Author's Note: This thing is going to have short chapters, but will maybe continue for fairly long. It will basically be about Haku's life.

Also I promise that I won't make it triggering for people who have emetophobia. So if you're worrying about that, this fic is pretty safe for the most part. :)

Haku's POV

Sometimes I wonder about things that prove I really am a weirdo.

"When was the last time that person there threw up"? I wonder all the time. About random people.

Also, during movies. Has that celebrity thrown up since this movie was filmed? Has this singer thrown up since they recorded the song I'm listening to?

Well, you see, for everybody else, throwing up is simply... unpleasant. They do it, get over it, and then keep on going.

For me, however, it's... the bane of my existence.

For me, it's this big event. For me, it's a mark on the calendar. For me, it subconsciously divides my life into two eras.

My life is divided into two sections. The years before "it" happened, and the years after "it" happened.

The "it" in question is the day where I last threw up. Years ago. The memory still haunts me and divides my life in two.

If only I could be able to stop thinking of it that way, maybe I could finally get over this stupid phobia.

But I just can't. I can't stop thinking in such a way.

Something is telling me to end this "chapter" on a positive note, just like I did the last one...


I have a friend who understands me. We don't see each other often, because she moved across the state a few years ago. We don't go to the same school. Yet we still keep in touch.

Her name is Neru, and she understands. She doesn't have the phobia herself. In fact, I'm not exactly sure she truly knows exactly what I'm feeling. But she supports me.

So to end this on a positive note, I'm seeing Neru this Saturday. Today is Wednesday and I couldn't be more impatient.

When I'm with Neru, somehow I forget about all these things I worry about. I'm craving the relief of being with her.

If only I could see her every day.