It was a normal day at the Wright Anything Agency. Athena, Apollo, Phoenix and Trucy were busy getting ready for a court battle the next morning, Phoenix was meeting with the client and left Athena and Apollo in charge of the office. Suddenly, Athena started going into a scratching fit and Apollo was trying to get Athenas attention to ask her if she was okay. Athena then explained loudly, "Do I look like I'm okay, I'm itchy in some places and can't stop scratching." Apollo then said to Athena, "Are you gonna be okay enough to defend tomorrow or to assist in the defense." Athena said, "I might be okay, it depends on how the itching goes." Athena was able to get back to doing paperwork for at least a few hours, suddenly the itching sensation came back, and she said, "not again, the itching is back, how can I make it stop." Apollo then said to Athena, "Need me to go to the pharmacy to get you some creams and lotions real quick." Athena then said to Apollo, that should be okay just go there and come right back and I'll let the boss know when he comes back." So Apollo ran to the store to get the lotions and creams, he made it to the store and back in a matter of 20 minutes and Athena put on some medicated lotion and it relieved the itching sensation for a while. Suddenly Phoenix came back from the meeting. He asked if there was anything going he needed to know about, Apollo then said to him, "Athena seemed to be very itchy today, I don't want to think she is contagious but someone should get her home in case she is and I'll make a medical house call to her house." The only thing Apollo could think of that would explain Athenas itching was last week when two of the prosecutors ended up having to skip court after coming down with chicken pox and he began to think, is it possible Athena got it from one of them. Apollo then said to Phoenix, "we should call the prosecutor office to see if they can help take Athena home." Phoenix then said to Apollo, "I'm right on it, I'll call them right now." Suddenly on the other end of the phone was Klavier, Phoenix asked Klavier, "Listen can you do us a favor, one of my coworkers is sick, can you take them home." Klavier said, "Yes I'd love to make sure your co-worker got home safely, I'll meet you guys out front in a few minutes." Suddenly Athena started breaking out again so Apollo said to Athena, "It's okay, we can just fill out the form so you can get home and rest.

Suddenly, Athena decided to go downstairs with her boss to meet Klavier to get her home.