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As Emiya Kiritsugu entered the small house, the creaking of the door accompanied his step, making him unconsciously clench his shoulder as well as tense his muscles. The Assassin overlooked the room in a large sweep searching for threats before zeroing in the only other occupant of the room aside for him. It was a scrawny teenager, no older than maybe sixteen years old. Heavy glasses suggested sight impairment which could be useful in a potential confrontation, his frame was lithe and neither was it untrained or was it overtly muscular which spoke of prior training however most likely not in combat as his stance was too unguarded in spite of his obvious wariness. Either he was extremely confident or extremely foolish. This was the judgment he wanted to have, however…

His eyes gave him pause.

Green and intense eyes were in no way hidden from him and whereas his posture spoke of an insecure young man, his eyes spoke of hidden, strong steel. A deadly sharpness that would reveal itself when backed into a corner. The resolve of a man who had seen enough of the World to make a choice and fighting to live with the consequences.

For some reason, this gaze unnerved him.

The hitman circled the table slowly, in a manner reminiscent of a predator but too calm for it to be, it was an analyzing gaze. Picking for weaknesses to be exploited with lethal prejudice at a moment notice. The sight slightly unnerved the younger male it seemed as he tensed every time he took a step before relaxing, maybe so as to not seems unsuited as a client?

Harry felt his nerves start to leave him steadily and quickly at the same time.

Knowing and anticipating an encounter with the Killer isn't the same as actually meeting him in the flesh. He didn't know what he expected - From a huge bald man with lots of scar to the shady back-alley dealer passing through the cliche mafioso he imagined several cases more and more rapidly as time passed to the fateful moment.

It was at the same time everything he expected and not at all what he did expect.

The man almost seemed… Mundane, in all senses of the word. He looked like any working man wrapped in a long perfectly-fitting trench-coat over an assortment of ambivalently Business like and casual wear. What enforced the "Muggle" feeling was the mass produced Cigarette he had in his mouth, expertly clenched between his lips more like a bad habit that didn't want to stay away. He had never seen Wizards smoke cigarettes before, even muggleborn ended up adopting an old fashioned Pipe.

This almost made him seem harmless but…

He had an "aura". An irrational feeling assaulted him as soon as he saw him, the feeling to run away from danger. The man in front of him was poised for assault yet standing in a casual stance, his unkempt appearance more of a concealing for his true activity it seemed. This was a man that seemed to have conflict as an acquired normality to the level of Mad-Eye Moody. Speaking of Eyes… What scared him the most was the man's eyes.

He had deep black eyes, almost empty but filled with a cold burning resolve even in this situation, eyes that coldly assessed him, almost like the probe of a legilimency attack. As the Killer began to circle the table he was reminded of a shark assessing his prey before leaping at the slightest trace of blood.

Harry almost lost his nerve then and there but he steeled himself thinking that he already got this far. He rationalized that his feeling of doom was a good thing considering this man would be his mean of taking Tom Riddle out. The scarier, the better.

Against Voldemort he at least felt he could fight back, here the feeling was different, he thought he could fight back but felt he would be picked apart. There would be no posturing or grandiloquent speeches. There would only be an execution and the collecting of whatever the Killer wanted from him.

He had to get him on his side.

From an outside perspective, it wouldn't have been difficult to see that both participant of the little meeting were wary for their own reasons. While the older man was getting ready to take down a possible threat, the younger one was doing a rather good job at it. Staring directly at the older man he looked ready to deliver as good a battle as he could if it came to it. Although it was clear he rather hoped it wouldn't devolve into such. He did not come to seek conflict it seemed.

Both moving and unmoving man were staring at each other, in an almost silent agreement that whoever spoke first would be the more at risk.

Screw it, he thought, wasn't he a Gryffindor ? "Are you Kiritsugu Emiya?" Harry said clearly with a voice which managed not to break.

"You seems to have me at a disadvantage from the beginning." Said killer drew on his cigarette and if he felt annoyance at all, it didn't show on his face "You obviously know who I'm yet, I have no idea who you are." he inhaled sharply.

The strangest thing happened, of all the justification the Emiya expected, a slight blush of embarrassment wasn't one, was this man really a magus trying to buy out someone's murder or a schoolboy ? "I'm Harry Potter" he said quickly, almost expecting a recognition, but to lend credit to Ragnok's stories, there were none. "As to why I'm contacting you, I cannot bring myself to be skittish with it, I want you to kill someone".

Kiritsugu mentally whistled, not a schoolboy then. A mask to feign weakness ? "What I find most peculiar is how you managed to both find me, and contact me so efficiently. By yourself ? What do you exactly want ? I cannot believe you would operate alone as I have difficulties associating the skills you showed, with the way you look as well as your age. You had help most likely, what I would like to know is why, and how ?"

If Harry expected this to be easy and to be guided through the steps, he would have been disappointed. He obviously had to be more forthcoming which would be an issue if he had to reveal anything before signing the contract…

The contract.

Harry sighed "I would be glad to tell you everything, in details even, however I cannot do so until we sign the binding contract as the informations I'm about to reveal could have grave repercussions for each of us".

The silence returned

'How convenient' thought Kiritsugu "If I sign this contract, this forces me to carry out the killing, what if I want to know who it is I'm contracted to murder?" It would not do to do more damage than good with one single contract, such money attached could have very dire repercussions. Also he would obviously not go against a Dead Apostle Ancestor.

Inwardly, Harry was panicked "I would, unfortunately the name itself wouldn't say anything about it without the attached knowledge." How thankful he was to have practiced for such eventualities. It was glaringly obvious he would want to know the name to him.

Strangely, Harry thought it from his own point of view he would want to know who he would be killing. This worked for Kiritsugu, but in fact, most killers wouldn't want to or wouldn't care.

How strange how luck could make for a smoother meeting.

"Then it seems we are at an impasse. I do not take jobs without sufficient information Mr Potter". "So unless you stop witholding information, I will have to decline your offer" 'Which would be a Shame.' Kiritsugu thought 'People need this money'.

Panic flickered in the young magus eyes - He could not afford that. "There is not much I can tell you about it like I said without endangering anyone…" He could feel that Kiritsugu was preparing to leave as he slowly backed up and reached for the doorknob "But a lot of people will die if this creature is allowed to live! The kind of person I'm asking you to kill isn't an innocent if this is the problem-" Kiritsugu Emiya whirled around at this, his demeanor slightly changing but none of what he felt openly displayed "How many people would we be talking about?" Kiritsugu asked his hand still on the doorknob.

Relieved but grim Harry replied "We are speaking about the whole non-magical population of Britain as well as a good portion of the magical one for starters if he isn't stopped."

Emiya's hand froze on the doorknob as he slowly turned back, a sharp look crossing his face.

Harry felt that the conversation had shifted for some reason. Could it be that this Assassin for hire actually cared about who would die ? How unexpected, from Ragnok's descriptions he had imagined a ruthless killing machine with nary a human feeling except greed.

Instead the intense yet aloof killer suddenly gave off the feeling of being more involved in the situation.

Kiritsugu Emiya lit a cigarette then proceeded to drag some smoke out of it "Then let's test that shall we ?" Kiritsugu reached in his coat, Harry immediately tensed as a result.

Expecting a wand or any sort of weapon the younger man was surprised to see Kiritsugu get out an official looking scroll out of his pocket, he seemed to have come prepared.

"This is my own Geas, or Magical Contract in case you are not… Familiar with such." Emiya gave off a look that could pass as a smirk "You sign mine and I will see about seeing yours."

On this unexpected turn of events, Harry's face cracked a bit to show some lack of assurance, Kiritsugu had a feeling that it was when a fight would break out as a contract left very few escape routes.

What he did expect only marginally was the green-eyed teenager to ask "What would be the terms?" A cautious one.

"The terms would be simple." Kiritsugu dragged some more on his cigarette "As you know a contract cannot include vagues clauses that are up to interpretation such as "You cannot Lie to me." as it is only valid on the subject at hand when signing the contract without an exterior element feeding power to the contract continuously." Harry nodded, so far it respected what Ragnok said to him about all magical contracts "In the same fashion "You cannot Betray me" only works for a short while on feelings already present at the time of the signing, not on wants that would come later on where once again, it would be up to interpretation on what you feel as betrayal and what I feel as betrayal".

Discarding his finished cigarette and almost reaching for a new one as he did so he managed keeping himself from it as he looked at Harry pointedly "Thus we will keep things fairly simple. The terms will be as follow… You will sign a contract to the effect of the truth of what you just said to me from your point of view, and your intention to truly hire me and pay me for the amount stated in your contract." Almost… smugly he pursued "This geas will be signed by blood." There, the catch.

Even when telling the truth, no proper magus would freely give his blood to a contract as it shortened dramatically any loopholes. Also, because if was foolish as the contract would use the owner of the blood as a moral compass on any admittedly vague meanings.

As opposed to an object, it was susceptible to change slightly or not so slightly at any moment as humans and magus especially are fickle. It was a double edged sword too, as magus were resourceful you could never predict. Who knows what some sealing designate potential could do to alter his blood in a way that would exempt him from the contract ?

A geas for most magi was absolute - however he knew that it was far from it. Mysteries allowing wiggle room were few and far between but they existed. Without a throughout analysis of someone's mysteries it was better to be safe than sorry.

For a single punctual moment though, it was perfect.

So perfect in fact that there was no way for his would-be contractor to accept it.

"I see." Potter mused "As long as the terms are thus I have no issue signing it then."

Kiritsugu Emiya felt surprise etch itself on his face for the first time in a long while.

The Geas itself was a very simple one, detailing clauses such as the fact that the person contracted to kill was a danger to a great many people as well as the fact that Harry truly did want to pay him for such work. If any of these facts were false in the young wizard's mind then his life would be forfeit.

There was no hesitation to be found on him, even considering his traumatic past experiences with his own blood when he used his bloodied index finger to sign the Geas.

"It seems I'm still alive" Harry allowed himself some dry humor as he stared at Kiritsugu. "Now it is your turn".

Kiritsugu internally whistled. "Show me your contract.".

Kiritsugu stared at the piece of contractual juridiction before his eyes and once again internally whistled.

Some crooked jurist had gone leaps and bound to ensure it was as bereft of loopholes as possible. Not that he intended to betray his client unless given reason, but he was alive today because of his capability to take advantage of any situation. One of the only things he took pride in, if he was still capable of felling such an unnecessary emotion.

He felt a twinge of pain at the image of Illya.

The contract stated plainly that nothing he learned about his client, his background or origins could be divulged in any way, shape, or form intentionally to anyone outside those already in the know. It was the only thing that really surprised him as everything else was perfectly common outside of the wording which was as intricate as humanly possible.

He would be paid as soon as a man called Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr also known as Lord Voldemort was killed for good with no possibility of return (?).

Full information in the measure of truth on the hit would be disclosed fully as soon as the contract was signed and until both parties left the place of the signing in a maximum of one hour after said signature.

Any negotiations on additional costs for possible material additions would be taken care of by the contractor himself to a value upwards to 10% of the intended final payment.

Payment would be enforced by the contract itself as it is currently held on an independent account - As soon as the contract is finished the funds would be transferred to one of Kiritsugu Emiya's mirror accounts.

All in one, the terms were simple and straightforward, it was the causes of irreparability as well as clauses of mutual release that were so tightly bound that even an army of miners would be hard-pressed to dig a hole in it.

With such a snarky jurist behind it, he could very well see one loophole could have been added for the contractor only and then hidden away… If not for the fact that the terms were almost as binding for him that for the contracted! Whatever happened there would be no way for the contractor to take back his money.

It could once again be a bait, but as long as he kept his end of the bargain, the money would be his - A trap within a trap. Taking advantage of someone else trap.

But he needed information. Information to be sure he could even take down said target. Who knows? Maybe this Lord Voldemort was an alias of a Dead Apostle Ancestor, in which way he would truly be out of his depth.

He could not even be sure that the boy in front of him was not a proxy, which could be highly possible.

'The contract however does not state that I cannot do away with him' Emiya thought 'Only that if he dies by my hand, the money would be frozen which would be idiotic of me to try as long as I need it.' A plan started to form itself in his mind 'Hence, if after he is forced to give me information I find it to be a trap, I can kill him, nothing forces me to go after this Lord Voldemort if I do not want the money, there is no downside for failure after all, neither is there a time limit.' He exhaled.

'At first I thought it was a loophole but it isn't, they knew I would be wary and put this to confort me in my ability to trust them reasonably but yet…' He was perturbed 'It means that if this teenager is really the contractor, then he is fully prepared to risk everything to kill that one person'. His teeth clenched 'He walked here as a Man ready to die.'

'Who are you, Harry Potter ?' It unnerved him.

He steeled himself, and signed the contract.

Emiya Kiritsugu's mind reeled from what he just learned.

Wizard and Magi? Two different type of spell-casters ? One of which lived stuck in Victorian England ?

A whole Government of them that both The Association, and The Church ignored ?

Organized as a society ?

All of these… Under their proverbial nose as well as protected by a Spell dating back to the Age of Gods ? Which powered the Contract he had just signed which stopped him from revealing it ?

Kiritsugu Emiya was never much of a researcher, he was an Heretic, someone using Magecraft not for the sake of it or as mystery but as a weapon for his own ambitions.

This did not mean he had not his own curiosity explaining his action of using structural analysis on Harry Potter.

What he found was… Strange to say the least. Anormal is what he would say actually. He did have a Magic Circuit. Not in plural, one of them. One single of them but…

Instead of being a nerve-like connexion allowing to channel Prana by converting Od and Ambiant Mana it was a single Cable-Like connexion, like a Pipe, it was wider by considerable proportion than a magic circuit.

It was an amalgamation of Magic Circuits, he was no researcher yet he could tell that this single Magic Circuit was enough to channel the equivalent of 90 Magic Circuit of High Quality. It was both stronger and much less malleable and controllable than several circuits taken alone.

This could only mean that he either had an incredible luck to draw a one in several billions straw as a first generation mage, or that he was the Scion of very old family of Magu…-Wizards - he guessed which performed selective breeding.

Or all wizard had such reserves and it was very worrying.

However his hunch was that the person in front of him was the exception rather than the rules, it was only an hunch but…

He did not live to his age doing what he did daily by spurning his instinct.

Another thing that yet perplexed him was the strange… Growth ? That festered on his body and soul. He was not an expert of structural grasping as it was a very limited art in itself, yet, even he could see it plain as day. On his client's person, on the place where this bolt-shaped scar was upon on his forehead was a metaphysical presence, as if a parasite feeding upon his Prana.

Said parasite appeared to be linked to something else if the circuit-like appendix protruding out of it was any indication. Thus, he would have to watch for it, possibilities were that his client was aware of said growth - It could even be a mystery belonging to his family - hence why it would have to be discreet.

It seemed he had his work cut out for him.

"I will need more information than that." For now he felt out of his depth, the target was not an Apostle, or a mundane or a magus, it was a whole new can of worms, on which he needed detailed information.

Needed to take apart his target and stack the deck to his advantage.

For now, he only know they used massively manufactured Mystic Codes called Wand which were used to make a painless artificial circuit. Said circuit was then used to draw small amounts of prana upon their own Circuit (not in plural) to use it in predetermined actions. Such were usually Latin Words. Velocity of the spell was rarely variable. Power depended on the individual using them as well as external factors such as emotions.

Non-assisted magecraft through mystic codes was rare and limited.

What he did not understand was how all these people knowing the same mysteries did not weaken it ? He was missing something there. Was it a form of Divine Words ? It was impossible as they were no longer in an Age of The Gods.

His contractor had said as much. Even if they did have a weird fixation on Merlin according to him. Why said historical figure who did not quality as an Heroic Spirit as he never died according to most was thus revered was completely foreign to him.

"I need information on this Lord Voldemort character, habits, age, height are all mandatory data. As well as body fitness and if possible, traits of character." He listed off intently "I need possible footage of his fights if at all possible, scholastic record or whatever equivalents and most importantly, any flaw you are positive you have identified." This was not a foolish warrior going to a fight. This was a snake prodding a target to finally and swiftly deliver a lethal bite.

Quite probably the most lethal one in the world at that.

Harry looked at him, as intently as unsure on how to proceed "I may have a way to provide footage." He chewed on his lips, this was a spur of the moment idea, yet, it could work.

"Oh?" Kiritsugu looked interested, apparently the saturation of magic in a given area stopped mundane appliances from working, but to him that was Bull.

He never had any issues with ambiant prana.

"There is an instrument known as a pensive that allows one to project his memories, I could show you recollections of my encounters with him, you may see things I would not." Of course he would, at the time, Harry was too preoccupied with surviving than any other observation.

The young man was surprised though at his own perceived efficiency, here he was, plotting in a very real way the Death of his mortal enemy while being able to provide input.

Should it scare him ? Most likely. Did he care ? He could not bring himself to.

Voldemort was an error, a blight upon the world which should not be allowed to live in his mind.

"How soon would you be able to procure it ?" Kiritsugu asked seriously as he lighted a Cigarette.

"I don't know but it shouldn't take long, I won't hold back on the means." Potter said resolutely.

Money made everything easier, after all.

Surprisingly indeed, acquiring a Pensive was easy enough, an Invention of Nicholas Flamel which was commercialized in the Seventeenth Century. Its rarity came from the price of expertise needed to make it. Not to go into a long-winded explanation, it was made out of a special stone bathed in Moonlight and then treated with a special potion over the course of two years. Runes had to be inscribed several times during the process in an almost alchemical procedure under the sunlight this time.

Something about likening it to the mind of Man. Or some such.

At least that was the drivel the seller had for it, one he found not on Knockturn Alley or Diagon Alley but as a specially contracted rune-master who only took mail orders.

It was delivered by portkey, of all things, but it was there, even if somehow it was less… mystical than Dumbledore's.

As long as it worked though, it was fine.

He was afraid at first that contacting Kiritsugu would be difficult, but he just gave him Rendez-vous to a specific Hotel Room in which he was completely in the Killer's domain.

Was it for getting back at him for inviting him in what was perceived as his territory earlier ?

"You are early." The Killer said nonchalantly. How he managed to be the epitome of readiness while looking as casual as he did, reading a newspaper of all things, he did not know.

Harry shot back "I'm later than I would like." As the deposited an heavy package on the main study.

Kiritsugu merely stared, it was oddly reminiscent of someone to him. "You have the device ?"

Rather than respond, Harry got out the Pensieve, accompanied by several vials containing a set of Memories each. All of Voldemort. The misty like substance swirled in a threatening manner, as if announcing a storm.

It was slightly depressive to see how many of them there were.

"How do we proceed from now ?" The Emiya male asked "After all, you are the one knowing how this works".

"We dive into it, one after another and the memories will play as if we were there." The young Potter spent the previous year diving in said pensieve repeatedly. Enough to drive him mad.

Kiritsugu sharply intervened "Actually we will go both at the same time." No sense in going first and possibly be trapped by a possible artifact or leaving his client possibility to set one by going first to.

The last Potter felt uneasy at was he felt was a "Faux-pas", he should not give reasons for the Killer to suspect him or Voldemort would keep being a problem.

On a similar mental count, they dived through the memories.

On the association of Type Moon & Harry Potter, a lot can be said. They both use magic yet in very, very different way. It's like opposing reality to fantastic. Yet, such an opposition can, I believe, bring about a very interesting contrast if done in a believable way.

Here, "Wizards" have instead of Magic Circuits, one singular circuit. Not a core as this has never been confirmed in HP's canon (only considering the Books as Canon though.) and in Type Moon's verse only concerns Saber (From her Dragon's Ancestry). Said Magic Circuit is used by said Wizards through wands which make an artificial circuit between it and the Wizard's "Pipe". Thus allowing for usage of mana. Said Wizards are almost never overtaxed to the point of pain as the Circuit's true capacity is never used all at once. Though, the Wand itself may have issues. The level of power depends on the Wizard, we all know Harry's power, don't we?

I won't go into further details as the story will, and explaining it here would be admitting I cannot do so in a believable way in the course of said story.

To answer Nine Lives Bladeworks : It would have to be a deliberate reveal as worded in the original Fidelius Contract. The person has to be meaning to break the secret!

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