Maelstrom EXE.
Prologue: Getting Downloaded into a New World

Naruto opened his eyes to find himself laying on his back and staring a dark ceiling with a dimly lit light bulb, he got to his feet and looked around to see that he was standing in a corridor and that the floor was covered in water reaching up to his knees then he heard a low growling noise echoing throughout the hallway.

"This place…looks like I've returned here again despite my dislike of meeting him again," Naruto grumbled angrily "I might as well go and see what he wants,"

Naruto was about to take a step forward in direction of the sound when he noticed something strange…he noticed that blue electricity was crackling around his body and he felt a bit numb.

"What's going on with me? Maybe the fur ball would know about this,"

He continued on his way passing through several hallways with the growling sound getting louder by the minute until he finally found himself standing before a large iron gate with a parchment with the kanji 'Seal' written on it. Naruto peered through the gate to see large red eyes and a mouthful of fangs, loud footsteps were heard and a giant fox with rustic orange fur long ears and nine tails could be seen. This was none other than Kyuubi the nine tailed fox who had attacked the village several years, the leader of the village at that time sacrificed his life to seal the fox within Naruto who was born on that day. However since then, many of the villagers mistreated the boy thinking that he was the fox in human flesh instead of being the one to hold it back.

"What is it you want fur ball? Why did you bring me here?" Naruto asked with a frown.

Kyuubi looked at Naruto with anger in his eyes "Foolish brat, do you have any idea what you have done?"

"What are you talking about? All I know is that I was trying to stop Sasuke from doing something stupid like going to Orochimaru," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

Sasuke Uchiha who happened to be Naruto's fellow teammate of squad 7 had defected from their village to join a rogue ninja who was responsible for the death of the previous Hokage whom Naruto had seen as his surrogate grandfather upon promising him the power to avenge his clan and kill his brother Itachi Uchiha. Naruto and a group of his fellow ninjas had gone after Sasuke to bring him back to the village but had split up along the way until it was only Naruto who had caught up with the Uchiha.

Naruto tried to beseech Sasuke not to go, he was refused and it turned into a fight with Sasuke trying to kill Naruto, and the blond trying to knock him out. It went to the point that Sasuke activated a forbidden jutsu which Orochimaru had inflicted him with Naruto having to even the odds by using the Kyuubi's chakra. They had a final clash with Naruto using a Rasengan and Sasuke using chidori which resulted in bright flash of light before the blond found himself waking up within the mindscape.

"By clashing two techniques with differing types of chakra, you had caused a dimensional rift to appear which your so called friend threw you inside with a satisfactory smile on his face with that cursed sharingan of his! Quite typical of the one who belongs in that damned Uchiha clan," Absolute hate could be heard as the Kyuubi spoke of the Uchiha like that.

"Don't talk about Sasuke that way, it's because of that curse seal that Orochimaru put on him! He wasn't acting like himself!" said Naruto angrily.

Kyuubi simply scoffed "It goes to show how little you know of your own 'teammate', tell me how much you know of the sharingan?"

"Well…Kakashi-sensei told me that the sharingan can see chakra, see normally fast objects much more clearly and predict them too. What I know mostly is that it can copy any kind of jutsu the user sees except for kekkei genkai," said Naruto while looking confused.

"Then let me ask you this, did the Uchiha say anything which you found quite odd?"

"Now that you mention it…" Naruto thought back to his battle with Sasuke.

**Flashback Start**

Naruto stood on top of the river and looking up at the tall waterfall before him where Sasuke is standing on a ledge looking down at him.

"What am I to you Sasuke?! I thought we were comrades or have you forgotten about that? Are you telling me that everything Sakura-chan, you and I have done in squad 7 meant nothing to you?!" he yelled out in anger.

Sasuke looked at Naruto silently before responding "No, they weren't meaningless. I gained something worthwhile from the times we spent together, we became best friends,"

Naruto was shocked, he never expected Sasuke to say something like that to him "We're…best friends? If so then why are we fighting?"

"Like I said, we became best friends…which makes it worthwhile for me to kill you. So make your last moments count Naruto!" then he leapt of the ledge with the chidori crackling in his left hand.

"I don't understand what you mean by that, what I do know is that I have to stop you and bring you back to the village!" Naruto created a shadow clone as it helped him create a Rasengan before charging at Sasuke to clash their techniques against each other.

**Flashback End**

"..He said that it was worth killing me because we were best friends," Naruto said as he finished the story.

"As I thought…hey brat, did you know that the Sharingan could evolve into a much stronger form?" said the Kyuubi.

"No I didn't know, but what does it have to do with Sasuke trying to kill me?" Naruto asked confusedly although he's wondering why he's even holding a conversation with the fox.

"The advanced form of the sharingan is the Mangekyo Sharingan which retains the abilities of a normal sharingan only that one gains additional abilities which are extremely powerful like the Tsukuyomi which is an inescapable Genjutsu completely under the user's control and capable of inflicting psychological trauma that incapacitates the victim for considerable periods of time or most likely completely shatter one's mentality,"

"You mean that Genjutsu Sasuke's brother Itachi used on him and Kakashi-sensei?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, he had the Mangekyo sharingan and you saw that it had to take that Senju woman to cure them of the psychological damage," said Kyuubi to which Naruto nodded in affirmation.

"You said that there is a way to evolve a normal sharingan into the Mangekyo sharingan, what is it?"

"In order to awaken the Mangekyo sharingan, the user must undergo a trauma by witnessing the death of someone close to them. However the Uchiha clan foolishly misunderstood this condition as the user needing to be responsible for the person's death, hence developing a disgusting rite of killing their closest friends in order to obtain the Mangekyo sharingan,"

Naruto took a few steps back in shock before falling on his butt as he replayed the words that Sasuke said to him which now made a lot of sense to him.

"S-so you mean that…that…" the blond couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence.

"That's right, the brat made you became his best friend so that he could kill you and evolve his sharingan into the Mangekyo sharingan. This is one of the reasons why I detest the Uchiha clan," said the Kyuubi.

Naruto was shaking his head in disbelief, refusing to accept the truth "No…it can't be true, we've been through a lot together and fought against enemies who were stronger than us and won! I could have been able to help him defeat Itachi too and we would live the rest of our lives happily,"

"I find that to be very stupid," Kyuubi scoffed which made Naruto glare at him with rage.

"What the hell are you talking about you stupid fox?!"

"You were trying to force your ideals on someone else, what you want is not what he wants!"

"Huh?" Naruto looked confused at what the fox said.

"That brat sought power in order to kill his brother and avenge that accursed clan, but you sought to help him which was not what he desired. When he saw that you were getting stronger, the brat felt that he wasn't striving towards his goal hard enough and decided to seek his power elsewhere and also saw you as the means to an end,"

"But everyone could have helped him get stronger, we could have backed him up!" Naruto protested.

"And once again you're forcing him to do something he doesn't want. Time to face the facts, the Uchiha was never your friend from the very beginning. You better accept it with where we're going," said Kyuubi.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Dimensional rifts are extremely rare occurrences very few would know of, they serve as entryways to different worlds that could be similar to one or contrast to another. However they are not without consequences,"

"What kind of consequences?"

Kyuubi let out a sigh knowing that what he's about to say next could break the kid's heart "When a dimensional rift appears, the world will immediately repair it as quickly as possible before closing it up, should one pass through the rift, he would end up in another world and would never be able to return to his original world,"

Naruto felt his heart shatter as the words were heard "So you mean that I would never see Konoha or my friends again? I would never see Grandma Tsunade, Pervy Sage, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Sakura-chan, Hinata, and Konohamaru…ever again? This is…this isn't fair!"

Teardrops could be heard dripping on the already wet floor as Naruto, someone whom had never cried in a long time was crying for the first time in many years.

"Just when things were finally looking up for me…I find myself alone again. Why…why should this happen to me? I don't want to be lonely anymore,"

Suddenly he felt something furry curl around his body and lift him into the air, he looked to see that one of Kyuubi's tails was carrying him into the cage, he started to struggle out of the hold but the tail wouldn't let him go.

"What are you doing?! Let me go!"

But the Kyuubi remained silent and refused to release him, Naruto closed his eyes as he waited for the fox to end his life…but nothing happened, no pain, no roar…just silence. He slowly opened his eyes to see that he was situated next to the Kyuubi who curled up next to him.

"Why are you doing this? I thought you wanted to kill me and be free?"

"…Kit ever since I was sealed within you, I've been watching every minute of your life up to now. I've seen how the villagers treated you and due to my hatred toward humans I found it amusing at first. But as time went on, amusement was slowly replaced with anger at their foolish prejudice, I was expecting you to become a self-fulfilling prophecy to those damned villagers but you still held true to yourself which I must admit left a large impression on me," said Kyuubi.

"Then why were you so savage towards me when we first met?" asked Naruto quietly.

"It was a test to see how you would react to seeing me for the first time. Although you were rude when requesting for my chakra, you didn't do it out of hatred hence increasing my respect for you and since then you never asked for it any differently every time,"

Naruto was shocked, the very reason why every villager hated him actually respected him. He found it odd but at the same time comforting.

"Thank you for respecting me, and I also want to apologize. I shouldn't have been talking to you that way,"

"It's alright kit,"

"So what happens now and why is electricity emitting from my body?" like Naruto said, blue electricity seen crackling from his body and the numbness can be felt around his entire body now.

"One of the other consequences is that one's body would be ripped apart. But thanks to being my jinchurriki, my chakra will be able to prevent that as well as alter it to adapt to the new environment that you'll end up in,"

"In a way, I guess it means that we'll be living a whole new life right Kyuubi?" asked Naruto with a smile although still feeling sad about the people he's leaving behind in his old world.

"You're right about that, by the way it's Kurama," said Kyuubi.

Naruto looked a bit confused "What?"

"That's my name, Kyuubi is just a title as no human has proven themselves worthy of hearing my true name. The same goes for my fellow bijuu as they too have true names although you know of Shukaku,"

Naruto smiled widely at the now known Kurama "It's nice to finally meet you Kurama,"

"Same here Naruto," said Kurama with a smile of his own.

Suddenly they both felt a sudden surge and Naruto looked down at himself to see that he was fading away much to his shock.

"What's going on Kurama?" asked Naruto.

"It seems like we've arrived at our unknown destination and you're waking up, time to check out how our new home is like,"

"You got it Kurama, catch ya later!" said Naruto with a thumbs up before fully disappearing.

Naruto opened his eyes and sat up to look around the area, he noticed that the place seemed kind of strange and foreign which is kind of obvious given how he is in a new dimension now.

He got up but not before realizing that he was wearing different clothes from what he wore before coming here. He is wearing a black spandex bodysuit with a chest plate over it which has a nine tailed fox motif colored orange on the front and a red spiral which is located at the back, and a pair of finger-less gloves with metal plates on the backhands he had noticed that the cloth of his forehead protector had been swapped for a long black one and is wearing a pair of ninja sandals with shin guards. There is also a sheath attached to the back of his waist with some sort of blade inside it.

"Doesn't this look like what the ANBU normally wear?"

As Naruto walked around for a bit, he took note of atmosphere being neither night nor day, the ground looking like tiled platforms with tall cubed shaped totems pointing towards the sky and some even floating in midair if you can even call it that.

"This is kinda weird if you ask me," Naruto mumbled to himself.

Suddenly he heard something making squeaking sounds and turned around to see a large group of strange looking creatures, they all looked like a small black ball with eyes wearing a yellow hard hat with a green cross on it.

"What are those things?" Naruto wondered to himself, suddenly one of the creature spawned a pickaxe from out of nowhere and slammed it on the ground which created a shockwave that raced towards him. Naruto wasted no time as he leapt into the air to avoid the shockwave before landing on the ground and glaring at the creatures that spawned more of their pickaxes and were closing in to attack "All I know now are that they aren't friendly, so much for a welcome party," as he got ready to fight, a faceplate appeared to cover his mouth and nose much to his surprise although he could breathe through it just fine.

"As much as I like the features of these new clothes I could really use some ninja tools," said Naruto, he had instinctively for his ninja pouch which was usually attached to his hip only to notice that it was not there. Then he reached for the blade in the sheath and pulled it out to see that it had the appearance of an elongated kunai with Konoha symbol on it (The blade from The Lost Tower movie).

Naruto held the blade in reverse grip before charging towards the creatures, along the way he crossed his middle and index fingers together and called out "Shadow Clone jutsu!" there was a puff of smoke which faded away to reveal duplicates of himself running alongside Naruto as they charged at the creatures. Naruto slashed down on one of the creatures and was surprised when he saw it explode into blue cubed particles before completely disappearing without a trace, as much as he wanted to think about it, Naruto quickly leapt into the air to evade an incoming shockwave which was approaching him from behind.

"Man I could really use some shuriken right about now," Naruto mumbled then all of a sudden a flash of light appeared at his free hand before it faded to reveal him holding a handful of shuriken much to his surprise "As much as I want to know how I got them, I better focus on these guys," then he threw the shuriken below which took some of the creatures before landing back on the ground.

Naruto looked around and saw that the creatures were glowing lightly before floating into the air and converged and the glow faded away to reveal a single but much larger version of them. The creature raised its pickaxe and brought it down to unleash a much larger shockwave than the ones seen before, Naruto quickly jumped out of the way just in time as the shockwave had left a large trench in its wake.

"Bigger is often better but you know what they say," Naruto created a shadow clone and held his palm out to the clone as it started to weave its hands around it and a blue spinning ball of energy slowly took shape and size "The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Rasengan" once the blue spinning sphere stabilized, Naruto dashed at creature and rammed it with the attack which sent it flying before crashing into one of the cube shaped totems before disappearing like the rest.

"That was something, now how did I get those shuriken when I don't have a ninja pouch on me?" Naruto sheathed the blade and looked at his hand, he decided to try something and imagined himself holding a handful of shuriken. There was another flash of light before it faded and he was holding another handful of shuriken "I guess I can create shurikens just like with my shadow clones, but it seems like it drains a bit of my chakra whenever I do so. Now to resume checking this place out,"

Naruto resumed his walk through the area, after a few lefts and rights he came across something which stood out from what he was now familiar with. It was a small circular platform with a metallic outline and a glowing bright blue center, Naruto slowly but cautiously approached the platform then some sort of barrier surrounded the platform and a floating screen appeared before him with a matrix of circles and lines interconnecting with each other while shifting every now and then.

"How do I get past this barrier?" Naruto looked at the diagram confusedly, he noticed that one of the circles were blinking and he was slowly beginning to understand "It seems like I'll have to trace a from the blinking circle to the end of the matrix...let's see here," Naruto placed a finger on the blinking circle which reacted by glowing then he trailed it through the line from one circle to another and would sometimes intersect with the circles. After a few more tracings, the barrier beeped several times before disappearing for him to pass through.

"Why was I able to understand that? It's as if I've been doing it for a long time, I think I'll ask Kurama later," thought Naruto as he stepped on the platform,

Suddenly he felt as if his body was breaking apart bit by bit but not in a painful way before getting a feeling of being moved elsewhere. After what felt like a couple of seconds, Naruto felt himself coming back together. Naruto took a few steps forward and looked around to see that the environment looked a bit different from the previous one with the area being colored blue and saw more of those floating screens passing by, then he looked up to see some sort of relic which is a red circle with a black line running diagonally through the center which ends in two triangles, all of which is surrounded by a gold ring (Megaman's emblem) spinning around.

Naruto noticed some sort of window which was displaying something he was quite familiar with…the interior of a house and he even saw several people sitting around and they seemed to be having some sort of conversation so he tried to call out to them.

"Helloooo! Can anyone hear me?!" shouted Naruto, the people seemed to have heard him as they were looking around for the source of the voice "Great, now I can find out where I am and what's going on around here,"

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