Chapter 6a

Ronald's first day

After three weeks of building the Engine is done

Harry Potter has been working in his secret Garage building his Engine he wasn't working for most of last week since he had figure what engine to make, A Tank Engine, Tender Engine or Locomotive engine so he made Tender Engine since there were only two on the island. "Harry!" yelled Hermione, "I am in here Sweetie" said Harry *Hermione walked in the garage* "Harry I need to tell you something" said Hermione *Harry just finished the new train's brakes* "Okay Ronald you have to work for today with Edward" *then Ronald puffed to Edward's station* "Now what is it baby" said Harry. "I am pregnant Harry I don't know if we should keep it or not since we aren't married yet" *Harry looked at his girlfriend* "Hermione, I think we should keep the baby since it's our kid and no more Potters going to be separated from their parents" said Harry *Hermione cried and went to hugged Harry* "Are you sure Harry about this I mean it's our kid and his friends are going to ask why don't we have rings on our fingers" *Harry just put his finger on his girlfriend mouth* "They not going to know since we going to be married before he or she hits Pre-K or a year after he or she is born" said Harry, Hermione looked at Harry "how did you got smart Harry" said Hermione. "Because I learn from my girlfriend" *he kiss Hermione cheek*

Meanwhile on the rails

Ronald was helping Edward pulling some troublesome trucks full of slate from the quarry to a new station. "Edward why is James dugust at me I never met him until I came" said Ronald *then Gordon the big engine puffed into the station* "He used to be only red engine on island" said Gordon "But when Thomas came on the island he was a different shade of blue not the same for you since you were made on the island so if he is causing trouble for you go to Conductor Potter to resolve him back into his original color". "Bye Ronald I hope you have a good first day" said Gordon *he puffed onto Knapford*.

Later that day

James started to play a trick on Ronald but he failed until Harry saw it happen. "James you get to go to another railway but not on this island" said Harry "Gordon take Ronald to the steamie works" *James just puffed away disgraceful*.

End of chapter 6a

Chapter 6b

Return of the King

(People might know who I referencing)

In the Potter Manor on Sodor

Harry and Hermione were thinking who to invited to the wedding. "I thinking Neville and Hannah as the best man and Bridesmaid" said Harry *Hermione thought that she is going to spend most of the time with Harry Potter since he is going to be her husband* "Harry are you sure we can do this without the Ministry of Magic" said Hermione *Harry looked at his fiance* "Hermione I thought you don't give a damn thing about the Ministry we having a damn muggle wedding" said Harry "But if you want us to be in our underwear I sent a letter to Neville and Hannah to wear something for them to match us" *Hermione looked at her man* "no one gets to see my boy toy in his underwear but me" said Hermione *Harry blushed* "Hermione I was joking" said Harry "but I know you only get to see me in my underwear since you are going Mrs. Hermione Potter". *Hermione pushed her lips on Harry* "don't remind me of that until we are here on our honeymoon so I can make you mine forever" replied Hermione "I thinking I would wear some pink Lingerie". "Hermione Jane Granger are you trying to be a dirty mother" said Harry *Hermione bend over to reveal black lingerie* "no just dirty wife" said Hermione *Harry just walked behind and just ripped off his girlfriend clothes* "show me Mrs. Potter" said Harry *Hermione put her lips on Harry* "do you want me right me" said Hermione *Harry nodded yes Hermione took Harry's hand to their room*

The Next Day

"Harry Potter what are we going to do when our kids are Eleven" said Hermione "They might find out Harry their parents are witches" *Harry nodded no* "Hermione we aren't going left them find until their children's children's children is on the planet" said Harry. *there was a knock on door* "Harry" said a familiar voice. Harry looked at the door, "Hey it's Ron" said Harry *he opened the door to let him in with a girl* "So you are my cousin Harry" said Leslie *she shake Harry's while Hermione looked confused* "I thought Dudley was your cousin Harry" said Hermione *Harry looked at Hermione pretending to have a stroke* "Hermione I having a stroke" said Harry *he felled to the ground* "Harry James Potter don't pull that on me since I am your fiance" said Hermione *Ron looked at Hermione* "Just to point out I am okay with this" said Ron "Besides how is everything on Sodor" *Harry got off the ground* "I guessing I on the couch for pulling a stunt like that and Ron it's okay it's runs on time sometimes" *Thomas drove into window* "My goodness why haven't come through the door" said Harry "I would let you in" he laughed "but you going to steamworks".

End of Chapter 6b