Chapter 29: Silent

Eirene managed to take the four of us through a tunnel that would take us to a village near the Acra Fortress.

When we arrived at the village, Tristan told us to follow him because he knew where we could rest and gather information.

"Tristan, don't tell me that you are taking us to a-" Ligo got interrupted by Tristan, who said, "No, I'm not taking you there. And, Ligo, don't forget to use your child voice."

"Yes, I will use it." Ligo said with a voice that resembled a child, which momentarily cut both Hades and I off guard.

It didn't take long for us to reach a house in the village.

The person who opened the house was a middle-aged painter with dark brown hair and black eyes.

"Hello, Agalia. It's been a while!" Tristan said.

"It sure has been, Tristan." Agalia said.

When Agalia saw us, he said, "Please come in."

When we entered his house, Agalia closed the door and the windows. Then, he invited us to have dinner with him.

Before I could protest, Tristan whole heartedly accepted his invitation.

I was confused (to say the least), but, when we began to eat, Agalia began talking about diverse topics while he quietly teared of a small part of his cloth and used some of his paint to write in cloth: 'Why have you come here?'

Agalia passed the piece of cloth and the paint to Tristan, who wrote that we were going to infiltrate the Acra Fortress. Obviously, Agalia wrote back that we were insane, but that he knew of two people who could help us, but that he didn't know if they were trustworthy.

When Tristan wrote back: 'Why?', Agalia wrote that those two people were friends of the tyrant's advisor.

Suddenly, the mood of the room became very tense.

Yet, Agalia wrote that tomorrow he could guide us to where those two people were living in.

After that, Tristan said, "It's been a lovely chat my dear old friend, but I'm afraid that my friends and I need a place to stay for the night."

Agalia offered his basement for us to rest in.

When we entered the basement, I saw that the walls and floor were made out of rock and that it was with paints, paintings, and some rugs.

Before he left, Agalia apologized for the little space he had given us available and that we were free to use how many rugs we wanted.

When Agalia left, I asked Tristan why Agalia was writing while he was talking.

"The walls are thin." Tristan told me which I didn't understand.

"In other words, there are many people who could have listened to our conversation and reported us as traitors." Ligo explained.

"Why would they do that?" Hades asked.

"Money. If a civilian reports a traitor, then he or she gets enormous quantities of money." Tristan said.

That made me feel sad when I remembered the state of the impoverished village that we where in and it showed that there were people who would willingly betray there neighbors or friends to just escape the reality that they were currently living.

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