Disclaimer: I don't own Goosebumps; it is the sole property of R. L. Stine and Scholastic Books. I also don't own the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; it is the creation of Robert Louis Stevenson. Original Characters are of my own design, and was inspired by one Matt22152.

This is an offshoot of Full Moon High showcasing one of its already famous and well-loved characters… that has yet to appear in the main story.

A long time ago, a man once believed that Humanity had two halves to them: Light and Dark. Good and Evil. And as long as they live, within us is always a battle between said good and evil. One such man, Dr. Henry Jekyll, theorized on this notion himself, and attempted to rid himself of his unseen dark half. However, the end result was the awakening and creation of his Dark ego: Mr. Edward Hyde.

We all have a side we want to be. Strong, confident, daring, and able to do the things we dream of doing. Confident, Beauitful, and wanting to be loved.

One such girl wanted to be beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside.

To have the confidence and strength to be more than what she was.

But would something that wanting be worth the price that would soon follow?

Full Moon High: the Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde