Chapter 1: Marriage Proposal

''Princess Adrianna, get down from there these instance! Your father wants to speak with you!'' Said my handmaiden, who was urging me to get down from the tree.

After I gave a bit to the apple I was eating, I said,'' I'm coming.''

I jumped from the tree and when I perfectly landed, my handmaiden was rebuking me, but, as always, I would pretend to listen and feel remorse.

After her rebuking, I told her,'' So granny Acanthi, what does my father want to tell me?

She looked at me with a mix of an angry and serious expression, and said'' Your father hasn't told me anything. Apparently, he wants you to be the only one to know.''

I was shocked because, after my mother passed away while giving birth to my little brothers, father had refused to talk to anyone.

'' By the way, how are my little brothers doing?'' I asked Acanthi.

'' Don't worry Princess, the two young heirs are doing just fine. Although they are two months old, they seemed to heir some ''habits'' from someone.'' She said while she looked at me.

'' Oh, I'm so delighted to hear that.'' I told her with a plain voice.

After I said that, Acanthi was telling me to hurry and go straight to where my father was waiting for me, which was at the east side of the garden.

On the way, I saw the sculpture of my mother. Every time I saw it, I could feel her presence as if she was watching over me.

When I arrived where my father was, I saw him tending the flowers which my mother loved which were asters.

''Good morning, father.'' I said while I bowed.

''Good morning, Adrianna. I have an important matter I want to discuss with you.'' My father told me with a serious tone.

'' Have I done something wrong?'' I asked him.

'' Adrianna, I want you pay attention to what I am going to tell you.'' He told me and, after a short pause, he continued and said,'' The prince of Aton has asked for your hand in marriage.''

I lost all sense of reality, but my father continued, '' Adrianna, you are 17 years old. You have to think about the future, your future. If you want, I can negate his proposal and-''

I interrupted him by saying, '' NO! Father. The kingdom of Aton is more prepared for war than us and if you negate his request then it could mean the for us.''

My father got closer to me and told me in a disgusting voice,'' I don't want to give my only daughter to a pig of his reputation.''

'' Father, I am aware his reputation like how he collects women like trophies and breaks their heart.'' I told my father.

'' If that is your choice, then I shall tell him right away.'' He said while his blue eyes were filled with sadness as if he had just put me a death sentence.

When he left, I went back to the sculpture of my mother.

She looked exactly like me, except that, instead of dark hair, I had brown hair and my eyes were green instead of red. When I saw the sculpture, I thought or rather had a feeling that this was the last time I would see it.

''Mother, give me strength.'' I said with a tear that escaped my right eye.

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