So this story will be more mythology based then most of my other ones. Still a Spider-man and Wonder Woman story but with more emphasis on different mythologies aside from the Greeks, like Hindu, Shinto, bit of African and South American thrown in along with a few others to keep things interesting.

So basically Spider-man use to serve as a semi-immortal warrior for Arachne who in this story is the goddess of Spiders. After several centuries of servitude, she decides to reward Peter by having him stay on Thmeyscria island where he can finally know peace. Naturally the Amazons won't be too happy about this but they'll learn to accept it… mostly

Disclaimer: I do not own any Marvel, DC or mythological characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

"You want me to do what?" Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, war and several other attributes said with a surprised expression upon her beautiful face.

She was currently clad in a rather revealing robe like toga that the Greek deities were so fond of. Normally she'd be donned in her armor but she's found little need to lately. She was within her temple on Mount Olympus tending to her garden when to her surprise Arachne appeared and made a request.

Arachne and Athena's relationship was rather interesting to say the least. It wasn't outright hostile but it wasn't really polite either. If anything they just happen to be forced acquaintances due to mistakes on both their parts

The goddess of Spiders Arachne was an attractive woman, she had shoulder blade length scarlet red hair that was so dark it was almost black, a figure to rival those of Aphrodite and Persephone, and had a certain wit to her that Athena found lacking in many gods and goddesses with in the Pantheon.

She was currently clad in something that seemed to resemble spider webs that was quite revealing in certain areas, particularly near the breasts and hips.

Arachne frowned at Athena's response and repeated her request "I want you to grant my warrior asylum on Themyscria"

Athena blinked several times before she responded "Why?"

"Because he's proven a hundred times over to be worthy of such an honor." Archana said with pride in her voice

"…No seriously why?" Athena said as she crossed her arms under her generous bust.

At that Arachne sighed sadly "Because thanks to the actions of Anubis several years ago, my champion will be unable to enter any sort of afterlife. If he were to perish…"

"He'd cease to exist" Athena concluded. She couldn't help but feel a bit of sympathy for the unknown champion, to be unable to finally gain blissful eternal rest, to possibly see your loved ones and friends again, but still "Why Themyscira? You are aware of its rules… No men"

Arachne rolled her eyes "He's not some sex starved pig Athena! If anything I'm more worried that your Amazons will try to seduce him! Do you want to know what happened when I showed him my body to him when I decided to lay with him as a reward? He fainted!"

Athena raised a brow "Out of disgust?"

"No you barren bitch! He's just one of those cute shy types that gets all flustered when he's around a woman!" Arachne said in anger at being labeled ugly by Athena

Athena analyzed the information that she received from Arachne so far. Her champion will be unable to enter any sort of afterlife, on earth at least, he's apparently one of the few men whose actually respectful to women so there should be little problems. All in all, there weren't any real reason to deny him other than the fact that he is a male and the Amazons… well it wouldn't end to well once the warrior women discover his presence

"Look, assuming that I would allow it, what am I supposed to tell the other goddesses who have claim of Themyscira, what am I supposed to tell the Amazons? That a male will be living with them?" Athena asked exasperated

"He won't be living with them Athena, Paradise island is more than big enough to house both the Amazons and my champion. He can stay along the northern parts of the island; your precious Amazons prefer the southern portion anyway." Arachne said

"The northern part is filled with monsters and other creatures that have taken to calling the island home" Athena said with some reluctance

"He'll have a decent food supply so he won't have to bother with the Amazons and vice versa" Arachne stated "As for loggings, he's more than smart enough to build himself a home, he prefers the simple things. Trust me he won't complain about how the Amazons live in paradise while he's stuck with some log cabin. He'll just be glad to have a roof over his head and walls to keep him somewhat safe"

Athena frowned at the information "Arachne… where did you get this champion of yours from?"

Arachne went quiet for a moment before revealing what she knew of him when she found him "He used to live in Rome with his mother, father, sister, brother, and his aunt and uncle. He and his twin brother were born a few years before it was besieged by the Visigoths in 410. During the siege his father and Uncle perished along with his brother and he… he was forced to watch his mother, aunt and sister be tainted by a bunch of Goths."

Athena frowned at what the young boy saw. Even now hundreds of years later Athena could recall the fall of Rome perfectly, the slaughter, the devastation. She couldn't truly imagine what it was like for a young child to see such things and then to watch his own mother, his sister and aunt suffer such a cruel injustice…

"When they were done with them, they had their throats slit and my champion was left there to die with their bodies. One of my children happened to be passing by and alerted me to the situation." Arachne said before a frown crossed her face "I don't know what compelled me to go there and help the boy, but I did and when I saw him…"

"You felt pity for the boy and decided to make him your champion and gave him the promise of retribution" Athena finished, she earned a nod from the other goddess

"After a time I granted him a form of immortality that would keep him from aging and through the years he's acted as my agent in the world. Sometimes a messenger other times an observer and even as my assassin and occasionally… lover" Arachne said as she sat down on a small stone bench

Athena was quite for a moment as she processed more of this information before speaking "You must really care for this man to go to such lengths"

"Like I said, he's proven himself many times in the past. I just… want him to finally know peace Athena. He's seen and done enough to last dozens of lifetimes" Arachne said quietly before looking to the goddess of wisdom "Please…"

Athena was quite for a long time as she went through hundreds if not thousands of scenarios that more often than not ended very badly. After some time had passed she finally nodded "I'll speak with Hippolyta. But know this Arachne" Athena continued with her voice going cold "If your champion hurts any of the Amazons of Themyscira unprovoked, I will personally see to it that he's thrown into the darkest pits of Tartarus"

The goddess of spiders was quiet for a moment before she nodded "Agreed"

In the near sixteen hundred years of being Arachne's champion Peter had thought he's grown use to the goddess's behavior and nothing she could do would surprise him anymore. Apparently, he now realizes, he's an idiot for thinking he'll never be caught off guard by the spider goddess to begin with. When he first randomly appeared on what looked like a nice tropical island with Arachne and Athena before him, he for a moment thought his mistress wanted to have another threesome like what she got him to do with her and Aphrodite… and Demeter… and Eris. Thankfully Arachne quickly began to explain before he said anything that could be embarrassing. At the end he was standing there with a dumbfound expression on him

"I'm sorry but could you please repeat that. I thought I heard you say that I'm now retired as your champion and will be spending the rest of my immortal life on Themyscira." Peter said with a look of disbelief on him

"You heard right!" Arachne said with a smug expression on her face. Athena was standing to the side and was busy examining him.

The goddess of war could see that suit of thin chain mail like armor he was wearing was well made, likely a commission from Hephaestus put in by Arachne. It was black with a large white spider on the front that had it's closely knitted legs connect with a similar design on the back. He also had a mask on his head that had two large with lenses that seemed to change sizes, likely to help him express himself better with his entire head covered.

"Isn't this the island inhabited by a bunch of men hating barbarians that worship the owl whore of wisdom and hypocrisy?" Peter said in confusion

Athena raised a brow before turning to Arachne who began to blush before looking towards her champion and laughed nervously "Oh my beloved champion what are you talking about? I've never said anything of that nature"

"Yes you did, last year when that Amazon killed that giant spider of yours. You got really sad and drunk about before you went outside and stared shooting at anything that looked like an owl" Peter said

"At least he's honest" Athena said dryly as she turned to observe the shoreline of the northern part of Themyscira

Her conversation with Hippolyta and with Hera went as well as she thought. They did not like it one bit. The only support she got was surprisingly from Aphrodite, though to be honest Athena thought it was due to the fact that according to the goddess of love, Peter was a great lay. After several hours of convincing both the queen of the gods and the Amazons agreed with several restrictions that she and Arachne found favorable.

Peter would not attempt contact with the Amazons unless they come to him. He would not journey to their part of the island unless allowed to by the Queen herself and even then he's expected to be gone as soon as possible. He was also not allowed to attack any of the Amazons unless it's in self-defense.

Peter examined the small clearing that was to be his home from now on. It had a small lagoon in it with a small beach, a couple of trees for shade, some boulders here and there. It was quite which Peter didn't mind, and it seemed pretty secluded, another thing he didn't mind.

"Gotta say, nice place to spend eternity" Peter said as he examined the area "Very… peaceful"

"I'm glad you approve" Athena said with a slight smile before her face went blank "I also have a few things to say that you need be aware of"

Peter looked to her with interest "Shoot"

Athena began to explain the rules and restrictions he had to follow while he remained on the island. He had a few questions that she was more than happy to answer. The man was fairly insightful and was very thorough with his questioning. He didn't want there to be any loopholes for the Amazons to exploit. He was more than happy to be left alone.

"Well my favorite champion!" Arachne said in a happy tone as she clapped her hands together

"I'm your only champion" Peter replied in a deadpanned tone

"I have some things that require my attention. I'll be back to check up on you periodically and make sure you're in good health"

"And to use me as your personal sex toy" Peter said in a deadpanned tone again. He looked to see a bemused Athena "She's really into bondage"

Athena blushed at that bit of information while Arachne gaped "Oh hush you pesky human! You should feel honored to lay with a goddess of my beauty"

She made a rather suggestive pose that caused even Athena to stare with a bit of lust in her eyes. Peter, having been around the woman for decades was barely fazed and simply nodded if only to keep her from embarrassing themselves any more than they already had.

Athena coughed to break the sudden sexual tension in the air that Arachne was exhibiting "I must be going; I have a meeting with Artemis to attend to"

Arachne nodded before turning back to Peter and giving him a gentle hug "Stay safe Peter, and enjoy your rest. You've earned it"

Peter slowly returned the hug and patted the goddess on the back "Thank you my lady"

Arachne pulled back and lifted Peter's armored mask and gave him a small kiss on his heavily scarred cheek before she and Athena vanished in a golden light. Peter blinked at the flashy exit as he pulled his mask down before looking around the space for a moment.

"Thank god I studied under so many carpenters and engineers over the years" Peter mumbled before he went to work constructing a small little cabin for him to use. As he gathered a few logs to use a thought it Peter 'Why do I feel like this will end up being more of a temporary vacation then permanent retirement?'

And done.

So next chapter will be set several months later with Peter settling into his life of seclusion and his first meeting with the Amazons.

So I'm wondering if I should make this a harem fic or not and if I do it'll likely be made up of women that are Amazons and or goddesses for the most part. I know he and Diana will hook up but should I also had her sisters, her mother, maybe a few goddesses both of the Greek Pantheon and others? Maybe a few other heroines of the DC universe and maybe a few from Marvel?

Also for the most part he'll be staying on Themyscira has he'll have very little reasons to leave. He'll get out every once in a while, but only if he's ever asked to, for the most part he'll be staying out of the Justice League's affairs.