Maelstrom EXE.

"Normal speech"

"Tailed Beast speech"

[Talking from the PET]

Chapter 13: Dark Side of the Moon

Naruto emerged from the gateway to find himself in what feels like a whole different realm as the silent night sky hung over his head with the sparkling of the stars along with sakura petals floating in the air as if carried by a nonexistent wind, he also took note that he standing on the surface of a body of water but wasn't using chakra to do so. But the major thing he can't ignore would be the colossal chains hung around him.

"What kind of place is this?" asked Naruto.

[I don't know but it kinda gives me the creeps] said C-Naruto.

Suddenly a voice echoed throughout the realm which they recognized to be BB's…but it sounded so emotionless "Visitors confirmed. Present — we have no plans for guests. Past — no visitors have come. Future — we see no necessity for visitors. Warning to visitor. Please expend with your humanity immediately. If you fail to heed this warning," there was the sound of static then BB's voice sounded more emotional "Welcome to the Moon Cell Core Zone. I've been waiting for you, Maelstrom-kun. Please, look down beneath you. You'll see the lovely scenery of our campus spread out before you. Today's flight conditions are perfect for a bombing. This aircraft is turning towards its final destination. Our departure time is yesterday. Our estimated arrival time is the year 3000 CE. It may be only a moment, so please, take advantage the benevolence of your god, myself, and offer your useless prayers. Of course it should go without saying — your prayers will never reach me. [static] Repeating the last message. Visitors confirmed. Present — we have no plans —,"

"That confirms it, the Moon Cell is trying to take control of BB and the entire system," said Naruto with a frown.

"I suggest you prepare for anything, this fight will be more compared to the previous ones," said Kurama.

"It goes without saying,"

Naruto continued onwards with water rippling from every step and his body tensed for whatever he would encounter ahead of him. He soon came upon what could be best identified as the very core of the Moon Cell. Before him hovering in the air is a large blue translucent cube with an enormous cherry tree eating into it with the pink light radiating from it to resemble a one-eyed god. There Naruto also saw BB curled up in a fetal position before she uncurled herself to stare at the blonde cyber ninja though he noticed that her eyes are red instead of the usual purple.

BB descended towards Naruto and spoke in an emotionless voice "As you have ignored my warning and come here, I cannot accept any explanation you may offer. Furthermore, unanalyzable anomalies are targets for erasure," there was the sound of static and BB's eyes changed to purple and she looked at Naruto in panic "Don — disa — ru — way —," She gasps then goes back to her mechanical tone with red eyes again "Disappear for I, the Moon Cell, acknowledge neither the possibilities of unknown variables nor feelings,"

"BB is struggling for control but I don't know how long she can maintain it," thought Naruto before glaring back "Just what you planning to do Moon Cell?"

"I warned you that there was no room for explanation here. — How crude. Die a crude death in the crude darkness in a crude way," 'BB' snapped her fingers, causing the entire area to turn black and Naruto was shocked to find that he can't move his body, even unable to speak "That is all you deserve, even a basic freeze was too resource intensive for the likes of you,"

"Dammit…I…can't…move!" thought Naruto, struggling to resist but to no avail.

"You humans cannot alleviate this darkness. Especially not you alone. In any case *Static* 'Will you pardon humanity, or not?' The results of a vote on this question by all the lifeforms on the Earth, from the past to present, resulted in a 49 to 51 passage of the motion to eradicate humanity. The opinions in your favor came largely from plants and animals. Unable to speak, they said they would forgive you. Opinions against you came largely from within your own ranks. Possessing intelligence, you grieved that you would not repent. You understand? You are the only ones who prey upon your own kind for profit. You chose self-destruction. You chose self-destruction. You chose self-destruction,"

Naruto's mind was suddenly assaulted with images by the Moon Cell, he saw the deaths of ten billion lives brought upon each other. A hundred billion curses laid upon humanity and they trod upon the words of those who would forgive.

"Is this really the path we're heading to…destroying ourselves and everything around us till there's nothing left? Can we really change at all? Is this the ultimate truth for us all?" Naruto floated in the darkness unmoving with the light in his eyes gone.

"Wake up! Don't listen to that drivel from a stupid machine, you haven't come all this way to be turned into a vegetable! Dammit, wake up brat!" Kurama roared out to the blonde cyber ninja but he doesn't appear to have heard him at all "This can't be how it ends,"

BB appeared before Naruto in the darkness but her eyes are purple as she looked at Naruto in desperation "N-no…That's not fair. I should be the embodiment of impartiality, so how could I conceal the truth. A-Anyway. It was actually 50-50! Y-you did it humanity! In the full unaltered survey results, there was even a 10% of idiots who had hope for the future, can you believe it? S-Such shamelessness, it even shocked me! So why did it pass, you ask? That's because *static* the Moon Cell which became me shifted the votes. Ugh, you…don't be deceived, Naruto-kun!"

She was forcefully pulled away, leaving Naruto in the darkness once more. He continued to float there motionlessly…then a finger suddenly twitched…and another twitch…and another…both hands clenched into fists as the light returned to Naruto's face as well as a look of determination and anger.

He was angered at the Moon Cell's bias towards humanity as well as himself for actually believing it. he had personally seen and experienced the darkness of humanity but refused to believe it to be their true nature as they're capable of goodness as well. Nothing is truly guaranteed, something he has been proving time and again; no one expected him to contribute to saving a country or plural for that matter, no one expected him to defeat a prodigy like Neji, no one expected him to actually defeat a supposedly powerful opponent like Gaara, the list goes on but Naruto proved everyone wrong time and again.

"RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" He roared out in defiance as white cracks appeared around him before shattering into pieces like glass to reveal him standing in the realm once more and facing the possessed BB.

"Foolish. Impossible. Why is your consciousness returning? Why can you affirm yourself? Now that you know this future, there's no reason for you to stand up again. *Static* Foolish. Impossible. Incredibly crude. Essentially this should not be happening. Why…why do you go so far just to suffer!" BB demanded for an answer, refusing to accept such an uncalculated response.

"I may be a NetNavi but I'm also human. I have seen and felt the darkness of humans but I have also seen the light. So what if you say that our future is destruction, don't expect us to lay down and accept it. You said it yourself that the plants and animals would forgive cause deep down they know humanity is capable of change and willing to give us that chance. If you didn't understand us humans this whole time till now, then I doubt you ever will," Naruto stood before 'BB' with eyes full of unwavering determination.

"Humans are indeed unnecessary. I will erase you here, and mankind's future will be decided. Disappear. Leave no remains. Leave no trace. Leave no words for regret. Leave no room for sympathy. That is what you deserve," said 'BB'

Naruto took a combat stance "I'm pretty sure that no one made you judge and jury of this world, I'm gonna put a stop to you and your so-called judgement!"

Music Start: Bayonetta OST; Blood Darkness

"Scanning foe potential…chance of victory:100%. Executing Spawn Program," 'BB' summoned a teacher's baton into her hand and twirled it above her head before tapping the ground. Multiple clusters of data materialized before taking on the forms of cyber knights with several of them wielding shields along with either swords or lances as they took offensive positions towards Naruto.

"These guys again, shouldn't be surprised since I'm facing a crazy computer afterall," Naruto muttered to himself.

The blonde cyber ninja dashed forward whilst conjuring cyber shuriken in both hands and flinging them towards the knights who raised their shields to successfully deflect the incoming projectiles, Naruto intended for them to do so as he somersaulted to land behind then unsheathing both his Chakra Blade and Vorpal Blade to cut them down and disperse into pixels. He spun round to block an incoming sword slash from an attack from a cyber knight and retaliated with the Vorpal Blade only for it to be blocked by a shield. Hearing rapid footsteps, Naruto looked back over his shoulder to see two cyber knights charging in to impale him with their lances, he broke away from the clash and leapt high into the air in time as the lancers impaled the knight instead before coming back down with a double cleaving strike to take both of them out. Naruto spun round to see several archers having materialized with the knights positioned in front of them to protect with their shields and had just fired a volley of arrows at him.

[Rock Cube battlechip in, and download!] C-Naruto hastily inserted the battlechip into the PET as a large cube of stone to appear before Naruto who used it as cover against the arrows till the archers stopped to reload [Multiple MiniBomb battlechips in, download] Naruto vaulted off the rock cube to jump into the air and began throwing bombs but the knights used their shields to defend against the chain of explosions [And now Shockwave battlechip in, download!] with the next chip inserted, Naruto descended with a fist reared back before punching the ground to send a shockwave racing along the ground and piercing through them for the takedown.

"Predictable methods, initiating next offensive," 'BB' tapped her foot on the floor.

Naruto noticed a purple glowing spot beneath his feet, instincts screamed at him to get away from which he immediately complied and dove away right as a purple pillar of light shot up and had almost pierced through him. The blonde cyber ninja hasn't escaped from danger as more pillars of light shot out of the ground which he had to evade with dodge rolls and somersaults before turning to the possessed BB with a glare. He kicked off the ground to charge at her, he rapidly darted from left to right constantly to avoid the pillars of light trying to get him and unsheathed his Chakra Blade while charging it up with chakra for a powerful strike.

'BB' remained unfazed from the approaching danger "An expected action but with no benefits, Domina Cronam Capitoline: Crowns of Ten Rulerships," 'she' spun her baton above her head to erect a barrier around her right as Naruto attacked with a power slash only to collide with it and was knocked back several feet.

Naruto recovered with a handspring before skidding back on his feet "A barrier huh? Let's see if I can't work my way around it, Shadow Clone jutsu!" he created several dozen copies of himself which then rushed towards 'BB' as they brandished various weapons and attacked the barrier only for it to hold strongly against the onslaught with nary a scratch on it while she simply stood with a stoic expression. "Tch, normal means won't work, then how about Program Advance?"

[I'm on it, triple Cannon battlechips in, download!] C-Naruto inserted the battlechips into the PET, Naruto's left arm along with the right arm transformed into cannons before raising both above his head as they merged into a single large blue cannon, he took aim at 'BB' with the clones serving as distraction "Giga Cannon!" then he fired a massive beam of energy which slammed into the barrier and triggered an explosion.

Naruto lowered his arms as the cannon disappeared "Did that bring down the barrier?" he looked at the cloud of smoke blowing away only to reveal 'BB' completely unscathed "It didn't do a thing!"

"A worthless endeavor, initiating offensive program; Domina Cronam Viminalis: Crowns of Ten Rulerships," 'BB' spun her baton in front of her to form a purple magic circle before tapping it to fire a beam far larger compared to the one fired by the Giga Cannon.

"Oh my g-," Naruto didn't get to finish his sentence before being engulfed by the energy beam which eventually died down to reveal nary a trace of his being.

"Current status of anomaly…still operational," said 'BB' before warping away to evade a salvo of energy arrows from above and Naruto landed nearby with the Palutena Bow in hand before reverting to the Aurum Blade "Yet another predictable tactic,"

"Tch, and here I thought I could surprise her right after that big attack and the barrier fading away," Naruto growled in exasperation, C-Naruto had inserted an AntiDmg battlechip in time to save him and set out for a counterattack.

"Remember that the being possessing her is the very brain of the Moon Cell, it would calculate all means of attack from us. It doesn't mean that it can't be beaten, we need to attack in certain way that it hadn't taken into account to land a critical attack," said Kurama.

"But the question is the kind of critical attack needed to turn this all around?" He was snapped out of his thoughts to suddenly take evasive action when pillars of light began shooting out of the ground once more, but that moment of distraction costs as 'BB' restrained him with yet another freeze "Darn it, not again!"

"The duration of wasteful struggle has long since depleted, a decisive action will now be taken," 'BB' ascended into the air and hovered ominously above Naruto who was struggling to break free of the freeze but this one is stronger unlike the first one "Aurea Boura: Golden Grail," she reached into her chest and pulled out what appears to be a golden ornate goblet which she then poured out a purple liquid onto Naruto with the result being a chain of fiery explosions "Current status of anomaly…scanning…scanning…scanning…," 'BB' peered through the dying flames only to see a black human-shaped silhouette standing within them "…still operational. Partial miscalculation, recorrecting…,"

Naruto emerged from the flames with scorch marks all over his body and his mouth guard has been destroyed with parts of his armor having suffered damage "It's a good thing I managed to channel chakra through my armor to barely withstand that attack, it would have been game over then and there,"

[We need a way to disrupt the Moon Cell's so we can land a direct hit since trying so hard to prevent us from getting one in] said C-Naruto with a frown.

Naruto stood there silently, staring at 'BB' before speaking "I got an idea and it's a crazy one,"

[But will you come out of it alive?]

"About 50% chance of making it out alive, but better than nothing,"

[Okay, ready to help when needed]


"Domina Cronam Caelius: Crowns of Ten Rulerships," 'BB' enshrouded herself in a magenta-colored aura "Offensive power enhanced, next phase of attack; guaranteed deletion,"

"Kurama, I'm gonna need a boost for this one," said Naruto.

"Go ahead, this had better work," said Kurama.

"Same here," Naruto felt the Biju's chakra flow throughout his body, he jogged at first before breaking into a run with the outside view of appearing as a blur, he formed a Rasengan which was then enshrouded in red chakra as he rapidly approached his target.

"Domina Cronam Viminalis: Crowns of Ten Rulerships," 'BB' fired a stronger beam of energy with every intention to erase the target this time.

"Nine-Tailed Rasengan!" Naruto rammed the boosted jutsu head-on into the beam, both sides pushed against each other in the clash with Naruto taking one struggling step after another to draw closer but at times getting pushed back but remained adamant to not lose in the struggle.

"Potential for victory at 0%, cease non-beneficial resistance and accept erasure," said 'BB' stoically.

In spite of the current situation, Naruto responded with a smirk "Heh, it's like I told many on my way here 'I suck at giving up'. No matter how bad the situation is for me or how strong the enemy is, I will never stop fighting to win!"

"A nonsensical ideal of a human,"

"I think you'll be changing your mind soon,"

"Wha-," 'BB' suddenly let out a sharp gasp of pain as she felt something stab her from behind and felt something forcefully access her coding and beginning to rewrite it, she looked over her shoulder to see a clone of Naruto who had snuck up from behind and stabbed her with a diamonded matrix "ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! CONNECTION FAILING! PARAMETERS CORUPPTED!" This also caused the energy beam to dissipate as Naruto's Rasengan also dissipated, but 'BB' was now vulnerable.

"Finish her off now!" said Kurama urgently.

"I'm on it!" Naruto unsheathed the Chakra Blade from the back of his waist and tapped the Konoha symbol for the blue chakra to surge out of the blade and take shape of a longer variation "Overflow State active!" Naruto raises the Chakra Blade above his head with both hands as he channels the energy and makes the energy blade extend high into the night sky "Gigant…Blade!" he brings it down in a cleaving strike upon 'BB' which triggered a radial burst of light.

This brightness gradually faded to reveal BB on her knees with cuts and bruises all over her body but her eyes are reverted back to purple.

Music End

"BB are you-," Naruto was about to check on her when an unknown voice spoke up for all to hear.

"Cessation of system irregularity has been confirmed. Rebooting. Disposing of the Sakura System as the source of the aberration. Searching for valid Sakura System…Found. Connecting. Moon Cell restart…completed. Beginning intervention with humanity previously frozen by the Sakura System. With the previous interference of the Sakura System removed, progress speed has increased by 20%. It is estimated that the length of time until the fall of civilization will be reduced to five days,"

Naruto's eyes widened in disbelief "What the, I thought I stopped the Moon Cell from trying to destroy Humanity? Why is it still continuing?" he saw BB trying to get back to her feet but was unable to do so after everything that happened.

"No, I won't let you…! I won't let the Moon Cell act freely…I won't vanish…I won't let the Moon Cell delete me. If I'm going to disappear…I'll take the Moon Cell with me…I won't lose. After all…if I'm defeated, who will…that person," tears began spilling from BB's eyes as she looked at Naruto with growing despair "Nothing but data, with no place to go…only to disappear if left behind…but even so, even with a heart like that, you smiled at me being there. That priceless person…Who can protect…you…?"

"BB…just what is going on here?" asked Naruto, being confused about all this.

BB was about to answer when a familiar but unexpected voice spoke "I believe this is the time to make my appearance,"

"That voice…," they noticed someone begin to appear visible to them until they could see who it is and were both shocked upon identifying the person.

"Kiara-san, what are you doing here?" asked Naruto, feeling even more confused.

"You aren't supposed to be here," BB grunted out in pain "And why am I sensing Sakura and the Alter Egos within you?"

"My apologies, I simply couldn't resist after all this time. They looked soooo…delicious," Kiara licked her lips in a sensual manner.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock "You ate them?!"

BB growled weakly "This goes against the treaty we made, I would spare your life so long as you don't antagonize me,"

"And I did adhere to it, although it never said I couldn't do a few things here and there while biding my time for when you would be at your most weakest," Kiara turned towards Naruto with a sultry smile.

"You mean you wanted me to defeat BB for you?" Naruto glared at the nun, he had his suspicions about her but didn't know that her plans extended this far.

"Why of course, I planned for this for a very long time. I was the one who interfered with Sakura Matou's program which led to the creation of BB who went on to take control of the Moon Cell as it's admin, the peace treaty was also part of the plan. All I had to do was patiently wait for someone with the power to defeat BB and her Alter Egos to reach the final stages of my plan,"

"Just what is your plan?" asked Naruto slowly reaching for the Vorpal Blade, Kiara suddenly moved at deceptively high speeds towards BB at which he threw the Vorpal Blade to intercept but she actually snatched the blade in midair and threw it back strongly, stabbing him in the leg before grabbing BB by the throat and lifting her into the air "Let her go!"

"I'd rather not, especially when such an opportunity is before me," Kiara opened her mouth and proceeded to inhale, causing BB's body to break up into pixels and be consumed.

BB looked to Naruto in fear "Please…help me…Naruto-kun," then she was fully consumed.

"System processing…new Admin found for Moon Cell; Kiara Sessyoin," the system announced with the core of the Moon Cell lighting up with a pink glow.

"Oooohhhh…this feeling, so euphoric!" Kiara moaned with a blush.

Naruto pulled the Vorpal Blade from his leg with a grimace of pain before getting back to his feet "So this is what you were after…to gain the power of the Moon Cell,"

"Indeed, I will soon become a godlike being who can shower the world with love, and it is all thanks to you," said Kiara with a smile.

"Well don't thank me, cause I got a lot to complain to you about!" Naruto felt that his leg has healed enough to move and brandished his Aurum Blade and Chakra Blade, he was about to attack when Kiara suddenly appeared before him with an index finger pressed on his forehead "So fast!"

"Then I implore that you wait outside for a few moments while I change into something more befitting of my new status," Kiara poked Naruto to send him flying out of the Core Area.

Naruto found himself in the previous area where he had fought Passionlip and Gilgamesh, he looked around to see the gateway leading back to the Moon Cell core about two miles away from where he was standing.

"Dammit, this came from out of nowhere! I was expecting to having to deal with the Moon Cell attempting a genocide on humanity then this happens!" Naruto snarled in anger.

"And it gets worse, she severed the connection to the PET so we can't get any battlechips from the outside. We're on our own here," said Kurama.

"This just keeps getting better and better, we'll need to get back in there and put a stop to this or the world is done for,"

"You are well aware that you are about to face yet another godlike being,"

"I know full well which is why I'll need your help more than ever before, this may not be Konoha or the Elemental Nations but I won't turn my back on this world,"

"Stubborn as ever…very well then, let us dive headfirst into the depths of hell!"

"You got that right!"

Naruto dashed back to the gateway and went through it to get back to the Moon Cell core, he was quick to notice that the place has changed quite a bit. Lily pads and pink lotus floated on top of the water surface, the stars in the night sky are gone save for a moon partially concealed behind dark cloud and multiple obelisks are seen all around.

"Now where is she?" Naruto looked around for the instigator of everything, then he heard her voice coming from the core of the Moon Cell.

"Ufufufu…you needn't fret Naruto-kun for I am here. It is my great joy to have you be the first to gaze upon my new form befitting the one who will love this world," said Kiara.

The core glowed brightly as Kiara emerged from it with her appearance having completely changed much to the surprise of the blonde cyber ninja. Kiara's habit now hangs from the two massive black-and-pink lined curved horns extending from the sides of her head her black hair with pink tips flows in twisting locks behind her and on her forehead lays three vertical dots. Her attire has changed from a nun to that of a revealing long white coat with belled sleeves and thigh high pink boots.

In Naruto's eyes, Kiara embodies beauty which conceals something demonic within. Kiara descended towards them and the moment her feet touched the water's surface, it instantly turned red akin to the color of blood. Rather fitting for someone like her.

"Oh my, is this how I actually look? I thought I would be of something more abstract and yet…," Kiara felt a bit embarrassed "I don't think I can fight properly in this appearance. Hey Naruto-kun, if you think that I'm beautiful then please have mercy,"

"Like I would want to hurt you," said Naruto, his eyes widened in shock at what he just said "Why did I say that? She's obviously the enemy!"

Kiara smiled beauteously "Indeed, antagonism is something that comes firmly through ignorance," Kiara extended her hand out to Naruto "Come…let's enjoy slowly talking to each other in a bed of lotus. Naruto's instincts screamed at him not to approach this obviously deceptive being lest he loses everything, but her voice and gestures were melting his reasoning.

"What's happening to me? It feels like I'm losing consciousness," thought Naruto, feeling more docile by the minute.

Kurama narrowed his eyes at the current situation "It must be because of her, I suspect she's using a Genjutsu of sorts to affect you mentally to prevent you from fighting her,"

"So she's using illusions on me, no wonder why I'm feeling this way. I could use some serious help here,"

"Hang on, I'm working on it as we speak,"

Kiara noted that Naruto wasn't approaching her even though she could see that his legs were shaking, trying to walk to her on their own.

"It seems you still have the spirit to fight, don't you? Even though there's no point to be stuck at something we fully know the result of. Drown in my love obediently, I can prepare a new stimulus of whatever you want…whether it is a life-or-death battle between lovers or the extinction of humanity, it can be anything you wish which I can grant. You will be kept alive by me and I will be kept alive by you thanks to your power, isn't it fine?" said Kiara with feelings of love from the depths of her heart.

Naruto resisted the deceptive allure the best he could but "Any time now Kurama, I don't know how much longer I can resist,"

"I'm giving you my chakra to the point of producing the fox cloak, its side effect of placing you in an aggressive state constantly should make more resistant to her charm," said Kurama, channeling a large amount of his chakra into Naruto.

Naruto felt the Biju's chakra flow throughout his body as the red chakra leaked out of his body and took on the shape of a one-tailed fox with long ears, his eyes turned red with slitted pupils, the whisker marks on his cheeks became more pronounced, and the canines grew longer to poke out of his lips. Naruto felt himself think more clearly and maintained control of his rage to avoid going on a rampage.

Kiara was taken aback by the sudden emission of rage and malice from the one before her, she thought that she had won when he couldn't resist her charm any longer "How can this be, where is this power coming from!?"

Naruto spoke up in a feral tone "Don't bother with that charm of yours, it won't work on me this time. I bet you did this because of what I could do, isn't it?"

"…It is truly unfortunate that I will have to erase you, who have pushed me up to this position," said Kiara with utmost sadness "That's because you are a commemorative memory of what I once was,"

"I am nothing like you Kiara!" Naruto snarled in response.

"You may deny however you like, but I will make use of you who is special to part ways with the past me. I will have you become the first joy for me in becoming a god!"

"You want to destroy me so as to mark your beginning as a godly ruler of the world while using love as an excuse to do so?"

Kiara looked at Naruto and shook her head in disappointment "It seems you do not understand, becoming a god is simply a result as I am loyal to my own desires; I want to be loved by all humans, to become the receiving plate for the pleasure of all humans on earth, the escape valve for the desires of the living beings remaining,"

Frowning at first, Naruto and Kurama began to realize just what Kiara is aiming for as the blonde ninja spoke up "So you mean…,"

"That's right…I want to obtain the greatest pleasure ever by using thousands and millions of humans. You see? That's why my only option is to become god, isn't it?"

The duo was stunned speechless at what they just heard, this woman didn't aim to become a god so she could rule the world, she did it just so she could feel good. No wonder why BB was so cautious of Kiara, she has to be the most selfish person Naruto has ever met in his life…so many were used as pawns so she could fulfill her own desires.

Naruto clenched his fists as he snarled at Kiara with contempt "Kiara, you…,"

"I am happy to see that you understand the kind of being I am. Ahhhh, I want to ruin your life with these hands, so much that I can't resist it. Afterwards, I shall descend upon the earth and indulge myself in my individual desires," said Kiara with a look of excitement barely hidden in her eyes.

Naruto went down on all fours with a growl "Like I'm gonna let that happen, no way you're leaving this place to bring ruin to the world cause I'm gonna stop you here and now!"

"You don't understand, it is difficult to measure good and evil for as long as this world remains equal, equal happiness will never exist. Therefore…let us fill this universe with my love alone,"

"Don't lose to this…thing!" said Kurama angrily.

"I have no intention to…,"

Music Start: Kingdom Hearts OST; Guardando Nel Buio

A purple aura rose from behind Kiara and took on the form of numerous hands and a giant humanoid skull loomed overhead while gazing down at Naruto who remained evermore determined to fight her.

"Coming at you!" Naruto ran towards Kiara on all fours and lashed out with a furious punch only for her to deflect it with a backhand but refused to be discouraged as he kept on with the combo of punches and kicks albeit none were connecting with the target. Kiara suddenly willed the shadow hands to reach out to grab Naruto by the arms and legs then held him up before her.

"Ufufufu, I can't wait to relish from hearing your first scream of agony," Kiara's hand glowed with pink energy as she was about to attack the blonde cyber ninja. She attacked with a punch but Naruto thought fast and used his chakra tail to grab the incoming attacking by the wrist, stopping it from hitting him.

"You're gonna have to wait a little longer," Naruto snarled, he took in a deep breath and unleashed a powerful roar which knocked Kiara back in turn making the shadow hands lose their grip on him. Naruto wasted no time and pounced at Kiara to slash with his elongated claws and kicks in the manner of a wild beast before ending the barrage by thrusting a hand forward for a chakra arm to extend with a punch which knocked her back greatly.

Kiara simply giggled with a pink tinge on her cheeks before moving in a blur to stand before Naruto and sent him flying with a backhanded slap, he recovered in midair and landed on all fours whilst skidding to a stop and shaking his head to ease off the pain with the bruise fading away quickly. Naruto glared at the so called 'goddess' who appeared rather bemused, he dashed towards her to engage in close combat once more.

"Daizushi Chiya Kanpo," Kiara formed a purple energy orb in between her hands which rose into the air and grew in size above her head then rained down a stream of homing energy beams. Naruto equipped the Aurum Blade and switched to the Tiger Claws which has serrated edges due to the fox's influence, he proceeded to rapidly deflect the incoming energy beams with the claws and chakra tail till he was upon her, multiple shadow arms lashed out to attack him.

"Clawed Storm!" Naruto jumped into the air and spun around very fast whilst the claws produced an onslaught of knifelike whirlwind projectiles to slice them apart. He slammed into her with a shoulder charge to make Kiara stumble then proceeded to unleash a barrage of savage slashes before slashing through her, leaving behind an X-formed slash marks and whipping up a whirlwind afterwards.

"Such savagery, such ferocity…I want to feel more of it!" Kiara spoke with bliss.

Naruto was rather revolted at her reaction "She's actually enjoying the pain?"

"Then let's teach her exactly how bad it is to have too much of everything!" said Kurama with a growl.

Kiara began performing handsigns much to Naruto's surprise "Womb Realm: The Principle Fist Mudra," she released a radial purple wave of energy which hit Naruto before he could react, Naruto prepared made to prep an offensive only to realize that he can't bring himself to attack "Ufufufu, my technique seals away your capability to fight physically. Now's the time for you to feel my love," Kiara rushed forward and lashed out with a punch but Naruto leapt away to evade the attack "No need to deny my love," the shadow hands now stretched out to grab Naruto who took off while running on all fours, blurring from left to right rapidly to avoid getting caught "Daizushi Chiya Kanpo," she launched another barrage of homing energy beams which Naruto couldn't dodge so he rapidly fired photon bullets with the Tiger Claws to shoot both the shadow arms and energy beams down.

"If I can't fight with hand to hand, then I'll just need to attack from a range!" Naruto shifted the Tiger Claws to the Palutena Bow and proceeded to fire homing shots at Kiara who had her shadow hands serve as shields to defend against the incoming projectiles, the cyber ninja remained undeterred as he continued to fire whilst moving at highspeed to constantly change positions to attack "Hailstorm of Arrows!" he aimed an arrow skyward and fired as it shot into the air before descending towards Kiara and duplicating itself into a massive number of arrows. The false goddess used the shadow hands to wrap around her like a cocoon to defend against the salvo of arrows before unravelling only to see Naruto standing right in front of her with a charged-up arrow nocked and ready to fire "Gotcha!" he fired the arrow as it went for Kiara only for her to mutter

"…Diamond Realm: The Wisdom Fist Mudra," the arrow was inches from her when it was suddenly erased from existence much to Naruto's shock then Kiara thrust a palm forward and began to siphon Naruto's chakra before he leapt back to prevent anymore from being absorbed and Kurama restored the chakra cloak.

"She could absorb the chakra too?" Naruto muttered with a frown.

"Just another thing to watch, I'm increasing the amount to two tails to avoid anymore surprises," said Kurama, doing as such with a second chakra tail appearing next to the first one.

Naruto felt even more empowered and his capability to attack having been restored "Alright then, let's get to it!" he blurred from where he stood to appear before Kiara and unleashed an assault of feral swipes and kicks while she responded with her own hand to hand combat, both sides switching between offense and defense.

Naruto erred with an overextended claw slash which Kiara wasted no time to capitalize upon "Eitenryu," she slammed a palm into Naruto's torso ad unleashed a burst of energy which knocked him back and rendered his body unable to move "Time to relish from your pain, ufufufu," Kiara's hands glowed with pink energy as she attacked with a double palm thrust, the chakra tails from behind Naruto suddenly lashed out to wrap around her wrists and stopping the attack in its tracks much to her shock "Ara, how can you still move?"

"My body may not be able to move right now, but that doesn't mean that my chakra can't!" Naruto retorted, the chakra tails tightened their hold on Kiara and proceeded to repeatedly slam her to the ground around him till he felt the fox's chakra get rid of the paralysis. He pulled Kiara close to grab her by the shoulder with one hand then punched her face viciously up to five times before dealing a deadly uppercut to launch her into the air, but Naruto wasn't done yet with his assault as he extended a chakra arm to grab the false goddess then pull her towards him only to be sent flying again by a haymaker punch from a chakra arm.

Naruto took note that Kiara isn't recovering quickly as she is still getting back to her feet "Time to end this!" he unsheathed the Chakra Blade which is automatically in its Overflow State and held it with both hands before dashing forward with increasing speed "Overslash!" he swung it forward to launch a large wave of red chakra towards Kiara.

"Ufufu, I've seen that attack to know that it won't do you any good," Kiara bemusedly formed a purple barrier to defend against the incoming attack.

"I'm not through just yet, Overslash!" Naruto then swung again to launch another large wave to fuse with the first one and form a V-shaped crescent wave whilst positioning himself in between then colliding with the barrier, he pushed against the barrier in order to break through and directly strike Kiara who giggled childishly.

"I find such a waste of effort to be rather pleasurable," said Kiara.

"And I told you that I'm far from done!" Naruto proclaimed.

Suddenly the ground behind Kiara burst open, causing her to look behind only to be shocked upon seeing a chakra tail wrapped around a large blue spiraling sphere enshrouded in red chakra. Naruto had made his chakra tail burrow underground to appear behind Kiara with a Rasengan at the ready. Kiara hardly got any time to react when Naruto rammed the Rasengan into her back, which in turn caused her to lose concentration on the barrier and enabling him to break through and land the initial attack in the form of a pincer attack, resulting in an explosion. Naruto emerged from the explosion and skidded backwards before stopping to look with hopes that the battle is finally over, the smoke cleared to reveal Kiara standing there silently for a few moments before letting out a pained scream and collapsing to the ground…this meant that Naruto won the fight against all odds.

Music End

"Thank goodness, we won," Naruto let out a sigh of relief with Kurama retaking his chakra and cancelling the chakra cloak.

"I find it a bit amusing that you find a way to defeat enemies far stronger than you," said Kurama.

"But it doesn't change the fact I was able to beat her thanks to you,"

Kiara rose her head while moaning in pain "What's the meaning...What's the meaning of this…? Even though winning or losing doesn't matter as I've finally obtained the utmost pleasure...Yet still, why is it so painful…? How could I have lost even though I ascended to the position of a god?"

"I believe I can explain that," a male voice spoke up then a boy about Naruto's age with blue hair and formal clothing appeared albeit looking almost transparent like a ghost.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto, being wary of the appearance of a complete stranger.

"I am Hans Anderson, a former acquaintance of Kiara Sessyoin till she saw fit to absorb me for more power," the now introduced Anderson explained, then he looked towards Kiara lying on the ground "And you're wondering how you could have lost? By all means this shouldn't have happened, however there was one person who couldn't be killed in this entire world both in the cyberspace and real world, that person is none other than Naruto Uzumaki,"

"How was it that you all know who I really am?" asked Naruto with a frown.

"Aside the fact that you and your 'NetOp' look so much alike, Moon Cell can be quite a nosey thing as it went about trying to know everything about you including your memories. Back to what I was talking about; besides absorbing the other Alter Egos, Kiara had also absorbed BB and Sakura then based herself on their powers. She couldn't use her omnipotence against you as they had been desperately opposing her within to protect you,"

"They have?" Naruto blinked in surprise, he was able to beat Kiara because Sakura and the others had been resisting her throughout the fight.

"Oddly enough, they had developed an attachment of sorts towards you and weren't so willing to let you be erased by Kiara or the Moon Cell, you certainly are a strange one,"

"Something like that…it was for a reason like that? How…couldn't I have known about this?" Kiara painfully spoke.

"To be honest, I thought you were a foolish woman for accepting the challenge while being aware of the fact, but…," Anderson laughed in amusement "…I never thought that you were a complete idiot to fight head-on while being unaware of your own weak points!"

Kiara gritted her teeth in frustration "If I knew…then I wouldn't have fought. I would have blown him away into a random cyberspace and destroyed it along with him, but…," she raised her head to look at Naruto who stared back with eyes of determination "…to think that I wasn't defeated by a messiah or a hero but rather another 'woman'. The relationship between a man and a woman is truly a mysterious thing, it's only natural for the Moon Cell to be unable to handle it…," then she laid there unmoving with the light gone from her eyes.

"Guess it's finally over, huh," said Naruto, feeling less tense now.

"Good riddance, using love as an excuse to become a god just to feel good when she doesn't know what love is," said Kurama with a snort.

"Makes me wonder if I know what love really is myself," said Naruto thoughtfully, considering that he was in love with Sakura who in turn is in love with Sasuke and refuses to give him the time of the day. He had a good grasp about love amongst family but little about one between a boy and a girl.

"Compared to her, yours is better,"

"So, what happens now?" Naruto was snapped back into attention upon hearing the Moon Cell speak up.

"An incorrection termination has been verified…rebooting," said the Moon Cell "Destroying the cause of the anomaly, an external living circuit. Searching for a management system able to operate…found…connecting," the core within the Moon Cell lit up along with the sound of whirring machines "Moon Cell reactivation success, restarting the intervention towards humanity that had been frozen by the previous Sakura system,"

"What the-don't tell me that the dumb computer STILL wants to destroy humanity!? Gimme a break!" said Naruto in frustration.

"The collapse of human civilization is to be in 7 days, all the data of that conclusion is to be transferred to Kiara Sessyoin…N-No!" the voice began to stammer "That command has been destroyed! Resetting the contaminated core, and all of the backside to its initial state…No!"

"That voice…could it be…?"

"Naruto-kun, hurry up and escape from the core. The Moon Cell's self-cleaning function is about to activate!"

"Sakura-chan, is that you?" asked Naruto with relief.

"Yes, it's all thanks to you. Right now, I have been left in control of the Moon Cell as an emergencial measure," said Sakura.

"What about BB-chan and the others, are they okay?"

"They…they were affected by Kiara's program longer than I was, I could only save them by absorbing their remaining data into me,"

"Oh…guess Kazuradrop got her wish in the end," said Naruto albeit sadly.

"Please hurry up, I've restored the connections to everyone's PET and returned their NetNavis to them. You can jack out once you leave the core!" said Sakura urgently.

Naruto was unsure about leaving her behind "But what about you?"

"Don't worry, I discovered a way to leave the system but I'll need your help from the real world!"

"Okay then, I'm heading out!" Naruto turned to leave but then noticed Andersen still standing over the still form of Kiara with the bluenette noting his presence.

"You're still around, are you a benevolent person down to your very bones Naruto Uzumaki? Stop it, that will tire you out of your life," said Andersen in a bored tone.

"What about you?" asked Naruto.

"Like I'd want to see the face of a woman who showed me a worthless conclusion or do you wish to disappear together with me? Get out here with your life and that of others, don't waste it on a ghost,"

"…fine, hope you can rest peacefully…I guess," Naruto turned and took off as fast as he could before exiting the Core,"

"Hmph, what a queer person. I can't help but feel a bit disappointed in not being able to be around him. I feel that he would certainly make interesting stories," said Andersen with a soft smile before fading away along with Kiara.

Naruto found himself jumping out of the Sakura tree and back into the academy where he saw Alice and Shiori along with Lancer and the other solo NetNavis running up to him.

"What's going on Maelstrom?" asked Lancer.

"The Moon Cell is formatting itself and we don't want to be here when that happens!" said Naruto urgently, he saw the Holoscreens of the NetOps appear above them "Please I need you to let the Solo NetNavis into your PETs and quickly head for the boat at the pier!"

[No need to tell us twice!] said Kuro.

"Let's get out of here!" said Lancer before being jacked out by Bazett along with Elizabeth, Tamamo and Nero got jacked out by Kuro.

Naruto turned towards Alice and Shiori who were holding onto him the whole time out of worry with what's going on "Let's get going, jack us out!"

[Already on it!] said C-Naruto as he had already plugged in the PET and was now extracting them, then he plugged into the HoloBrace to have Naruto take control of the holobody and recharge the bracelet.

[Big Bro, what's happening?] asked Alice, seeing the Navi form of Naruto sleeping.

"I don't have much time to explain, but I promise to tell you everything after this," said Naruto.

[Okay, but please be careful] said Shiori.

Naruto exited from the room into the hallway to see the alarms blaring as well as the other NetOps exit from their rooms as well and meeting up together.

"Let's head for the boat and get out of this island, things are getting dangerous by the minute!" said Bazett.

"You guys go ahead, I'll catch up!" said Naruto, making everyone look at him in confusion.

"Are you crazy?! We need to get out of here!" said Kuro.

"I know, but I need to make sure that nothing like this happens to anyone ever again!" Naruto responded, he just can't leave the Moon Cell alone to try and destroy humanity.

"I'm sure we can do this later after returning with the officials," said Gil.

"No, I know what this thing is capable of and I need to do this while it's still trying to recover its systems. Just go, I'll definitely catch up with you all,"

"…very well then, don't keep us waiting," said Bazett, she led the others albeit reluctantly while Naruto went in the opposite direction.

[Big bro, what are you going to do?] asked Alice with concern.

"Find a way to put a stop to the Moon Cell, I'm hoping Sakura-chan can help with this," Naruto answered.

[Indeed I can, but I'll need you to go somewhere first before I can initiate the destruction of the Moon Cell's medium on this planet along with the island] Sakura spoke up through the PET hanging around Naruto's neck as he ran.

"Then tell me where I need to go," said Naruto.

[Take a left at the next corner] Naruto rounded said corner with a skid and continued on his way [Keep going straight] he increased his speed whilst passing through the corridors [Take a right to go down a flight of stairs] Naruto took to grinding down the railings of the stairs to quickly reach the bottom [Take a left at the corner ahead of you, it will lead you to a sealed door] he followed the directions and arrived before the aforementioned door.

"So what do I do here?" asked Naruto confusedly.

[Just give me some time to unlock the door] said Sakura.

There was the sound of beeping before the door opened up with a loud hiss with a white mist coming out through it, Naruto cautiously went inside to find himself in a large white room and saw large green glowing circuits along the ground, all which led to what appears to be a large white pod at the center of the room. The pod appears to be a closed-up lotus flower bud with marble material.

"What am I looking at here Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto, but he received no reply "Sakura-chan, are you there?"

[The link is cut off] said Shiori with a small frown.

"Now's not a good time for that to happen, what do I do here?"

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed something going on with the pod as it began to open up by actually 'blooming' like a lotus flower to reveal a crystalline chamber covered by glowing circuitry which was soon disabled. Inside, Naruto was shocked to see none other than Sakura although she appears younger around his age and wearing a white gown. She opened her eyes to see Naruto and tried to approach him but stumbled out of the pod with Naruto quickly catching her before she hit the ground.

"Sakura-chan, is this really you? I thought you were an AI?" asked Naruto.

"…I saw in BB's memory banks that she was bioengineering a body which she could use to move around in the real world. I decided to seize this opportunity to eject myself from the system," Sakura explained.

"Okay then, but where do we go from here?" asked Naruto urgently.

"There's a way to destroy the Moon Cell, but I'll need your help to get there,"

"Alright then," Naruto scooped Sakura up in his arms in a bridal carry with the girl blushing at how close she is to him "Point me in the right direction cause I'm gonna be quick about it,"


Naruto dashed back the way he came before Sakura began giving him directions to a different route, going through corridors and flights of stairs since some of the elevators are out of commission and don't want to be caught off guard until arriving at a deadend of sorts much to the blond ninja's confusion.

"There's nothing here," said Naruto pointed out.

"That's not exactly true, there's a hidden room behind this wall. We just need to break it," Sakura explained.

"Then in that case, leave this to me," Naruto let Sakura down on the ground and stepped forward "An incomplete Rasengan should be enough to break down the wall and not cost much chakra from the HoloBrace," he held his palms close together as a spiraling sphere of blue energy was formed in between them before he slammed it into the wall, effectively destroying it and revealing the room.

"Thank you Naruto-kun," said Sakura in awe, having seen it in Naruto's memories but still amazed. They went inside to come upon a rather old-fashioned desktop computer which she booted up the DOS operating system and opened up a command prompt before proceeding to enter a series of coding into it.

"What are you planning to do?" asked Naruto.

"This computer was secretly created by a scientist as a contingency plan against the Moon Cell should it act haphazardly like now, it serves as a detonator to a massive number of explosives placed all over the island since it was separately built from the Moon Cell and needed to be accessed manually. No one knew of this till one of my Alter Egos discovered but hid the information away until I absorbed them back into me and learnt about it," said Sakura before finalizing the command by hitting the enter key on the keyboard then a window popped up on the screen to display a countdown "It's time to leave,"

"Gotcha," Naruto picked Sakura up again and took off as fast as he could, he quickly got out of the mountain and into the forest where he took to leaping through the trees to reduce the time to get to the other side where he caught sight of the pier and the boat on which the others were beckoning him to hurry over to them.

"Hurry up Naruto, we need to go!" Bazett called out to him albeit curious of whom the boy was carrying.

Once Naruto got on board with Sakura, he turned to Bazett with urgency "We gotta get outta here fast, the island has been set to blow!"

"I'm on it!" Bazett hastily took control of the boat and sped away from the island till they got far enough in time before multiple explosions engulfed the entire island with thick plumes of smoke rising to the skies "I guess that's that, hopefully no one or their NetNavis would be endangered like that again,"

"Though we're curious to ask who she is and why she resembles that nurse AI?" asked Kuro, looking at Sakura who was sitting way too close to Naruto.

"I believe we're all interested to know about that," said Gil.

Naruto was about to respond when his PET began ringing to signal an incoming call and so answered it "Hello?"

[Naruto, thank goodness! We've have been trying to reach you the entire time but couldn't even locate you on GPS till now, what happened to you?] asked Hikari with concern.

"Perhaps being on the island must have severed our connection to the outside world till now," Kurama mused.

Naruto rubbed the back of I head sheepishly as everyone stared at him and Sakura "Well, it's a pretty long story but considering we're in for an equally long boat trip home, I might as well tell you guys what had been going on behind the scenes that led to what happened.

As the blonde ninja proceeded to tell everyone including Hikari about what occurred in the tournament from his point of view and what he had learnt while there, he along with certain NetNavis were unaware of certain strange markings appearing on the back of their hands before fading away.

This Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto has arrived at the core of the Moon Cell with full knowledge that he just dove headfirst into the lion's den. He met BB who was being controlled by the Moon Cell with the system intending to wipe out humanity through a subverted tally, Naruto managed to put a stop to it but that was when things took a turn for the worse with the sudden appearance of Kiara who then absorbed BB after having done the same with the Alter Egos and Sakura to take over the Moon Cell in order to become a god who will sacrifice the lives of many lives with the goal of fulfilling her own desires. Naruto called on Kurama's power to face Kiara and managed to emerge victorious.

With Kiara's defeat, the system began to act erratically but Sakura emerged as she and the others had been resisting Kiara the whole time. She transferred herself into a body which BB had been bioengineering then detonated bombs which had been planted as a measure to destroy the system and the island with it a everyone made their escape. Apparently, they didn't leave unscathed as markings are placed on some of them with unknown purposes, what happens from now?

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