Harry Potter and Island of Sodor

Chapter 1

Arriving on Sodor

At platform 9 ¾ quarters September 1, 1998

"Bye Harry!"replied Ginny *she blowed him a kiss* "Bye Harry!" replied Hermione *then both of the girls got on the train* "Harry, what is the deal why aren't we going the minister of magic to received of first jobs" replied Ron *he looked at Harry holding two tickets to a Island* "We are going on Vacation to an Island when we could just bring our girlfriends" *then Harry looked at his friend* "Ginny isn't my girlfriend anymore and besides Hermione say to you last night it's not looking good between you two secondly it's good job for us on the island" said Harry "come on our train is waiting for us" *they got on their train*

A Few hours later….

Harry and Ron were looking at hills and the bridge they came arcoss. "Island of Sodor why are on a Island name Sodor it's sounds like a muggle name" said Ron *Harry haven't told Ron where they are yet until they reached the Knapford station* "Mister Potter!" yelled a fat stout man. "Mister Hatt" replied Harry *he ran over to the stout man* "it's good to come here since my grandfather knows you when he was a little boy" replies Harry *then he heard Ron screamed like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's day off* "Ron, you are scaring the children" *he goes back into the crowd to dragged Ron out* "Sorry Mr. Hatt, this is my friend who will be helping you with Railway" *Ron Fainted* "I guess you two can work tomorrow" *and the stout man went in his car*

Note: I don't own Harry Potter that belongs to JK Rowling and I don't own Thomas the Tank Engine that is owned by Britt Allcroft and sorry for the short intro.