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This story will be my take on the teenage life of Clark Kent, from learning that he can lift a tractor with his pinky finger to becoming the Earth's mightiest hero, Superman.

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Chapter 1 - The Baby (Prologue)

"We could always adopt a child," says Jonathan while trying to comfort Martha after yet another unsuccessful attempt to have a baby.

They were coming home from the doctor where they discored the crushing truth. Martha was infertile.

Jonathan and Martha always wanted to have a child. Ever since their wedding, they dreamed of having a family.

But now, seeing it was almost 10 PM, Jonathan just wanted to go home and sleep next to his wife in a loving embrace.

"You're probably right, Jonathan. There are so many poor children in need of a family," said Martha after a few seconds. You could see in her expression that she was sad. Not only for her, but for her family. For Jonathan. For the baby they are never going to ha-

They were both ripped out from their thoughts at the sound of a huge crash not too far from them.

"What in the-"

Jonathan wasn't able to finish his thought, as Martha cut him off.

"Jonathan, we have to go there! We have to see if there wasn't anyone. People could be hurt!" said Martha with determination, thought Jonathan could see the fear in her eyes.

"There probably aren't any people, what would anyone be doing so late at night in a cornfield?" asked Jonathan, a little confused. He really just wanted to go home. He was tired.

"Jonathan!" hissed Martha sharply.

"Alright, alright."

After Jonathan finally gave in, they turned around and went into the direction of where the sound was heard.

When they came to the cornfield, the sight shocked them.

It didn't look man-made. It looked extraterrestrial. A spaceship. Even if he was almost 30 yards away from it, there was no mistaking. It was a spaceship. Jonathan moved carefully, he didn't want to activate any defense mechanisms the ship might have, but he couldn't help but be a little curious. He took a good look at the ship.

The ship ship was black, though there was a white ‚S' symbol on the front. The shape of the ship itself was unfamiliar.

Duh, Jonathan. It's alien,' thought Jonathan.

The best description Jonathan could give is that it had curves. Not the sharp edges today's aircrafts, and even spaceships, had.

"Jonathan, what is it?" asked Martha as she came over to Jonathan, the fear and worry in her voice evident.

Jonathan was struck. He could think, but he found out he wasn't able to say anything.

Finally, after a few seconds, he was able to say something.

"It l-looks like a-a s-s-spaceship. Oh God, Martha. A spaceship," came out, even though Martha was already next to him, just as dumstruck as he.

There was a weird sound coming from the ship.

"Jonathan, can you hear it?" asked Martha.

"Hear what?" asked Jonathan, confused. He didn't hear anything.

"Come on!" yelled Martha.

"Martha, wait!" Jonathan shouted, but it was to no avail, as Martha was already running to the spaceship.

When she arrived next to the spaceship, all the words died in her throat. Well, alien spaceship is one thing. But what is in that ship surprised even her.

"Martha, what the hell? It could be dangerous! It could have some defense mechanisms! It could be radioactive! For God's sake, Mar-" Jonathan was cut off at the sight before him. He went speechless just as Martha did a few seconds ago.

There was a baby. There was a goddamn baby in the ship. A boy, apparently.

He looked no more than a year and a half old, though it was probably less. He had a dark, black hair with a little curl on its forehead. He was wrapped in something red, it looked like a blanket, though the material seemed to be different. She didn't pay much attention to it. She was focused on the little boy. When he looked at Martha, he immediately stopped crying and reached his small hands toward her.

Martha couldn't help but smile, though she was still a bit shocked. She noticed the baby had the bluest eyes she has ever seen. They were inhuman. Breathtaking. She finally noticed that he was reaching his small hands to her, so she automatically reached for him and took him in his arms.

"Oh my... Jonathan.. our prayers have been answered..," said Martha with a loving voice, as the baby curled up on her chest. He touched her finger and started playing with it and giggling.

Could a baby even giggle at this age?

„...Y-yes, I suppose they-they h-have...but.. can we keep him? It's obviously a boy. Should we keep him? asked Jonathan, obviously still shocked.

„Of course, Jonathan! The poor baby probably doesn't have any family. And if he does, they must be sick. What kind of parents would send their child across the stars in a goddamn spaceship?!" asked now angry Martha. She couldn't even begin to think about the story of this cute baby.

Jonathan gave out a long sigh, though she could see that he was smiling.

„Well, I suppose you're right," said Jonathan, finally.

"But.. what do we name him? I don't suppose he does have a name," said Martha.

Jonathan wanted to say something, but he was cut off by Martha's pained yell.

„Martha?! What happened?!" asked Jonathan. He looked at her hand and saw that the finger the boy was playing with was broken. The baby broke her finger. But how?

As they both looked at the boy, he seemed to realize he did something wrong. He gave them almost an apologetic look. How could a baby like this be so strong?

„Jonathan... how can he be so strong?" asked Martha, surprised, with a hint of pain in her voice. She tried to keep her voice as calm as possible for the sake of the baby, but Jonathan could still hear it.

„I don't know. But we found him. And he is ours, now. Whatever the obstacles are, we will get through them. Right?" asked Jonathan.

Martha looked at him and smiled.


She kissed the boy slowly on the forehead and felt salt. From tears.

This baby was loved. And it must've pained his parents to send him here. What happened? Why did they send him here? Whatever happened, it must've been terrible. Otherwise they wouldn't have sent him here if he was loved.

„So.. what do we name him?" asked Jonathan, taking Martha out of her thoughts.

Martha thought about it. ‚What do we name him?' Just then, an idea struck her.

„How about.. Clark?" asked Martha, while looking at the baby, and then at Jonathan. The baby's face lit up, somehow. Like the name seemed familiar.

"After your maiden name?" asked Jonathan, a little confused.

"Sure, why not? Clark Kent," said Martha. Just then, the baby looked at Martha and started blabbing excitedly.

„Jonathan, look! He likes it!" said Martha.

Jonathan looked at the baby. He really likes it.

"Alright, it does have a nice ring to it, I suppose. We can decide on the middle name later, if we give him any. Why did we decide on the name here, anyway? We have to get him out of here," said Jonathan as he moved to the truck. He will have to find a way to get this ship to the storm cellar or something. It can't be here.

As they came into the car, Martha wrapped the baby.. Clark, into a blanket. He snuggled into it and fell asleep.

And, so... they went home. This time, it's not just as husband and wife. This time, it's as a father and a mother.

I rewrote this chapter, as I noticed that the original one was... well, let's just say that it wasn't very good.

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