Madam Bones wouldn't admit it, but she was more than a little bit worried. Harry Potter's legal guardians had been murdered, and even though the investigation was still ongoing, some people had pushed through the Wizengamot that Potter needed a new guardian right now.

Was anyone really surprised that those who had brought up and seconded the motion were both 'imperiused' Death Eaters?

Potter's mask was carefully blank, though.

The first potential guardian was the Weasley family, claiming Harry was like a seventh son to them anyways. Second were Andromeda Tonks née Black and her husband. Their arguments were mainly that Harry got along well with their daughter, Auror Tonks, and that they were related through Dorea Black née Potter. Third were Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. With the old-fashioned Wizengamot, their claim had the most validity: related through Dorea Black née Potter, but Narcissa hadn't been cast out of the family.

Bones thought about how she could sway the votes to either of the first options when Potter spoke up. "Excuse me, but may I speak?"

"Of course, Mr. Potter," Bones said after a moment of surprise.

"I would like to express my worry about the Malfoy family becoming my guardian."

"Based upon what grounds?" Bones really hoped Potter had some kind of plan.

"Well, we all know the tragedy that befell the Malfoy family before 1981.." Potter was interrupted.

"Lucius Malfoy was under the Imperius Curse, boy!" one of the dark-aligned Wizengamot members spoke.

"My point exactly," Potter continued just as politely. "I do not think it safe to have a guardian with so susceptible to the Imperius Curse. I will not be able to trust a person with my wellbeing when I cannot trust whether or not this person is making decisions to the best of his own judgment. Moreover, I have serious doubts about the ability of the Malfoy family to keep me safe, given that their magic apparently lacks the strength to throw off the curse even once during those eight years."

Bones' mouth fell open. This was.. more than just brilliant.

"It was the Dark Lord who cast that curse!" one of the members shouted.

"I would also like to point out that I will not have a guardian who gasps every time I say Voldemort," Potter said, still polite but with a voice of steel. Of course, most of the Wizengamot gasped. "And if I can throw of Voldemort's Imperius Curse at age fourteen within thirty seconds, I would expect any grown wizard to be able to do so even faster."

The trial had a few outcomes.

First: Andromeda and Ted Tonks were now Harry Potter's guardians.

Second: anyone claiming the Imperius curse was met with ridicule and scorn and wasn't treated much better than a Squib.