Chapter 1

He walked down the Champ Elysees, taking in the breathtaking view of the buildings and greenery, and also taking in the youthful ambience that he felt was flowing through the air. It was a beautiful place, one where he would live if he didn't have more important things to do.

He was walking down the street, then walked back towards his car, an Aston Martin DB11, and got into it as soon as he arrived. Sitting in the passenger seat was a stunning woman, but he paid no attention to her. She got right to it.

"Have you found him yet?" she said, as he turned into traffic, his low-profile car essentially disappearing into the flow of traffic.

"Not yet. Wait," he said, as he caught a glimpse of a new Audi RS3. "That's him."

He revved his car, downshifting it to quicken its acceleration, then up shifting to gain more speed. The Audi A5's driver noticed, and pulled into a side alley. He pulled the parking brake, effortlessly setting the car into a drift, and sent it expertly into the alley, hot on the tail of the Audi.

The Audi's driver then downshifted, then slid his car, with uncanny skill, into a darker, smaller alley. The man abruptly stopped, as a slow Smart Car ForTwo came out of an alley, effectively blocking them.

He punched the steering wheel in frustration, then pulled the clutch, switched gears, and reversed, doing a full 180 to spin the car to face back where they had come from. He slammed on the pedal, and sent the car back out into traffic.

If he went down that alley, he thought, and my hunch is right, he should exit on the Boulevard Haussmann. His thoughts were confirmed when, after taking another route, he and the Audi arrived on the Boulevard. He up shifted again, and poured on the speed.

The Audi noticed, but was too late to stop the 600 horsepower V12, twin-turbo GT engined Aston Martin from clipping its side, causing it to veer out of control and slam into an AVIA gas station, and ignite the fuel there.

Limping away from the scene of the crash, the Audi's driver then ran off, and ran into the subway entrance. Swearing, the man and woman both exited their car and ran after him.

The man entered the main terminal when he caught another glimpse of the runaway. He took to a dead sprint, then made a flying tackle, catching the driver off guard.

Lifting him up, he went to knock him out, but the driver ducked and kneed him in the groin, and decked him across the face. The man then caught his next hook and dealt an uppercut, and quickly backpedaled, his next kick going across the driver's face, making a long, shallow gash across the top of his forehead. The driver then block the man's next kick, blocked the man's punch, headbutted him, and finished off with a short, powerful jab to the stomach that winded him. The man fell over, leaving enough time for the driver to get up and start to run off, before a tranq bullet pierced his thigh, knocking him off balance, then into unconsciousness.

James Bond slowly got to his feet, with shocked civilians looking on, and walked over to where the unconscious man lay. Moneypenny walked up to him, and helped him drag the unconscious man to a more secluded area of the train station. She then turned to face him.

"You forgot your weapon," she said, holding up the modified Gen4 Glock 19. Bond smiled, and took back his weapon.

"It happens. I can't have all the glory, can I?" he said, drawing a smile on her face. Pulling out his phone, he called MI6 headquarters.

"With a little bit of help," Bond said, looking over at Moneypenny, "I've managed to apprehend our target. Aaron Cross."