Wiping the Slate

I've always wondered what happens in the stories, where the Reader makes friends with Sans and Papyrus, and the rest of the Undertale group. The discussion of Resets will inevitably pop up, and You make promises, reassure them that everything is alright...
But, really, have you thought about how a True Reset works?

.oOo. oOo. .oOo.

There's a skeleton staring at you, little white lights in the place of eyes tracking your movements. You were just watching him from the corner of your eye, yet the pain on his face was clear to see. It looked like loss, regret, anger, pain, guilt, abandonment… your own heart pulsed in sympathy, as if you could feel an echo of that cocktail of emotional despair within you.

He looked familiar, which was a weird and unreal feeling, since you'd barely had any contact with the recently released monsters, and you'd definitely never met this skeleton before in this life of yours. You want to get to know him, though. Want to find out if (that) he has a fondness for bad jokes, if (that) he has nightmares that make him doubt the reality of the world, (that) he's worried everything will be torn away from him, that he's patient and laid back until he's been forced to the edge of the apocalypse, where he snaps back with all the ferocity of an angered dragon, why it feels like the two of you could be (are) (once were) such good friends…

You shift in (expectance) surprise as another skeleton walks up towards him, tall where the other is small, pointed where the other is curved, loud where the other is contained. You feel that you should know him too, but there's something terribly wrong about this picture. You're expecting the new arrival to shot, to emote expressively, but he just crouches down to (his brother's) level and speaks to him quietly.

(Sans) looks at him for a moment and shrugs, looking down for a moment before turning back towards you, still with that mix of painful expressions that makes your heart ache and burn. (Papyrus) follows his gaze, and you see his mouth quirk up in an empty grin (that he learned from his brother) but it did nothing to hide the pain in his gentle black eyes. You saw tears start to form before he firmly tears his gaze away from you, catching his brother's skull in his phalanges. (Papyrus) lifts (Sans) head until their eyes meet, and you can see the defeat on the upturned face before (Papyrus) bent down, gently bringing their foreheads together and whispering words of comfort. Some of the pain slides off both of their faces at the reminder that someone is still there, that someonewill at least remember –

You want to go over there and drag them both into a hug, hold them tight and tell them that you'll never leave, that you promised – you swore on your soul that you would always love them and their entire ragtag family, no matter what came your way or whatever trials you faced – together.

But that's a ridiculous thought. You shouldn't intrude on such a private, emotional moment. After all, you've never met these two strangers before.

…no matter how much your heart screams otherwise.