With the door closed behind her room, Jane gave a sigh of worry. Most of this was pointed at Abigail, her best friend. She and Sebastian had just witnessed the rejection of her brother. Who knows what would happen to Abigail. The farmer knew that she is devastated of what Minsoo had said. She could already feel the purple haired girl cry in her room. The question is, would she get over it? What would Minsoo think? How would he fare with the girl he had rejected living so close to the farm?

Jane pushed the thoughts away. It was already eleven at night and she was too tired for a shower. Thus, she removed her prosthetic leg, placed it near her bed and laid her head on the pillow. She would have fallen asleep if it weren't for her Facebook messenger ringing.

-Abigail Berneau: Jane


Jane stared at the chat menu for some time. After a few seconds of thinking, her fingers flew through the phone screen.

-Haneul Park: hi

-what's up?

-Abigail Berneau: nm

-I wanna ask u something

-Haneul Park: Minsoo?

A long pause followed.

-Abigail Berneau: yes

-does he like me?

Judging by the timing between each text, Jane knew that her friend was having trouble thinking if she should type. In fact, even she was in the same situation. Would what she was thinking be considered as infiltrating privacy? Would it damage her friendship? Would...

-actually, nvm

-i'll tell you

-he rejected me

Never mind. Jane gave a sigh of relief. At least she didn't have to risk her friendship being broken. She decided to act as if she didn't know.

-Haneul Park: you confessed to him today?

-Abigail Berneau: yes

-Haneul Park: I'm so sorry

-Abigail Berneau: it's okay

Jane shook her head. She knew that it definitely wasn't so. Oh, how she wanted to help if she knew how. Right now, all she could do is ask.

-Haneul Park: do you still like him?

-Abigail Berneau: I can't get over it

-i've been feeling this since I first saw him in skype

-why did he reject me?

-Haneul Park: what did he say to you?

-Abigail Berneau: he said that I was annoying.

Just as Jane was about to type, she heard the farmhouse's door close. Minsoo was back.

-Haneul Park: are you sure you still like him?

-Abigail Berneau: yes

-Haneul Park: from what i know, my brother feels bad for shouting

-he has a tendency to feel sorry whenever he does whatever happened today

-just act like it didn't happen

-i'll try to talk to him about it.

Jane bid her goodbye before resting her hands for the day. She wanted to share a talk with Sebastian, but she was too tired and he may be working on his computer. She decided to sleep for the day. Work awaited her in the morning anyway.

"What happened?" Iseul asked from beside her.

'My friend had a problem.' Jane mentally said.

"I think I know. Is it Abigail's love for your brother?"

'How did you know?' Jane asked in surprise.

"I can already see it from your eyes."

'That's a strange way of seeing the truth.'

"Some people do it too." Jane shrugged. Maybe that's how her mother differentiates lies from the truth.

'Do you think my brother will fall for her?'

"Maybe. We can only hope." Hope. That's a word Jane always heard, especially when she came back home from high school after getting bullied.

'I was about to ask you if magic will help…'

"You mean like a love spell?" The Junimo asked. It shook its head and continued. "You would have been punished if the wizard was here." Jane filed when she heard that.

'I know. I never liked magical love stories anyway. Love can't be manipulated.'

"Exactly. You must let it grow between the two." Jane nodded by Iseul's words with a nod. Her eyes were now growing bags under. "You should sleep." Iseul added before hopping on the farmer's face and planted something that resembled a kiss on her forehead, making Jane blush furiously. She wanted to squeal.

Preparations for the Fair was nearly done. Today was the day of the Stardew Valley Fair and Jane was eager to see this festival again. The farmer's parents have returned from Zuzu last afternoon and they too were eager to see their daughter compete in whatever this showcase grange is. Sebastian wasn't here unfortunately as Robin asked him to help her set up some things for the event, leaving only Minsoo in helping Jane.

Due to the lack of her boyfriend, the farmwork was a bit slower than usual for Jane. This was prominent especially when the siblings were trying to take the eggs away from the chickens. The farmer had bought two new chicks in the bar of Alphys and Undyne.

"Haneul, you really need to lay off the Undertale." Minsoo smirked.

Too late. Jane signed with a giggle before reaching out to Sans to get its eggs. Minsoo swore when Papyrus pecked his hands again.

"Please, you fried chicken! Let me get your eggs!" The brother yelled, making his sister burst into laughter. 'Fried Chicken'? Wow. "What?!" Minsoo whined, but Jane simply shook her head in response. She waved him off while a tear dropped from her eye. "I swear, if it pecks me one more time, I'm seriously going to send it to the ranch and slaughter it!"

She doesn't slaughter! Jane signed.

"Then how the hell do you have meat here?" Jane shrugged. That was actually a good question. She buys meat from the General Store, but she didn't bother being curious about how the meat ended up there. "Wow, this place is more controversial than celebrity scandals!" Minsoo said just as their parents entered the coop.

"Minsoo, I heard you screaming again." Mother asked. Jane simply pointed at Papyrus, who just clucked with curiosity.

"The chicken pecked me!" Minsoo replied.

"Don't fault the chicken! Maybe you're treating it badly!" Jane proceeded to tip the chicken over to get its eggs while the quarrel went on.

Little did she know that what was under it surprised everyone.

The farmer gasped once the chicken got out of her way, snapping her mother and brother's attention to her. There were five eggs, but they were abnormally large; three times bigger than the normal ones.

"They're so big!" Jane's mother remarked. "I feel bad for the chicken, though." The siblings shrugged.

I think I'll use it for the fair. Jane typed on her phone.

"Okay! Your father has been making a list of what you want to bring. I can't wait to see how this Fair your grandfather told me is like!" Jane smiled at how her mother couldn't wait for the event. She couldn't, too. She turned to Minsoo and prepared her hands.

What are you going to do in the Fair?

"I thought you knew? I have to work with Gus with the food." Minsoo replied. "I need to go before the nine o'clock." Jane pouted by that. "Hey, you like a good barbecue, right?" That cheered her right up. The farmer's eyes widened and her mouth welled with saliva. "That's why I call you a T-Rex." Jane whined and slapped Minsoo's shoulder. "Alright, enough with that, let's get ready to leave." Jane nodded before placing the giant eggs in her basket. She followed her brother out of the coop after a short petting session for her chickens and checked her kegs. Her father came out of the farmhouse and checked what her daughter was doing. He instantly knew what was happening and walked back into the house and returned with five unlabeled wine bottles and a glass.

Do you want to check the wine? Jane asked.

"Of course, Haneul! Why would I reject my very daughter's wine?" Father beamed, handing the farmer the wine glass. Jane smiled as she poured a small sample from a a tap and handed the glass with the red liquid back to her father. He whirled the liquid around and then took a small sip. His eyes widened as he gave a hum of positivity. "세상에 (Oh my)! This is the best wine I've ever tasted!" Jane gave a big smile when she heard such compliment. This was her first attempt at producing wine and somebody liked it! "Here, have some." her father suddenly said. Awkwardly taking the glass, Jane closed her eyes as she took one careful sip on her own produce. She frowned. It didn't taste sour like the berries itself, but more like acetone as it tasted as if it smelled like so. "Oh, Haneul, you're so cute when you try something bitter." Her father chuckled as he took back the glass. "Here, I'll help you bottle up the wine."

Everything was packed for the showcases: Bottles of cranberry wine, a large frozen tear, an amethyst, her biggest and highest quality pumpkin, a basket filled with blueberries, an aquarium with a tuna that Minsoo helped Jane catch, a batch of corn, the basket of the large eggs that Jane picked today and some mushrooms. Jane loaded a wheelbarrow with her items and made final preparations with Minsoo. Jane decided to wear a checkered shirt and overall jeans followed with a straw hat to look like a farmer. Minsoo, in the other hand, wore a white formal shirt and a red apron. Everybody was ready. The Park siblings bid their parents a 'see you soon' and left Agria Farm in high optimism.

Pelican Town was looking like as if there was a construction happening when Jane and Minsoo arrived. Lewis was supervising the tent constructions, people that Jane had never seen before, who were presumably staff members wandered around and Marnie, Pierre and Willy were setting up their grange displays. Strangely, unlike four granges like when Jane saw during her last Fair, there were apparently six. One for Pierre, Jane, Willy and Marnie, but the other two unknown. 'I wonder who will be there…' Jane thought as she continued to push her wheelbarrow to the showcase right next to Pierre's. His items looked unusually fresh, especially melons, which Jane could only grow in Summer.

"Oh, hello Jane!" Pierre greeted the farmer, which Jane responded with a bow. "Are you going to showcase things from your farm?" She nodded. "Very well. I wish you good luck! It's your pride, after all." The shopkeeper smiled as he arrogantly turned back to whatever he was facing.

"Jesus, that guy…" Minsoo grunted. Jane simply sighed as she turned to her wheelbarrow. When her brother wasn't looking, Iseul popped out from the items and looked around. Jane had to push her limits from squealing due to how adorable it looked.

While Minsoo helped Jane place her items on the grange, the farmer backed away to see how it all looked. Not right enough. She walked back and rearranged the things so that they looked perfect from afar. When she thought that she was done, the siblings turned to find the first three tourists coming from the bus stops and walking towards Pelican Town.

"Hey, one of them look familiar…" Minsoo mumbled as he squinched his eyes. Shrugging, Jane turned back to find Abigail helping her father with his grange. She waved at her when she looked at her, but the cheery tone of the purple haired girl was… slightly diminished. Could it be due to the rejection? Who knows.

"Hi, Jane…" Abigail greeted with a smile, but Jane knew that it was forced. She knew that Abigail hadn't given up on him. It was understandable, for some reason. The farmer limped to her friend and typed on her phone.

Are you okay?

"Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?"

I want to be with you.

"Sure!" Abigail replied, her face brightening. "But nothing's ready though…"

After when everything is ready.

"Okay!" Jane smiled. At least her purple haired friend was happy. She turned back to her own grange to find Sebastian talking to Minsoo.

"...You're gonna take credit or something?" Sebastian asked.

"Nah, she made these all by herself. She should get everything." Minsoo replied.

"Really? You've worked so hard to help your sister's farm… uh… thrive? I don't know if that's that right word to say."

"You know, I think I'm the one who's supposed to say that. You've been with her since she first came here. Did I tell you how thankful I am to you?"

"Well, I guess…" Sebastian scratched the back of his head just when Jane tapped on his shoulder. He turned to face her, who was immediately greeted by a tight hug.

"Ow, hi Jane. Please release me?" Jane giggled and shook her head.

"Haneul, PDA please!" Minsoo sighed, palm on his face.

"Y-yeah…" Sebastian grunted by the pressure Jane was applying to him. He seemed to be staring at something, so Jane looked away to find that tourists and the townspeople were staring at them. Blushing, the farmer released her boyfriend and attempted to apologize until a voice interrupted.

"Hey excuse me, but… you look familiar." A voice said. Jane turned to find a tall asian man with short black hair wearing a green shirt talking to Minsoo.

"Excuse me?" Minsoo turned around to meet the man. "Wait… you…"



"What… what the hell are you doing here?" Everything seemed to go awkward between the two men until Minsoo gave the most masculine cheer and embraced his long lost friend.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Minsoo asked.

"I'm on tour with my girlfriend and this Fair opened coincidentally." Yuto replied, pointing at a Japanese woman who seemed to be slightly younger than him. "What are you doing here, anyway?"

"I'm here to help my sister's farm."


"Yeah, she's right here." Jane's brother turned to her, and she bowed to his friend.

"Hi! Nice to meet you!" Yuto's girlfriend waved at Jane.

"Haneul. Jane's her English name." Minsoo said. "She's… mute."

"Nice to meet you, Haneul." Yuto smiled. Jane sheepishly smiled in behalf. "Who's that?" The Japanese asked, looking at Sebastian.

"That's her boyfriend."

"Uh… hello." Sebastian awkwardly greeted.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Sebastian. If you expected me to say Sebastian-kun, Sebastian-san or Sebas-chan, you're a weeaboo." The raven-haired boy snickered at Yuto's words. Jane burst into laughter. "I'm Minsoo's culinary school friend. Sushi chef, if you're wondering."

"Whoa. That's… nice."

"He loves sashimi." Abigail walked into the conversation. Jane noticed that the purple haired girl was ignoring her brother. This was unusual, but the farmer at least knew that Minsoo won't be so annoyed.

"Abby, not now." Sebastian grunted.

"Heh, too bad the restaurant I work in is in Kyoto. Sorry, buddy. Maybe you can see me when you manage to come to my country!" Yuto assured, then turned to his friend. "Anyway, how's the restaurant job doing for you?"

"I worked for two Seasons in a restaurant until I was permitted by my chef teacher to come here. Besides, I'm working here in the saloon until I go back. Now if you excuse me, I have to go to my work station."

"Minsoo, come help me prepare for the barbecue!" Gus called.

"That's my call. Have fun, you all!" The brother waved before running up north. With both Minsoo and Yuto gone, it left Jane, Sebastian and Abigail on the grange. The farmer looked around to already find the town square filled with people. It wasn't long until her parents approached the three.

"Haneul! Your showcase looks great!" Her mother remarked. Jane would be lying if she wasn't blushing at that moment. She smiled with gratefulness. "This place looks so lively, as if it's a market!"

The mayor should start the Fair soon. Jane signed. Just as she finished, Lewis walked to the center of the town square with a megaphone in hand.

"May I have your attention please?" Mayor Lewis called, drawing the attention of the now crowded place, bustling with tourists. "As the mayor of Pelican Town, I would like to say welcome to our annual and 148th Stardew Valley Fair! I can already see that this year will go out well! Unlike last year, when there were only three granges, we have six! We also have more game tents this year that we all can enjoy!"

"Damn, he speaks alot. In fact, he's worse than my sergeant." Jane's father muttered, making Sebastian chuckle.

"Looks like I've taken too long." Lewis suddenly said as if he read Minsoo's mind. "Let the 2019 Stardew Valley Fair… BEGIN!" With that, everyone clapped and returned to whatever they were doing. Since Jane was done with her work and her parents were now away, all she needed to do was wait for her boyfriend to finish helping his mother work on her grange, which was filled with things for carpentry. right next to the carpenter was Leah, who was setting up sculptures and artwork. Jane found it so beautiful.

"Jane, uh… wanna play the games…?" Abigail asked. The farmer definitely nodded in response. She felt that she needed to accompany her friend in this event, just like eleven years ago. She let Abigail go first with an excuse of preparing her grange, then turned to Sebastian and requested to pick Iseul up from the wheelbarrow and place it in her overall pants' pocket.

She's so adorable! Jane signed.

"Yeah. Too bad I can't take a picture of you two." Sebastian replied.

'Don't show yourself to the people, okay? Only you and my boyfriend!' The farmer instructed with her mind.

"Of course!" Iseul relied, poking out from the pocket. Jane showed a big smile as she scratched its head.

I'll have some time with Abby. Jane typed on her phone and then showed it to Sebastian.

"Sure. I needed some time with Sam anyways… as long he's not clinged to Penny." Sebastian replied. Jane shrugged before giving a peck on his lips. "See you around." He added before walking away.

For the next few hours, Jane and Abigail spent some time together mostly playing games in the tents. Jane mostly spent her time in the fishing tent attempting to catch at least six fish before the timer ran out while Abigail giggled away as she failed miserably. Of course, Abigail tried it too, but she fared worse, catching only two. She screamed whenever the fish flapped away next to her, letting go two back into the water. The two girls soon went a lone tent that was placed next to the graveyard where Rasmodius stared at the farmer as if he was attempting to say something. Jane bowed to greet him, confusing Abigail.

'Continue the Junimos' quest, young one.' The Wizard telepathically said before looking back to at the tent.

"Are you okay?" Abigail asked. Jane nodded it off as she grabbed the purple-haired girl's shoulder and limped towards the tent.

Jane exited the tent with Abigail with mixed emotions. Inside the tent was a fortune teller named Welwick, who told her that she'll face her past demons in the near future, but her beloved will always side her. 'Wonder what that means.' She thought as she walked back to the Town Square with Abigail. They ended up in the north of Town where where there was a giant grill with sizzling meat on top. Gus and Minsoo were cooking beef patties on the said grill. Each patty released an unquenchably delicious aroma that made Jane and Abigail drool from behind. Oh, how she was hungry.

"It's kinda funny that this is the first time I've done outdoor barbecues." Minsoo said.

"I see. Isn't it fun?" Gus chuckled.

"I guess, sir. Hey, who's behind us?" The brother turned around to find her sister and her… friend. "Oh hey Haneul! Uhm… Abigail." His mood dropped down. Jane waves her hand in response.

"Eat all you want, you two! The barbecue's free, thanks to the mayor!"

"Food's over there." Minsoo said, pointing at the sandwiches and wieners on trays. Abigail's mood brightened as the two girls grabbed their plates and filled them with food. They looked around the 'diner' to find the benches bustling with tourists. They were munching on their sandwiches, wieners and steaks while either complementing the sauce used in the cooking or talking about what they'll do in the fair. Jane found an empty bench for the two girls to sit on, so they did and began digging into their food. Obviously, the farmer was the first person to take a bite of her beef sandwich. When her jaws closed and the juices escaped and coated her mouth, her eyes widened at the deliciousness that Gus's special sauce has given. A normal Korean girl would squeal and rant about how good the food is.

That wasn't the case of Jane.

Just like a vacuum cleaner, the rate of which food entered Jane's small mouth hastened. All she wanted to do was feel the taste and warmth of the food and nothing else. She would have gone for seconds until…

"Jane! You're doing it again!" Abigail exclaimed, laughing. This made Jane pause and look at her friend, who was recording her actions with her phone. "I'm so going to post this in Facebook." She said with an evil glare. Horrified, Jane attempted to get up and snatch her phone, but her prosthetic leg prevented her. "Revenge for the pillow, Jane!" Abigail stuck her tongue out as Jane gave a sigh of defeat. "You know what? I think I know a way to get me delete the video." The farmer's eyes snapped back to the purple-haired girl, eager for the order. "I want to know how Minsoo's doing." The farmer gave a funny look. Sure, she gave a small consulting to her, but this was strange. "I know. We've talked about this three days ago. I just... I…" Abigail stuttered. "I want to know how he feels right now." With those words, Jane paused and fell into thought. Sure, Minsoo rejected Abigail's confession during her birthday. However, ever since then, her brother seemed to have been acting rather strange. His joking manner seemed to be deteriorating and his smile seemed to becoming smaller. Indeed, something was wrong. Could it be guilt? The farmer could only nod as she pulled her phone out and started typing.

My brother seemed to be sad after your birthday. The last time I asked him about you, he seemed to sigh and look sad. He doesn't get angry, but I don't know what that means. After Abigail read the text, she gave a sigh as she bit on her wiener.

"Thanks, Jane. So, should I… I mean, wait a bit longer?" Abigail then proceeded to lean closer to Jane. "...I… ugh, I just can't stand not being with him…" She whispered. The farmer gave a sigh before resuming her speech.

I'll tell you what happens. Seb and I decided to help you. Don't worry.

"Th-thank you, Jane. I…" Abigail was cut short by a certain blonde boy sitting down next to her.

"Yo, Abby! A double date with Jane?" Sam enthusiastically asked. Abigail frowned in annoyance while Jane sighed. She smiled however as she saw Sebastian next to him.

"Hey, Jane." the raven-haired boy greeted, which the farmer reacted with a cute wave.

"Seb, I saw your girlfriend cheat with Abby. What do you have to say?" Sam asked.

"Sam…" Sebastian facepalmed. "Please. We've talked through this."

"You wound me." Sam mockingly said, clenching his chest. Everybody else rolled their eyes, tired of receiving the blond battery of stamina's torments. if only they had a way to change the subject…

"Would all grange contestants report to the town square please? The judging will begin in ten minutes! I repeat, ten minutes!" Lewis's voice echoed through the megaphone. Jane sighed in relief. A savior from an unexpected person! With the aid of her boyfriend, Jane rose from the bench and limped down from the diner and towards the town square.

While she made her way to her grange, she was greeted once again by her parents.

"Good luck, Haneul!" Jane's father cheered.

"I know I was skeptical of your grandfather, but I'm sure he'll be so proud of you!" Mother said, fingers crossed. Jane smiled and bowed with gratefulness before walking to her showcase. Her items were still at where it was. She was the second among the six granges, which the others being Pierre, Marnie, Willie, Leah and Robin. Jane looked at the General Store owner to find him arrogant as ever. Just how much did he win anyway? The farmer's concentration snapped back when she saw Lewis with what looked like three other judges. The mayor walked around the contestants as he spoke.

"Alright, you have been preparing since the beginning of the Season. Now is the time when you six show what you consider your best!"

"Man, he always says that." Sam grunted from the crowd.

"I wish you luck. Now, good sirs, should we begin?" Lewis asked the three men around him, which they nodded in response. One by one, the four men looked at the granges, starting from Pierre, then to Jane. As they stared at the Agria Farm's produce, the farmer couldn't help but net nervous as sweat started to dribble down her forehead and eventually drip. Her heart started to race. What if she lost? Her grandfather would have probably won every Fair, but what about her? She was nowhere near his skill but…

"It's okay. Calm down." Iseul whispered from her pocket. Jane gave it a pat as she saw Pierre smiling with arrogance painted on his head. The farmer gave a sigh of disappointment as the last grange, which was in possession of Robin was judged. The four judged formed a circle around themselves as they consulted who's grange was the best. After several nods and scribblings on paper, they faced the contestants.

"We have made our decision. As usual, we'll start with the lowest." Everybody except a certain shopkeeper tensed. "Unfortunately, 6th place goes to Willy with 21 points." The valley's fisherman sighed in defeat. "The fifth would be Leah, with 39 points." Leah pouted, but smiled anyway as she did her best. "The fourth goes to Robin, who has 56 points." The carpenter shrugged, but she was hugged by Leah and eventually a pat on the back from Demetrius. "Things are getting interesting. Now we are on the best three!" The mayor shouted. Jane's heart started to race faster than a spaceship entering warp drive. She saw her parents smiling while silently cheering her. She started to sweat and shiver. It didn't help as over a hundred eyes stared at her. Oh, how she wanted to break down if it weren't for a savior, in the form of Sebastian, walking to her and embraced her.

"Hey, it.. it's okay." The raven-haired boy assured, receiving coos from the audience. "Ugh, I regret this."

"...The third is Marnie with a score of 86 points. Kudos with the giant cheese wheel!" Marnie sighed, but gave a smile of content anyway. It didn't help Jane. It was now Pierre or her. She had come this far. She could only let fate decide. She saw the shopkeeper simply nod with an arrogant smile.

"I'll bid you goodbye, Jane." Pierre said, looking at the farmer.

"If only I could flip the finger…" Sebastian muttered.

"Now, we're up to the last two! I will say the winner first!" Oh boy. Here it goes. Jane clenched her heart as she begrudgingly awaited for the results. The intentional pauses that Lewis made to increase tension didn't help at all. "The winner of the 2019 Stardew Valley Fair with the score of 109 points is…" Jane looked once again at Pierre to see him giving the 'That would be me' face. She sighed, seeing that his victory may be imminent. She was a novice in farming after all. She didn't know if her very produce was fresh enough to compete…

"...Farmer Jane Park!"

The crowd erupted in applauses of claps. Jane gasped and covered her mouth. She couldn't believe it. For the first time in probably in a decade, she had won a contest. She turned to her boyfriend to find him smiling and wrapping his arms around her waist. Tears of joy started to flow from her eyes as she was praised by her parents and brother with big smiles and compliments. "...Which leads to second place being Pierre with 97 points." Lewis concluded.

After a parade of compliments, Jane, weighed down with one thousand star tokens, walked with Sebastian to the shop where gifts could be exchanged. There, she saw a multitude of gifts that could be bought. She saw souvenirs, chips, dolls, scarecrows… but something stood up from the rest. It was a small sealed jar with a purple star-shaped fruit…

Jane gasped. She knew exactly what it was: A stardrop.

She remembered her grandfather growing these in both plants and trees. She would sneak out of the farm at night and take a fruit and eat it, only to get caught. Her memories flowed in as she pointed at the jar.

"Whoa, you want the stardrop?" Sebastian asked with his girlfriend nodding vigorously. Jane looked at the price tag to see 2000 tokens.

How much do we have? She asked. She pulled her wallet out to find 1700.

"Hmm? I have, uh…" Sebastian proceeded to check his own wallet. "...600. Why? Wanna buy it?" Jane nodded instantly. "Sure. You won it anyway." He shrugged as he gave half of what he had to Jane. She pointed at the stardrop, which the shopkeeper nodded and handed her the fruit. Jane squealed as she took the jar.

"Well, looks like the Fair's over. Should we… go back or something?" Sebastian suggested, which Jane nodded. They both returned to the grange to pack up and rendezvous with her family back to the farm.


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