in a hushed tone trying to calm him. A clone carrying the dog and a bag followed, looking on in concern.

The air was chilly as they left the slowly crumbling structure. The wind whipped against Itachi's face almost painfully as the sky lit up in what almost looked like a light display. Royal purple against sunflower yellow. Striking over and over again. Itachi hissed as rain began to fall. It looked almost like two angry sky gods were at it. Itachi had seen a lot of things but nothing like their display of lighting and air technique prowess it looked like a natural storm other than the strange colored lightning and the precision of the strikes of the lightning.

A chill ran down Itachi's spine as something…. Not natural or maybe too natural seemed to be approaching. A distinct feeling of rage licked at the air…. And death.

Itachi decided that it was definitely time to get going. He cuddled the child close to himself, ignoring the sticky blood, and ran, his clones following him.


Several days later, Itachi was still trembling at the very thought of what had happened. Not a single person was left from the Black clan… other than the beautiful baby he comforted. Rabastan had summoned the Shinigami himself, right before dying from a sword through the chest, dragging the other man to the underworld with him… Leaving Itachi to care for the sweet child.

Itachi petted the soft baby bird down like hair of his little cousin, humming to him. He had been startled by the appearance of the child after bathing the blood from him. Being so pretty already with those stunning almost eerie light emerald eyes. He allowed the traumatize baby cling to him. He had noticed early on that he seemed to easily get cold he didn't want that. When Itachi had looked into the almost glowing green eyes Itachi was already sure that he loved the child. He was his now and he would take care of him always. Itachi was always one to take meticulous care of anything that he deemed his.

Itachi would not be giving the boy to his clan to be used and corrupted like they were already trying to do to his little brother. Harri would be his son or daughter…. He wasn't really sure what the proper terminology to use was as the two men had called him a princess. Thinking about it all hurt his head. He would do his best to give the child a happy life though.


It had taken nearly a month and a half to get to where Itachi was from the remote area of Tea country the Black clan had lived. It was because he had to go far slower than he had liked to. Itachi was practically dragging the goat he was using to feed Harry until they were able to get to leaf and get some real food. He did feel rather bad for the creature as he had made her walk for many days and she was a short stout little goat with stubby legs. At the beginning of their journey she had been a happy sassy thing prancing around him and happily yelling at anyone they passed in attempt to get petted now she could hardly even lift her head and made pathetic whining noise. It was nearly to the point that Itachi wondered if maybe he was too hard on her and she was going to die on him the way she kept stumbling and trying to lay down.

Harri slept soundly in the arm without the goat's leash tied to it. Itachi tucked the dog plush into the child's blanket, giving Harri a small smile as he immediately snuggled it. Itachi's chest fluttered with adoration when the almost toddler grabbed onto his shirt as if to assure himself that 'daddy' was still there. At least that is what Itachi had begun proudly calling himself in his own mind. Itachi was glad that the trip back was so peaceful. Glancing back at the goat and the path ahead of them Itachi decided as close as they were to the village he would allow the goat a quick rest, he was sure the poor thing would appreciate it.

After an hour or so they were up and walking again much to the goat's displeasure and Harri's as well as he had wanted to spend more time cuddling with the 'da'ee'. He thankfully wasn't fussy long unlike the indigent goat that's amusing personality was quickly growing on Itachi. He had never been allowed to have a pet before.

"Come now, almost there." Itachi said to the annoyed little goat trudging behind him. Up ahead he saw several carts and groups of people. Itachi was quick to change his appearance to something less conspicuous. He didn't feel like having civilian females squealing over him. Instead he settled for an average face with brown eyes and hair. No one even seemed to notice him as he weaved in and out of traffic. He couldn't help but smile and sigh in relief when he finally was able to see the great gates of the village hidden in the leaves. They were home.

Itachi was quick to remove his jutsu after that. He wanted to be able to get through the gates as quickly as possible.

"Itachi sir! Is that you? Everyone thought you had died or abandoned the village!" Some run of the mill gate guard yelled, looking startled.

"Hn. Well that obviously did not happen." The teenager said. He hated idle chatter. He wanted a hot meal for both he and his Harri and a bath at that moment. Then to sleep for a good 12 hours straight in his own futon cuddled up with his baby he was sure that Harrison would like that as well. He still found the name to be rather odd. That entire part of the family seemed to have odd names.

"I need to report to the Hokage so if you do not mind I would like to get a move on so I may go home and rest." Itachi said, beginning to walk.

"But wait, what about-"

"I said I will go to the Hokage's office to report that I am back. What I carry is none of your concern. In fact I am carrying nothing. And the goat that I have with me was simply given to me by a man that no longer wanted her. Go back to your post." Itachi said, his eyes blood red and strange markings within then lazily spun as he seemed to hypnotize both men.

Both slowly nodding. "Of course. You go report in." One said, sounding slightly dazed.

"Have a nice day now!" The other said as both began walking back to the gate, allowing Itachi through. He closed his eyes, sighing. What a pain.

"Let us go and clean up little one. Then I we can get something other than goat milk for you to eat. I am sure as old as you are that cannot be good for you!" Itachi crooned as Harry rubbed his eyes with a little fist making Itachi internally coo adoringly. Itachi was sure his poor baby had lost at least a few pounds on their way back to the village and hated it. He wasn't skinny by any means but he was a little thin for Itachi's liking and seemed to be sleeping more and more.

He once again applied his jutsu in an attempt to disguise himself and once again it worked as he walked through the massive village. The goat once again in high spirits as she seemed to sense that they were finally near where they had to be, that or all of the people around excited her. She was happy to soak up the attention of anyone that would stop long enough to even coo at her adorable strut.

Itachi internally groaned. He really should be getting rid of the goat he had no need for one but he really didn't want to give her up. Harri liked her so much. He was sure that it was devastate him if Itachi got rid of his 'dog' especially as he had seen the burned corpses of several real dogs adorn in what must have been gold and silver collars while he and the Harri's former cousin ran through the palace like structure to get to Harrison's mother's shared room. Gold and porcelain bowls of water and food sat all over the place along with fancy dog beds, bones, and chew toys as well. Among other things the Black family definitely had a thing for dogs like an animal hoarder level thing for them as many corpses as he had seen along with how many sculptures, pieces of jewelry, and paintings he had either encountered or retrieved with them added to the design or being the focus point of. Even their crest had some sort of black wolfish dogs adorning it! Itachi groaned. He would need to come up with a name for the creature….

"I-Itachi?" A familiar male voice called from just outside of the family compound.

"Hello father…. I am sorry that I have taken so long.. I could not go any faster than I was unless I was to carry the goat and…. I doubt she would have liked that." Itachi said in a tone hard to read.

"Why do… Why do you have a goat?" Fugaku asked, his eyebrow raised at the sassy little creature attempting to climb him for pets.

"I could not allow Harrison to starve could I?" Itachi said, ignoring the goat's rude behavior.

"Harrison? Who? Wait why do you have a child in your arms?" Fugaku asked, trying to step out of range of the insistent animal who bleated her indigents at being ignored.

Itachi held back the suffering sigh he wanted to release. "This is Harrison. I will tell you over dinner what had occurred. Right now I am tired and am in need of a bath." Itachi said, walking past his father without another word and dragging the annoyed goat along with him who almost sounded like she was telling him off with the tone she was bleating at him with.

After a few minutes he was at the main house, he walked out behind it and tied the creature up in a shaded grassy spot. He frowned. Deciding that he would have one of the servants bring her out some water. "Come now, I know you don't like them but it is time for a bath. Alright Harri?" Itachi said, smiling at the sleepy looking child frowning down at him. "Hn, you are too adorable to be frowning like that." The teenager said. Laughing when Harrison scowled. He couldn't remember the last time he talked so much. Especially as he was actually enjoying doing it… or at least when he was speaking to his precious little one. Itachi began to walk toward his own personal bathing house, already asking a passing servant to retrieve him some clothing. Ignoring Harri's upset 'no nos' as he grumbled his displeasure.

"If you are a good boy for me I will let you play with…. Mai, your….. dog.. You want to play with your dog right?" Itachi said. The poor child seemed almost petrified he was so fearful of water once in it.

Harry let out a pitiful whine still not wanting to be put in the water but was momentarily distracted by the mention of his pet. He began babbling about his 'Da'ee'.

Several servants and clan members were quick to come running at the sound of blood curdling shrieks of terror that pierced through the massive compound. All in a massive panic as they thought a child had been seriously injured. Itachi had not been pleased. Demanding that they left.

After finally getting rid of the group Itachi dried both himself and Harrison humming quietly to the sniffling child. "You are fine. It is alright, I am here, I will not allow anything to happen to you I promise!" Itachi cooed to his child guilt eating away at him.


After a nap lasting a few hours Itachi woke to a servant politely explaining that she was told she need to wake him up and that it was time for dinner. He thanked the girl. Taking several slow deep breaths as he readied himself for questions. He was not looking forward to it. Hopefully they would at least be serving something that a 10 or so toothed child could eat. Sasuke was far ahead of Harrison, being three and a half.

Itachi walked slower than necessary to attempt to stall the inevitable.

"Big brover!" An excited young voice squealed.

"Sasuke, how have you been?" Itachi said, smiling a little at the absolutely delighted grin his adorable little brother gave him.

"Reawy Reawy good! Daddy showeded me 'ow to throw a Ninja sar! I'm no goods yet, I hitted the circlie my wast try vough!" The boy proudly bragged.

"Yes you did very well but you will have to do much better if you will ever get anywhere near as good as your brother." Fugaku said, ignoring the hurt look his younger son gave him and smiled at his pride and joy. He hadn't even seemed to notice the furious glare his elder son was giving him.

Harri immediately began to whimper and sniffle, not liking the hostility in the air. Itachi immediately petted his hair trying to calm the sensitive child.

"Who-who is this?" Itachi's mother asked looking startled and completely alarmed.

"Harrison…. He is the only surviving individual left of the Black clan or with their blood. His uncle… got rid of the last few members left of their clan…. It isn't really appropriate to say much more in front of impressionable minds…. It was a terrible situation and I was thankfully able to at least save Harrison though… "Itachi said, trying not to tense as the phantom feeling of Sirius gripping his wrist returned. Itachi, instead ran a gentle hand over Harrison's beautiful wavy black hair. "He is of their main house, the last prince…." He said. Deciding he no longer wanted to speak about such things he piled several carrots onto his plate and mashed them, offering them to the child who eagerly ate them.

The other's sat silently seeing not to know what to say.

Sasuke sat glaring at the baby his brother seemed to be completely focused on. His big brother should only want to give him attention not some boring baby! He was supposed to be the baby!

"So um, how is he? Being on the road that long can't be great for a baby…." Itachi's mother asked awkwardly.

"He is fine. He of course was very upset and traumatized for the first few weeks but he seems to be doing much better now. He has a very affectionate happy disposition and lacks the roughness of many babies in his age group. The only thing he has been very vocal about baths though. He acts as if he is terrified of water so I am assuming that something may have happened to him before. Other than that he is probably the best behaved baby that I have ever heard of." Itachi said, his throat beginning to almost hurt with as much as he was talking.

"Really? That is good. It will be easy for Maki to take care of him then." Fugaku said.

Itachi narrowed his eyes at his father. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, someone will need to take care of him. He is too valuable to let some orphanage have him! No way will I allow family to be put in one of those places let alone one of high blood!" Fugaku said, sneering.

"Who said I was going to allow someone else have him?" Itachi nearly whispered.

"What? You are 14, you cannot expect me to believe you plan to take care of him!" Fugaku snorted.

"I don't need your permission, he belongs to me. Harrison will not be going anywhere." Itachi stated. His eyes began to light up a blood red.

Both Itachi's mother, Mikoto, and his father went pale quickly agreeing.

"Of course sweetheart." His mother immediately said, trying not to shake.

"I am keeping the goat to. The Blacks had many dogs and at the moment Harrison is insistent that she is a dog. It would greatly upset him if after all he went through he also lost her so Mai will stay. Understood?" Itachi said, sounding calm and quiet but the unmistakable dangerous edge was still there.

Fugaku grimaced but nodded. "Whatever you like Itachi, we are just glad you and our last remaining family member from the Black clan's tragedy are alright... I must leave now so I may tell the elders what has befallen the clan." The man said, getting up a quickly as he could before even getting a decent look at the child. His wife made a similar excuse to leave the table.

"Whoa, his eyes aw' like the pwetty rocks mommy sometimes wears!" Sasuke said in reluctant awe, staring at the young toddler.

End Chapter 1

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