Once Oliver retuned to the cave, his irritated attitude did not go unnoticed by Diggle and Felicity.

"uh-oh. You got angry face." Felicity noted.

"What happened out there?" Diggle asked.

"Roy Harper." Oliver said plainly.

"You took him out in the field?" Diggle exclaimed.

"He wasn't listening to me, Diggle!" Oliver told him. "I'm trying to reach him, but he lost control. Then he nearly tried to kill someone, which I obviously couldn't let happen, and in the process-"

"Turner got away." Felicity predicted. "What was he there to steal? Merlyn's art collection?"

"Something a lot more dangerous." Oliver answered. "A prototype earthquake machine."

"Holy god." Diggle let out.

"Why would Turner want to destroy the city?" Felicity asked.

"He doesn't." Oliver replied, pulling out a watch. "He's a mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder. This watch belonged to one of the guys Turner's working with."

"Fingerprints." Felicity deduced.

"Turner's a loner." Oliver continued. "Which means that that guy works for his client."

"Fingerprints equals name, equals known associates." Felicity put together. "I'm on it."

"Oliver I get why you've taken in Roy," Diggle spoke up. "But guys like him, sometimes they're just broken. And no one can put them back together."

"I refuse to believe that." Oliver told him. "I've lived with that nightmare for five years, but if I've learned anything that can help me save Roy, it'll be worth it."

The next day, Roy entered Verdant to see Thea walking down the stairs towards him.

"Oh thank god you're here." She told him. "I need your help-"

"I have to talk to you." Roy cut off, walking up to her. "It's important."

"Ok." She replied, confused. "You look stressed out. Is everything alright?"

"You have to leave town." Roy told her. "Grab your mother and your brother if you can, and leave. It's just for a few days,"

"A-a reason would be nice." Thea replied.

"I need you to trust me, Thea." Roy pleaded.

"I-I do." Thea reassured. "I just… I can't just up and leave with my family without a reason."

"You have to." Roy insisted.

"Roy, you're not making any sense right now." Thea told him. "Would you just tell me what's going on?"

"Why aren't you listening to me?" Roy asked, grabbing Thea's shoulder. "I need you to listen to me."

"Roy you're-you're hurting me!" Thea pleaded.

Roy quickly let go of Thea when he saw the pain he was causing.

"I didn't… I didn't…" Roy let out, backing away. "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

"I know, uh…" Thea tried to inform.

She was unsuccessful however as Roy fled out the door in a panic.

Across town, Laurel entered Joanna's new law firm and knocked on the door frame, getting her old friends attention.

"Well, your work environment has definitely improved since CNRI." She commented.

The two shared a laugh as Joanna got up to hug her.

"This place is bigger than my apartment." Laurel added.

"Well, there is a limit to the glamor unfortunately." Joanna conceded walking back towards her desk. "I spend my days in document production, and answering interrogatories. Honestly it feels more like pushing papers than it does practicing law."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to talk me out of getting a job here." Laurel commented.

Joanna remained silent for a moment.

"Well then I guess you do know me better." Laurel pieced together.

"I'm sorry." Joanna told her.

"What's going on?" Laurel insisted.

"One of the partners serves on the bar associations disciplinary committee." Joanna explained. "When I sent him your resume, he… did some checking."

"T-that was a complete misunderstanding." Lauren explained. "Those things I was accused of, that's behind me now."

"I'm sorry, but… the bar is opening disciplinary proceedings." Joanna informed.

"What for?" Laurel asked.

"Conduct affecting your fitness to practice." Joanna told her.

"What?" Laurel let out. "That's… that's ridiculous."

"I know," Joanna replied. "And I'm sorry, but while this is out there… the firm can't hire you."

Laurel was near devastated by this revelation.

"Thanks… thanks for letting me know." She said turning to leave. "I have to go."

"Hey," Joanna spoke up, stopping her. "Laurel listen to me. We can fight this. I'll help you."

"I know I… I just need time to process this." Laurel told her before walking out. "I'll call you."

With that, Laurel walked out, honestly unsure what she was going to do next.

That night, Roy finally arrived to meet up with Green Arrow, much to his irritation.

"You're late." He chastised.

"I tried to get my girlfriend to leave town." Roy told him. "but she won't."

Arrow slowly turned towards Roy before standing up from his crouched position.

"You cannot bring her into this." Arrow told him.

"But how am I supposed to lie to her and protect her at the same time?" Roy asked. "How do you do it? How do you keep secrets from the people in your life?"

"By remembering it's the only way to keep them safe." Arrow answered.

"No, keeping them safe is what keeps them safe." Roy threw back. "Telling the people the truth. But you, you won't tell me anything. Not about the Mirakuru, this other guy. You just have me slapping water and hitting dummies."

"Roy, you're spiraling." Arrow warned. "You need to calm down."

"No, I need to save Thea." Roy replied.

Roy was about to turn and leave, but Arrow grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"That thing is out in the open because of you." Arrow reminded. "I think you've done enough."

"Let go of me." Roy demanded.

"Roy…" Arrow tried to reason.

"I said let go!" Roy repeated much harsher.

"Get control." Arrow told him. "If not for me, or for yourself, then do it for Thea."

"What the hell do you know about her?" Roy asked, pulling his arm away. "Don't you talk about her."

Roy took a swing at him, but Arrow quickly dodged it , causing him to stumble out of the way. Roy quickly turned around and tried to swing at him again, but Arrow just dodged every blow before grabbing his arm and grabbing him by the hood.

"Are you done?" Arrow asked.

More furious than ever, Roy just turned around and pushed, causing him to fly through the air and crash into a table.

"No, I'm not done." Roy declared. "I'm gonna stop this thing, and if you're gonna stop me, try. You wanna stick me with another arrow, go ahead. I heal a lot faster now, but try and stop me, and I'll show you some of that anger you're trying so hard to control."

Roy then stormed off ready to find Bronze Tiger and stop him, much to Arrow's dismay.

Oliver returned to the cave, hoping to find Roy and ready to vent some major aggression. What he didn't count on was seeing Laurel in the cave, wailing on a punching bag.

"Whoa," Oliver spoke up, getting her attention. "What'd the bag do to you?"

"Oliver," Laurel spoke up, turning to him. "Hey. Sorry, I was just… working out some issues."

"I know how that feels." Oliver replied, putting his bow away. "Though I wonder why you'd pick here."

"Well, my usual gym is getting refurbished," Laurel explained. "And I felt training would be a more productive outlet then drowning my sorrow in alcohol. Have you ever realized how tempting it is to have your secret lair under a night club?"

"Never thought of it that way." Oliver conceded. "So, what's got you so upset."

Laurel took a breath before replying.

"The bar association is looking into my 'questionable conduct'." Laurel answered.

"You're being disbarred?" Oliver asked in shock.

"Yeah, it looks like my law career is over." Laurel replied passively.

"Sorry about that." Oliver consoled.

"Yeah so am I." Laurel replied, turning back to the bag and resuming her workout.

"Well, if you're want," Oliver offered, unzipping the top part of his costume and taking it off. "I can help vent your frustrations."

Laurel looked back at him and a bit taken a back by Oliver's choice of words and actions.

"Uh… I'm flattered Oliver," She told him. "But we agreed to keep our relationship platonic."

"I was talking about sparring." Oliver clarified.

"Oh..." Laurel realized, mentally kicking herself. "Right. Sorry."

"If it makes you feel better, Felicity does the same thing all the time." Oliver reassured.

"Good to know." Laurel replied, walking towards Oliver.

The two took a ready stance, waiting for the other to make a move. Laurel swung first, but Oliver dodged the attack. Laurel swung twice this time, but Oliver just blocked both hits.

"Not bad." Oliver told her. "But you're telegraphing. You gotta center yourself."

"Center myself." Laurel repeated. "Got it."

Laurel then high kicked Oliver, forcing him back a bit.

"So, what's got you miffed?" Laurel asked. "Still Roy?"

"He's gone off the reservation." Oliver told her. "Looking for Ben Turner on his own."

"Gonna find him?" Laurel asked, ducking under one of Oliver's swipes.

"His focus is gonna be finding Ben Turner." Oliver told her. "We find Turner, we find Roy."

Laurel took another swing at Oliver, but he caught her arm and threw her to the ground, putting her in an arm lock.

"So, what's your real issue with this." Laurel asked. "I know you encountered it on the island, but I know it's more than that."

Oliver let out a breath.

"My time on the island… isn't something I talk about easily." Oliver told her.

"So I've noticed." Laurel replied. "Tell you what, how about we make a deal?"

"What did you have in mind?" Oliver asked.

"I get out of this hold, you tell me exactly what happened over there." Laurel proposed.

Oliver thought for a moment before responding.

"Deal." He agreed. "But only because there's no way you-"

Laurel quickly cut him off by whipping her head back, striking him in the face, and grabbing his arm, throwing him to the ground. Oliver slowly raised his head as Laurel stood over him.

"You were saying?" She remarked.

"… Slade Wilson." Oliver spoke, causing Laurel to raise an eyebrow in response.

"What?" she responded.

"The man who was injected the Mirakuru on the island." Oliver explained.

Laurel offered a hand up for Oliver, which he took as she pulled him to his feet.

"His name was Slade Wilson." Oliver continued. "He was my friend."

"Was?" Laurel picked up.

"After Slade was injected with the Mirakuru, Ivo, the scientist who was looking for the serum captured me and two others." Oliver continued. "One of them was a woman named Shado. Slade… loved Shado. When Ivo held a gun to their heads, I tried to save them, but I couldn't save Shado. I wanted to tell Slade because it would have been better coming from me."

"But he found out another way." Laurel deduced.

"If I had just told him the truth, I could've gotten through to him." Oliver lamented. "I am not going to fail Roy the same way I failed Slade."

"Oliver I understand why you're doing this," Laurel told him. "But maybe you're going about it the wrong way."

"What do you mean?" Oliver asked.

"Last night, my dad tried to trick me into going to a support group." Laurel told him. "I get why he did it, but you can't force that kind of help. If you want to help Roy, you have to be level and understanding with him."

Oliver let out a sigh, thinking over Laurels words.

"You might be right." Oliver relented.

"Give the kid a chance." Laurel told him. "He'll come through."

"Right." Oliver replied. "Though I'm curious how you got so good at fighting. A few self defense lessons only get you so far."

"You have your past, I have mine." Laurel dismissed, starting to walk off.

"Oh no," Oliver protested, grabbing her arm. "you can't just-"

Laurel quickly grabbed his arm and flipped him to the ground again. She then leaned over and pressed her arm against his chest, pinning hm. That was about the time Felicity entered the room.

"Oliver, I-" She started to say before seeing the two of them. "Oh!"

The two looked up in surprise to see her there. Laurel immediately shot up as Oliver got to his feet.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt-" Felicity began to apologize.

"We were just sparring." Laurel insisted.

"What is it?" Oliver asked directly.

"Got a hit on the fingerprint." Felicity informed. "the guy worked for Milo Armitage, black market arms merchant."

"Meaning he's gonna sell the device." Oliver pieced together.

"Device?" Laurel asked.

"Turner stole a prototype earthquake machine." Oliver informed.

"What?!" Laurel let out. "With that kind of power out there-"

"I know." Oliver replied. "We need to find any indication that Armitage is in Starling."

"One step ahead of you." Felicity told them. "His ship filed a loading manifest at the Starling City Docks. I'll get you the slip number."

"Great." Oliver responded before turning to Laurel. "Still looking to vent some steam."

"Oh yeah." Laurel agreed.

At the docks, Bronze Tiger met with Armitage to present him with the device.

"Ten million dollars, I believe was the negotiated amount." Armitage recalled, showing him the completed transfer on his phone. "Paid in full. Congratulations, you're now in a new tax bracket."

"Just out of curiosity," Bronze Tiger spoke up. "You pay me ten million, and you get…"

"Three times that." Armitage answered.

"You already have a buyer?" Bronze Tiger guessed.

"Let's just say, I recommend you stay clear of Markovia for a few months." Armitage replied. "I believe our business is concluded."

Just then, a grappling arrow shot past them. The two looked up to see Green Arrow and Black Canary riding down the rope and landing right in front of them.

"Your's maybe," Canary told them.

"But ours isn't." Arrow added, drawing an arrow and firing at one of the men.

As Tiger made a break for it, Canary threw one of her batons at him, tripping him up. Arrow then fired another arrow at Armitage's leg, causing him to kneel over.

"Look's like your partnership didn't pan out." Arrow remarked.

"He is not my partner." Armitage told him as Canary went over to Tiger. "He is just someone I hired to do a job."

As Canary approached Bronze Tiger, he took her baton and threw it back in her face, disorienting her. He then shot up and sliced her on the arm, causing her to wince in pain. He then managed to grab her and pull her in close. Just as Arrow aimed an arrow at him, Bronze Tiger held one of his claws to Canary's neck.

"And it turns out, it was money well spent." Armitage remarked.

"Make one move, and she dies." Tiger threatened.

Arrow slowly lowered his bow and arrow and placed them on the ground. Thinking fast, Arrow quickly pulled out a flechete and threw it at Tiger's arm, causing him to cry out and loosen his grip. This allowed Canary to get free and smack him across the face. Tiger quickly stabilized himself as Canary stood next to Arrow.

"You masks don't know when to stand down." Bronze Tiger remarked.

Just then, seemingly out of nowhere, Roy darted out and rammed right into Bronze Tiger, knocking him across the pavement. As Roy walked over to him, Tiger tried slashing him across the chest, but that seemed to do nothing as Roy just smacked him again, sending him flying through the air.

Seeing that the odds were no longer in his favor, Armitage pulled out the remote to the earthquake device, much the dismay of the vigilante duo.

"Don't do it!" Arrow told him.

"You'll kill everyone here!" Canary added.

"If I don't deliver this device to my buyer in Markovia, I'm dead either way." Armitage dismissed before activating the device.

"No!" the two cried out as Armitage dropped the remote and crushed it under his foot.

Arrow immediately punched Armitage out before firing an explosive arrow at the shipping container the device was in. The blast didn't seem to dent the metal. He fired another explosive arrow, but the same results occurred.

"I don't think that's gonna work." Canary told him.

"Think your scream might open it up?" Arrow suggested.

"Maybe, but I'm afraid the sonic waves might just end up setting the thing off." Canary dreaded. "Any other ideas?"

Arrow thought for a moment, before turning to Roy, who was still wailing on Bronze Tiger.

"Roy, I need your help!" Arrow called out. "Roy, stop!"

"Son of a bitch!" Roy let out about to punch Tiger again.

"Roy I need you to stop!" Oliver cried out, running over and grabbing his arm.

Roy turned towards him, seeing that his mask and hood were down, revealing his face. Roy could hardly believe what he was seeing.

"The earthquake device is in there." Oliver told him, "The steel is military grade, it's built to withstand a bomb, but not you."

Roy still seemed to be reeling a bit.

"Think about Thea." Oliver told him. "Because she could die without your help. I know you love her… because I've seen it. Now please, save my sister. Control. Focus on Thea, cause she needs you right now."

Finally having a calm focus, Roy walked over to the container and punched a hole through the metal. Oliver stuck an explosive in the hole and they, plus Black Canary, bolted away. They dove to the ground just as the device exploded. They all slowly stood up and looked at the smoldering wreck before Roy turned back to Oliver.

"You're…" Roy tried letting out.

"Yeah." Oliver replied.

Roy then turned towards Black Canary.

"Please don't tell me you're Thea." Roy told her.

Laurel then shrugged before pulling off her mask and wig.

"Not exactly." She told him.

Roy chuckled slightly before turning back to Oliver.

"Seriously though, you saved my life last year." Roy told him. "And I don't mean from the guy who kidnapped me. I mean you… you saved me. You gave me purpose."

Roy then immediately held out his hand to Oliver, which he wasted no time shaking in response.

"We're just getting started." Oliver told him.

Back at the cave, Oliver was patching up Laurel's wounds as they talked with Diggle and Felicity.

"So, the secret society gets another member." Diggle remarked. "Where is he now?"

"Home." Oliver answered. "He's, uh… processing."

"When I found out who you were, I processed my way through a pint of mint chip." Felicity shared. "I stress eat."

"Good to know." Laurel replied, wincing at Oliver's stitching her up.

"Sorry." Oliver said.

"Had worse." Laurel reassured.

"Speaking of stress, hate to Monday quarterback here, especially since it's Wednesday." Felicity spoke. "didn't this all start because you were worried that Roy's marble collection was on the short side."

"She's got a point Oliver." Diggle agreed. "Roy's a loose cannon, and now he knows your secret."

"It was a split second decision," Oliver replied. "I admit, I wasn't thinking about the consequences at the time."

"Second time it's happened in as many weeks." Diggle told him. "No offense, Laurel."

"None taken." Laurel replied. "Besides, I told Oliver he needed another approach with Roy, and I think it worked."

"It did." Oliver confirmed. "Green Arrow couldn't reach Roy, but Oliver Queen could. That's gotta mean something."

At Iron Heights prison, Turner settled back into his cell, cursing Green Arrow and his allies. Just then, an African American woman approached the bars of his cell.

"Mr. Turner." She spoke.

Her voice got Turner's attention, making him stand up and walk towards the bars.

"I didn't know this place allowed conjugal visits." Turner joked.

"My name is Amanda Waller." She told him.

"You say that like it's supposed to mean something." Turner replied.

"To the contrary, my identity is highly classified." She informed.

"Then why are you introducing yourself to me?" Turner asked.

"I have an offer for you." She answered. "A way to work off your sentence. As it turns out, I have need of someone with your… singular qualifications."

"For what?" Turner questioned.

"For a unit I'm putting together." She elaborated.

"What kind of unit?" Turner asked, genuinely curious.

"Actually…" She began to correct. "It's more of a squad."

"Is this the part where you kill me because I know your secret?" Roy asked as he and Oliver walked down the steps to the arrow cave.

"You actually think I'd kill my sister's boyfriend?" Oliver asked back.

"Well you did shoot me in the leg." Roy reminded. "Forgiven, by the way."

As the two got to the bottom, Oliver stopped Roy to say something important.

"Thea." He spoke. "She can never know."

"And I'd get the feeling you would kill me if I did." Roy replied.

"Trust that instinct." Oliver confirmed.

"Ignore him." Laurel reassured as she, Diggle, and Felicity walked out. "Believe it or not, he is capable of making a joke."

"Ok… how many people know your secret?" Roy asked, surprised by the number of people present.

"Too many." Oliver answered. "But these three are the only one's that matter. John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and you already know Laurel."

"Yeah." Roy concurred. "So does this group have a name? Like, 'Team Arrow' or something?"

"We don't call ourselves that." Oliver insisted.

"I do." Felicity spoke up. "Occasionally."

"Please stop." Oliver told her.

"Whatever." Diggle dismissed, holding his hand out for Roy to shake. "Welcome aboard."

With that, another member was added to Oliver's ranks. He soon would see this as necessity, for his darkest hour had yet to begin.