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Summary: Harry is caught in a love triangle to rival all else. He's found himself questioning his sexuality and is owning up to his attraction to Draco Malfoy. Meanwhile Draco is cozying up to Hermione, who won't give him the time of day. And Hermione keeps thinking there's hope for her and Harry to have a future together. It's a tangled web of emotions and will anyone get what they want? Set a couple of years after Hogwarts ended. Told from Harry's POV. Drarry. With talk of Harmony and Dramione.

Three is a Crowd

My life has never been ordinary. Not for a long time anyway. They call me the Boy Who Lived, but really I haven't done a lot of living lately. I share a house with my best girlfriend, Hermione and we both work for the Ministry of Magic. I'm an Auror in training and she works in Department of Magical Creatures. Neither of us have a social life to speak of. She dated my other best friend Ron for a while but it didn't work out. And I dated Ron's sister Ginny, which ended horribly and now she doesn't even want to look at me. I would tell you what happened but it's mortifying. But since I'm here to tell a story, I guess I don't get to pick and choose which parts I tell you or not. Basically we had disastrous sex, or rather non-sex, and she called it off. Didn't even give a bloke another shot! But the truth was, I didn't really want one. In my head I was all confused about who I was and what I wanted. But I never shared that with anyone else. And we mutually agreed to just tell people our chemistry was lacking. It wasn't a lie. It's just no one else knew that I was wishing she was somehow a guy. I should mention that I'm sexually ambiguous and don't know who or what I want. I'd say I'm more attracted to men, but women have a certain charm to them. Like Hermione. She has charm. And we're very close. Sometimes I think we're a little too close for friends, but she likes it that way. Me? I don't know what I like. Or who I like. I just know my life changed the day Hermione brought home a work colleague that we both knew well and hated ferociously. Draco Malfoy.

The two of them were tasked with a project that was slated to last several weeks to complete and this meant he'd be hanging around our house a lot. We were both none too happy about this, and neither was Draco. But he'd changed a lot since school and wasn't near as much of a prat. He was just obnoxious a lot of the time and had an obvious crush on Hermione, which she did not return. And this caused problems because he'd come to me to talk about her. And what was I to say? She couldn't seem to stand him. But I, on the other hand, found myself spending a lot of free time with Draco. He was funny. And he was cute. And he was completely unattainable. The three things I seem inexplicably drawn to without fail. But I wasn't the only one attracted to the unattainable. We all were. All three of us. Hermione fancied me, Draco fancied Hermione, and I fancied Draco. This was a recipe for disaster. And I'm here to tell you our story. My name is Harry Potter. And this is my life.

Today was really like any other day. I went to work, came home to find Draco Malfoy in my kitchen eating leftover pizza, while Hermione yelled for him to hurry up and come back to the living room with some sort of case files. Honestly Draco seemed as bored by the case files as I was, and would much rather ask me about my day than anything else.

"So Potter, what's happening in your world? They send you out after any dark wizards by yourself yet?" Draco asked, as he shoved a piece of cold pizza in his mouth.

"Ugh, no. They say I'm not ready yet. But I think I'm plenty ready to go after one measly dark wizard when I killed Voldemort at seventeen," I lamented.

"Still don't trust you eh?"


"I think you were born ready. I can't believe the shit you used to do. It's pretty impressive," Draco admitted.

"Thanks," I stammered, not used to hearing such kindnesses coming from his lips. "I expected you to make fun of me."

"Nah. I've grown. Besides I'm just glad no one's coming after me or my family. And I know I have you to thank for that," Draco shrugged.

It was true. My testimony about Draco's family and his mother's lie to Voldemort really helped them out of a bind. They were let go and got a second chance, but not everyone agreed with it. Including Hermione. But she was making due with working with him. But she was impatient.

"Draco, hurry up. I'm sick of doing your share of the work too," Hermione said as she burst into the kitchen, interrupting us.

"Relax princess. I was just talking to Potter. Did you know they won't send him out alone yet? I think it's right stupidity they're keeping him stifled," Draco told Hermione.

"Please don't call me princess, you Neanderthal. Just get your pizza and come back to the living room. Or else we'll be here all night. And sorry Harry. It sucks they won't let you go out," Hermione added as she gave me a peck on the cheek and grabbed a Coke from the fridge. She was in and out so fast I couldn't even say anything. Draco looked at me.

"Is she always this big of a pain in the ass?" he wondered.


"I would love to get her between the sheets, if you know what I mean," Draco sighed dreamily.

My mood fell instantly.

"Good luck with that one. It'll never happen. Trust me."

"Why not? She doesn't give you any play either?" Draco wondered.

"We're just friends. So no. But she hates you. I'd have a better chance I think," I informed him, knowing full well it was true.

One time Hermione got drunk and tried to seduce me. I refused, and the next day I pretended like I didn't remember what happened. It was for her sake. But I never forgot. I just didn't want it to complicate our friendship. But I knew there was no chance in hell she'd ever sleep with Malfoy.

"Mark my words. One of these days, she'll want me. I don't know when, but I'll be there. And I'll slip in and have a real nice day. There's something so hot about a girl who hates you, you know?" Draco said with a shrug.

"I wouldn't know."

"I mean, look at me," Draco said, holding up his hands and turning around for me to get a good look at his physique. I gulped audibly and Draco laughed. "Even you were checking out my ass, weren't you?"

"What?" I stumbled over my words awkwardly. "N-no, I wasn't!"

"Yeah you were. It's okay. I mean, it is a good ass. I'd stare at it too if I could see it properly without needing to be a contortionist," Draco mumbled.

"I wasn't looking!"

"Whatever. Point is, she won't be able to resist me. I just gotta be patient," Draco said nonchalantly.

"Well I wasn't looking at your ass so I don't know if it has superpowers or not," I said indignantly. I was in fact looking at the ass. And it was spectacular. But that was beside the point. I still didn't think Hermione would fall for it. But I would. In a heartbeat. If only Draco weren't so straight.

"I bet you could get a girl too if you wanted. You're not so bad. I mean the hair is all wrong and the glasses are lame and the scar? Well, I'm sure someone could overlook those things. Turn around and show me your ass," Draco said with a grin.

"What? No! You are so weird. Just go back to work with Hermione before she comes back in here and kills you," I said, feeling my face turn red.

Draco walked past me and slapped my ass and said, "Oh yeah, that's not bad," with a chuckle. Hmm, maybe he wasn't so straight after all?

But then he was gone. He walked out of the kitchen. And I just figured he was messing with me big time. It was his favorite thing to do. He ate our food and lived to turn my face colors and drive Hermione and I both insane. But there was something kind of charming about it. Like he found it charming that a girl would hate him, I found it kind of charming that he was such a pain in the ass. Maybe we both needed therapy?

I went out to the living room with the last of the pizza and just sat on the couch and watched as Draco and Hermione bickered over paperwork. I kept noticing the way Draco would lean over close to Hermione and she'd respond by pulling back and away. Then she'd look up at me all nervous like and I could tell she was wondering what was going on in my head. But the only thing I could really focus on was Draco's shoulders and the slope of his neck and the way his messy blonde hair fell haphazardly into his eyes now that he was older and didn't wear so much product in his hair. He always looked like he'd just had a good shag and I wondered how often that was true. It seemed like he was always here these days so it probably wasn't true enough. But today was Friday night. It wasn't a night to work forever. It was to have fun. So I suggested this to the crowd.

"We should do something fun. Work can fuck off for a while, don't you think?" I said to them.

"You want to do something fun? Like what?" Hermione asked with confusion, seeing as how I was a total homebody recluse most of the time and never suggested these things. But I wanted to impress Draco. I wanted to be fun like he was.

"I don't know. We could have some drinks. I've got loads of whiskey and also you've got all that wine people keep giving you that you rarely drink. Let's get drunk!" I tossed out randomly.

"I'm sure Draco has better places to be," Hermione said, giving him a look.

"Nope. I don't. And you know what, sod all this work. Like Harry said, it can wait a while. Let's have some fun," Draco readily backed up my outrageous plan.

"Fine. I suppose it is getting late and it is Friday night. But I'm not drinking that much!" Hermione protested.

"No worries. We'll drink enough for all of us. Right Harry?" Draco smirked at me.


The truth was, I wasn't a big drinker. I did it sometimes and I had a big supply on hand for other people, but I rarely ever partook. So you could say I was a lightweight. Whereas I assumed Draco had been sipping two hundred year old bottles of cognac in his nappies. But I was determined to make this a good time. Not that I thought it would get me anyplace with Draco, but it might at least give me some cool points. I got out my bottles of whiskey and Hermione got a bottle of wine, and we all just opened it up and went to town. The next thing I knew, Draco and I were alone in the living room lying on the floor practically on top of each other. He had his arm draped over my shoulder and his face was only inches from mine. He clutched my shoulder.

"Are we on the ceiling?" he asked with confusion.

"No, we're on the floor. You're looking at the ceiling." I explained, trying not to lose my wits with him so close to me.

"Shit I feel like I'm on the ceiling," he said blinking really fast. "Where'd Heriminyione go?" he stammered and butchered her name.

"Her name is Hermione and I don't know where the fuck she went. The loo?" I offered.

"Stupid Granger girl. I can say Granger girl. Herminiones is a fucking weird name," he chuckled to himself.

"I'm kinda of glad my name is just Harry. It's simple."

Draco leaned over and stared me in the eyes. His gaze was so intent I swore he could tell everything I was thinking and I wanted to die, but he just laughed and poked my forehead.

"That lightning scar is funny looking. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Mr. Potter. Potter, Potter, Potter." Draco just kept saying my name and laughing. I didn't know what to do so I returned the gesture.

I poked him in the forehead and said, "Your hair is stupid. Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy. Draco Malfoy."

Then we both just dissolved into a fit of laughter that only the drunkest of people get stuck in. And that's when Hermione found us rolling around the floor together laughing at nothing. But she was dressed in a sequined dress and had a feather boa. It was her Halloween costume from last year. I didn't know why she had it on but she turned on music and beckoned Draco off the floor and asked him to dance with her. He leapt at the chance and left me lying alone on the ground. I watched them dance and it was clear they were having fun. But it was fun I wasn't a part of so I had to somehow fix that. So I got up and stood behind Hermione and put my hand on her hips and started dancing along with them. The next thing I knew poor Hermione was squished between a Harry and Draco sandwich. But she didn't seem to mind. But I did notice she kept leaning back to me and touch my neck and Draco would lean forward and try and kiss hers and I just stood there and swayed to the music. That was when I fully realized the hell hole my life was made of. I wanted him and he wanted her and she wanted me. And frankly none of us were getting what we wanted, no matter how drunk we were.

The next thing I realized we had all fallen down on the couch and were just lying in a heap with Hermione in between us. I had the feather boa on and Draco was wearing Hermione's dangly hoop earrings that were a clip on style. And she just stared at both of us and laughed.

"I'll pay one of you ten thousand galleons if you put on my dress," Hermione chimed in with a giggle.

"Love, you don't have ten thousand galleons but I do. And I'll pay you that much just to take off the dress," Draco drawled at her while running his hand up her arm.

She shoved him away playfully.

"Dream on!"

"Well how am I supposed to put the dress on if you're still in it?" Draco wondered.

I piped up. "He has a good point. You'd have to take it off for one of us to put it on."

"Shut up Harry! You're not supposed to be on his side. And anyway, I meant I'd take it off upstairs and then put something else on first," she explained.

"I'm not putting on a sodding dress," Draco laughed.

"Don't look at me! Neither am I!" I protested.

"You're both no fun. I got all fancied up and the least you could do is get fancy too."

"We'll put on suits or something. Not dresses. Are you brain damaged, woman?" Draco asked her.

"I don't remember asking you to get fancy," I pointed out.

"Ugh, I did it for you mostly. I swear sometimes Harry, you need to catch a clue," Hermione lamented as she got upset and walked out of the room, leaving us lying on the couch together.

"Shit, she's mad at you," Draco told me.

"I got that message, thanks."

"She likes you, you little bastard. She got dressed up for you and not me," Draco said admitting defeat.

"I don't want her like that," I explained to him.

"Why not? She's gorgeous. I spent years hating the lot of you, but she was always fucking gorgeous. Like at the Yule Ball?"

"Doesn't matter. I'm not saying she's not pretty, it's just I don't feel that way for her," I tried to explain.

"Why not? Are you gay?" Draco laughed and poked my side hard.

"Shut up! No!" I protested vehemently, never wanting to put a label on it.

"It's okay if you are. I've got nothing against homosexuals."

"Shut up! I'm not gay. Just because I'm not interested in one girl doesn't mean I'm not interested in any girls," I pointed out.

"Who was the last girl you fucked?" Draco prodded me.

"Someone you don't know," I shot back.

"Who? I know everyone."

"You don't know her!"

"You're lying. Why not just admit you've never shagged anyone," Draco said, hitting me very close to home.

I wanted to protest, but he was right. I'd tried to have sex with Ginny, but I couldn't keep it up. It was humiliating. And there hadn't been anyone else. And for some reason I wanted to tell Draco this truth, even though he was making fun of me.

"Fine. You're right. There's never been anyone. Not really," I sighed and covered my face with my hands.

"Holy shit, I was just fucking around with you, but you're serious. You've never shagged anyone? Never?" Draco sat up straight and looked at me seriously.

"No," I cast my eyes downward and away from him.

"Fuck me," Draco said shaking his head and I momentarily got confused.

"Huh? Fuck you? What makes you think I want to fuck you?" I stammered out nervously.

"It's a saying, you dimwit. Like, fuck me, I can't believe you're a virgin! Not fuck me, I wanna have butt sex with your gorgeous self," Draco started laughing uncontrollably.

I felt like an idiot. A right and proper idiot. Of course he wasn't asking me to fuck him. What alternate universe did I think I stepped into? I was so drunk I wasn't even making any real sense to myself anymore. But I slapped Draco on the back, fairly hard.

"Quit laughing at me, you dumbass. I knew what you meant. I was just joking around," I lied to him.

"God I hope so. But seriously Harry, what gives? No sex? How old are you now? 21?" Draco asked me.

"Yeah. Just turned."

"You didn't even shag what's his names sis? Weasley?"

"I tried but it didn't work," I admitted shamefully. I'd never told this to anyone. Ever. Never ever. And here I was telling Draco of all people.

"How can it not work? I don't understand."

"I couldn't, you know, perform. She dumped me. It wasn't a good time for me and I never tried with anyone else."

"Are you gay? For real. No fooling. I wouldn't care if you were," Draco said, sitting up and touching my arm.

"If I said yes, you'd never let me hear the end of it. Besides, the truth is, I don't know. I like girls. I really do. I just don't think I want to have sex with them," I explained truthfully.

"Harry, that's sort of the definition of gay," Draco laughed slightly, but not in a mocking way.

"No it's not. Wanting to fuck men means you're gay. I-I'm not sure I want anyone. Maybe I'm asexual?" I offered, not ready to admit my lusty thoughts about Draco.

"Asexual? For real? You don't wanna shag at all? Now that I don't get," Draco admitted with a shake of his head.

"Lots of people are."

"Yeah, maybe. But I don't think that's what you are. I think you're just confused."

I planned to protest, but I couldn't. And I was drunk and getting tired. So I just shrugged.

"Yeah, I am confused. And no one knows this, so please don't tell Hermione. Can this be our secret?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure, sure. I won't say anything. I know I come off like a dick sometimes, and it's a valid observation of me. But I kinda sorta like you and Hermione more than I wish I did. So I won't fuck your shit up. My lips are sealed. Although my personal opinion is that you should tell her how you feel. She's got a crush on you. It's clear to see. At least don't let the girl pine."

Draco had a point, much as I didn't want to believe it. But telling Hermione would be a huge deal and would result in her wanting to talk endlessly about it all and might even hurt her feelings in the process. I wasn't really looking forward to talking to her about it.

"Can we just keep it between us right now?" I pleaded with him.

"Yeah, okay. But really, if you're a homo, I don't mind," Draco shrugged.

"Pretty sure you're not supposed to call people 'homo's'," I pointed out.

"Sorry. I'm learning. But if you're into dicks and not chicks, it's okay with me."

"Thanks. I think. You really need to work on your delivery of comforting words. But I can't even believe you're not judging me or making huge fun of me. Who is this new Draco and what happened to the old one?" I wondered aloud.

"Look, I'm still me. I just know it can be hard to question your sexuality and people kill themselves over that shit. I don't wanna be a dick about it. I'd rather be your friend. I mean, aren't we sort of friends now? I spend a shitload of time at your flat."

"Yeah, but you're working. It's not like you're hanging out with me as my friend."

"Tonight I am. We're drinking together and sharing secrets. That's what friends do. Which speaking of, does the ginger dipshit know about this?" Draco asked drunkenly.

"His name is Ron, and no, he doesn't know. I could never tell him. I don't think he'd understand," I lamented.

"But you're telling me?" Draco was confused.

"I care a lot less what you think of me," I shrugged honestly.

"Point taken. But I'm more likely to tell the entire world your secret."

"But you won't. You promised," I reminded him, hoping I wasn't a complete fool for telling him this.

"I know. And I won't. But you didn't know that. Why tell me of all people?" Draco was very confused.

"I have no clue. You were there and I'm drunk. But please don't make me regret telling you," I begged of him. Just then Hermione walked back into the room in her pajamas.

"Don't make you regret telling Draco what?" she asked me.

"Nothing! It was just some stupid thing," I tried to brush it off.

"Yeah, it was just a guy thing. You wouldn't get it anyway," Draco said, winking at me slyly to show he could be a friend.

Hermione was too drunk to notice the wink and too bored of us to prod for more questions.

"Alright. Boys and their stupid secrets. I really need more girlfriends. What's on the telly?" she asked as she grabbed the remote.

"I have no idea," I admitted, not really in the mood for telly time.

"I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air," Draco said, getting off the couch and taking off the clip on costume earrings.

I watched him go out the back door and I turned to Hermione.

"So you really got dressed up fancy for me?" I asked her quietly.

"Yes. Lot of good it did. Harry you're so clueless sometimes," she sighed and laid her head on my shoulder.

"I'm not clueless, I just don't want to ruin our friendship. I love you, Hermione. You're my favorite person. I don't ever want to mess that up," I said with incredible sincerity. So much so, my drunk self was getting teary eyed like a moron. She pulled me into a hug.

"Oh Harry. You're such a complete gentlemen, even if I sometimes wish you weren't. But I get it. You don't fancy me. Not like that. I understand," she sighed unhappily.

"It's not that I don't fancy you, it's just I think we're better off as friends. Besides, Draco fancies you! I think you should give him a try."

"Draco? Draco Malfoy? Have you lost it? No way. I mean, sure, he grew up way cuter than I ever thought he would. But still. No. I don't care if he fancies me. I still remember what a bully he was," she shook her head.

I should remember too what a bully he was. And a jerk. And a fuckwad. And he was quasi evil for a while. I should remember those things too. The truth is, it just didn't seem to matter anymore. We were all beyond that. And he really had changed. Maybe I wanted Hermione to have a go with Malfoy just because I couldn't? And also, maybe it meant he'd stick around once the work project came to an end. But Hermione wasn't being swayed to it.

Just then Draco came back inside and he smelled like cigarettes.

"Were you smoking?" Hermione asked distastefully.

"I had one or two puffs. Sue me. I sometimes smoke when I'm drunk. Which speaking of drunk, I need another shot of whiskey. Where's that bottle Harry?" he asked me.

"Over there," I pointed to the table.

Draco went over and chugged it and offered some to me, which I readily took. Hermione was bored of drinking, but us boys weren't done yet. We decided to go outside together with the bottle and just look at the stars in silent company. Like it or not, Draco and I had a bond now. He knew my darkest secret when no one else did. And I felt like I should be really worried about that, but instead I was just relieved to tell someone. I just had no idea why I decided that person should be Draco. The object of my wayward lust. He was in actuality the worst person I could tell, yet somehow the fact that he wasn't judging me gave me some sort of hope. Maybe my life wouldn't be utter shit after all? But it was impossible to really tell what he was thinking as we sat together on the back steps and passed the whiskey bottle back and forth between us. Finally he spoke.

"So Potter, how long have you known you were queer?" he asked slurring his words slightly.

"I'm not queer. I'm confused. There's a difference," I insisted.

"Alright well how long have you been confused?"

I sighed and had to think really hard about it. I wasn't entirely sure. I just knew that most girls always confused the hell out of me and scared me a little. Except Hermione. For some reason she was always like one of the boys to me. Which I knew she didn't want to be anymore, but it was how I felt. I turned to Draco.

"I think I've been confused for a long time. Ever since my first kiss."

"Who was that with?"


"I don't really remember her."

"Well we kissed and she was crying because Cedric died and he was her boyfriend. Except he was dead and now she was free, but I guess she was still sad. But I kissed her anyway. And I just remember it was wet. And awkward. And kinda gross," I shrugged.

"You kissed a girl whose boyfriend just died? Were you mad?" Draco laughed at me.

"No, it wasn't right after. It had been awhile. It's not like I told her he was dead and attacked her with my lips. But either way, it sucked," I admitted.

"And things weren't any better with that Weasley girl?"

"They were better, yes. But still a little awkward. I dunno. It just felt strange. And I kept thinking of Ron."

"Ron? Oh god, did you want to kiss him instead?" Draco wondered.

"No! Totally not. I just meant I thought of Ron and wondered if he'd kill me for kissing his sister. I didn't want to ruin our friendship," I clarified.

"So then you never had a thing for your friend Ron?"

"No! Never. You do realize that just because someone is gay, which I'm not even sure I am, doesn't mean we want to kiss every guy we know. We can just be friends with people," I told him vehemently.

"I know that. But still. I'm curious. You wanna kiss me?" Draco asked and I felt my face turn red with fire. I was so glad it was dark and he couldn't tell. At least I didn't think he could tell.

"You wish," I shot back at him before taking the bottle back and chugging it.

Draco laughed. "I don't wish that. Believe me. I don't wanna kiss you, Potter."

"Well I certainly don't wanna kiss you, Malfoy," I lied.

"That's where I draw a line. I don't care if you like guys, just don't kiss me," he said, which deflated me instantly, even if I shouldn't be surprised.

"Well don't worry. I'm not gonna kiss you. You're not my type," I lied again.




"Yes, it is perfect," I said with a sigh.

"Think Hermione will ever go out with me?" he asked, changing the subject thankfully.

"Doubtful. She thinks you suck," I informed him.

"What have I really done to her lately? I mean sure, in school I was a fucker, but I've matured."

"She still doesn't like you. She has a long memory."

"I've been working with her now for almost a year. You'd think she'd get over it by now."

"Why are you working with her anyway? Don't you have endless piles of family money? Why do you work?" I wondered drunkenly.

Draco shrugged and took a swig. "I don't want to be my father. He has no life. He just sits at home by the fire staring at his priceless knick knacks. I wanted to do something."

"Magical creatures? You don't even like magical creatures. Not since Buckbeak attacked you," I laughed slightly.

"Shut up. That fucking thing was a menace. And I do like magical creatures. Some of them. I liked Dobby. He was my elf, even if he thought you were awesome. He was mine first," Draco said.

"Dobby was miserable at your house."

"Not because of me. I treated him good. My father on the other hand was not so kind. But my father never is. To anyone. Not even to me," Draco lamented, taking another drink.

"Do you see him much?" I wondered softly.

"Nah, not really. My mum I see more. My father thinks I'm wasting my life at the Ministry in a stupid job. But anything less than Minister of Magic would be considered menial and stupid to him. I don't care what he thinks."

"I'm tired of being in training. How much more should I have to prove myself to these people? I think I can catch some bad guys now. But they say I need more experience," I explained with irritation.

"I think you're just notorious for leaping into things without always thinking them through. You've got a wicked hero complex. Maybe they just want you to think more? I mean you did do some dumb shit that I'm amazed you didn't die from," Draco chuckled.

"Like what?" I said indignantly.

"Like attacking a mountain troll. Or flying a car to school."

"I didn't fly the car. Ron did. And what was I supposed to do about the troll? It was going after Hermione!"

"You also saved my ass once in the Room of Requirement. You could have died and should have left me, but you didn't."

"I wasn't gonna leave you in there," I said with a shrug.

"Why not? I deserved it," he admitted.

"No you didn't. It's all water under the bridge anyway. I'd do it again. I'd do it all again," I smiled at him slightly.

"See, this is why they probably don't trust you. You admit to doing some misguidedly stupid things and aren't even sorry about it," Draco ribbed me and poked my side.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm not sure why trouble always finds me, but it does."

"Think we should go back inside? I wanna see Hermione some more," Draco said, shifting the subject.

"We could go back inside."

I gathered up the bottle and brushed my pants off. Draco did the same and we headed inside to find Hermione asleep on the couch.

"Damn. She's out cold," Draco sighed. "Well I guess this is my cue to go home."

I wanted to tell him not to leave and to stay with me and talk more. I could talk all night to him, really. But Draco was ready to leave. The person he wanted to spend time with was asleep. He wasn't there for me. I had to try and remind myself of that. But we had bonded. He couldn't deny that. Could he? I mean, secrets were shared. At least my secrets. He didn't share any with me. But I still didn't want him to go. He did anyway. I just thanked him for not spoiling my confidences in him and he patted me on the back and said not to worry. And then he apparated away. Just like that. I sat down on the couch next to Hermione and put her feet in my lap. She had the telly on some channel with infomercials on it and I just watched this amazing blender while I rubbed her feet and tried to keep the room from spinning around me. I was very drunk. And kind of lonely. But I resolved to buck it up and just let myself pass out on the couch and slip into a blissful coma calm.

To be continued….