Arrow season 2 revamped

His name, is Oliver Queen. For five years he had been stranded on a hellish island with only one goal; survive. When he finally returned, he came back with a mission. To save his city.

And he failed.

Malcolm Merlyn had succeeded in using an earthquake machine to destroy the run off section of the city known as the Glades. The quake killed countless people, including Oliver's best friend, Tommy.

That broke him, more than Malcolm Merlyn ever could. After that, he fled the city in shame and defeat. He returned to the island that had made him into who he was. The island that took so much from him, but gave him so much in return. Most of all, it gave him the ability to survive. It was only after his close friends John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, came to find him that he knew he had to return home. Home to save his company from falling into the hands of a lucrative business woman named Isabel Roshev. Home to be with his mother, who was facing prosecution for her involvement in the undertaking.

Once he got back, he was faced with questions concerning the methods of his vigilante persona. He couldn't continue to fight as a hooded hero knowing his best friend died thinking he was a murderer. With an altercation with copy-cat vigilantes who carried out similar work to his own, only without his level of restraint and care for human life, he found he could save the city, and not take the lives of those he fought.

With this new resolve, he set out on his new mission to save Starling City from those who would wish ill will upon it. Not wanting to go by "The Hood" anymore, Oliver decided to take up a new moniker. One Malcolm Merlyn gave to him a long time ago as a joke, but one he would use as a title to inspire hope in the people of this city: Green Arrow.

This is just a little prologue for the story since the changes i have in mind don't come in until episode 2. just a little something to get ya hyped. hope you enjoy the story.