What do you know about Luna Lovegood? You know that she is very eccentric. She enjoys "The Quibbler." She knows more than people think. And she loves animals.

But did you know that she was once put into a lottery for Death Eater love? Do you know how she created her Patronus? Or how she met Rolf Scamander? Did you know that she had a friend named Lydia? And that they were chosen to marry the Dark Lord and another Death Eater?

How did she discover Spectrespecs? Why is she so wary of nargles? What was her first year at Hogwarts like? How did she react when she first saw thestrals?

Ah. Now you're asking the right questions. And you have come to the right place for answers.

Luna says that it's lovely to see you and hopes that you enjoy the stories.