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A lone figure riding on a massive hamster stepped through the borders between the Slaine Theocracy and the Elf Kingdom. She wore a strange hooded long coat underneath that. A gray metallic exoskeleton with numerous joints what made her possible to move freely under a battle situation.

In the shadows, she was escorted by several. Leather armor wearing figures who were equipped with short bows and one-on-one handed swords what lazily hung on their sides. They were elves who escorted Raidyn the adamantine ranked adventurer.

True the elves of the great forest military wise did not have such military might, and neither have as much magic items as the Slaine Theocracy. But because of the dense forest and the dangerous beast what resided amongst the woods. The agile and subtle elves could easily use their guerrilla tactic to outmaneuver and kill the Theocracy soldiers one by one.

They escorted Raidyn exactly in the border of the forest. The leader of the escort gently landed beside the adventurer who rode on her faithful mount. Hamusuke.

He bowed. "I am sorry Lady Raidyn. But this is the point where we can't go further… Are you sure you want to go this way? We could show you the border of the Dragon Kingdom. There is a much safer way through it."

Raidyn jumped down from Hamusuke and patted the commander shoulder while smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry chief. I will be fine. I wanted to explore a little bit a Theocracy anyway."

The commander gasped. "B-But Raidyn-sama! If those barbarians capture you…" he clenched his fist while looked away. "They will surely throw you in prison in best case… In worst case…" he was silent for a moment. Remembering his former wife who was enslaved by the Slaine Theocracy soldiers. Unfortunately, when he and his squad managed to infiltrate their camp. His wife was already dead. Along with many more elf woman and children.

He looked back to Raidyn with a worried expression. "… they will enslave you." He bowed his head respectfully. "Kain-sama would surely execute us if we let that. So, please I ask you thee your Majesty again! No, plead to you!" he kneeled down before her. "Please chose an another path."

Raidyn smiled at him and patted his shoulder reassuringly again. "Don't worry. I was in bigger trouble before. Besides… I am subtle as an elephant in a porcelain store." She chuckled.

The commander of the little squad tilted his head with a confused expression. "Elephant? If you may your majesty… Can you explain to me what kind of animal is an elephant is? I never heard about such creature."

Esdeath chuckled. Leaned closer the man. Looked around suspiciously and whispered to him. "The world subtlest and most silent creature. Even if it stands on your leg. You will never recognize it."

"Ah! I see!" the commander nodded with an uneasy expression on his face.

"But be aware… An elephant never forgets." Noted Raidyn sarcastically. Bopp the chef's forehead. Then turned around. Hopped back on Hamusuke and left the confused scout squad commander behind.

The commander looked at her for a few moments with a confused expression. Then shook off his confusion and signed his squad. It is time to return their posts. Their country is still at war with the Theocracy after all. They need to keep their eyes open.

Scene Change: Somewhere in the Slaine Theocracy:

After Esdeath left the border behind. She activated her anti-divination measurements and asked Shalltear to open a [Gate] and transport back Hamusuke to the sixth floor for further training. After all, in her current scouting mission, she would be only a hindrance.

First, Hamusuke was happy she could return the safety of Nazarick. Then she remembered what kind of horrors hide amongst the walls of Nazarick and opposed the idea. Saying she rather want to scout the surrounding with 'the Milady.'

But Esdeath only gently bopped her head and sent her back anyway. Saying it is for her own good and maybe there is a monster skulk around the corner. And maybe. But only 'maybe'… it will just wait the right moment when Esdeath is not watching and then swallow Hamusuke wholly.

You don't have to guess. Hamusuke immediately started to cover and pleaded to get her back to Nazarick. Despite the place was a lot more dangerous than their current location and her torturer has also resided there. At least in Nazarick no one eating her without Ainz or Esdeath's permission.

After Hamusuke had disappeared. Esdeath opened her inventory and withdrew a high-level item. It was a bland looking cloak with a hood. For appearance, the item was not much. But anyone who used identification magic on it could see. It was a legendary class item what was enchanted with further data crystals to generate a strong concealing field what can be turned in or out anytime by the user.

It was able to hide the wearer from anyone's gaze. Who is not using active high-level detector abilities or spells in the tenth tier of magic or did not have job class what was able to increase detection in such levels.

Using the item make it possible to blend in the surrounding in such degree. Esdeath would be able to walk in the royal treasury of E-Rantel and rob it without the guards or the security system was able to detect her and trigger an alarm.

After she equipped it, she immediately disappeared from the naked eye. The enchantment on the cloak, function wise resembled the [Perfect Unknowable] spell. The spell erased one's traces and sounds, making the magic caster very difficult to detect if they did not have very high-level thief-type job classes.

Esdeath sighed and went to scout her surroundings. She has two days alone. Ok. Not alone. Her two plus person in her head and the red leather suit wearing idiot occasionally used to pop up. But mostly to flirt with her demonic side. Nothing more.

What bothered her he always started to eat pizza with pineapple. She too loved pineapple on the pizza, but at least Deadpool should eat normally and not try to push through his mask. Making everything a complete mess.

Aside from the people in her head. Hanzo and Eight legged Assassin units escorted her from the shadows.

She needed some time alone that for sure. She had enough about the constant prattling of the people around her. Of course, most of them not complained. No. Most of them invited her to parties. Offered her invitations, wine, food or even to sleep in their houses. The vassals and guardians never let her a little free time if she returned to Nazarick. Neither she could speak with them normally.

All of them used that ridiculous and annoying honorifics and bowed deeper that she thought it is possible. Every time they were talking to her. Seriously! The only normal people she spoke and did not use unnecessary honorifics or bowed in such degree they did not dare to even look at her. face Was Ainz, Ninya, Nfirea and the people who do not know her.

After all. No matter who she is now. In her previous life, she was an introvert program engineer who is rarely left her home. Not because she was paralyzed from her waist. In the 22nd century, it was not a big trouble. After all. There were exoskeletons what helped disabled persons to move again. Hell! There were even artificial limbs what can entirely substitute these functions. As well many war veterans used them.

She used such exoskeleton as well in her previous life. After all. Even she left her home sometimes. She did not like it of course. And she mostly worked from the safety of her home. But sometimes even she needed to discuss business or go to the doctor. Or similar things.

She severed all connections and messaged to everyone. Only disturb her if Nazarick is under siege. She scouted for a while. And she must admit. It was a beautiful day. She only walked around. Enjoying the shining sun rays. Occasionally walking in the cities and the villages what she found under her scouting mission.

Using her shapeshifting abilities shifting into human form without heterochromatic eyes. She changed her face as well her bodily proportions as well. Now she had golden blonde hair. Shining blue eyes and she was a little bit taller than her usual appearance. Around 170 cm.

Of course, while she strides the streets of the city she disabled her cloak concealing function so she could interact with others.

She only wore her divine class magic ring what concealed her true nature and power. So she seemed a simple human who is just doing her own business.

Under her time as a regular citizen. She shopped and browsed the various goods what the traders offered. Of course, only for an experimental purpose. Seeing what this country and its people can offer to Nazarick.

Most of the people of the Slaine Theocracy seemed nice. No different than the people of the Kingdom of Re-Estize or in the Elf Kingdom. Reasonably. She did not know the other country people because she was never there. But what Momonga told her about the Dragon Kingdom. It seemed there are everywhere bad and good people in equal amount.

Just like back in Earth. It seemed no matter what world. The duality of the human nature remained.

The only differences what she saw were the well-equipped constantly patrolling knights on the streets, the city seemed much safer than E-Rantel, and the streets were much cleaner than back in the Kingdom. ( In YGGDRASIL standards the gears of the guards was equal with trash.)

The city seemed luxurious and cleaner compared to E-Rantel. At least if you looked the place where the common folk lived. The district where mostly the nobles lived were as luxurious if not even more than E-Rantel.

Fortunately, it was Sunday. At least it seemed it was the equal of Sunday of this world. Because the streets were crowded by the traders whose offered their various cheap wares. It was a little more expensive than in E-Rantel, but it seemed the wares were much higher quality than back in the Kingdom. Maybe it would be wise to send Sebas and Solution here to collect information and buy here the newly developed spells instead relying on the Magical Association back in the kingdom. This country as well the Re-Estize kingdom have a magician guild. Maybe there is more information than in her resident country.

The other interesting thing was the denizen's faith. She heard about the six gods what the Slaine Theocracy worshipping. And from the description what Sylphine the Elf Kingdom archmage told her. Those six deities scarcely resembled players from YGGDRASIL.

But what was more intriguing that was the dogmas of the faith. For example, in the city where she walked around. The bells rung six times a day and every person. Even the guards kneeled down and started to pray towards their deities. Not wanting to cause ruckus she did the same. Bowed down her head and mimicked them. Not because she was religious. No in reality. She did not believe any person or deity who was soo arrogant to call itself a god.

Aside from that. She visited a few temples. It seemed in every major city there was six of them. Most likely every deity got one. She visited all six of them. Not because she was a believer as said before. But because she was curious and always liked the architecture of the old world.

In the Earth, she had no such chance. She also asked a few questions from the priest whom gladly answered her numerous questions. Hoping they found a new lamb in their herd.

True it was general knowledge. But it was more than Demiurge and Zero collected when they started to collect those 'Chimera Lambs' to their experiments. Of course, Demiurge and Zero were very practical and effective. Still, missed the finesse to collect this general information's what could truly decide the battle won or lose.

If they will face the Theocracy in the future. They will need this general information. With it. Maybe they could even conquer the whole country without even have to move their pinkie. Simply by using the people belief in their gods. After that. It will be easy to take over the country and weed out the resistance.

Practically. The common people will do that instead of them. Religion actually was pretty useful when it comes to controlling and manipulating the masses. A few good placed words. The reinterpretation of their so-called holy text. And they would even slit their own new-born throat or eat it alive. At least. The most zealous ones.

The other thing what she saw were slaves. Mostly employed by the nobles what she saw. Most of them were treated horribly and were seriously thin because of their malnutrition.

Her angelic side wanted to help. Her demonic side simply enjoyed the view. And she was on an undercover mission. So she simply shut they plead out of her head. Concentrating on her mission and tried to get out most from her free time.

In the market square. Countless cages stood and were filled with various race slaves. Mostly elves. But in separate cages can be seen a few Beastman whose were despite their bruised state. Growled and roared to the people outside of their cage. Wanting to scare them away. Most people, of course, looked away and went to their own way with a scared face.

But few of them have the courage to throw them rotted fruits and vegetables. Mostly the children whom most likely does not know what are they really doing. Esdeath was disgusted. According to her. No matter the race. All being born with freedom. No one deserved to be a slave.

But now she can't do anything about the situation. But when the time comes. Everything will change in this country. For better or worse for their denizens. Change is painful. But without pain. There is no gain.

Esdeath knows if they will start to expand. Her free time will be reduced to zero. Fortunately, the gold, silver and copper coins what she gained from her adventurer work were universal. So she could use it to shopping. Not as she liked it.

If she saw something. Not stared at it for hours and walked around in circles like most woman. No, she was a man in her previous life and used to buy everything the shortest amount of time as possible. Following the most efficient shopping pattern.

It was already lunch, and she felt she needs to eat something. Not as she needed ever eat anything due her race were able to sustain itself without food or drink. And thanks to her Magic Eater job class she could even eat her own magic and gain the buff from it. The fact why she still eats daily base because she gets used to eating once a while. It was the remains of her human side. And after all... she was in a foreign country. So it was sensible to try out at least their cuisine.

As she walked in the crowded streets, she spotted a good looking Inn. The inn was quite crowded but actually pretty well furnished. At least it seemed it is from outside.

She looked up to the tavern sign what showed it was indeed a tavern.

She walked in still shrouded with her cloak. When she entered. For a moment, the bartender looked in the direction of the door. Then looked back to clean the bottle what he held in his hand.

Near the door, there was a small table with an overdue book on the top of it. Behind it, a neatly clothed gentleman stood.

She walked to the gentleman. Removed her hood. "I would like a table for one person."

The man measured her for a moment. Her cloak was seemed pretty bland. But her clothes underneath that seemed first-grade travel clothes. Maybe she is a traveling noble and just did not want to get too much attention.

"Yes, judging from her beautiful face she must be some rich noble daughter who wants to travel the world before she will be married." Thought the doorkeeper and nodded.

"Milady… may I know your name?" inquired the man.

Esdeath first furrowed her brows. But then realized why he is asking it. It was a pretty elegant place after all. Maybe it is needs booking to eat there. First, she did not want to come here. But maybe there is some normal food. Of course, she still had a few portion of meal in her inventory what Zero personally prepared her. But she wanted to try out new things as said before.

She has to try. If she fails she simply searches an another place.

So, she used her alias. "Casca Griffith."

The suit-wearing gentleman looked through the names. Both in the G and the C letter. After all. There are countries where people used to write different order their names. But he found it nowhere.

He looked up to her. "Milady there are no name Casca Griffith on the list. May you want to reserve a table or you waiting for someone?"

"No, I am only for myself. Are you sure there is no safe table for one person?"

The butler suited man shook his head. "No, my lady. I am afraid there is none in the moment. May you want to reserve a table?"

She sighed. "Well, what a shame. It seems I need an another place where I could spend the gold coins what father gave me." Esdeath placed her full purse to the small table. And let the man saw the shining gold coins in it.

The Butler uniformed man was a little sour he had to send out this young gal. But he knows very well the consequences if he let himself bribe. The last one who accepted bribery from foreigners were immediately fired without payment. And he still has a family who he had to feed.

He bowed slightly. "I am sorry my Lady. But according to the rules, no one can enter without booking or recommendation."

She sighed and nodded. "Ah… What a shame. Maybe next time."

Of course, she could easily use an item or her [Mind Hacking] ability to change the memories of the Butler looking man. But as in Momonga's case. It immensely drains her. And she needs to be alone with the man to do it. Not speaking about. She is completely defenseless while she does that.

Not that it is mattered. She was only curious about the food what they serve in this luxurious tavern.

She left and went to eat somewhere else. She recognized she was followed by an unknown figure. Of course, she already knew she was constantly followed around by the five eight edged assassins and five Hanzo.

Hanzo is a humanoid ninja-type monster whose level is over 80. It's skilled in countering stealth. She always thought Ainz really worried too much about her. It was a simple scouting and her free time after all. Even when she was constantly followed by those stealth units.

She ordered the stealth units to not do anything without she ordered them. So, they remained put for the time being. She continued her strolling in the city for the end of the day. She stopped near the fountain of the main square.

It was strange. No one was in the plaza. The magical lamps dimmed peacefully. Esdeath sighed and sat down one of the benches. She looked up to the night sky. Then started to smile. "You can come out now. I know you are here…"

The figure did not answer just watched her further. "Please, would you kindly come out from the shadows? You followed me all day. It was amusing in the beginning. But it became boring quite fast."

A figure stepped out from the shadows. She wore an exquisite looking silver armor. On her back, a huge cross-shaped war scythe hung. Inspecting her closer she had heterochromia, for both her eyes and hair. Her hair color is silver in half, while the other half side is black.

On her back, she is wearing a black cape.

It seemed some kind of item what hid her away from the naked eye. But for Esdeath she was completely visible.

"How long do you know I following you?" she asked.

"Since you started following me. Since I started browsing goods at the morning." She answered while inspected the sky.

"Hmm. I am impressed. Not even the captain was able to sense me when I am wearing the cape of the Six."

"Then your captain is either closing his eyes, or he is blind." She answered.

The unknown woman closed her eyes and nodded approvingly while a wide smile settled on her face. "Most likely. He is a very bland guy after all."

"Hmm. Bosses used to be like that after all… the night sky is beautiful. Would like to watch it together?" she asked politely.

She shook her head. "Tempting offer. But I am not here for that. I am here to test your strength."

"Why do you think I am strong?" asked Esdeath suspiciously.

"You spotted me in the crowd while I wore my cape. "

She rolled her eyes. "And? Maybe I have talent what made me capable of seeing through invisibility. Anyway… It is pretty rude challenge someone in a fight without even state your name. Don't you think?" Esdeath turned her towards her lazily.

She smirked. "You first."

Esdeath sighed. "Very well… I am Casca Griffith." She stood up and bowed slightly. "It is good to meet you, Miss?"

"Zeshi. Zeshi Zetsumei."

"So… Zeshi. Can I call you Zeshi?" she asked.

"Of course. If I can call you Casca."

"You can. Why not? So… Why are you want to fight me? I may be good at detecting people. But I am not that strong. I am quite inexperienced in the close ranged fight."

Zesshi smiled. "You can say whatever you want. But you can't cover up that mighty presence. That killing intent what you radiated towards me when you looked at my direction afternoon. The killing intent of a mighty warrior. Even I started to tremble when I felt it." She explained.

"Shit! I really did that? I was careless. Why not this Divine Class concealment ring can't conceal Killing intent?" She rolled her eyes. "Of course you dumb! Because it is not really dependent on the person strength but his/her battle aura what came of his/her battle experience, in other words, it is projected emotion wave. I made a mistake when I tried to scare her with an aimed killing intent wave. Bad! Bad Esdeath!" she scolded herself.

Esdeath sighed. "Look… I don't really want to fight. I just want to enjoy my freedom. Just staring the stars, enjoying the view and just traveling the world. I don't really like fighting."

Zesshi smiled. "What a shame. You will be under the necessity."

"Zesshi… Please don't. I don't really want anyone of us being injured. I am not proficient in healing magic. And seeing your gear. You are as well more offense than support."

"Besides that… You have scrap gear…" thought Esdeath after she measured Zesshi's gear. It was far surpassed anything that she saw in this world. Still… it was a bunch of level eighty-five and ninety. Legendary and artifact level gear. With badly optimized data crystals. There was only one divine class item amongst them. Her chest plate.

What was strange. Her face strangely resembled the elf king's face. Maybe she is his daughter, and he sent her after her. After Esdeath beat him to a pulp and refused his offer. Or it was only a simple coincidence. Well she wore different face than Raidyn's so it must be a coincidence.

Esdeath looked back to the skies while smiled. "Don't you want to watch the sky instead of fighting? It is really nice."

Zesshi slowly grabbed her cross-shaped weapon handle and pulled out from its holder. [Message]: "Attention Hanzo units. And Assassin units. Don't attack her. I want to test her capabilities if she decides to attack me."

[Message]: "Yes, Esdeath-sama. As you wish!" replied the leader of the assassin squad.

Zesshi grabbed something from her pocket and threw it up. It was a crystal ball like item. Esdeath recognized it. It was the [Crystal ball of absolute Illusion]. The item created a field of absolute illusion what made every spectator inside and outside of the field under certain level think there are no one around them.

It made them believe there are no one there and the area is perfectly safe. Of course with Zesshi's and Esdeath's level they could see through such things easily.

[Message]: "Units. Keep the civilians and if possible the Theocracy forces out of the area. We don't want unnecessary casualties."

[Message]: "As you wish Esdeath-sama."

Zesshi pulled out her weapon from its leather sheath. "So… Shall we begin? I hope you are not a disappointment. I am itching for a good fight."

"[Greater Possibility Detection]" Zesshi activated her martial art. Then her eyes widened. "What! Impossible! Such killing intent can't belong to a simple human. But what is this feeling? When I look at her, I feel… I never felt such thing before… Only in my… Childhood. Yes, this is the feeling of fear. The feeling of uncertainty. The feeling what I so long longed for! If you were a man… We maybe are together…" she smirked.

Esdeath rolled her eyes. "It is really necessary? I really don't want to fight…"

Zesshi squinted her eyes and leaped towards Esdeath. Leaving a small crater in her wake. She was unreasonably strong compared to anyone who she meets in this world. A little above Kain. Around level 85-86. At least at first glance.

For a naked eye, Zesshi moved so fast she was untraceable. Only after images showed the place where she was before. Of course, she still seemed sluggish for Esdeath who was one of the strongest players back in YGGDRASIL.

But if she wants to play. She lets her play. Zesshi appeared before her and with a strong yet controlled slice she tried to slice Esdeath at the half with her double War scythe. Strength, technique and speed wise she was under Cocytus whom Esdeath used to spar daily base when she is back in Nazarick.

Unfortunately, because of Cocytus new responsibility with the Lizardman village, their spars become rarer and rarer with each passing day.

Esdeath only stepped away from Zesshi's strikes. One strike almost sliced Esdeath at half of course if that would happen Zesshi most likely slice her own arm because of the Vector Shield what Esdeath passively kept up.

She stepped away lazily from her strikes. But she knows. Whatever Zesshi is doing while trying to hit her. She is only testing her. It was not her real strength.

This little game continued approximately for a whole minute. When an unnaturally wide smirk settled on Zesshi's face. She kicked towards Esdeath what she blocked crossing her arms. But before the kick could reach her she deactivated her passive [Vector Shield] to not injure her opponent. From the strength behind the kick, she slipped back a few meters.

Not because the strength behind the kick was so strong. But because it would be strange if she did not even budge from such strike. "[Superior Gale Acceleration]!" Zesshi activated her martial art and disappeared from the naked eye. She appeared behind Esdeath and placed her double-edged war scythe before her throat.

"You are good. I must admit that. Please accept my congratulations. But I will end this now. You are too dangerous to let you live."

[Message]: "Esdeath-sama! Please give us the order, and we will terminate her!"

[Message]: "I ordered you! Stand down!"

[Message]: "As you wish. But I must warn you. Military units entered in the area. They were led by a stronger person around level 65-70 he is accompanied by a person around level 30-35. Do you wish us to eliminate them? Or lead them away?"

[Message]: "Let them in. Maybe they are the companions of this woman. We are not here to organize bloodbath."

[Message]: "As you wish." The Hanzo and Eight Edged Assassin units bowed in the shadow.

Esdeath lazily glanced back to the person who held a scythe to her throat. "You say I am dangerous. Still… You are the one who is holding a scythe before an armless person. This is just… funny…"

"I apologize because of that. Don't worry. I will embed your face in my mind. You were a worthy opponent." Zesshi bowed her head in respect. "But if you are truly strong. You can either repel my scythe or slip out the cold embrace of death."

Zesshi started to move her scythe to decapitate Esdeath. Esdeath quickly grabbed her shinobigatana what she held on her waist. In a leather sheath. It was a legendary level weapon. What kept close to herself if she needed a quick defensive weapon.

Zesshi weapon being an artifact level item has no chance against her weapon.

Esdeath placed the short ninja sword between her throat and the sharp edge of her opponent weapon. She twisted it a little bit and slipped out from the hole between the edge of the scythe and her opponent. Then with a flip, she strikes towards Zesshi with her blade.

Zesshi quickly held her weapon handle before herself to block the strike. From the strike what Esdeath stroke the handle, Zesshi slipped back leaving a mark on the ground.

She eyed her behind her weapon. "Well, that was unexpected. You are better than I thought. Tell me. How much you hold back?"

"And you?" Esdeath held up hr short sword before herself in a reverse position.

A happy smile moved on Zesshi's face. "Enough to measure your power."

"And? What do you think? Shall we start or rather you accept my previous propose and let away this foolish fight. I have no mod to fight tonight." She changed her posture to resting.

"What a shame… You will be under of necessity to do it."

Esdeath tilted her head. "What do you mean by that?"

"You know the fate of the strong. Don't you? Boredom… I who was always strongest since my childhood. Always crave towards challenges. But the head priests never let me out." she spat to the ground with disgust. "He always just says to guard that stupid treasury." She gritted her teeth and looked away. "You don't know how boring is that! How I suffer day after day. Wondering if there are a stronger person than me! Wondering how the outside world changed in my long watch. I longed for the challenge! I longed for someone who can finally beat me! Then…" she pointed at Esdeath.

"You came. You don't know how quickly my heart started to beat when you shot that amount of killing intent towards me!"

Esdeath sighed. "I completely understand you. But… if you wanted to fight… why not come to me personally and ask it. It was just simply rude…"

Zesshi bowed her head approvingly. "I apologize because of that. Please forgive me."

Esdeath nodded. "So… Do you want to spar? We can spar a few rounds if you want. Of course, if it's no problem to you if we wreck this square."

A sadistic smile curled on Zesshi's face. "I would be delighted. And no. It is not a problem. The denizens of the Theocracy pay enough taxes to renovate this area."

[Message]: "Esdeath-sama. The high-level person is watching you and that woman."

[Message]: "Let them… Only take action if they try to use items what you deem dangerous to me."

[Message]: "As you wish."

Zesshi and Esdeath took a stance. "[Body Strengthening], [Greater Capacity Building]." Zesshi used her martial art to strengthen her body.

"No magic…" said Esdeath.

Zesshi nodded approvingly. "Let's start!" shouted the heterochromatic eyed woman and lunged towards Esdeath. Esdeath did the same.

The strike followed strike as the two of them clashed. Esdeath knowing what the meaning of boredom. She decided to entertain her opponent a little bit.

As strike followed strike. It seemed they flashed in and out to existence. Leaving small craters in their wake. Esdeath used her small ninja sword. Zesshi used her double headed war scythe. It was truly the fight between warriors. Respecting each other both of them withdraw herself from using any kind of magic.

Only using their skills in the fight. If anyone could follow their movement. They would be in awe seeing the elegant movements and perfect clashes of the two woman.

As their weapons collided, they caused miniature shockwaves. A minute later the whole square was completely ruined due to the two sides raw power.

"[Greater Ability Boost]! [Cutting Edge]!" Zesshi activated her martial arts further increasing the pressure of the fight. Then following it with a downward strike.

Esdeath stepped away from the strike. She must admit. The fight was quite enjoyable and let her grab more control over her huge power.

In the side-lines several guards and two people who wore strange armor watched them. "Captain! Don't you want to stop them?"

"Let Zesshi live herself out a little bit. She was quite restless in the last days. And if she found a good playmate. Let her play… It will be easier to handle her later."

"But the square…" the figure beside the captain looked back at the ruined square with a concerned expression.

"It does not matter. Besides that, We in dire need of new members. After we encountered with that vampire. Our numbers have lessened." Answered the captain.

The captain has the androgynous features of a young man with long black hair and sharp red eyes. He wears an ornate armor and uses a humble-looking spear.

"Are you sure? How do you know we can trust her?" the person beside him was a young looking short man. He has medium brown hair with green eyes. He has the typical unique equipment of the Black Scripture, wielding what seems to be a rapier with a spiral pattern, a cape with an alarm clock pattern and a miniature top hat.

He owed the second seat of the Black Scripture and the alias. Time Turbulence. Most people who fought with him never saw the tomorrow. And according to his companions. He could control time to a minimal degree.

The captain looked back to the fight, and a smile settled on his face. It was once disturbing and strange for Time Turbulence. He never saw smiling his always serious captain. "What do you think? We trusted you when we recruited you?"

His eyes widened. Then nodded understandingly. "I see…"

The fight continued one more minute. The whole square was a complete mess because of the damage what the two person clashes caused. They even made collapse a few buildings.

"What do you think? Which one will win the fight?" asked Time.

The captain glanced at him. "Honestly? I don't know. I never saw anyone who could keep up with Zesshi if she goes all out. Neither of them using magic…"

"Maybe they agreed they only use their skills."

The captain nodded. "Possible."

"What do you think Captain? What will the Cardinals say to Zesshi when we bring her back?"

"Well, she is most likely scolded for hours. How careless from her to leave the treasury while fully equipped with the items of the Six." Answered the Captain of the Black Scripture.

Time nodded. Then a smile settled on his face. Then started to laugh happily. " It is enough just imagining the angry glares and faces what they will show Zesshi made me laugh."

"Hey… A little more respect. They are the Cardinals of the Six." scolded him the captain of the Black Scripture.

"Sorry… You know I did not mean any bad things."

The captain nodded.

Then the captain of the Black Scripture decided it's time to take action. He knows without martial arts he had no chance to stop the two. So he activated his martial arts. "[Superior Capacity Building], [Greater Ability Boost], [Body Strengthening]!" orange colored aura blinked out of his body for a moment.

Back in the fight.

Esdeath still entertained Zesshi. Both of them were full of cuts and bruises. Zesshi due Esdeath found holes in her defense. Esdeath because she let herself cut and hit meanwhile turned off her passive defense and nullifications.

After all, … It would be strange if she were unscathed after such a battle.

Zesshi panted. Esdeath imitated panting. "You are good… Very good! I never felt such thrill in my life!"

Esdeath smiled then bowed comically. "I am glad I can entertain you." She raised her blade before herself.

"No one ever made me go all out. You just bring out the best of me! Can you tell me again your name?" both of them took a resting position.

She smiled. "Casca Griffith. As your service."

Zesshi smiled. Then wiped away the blood from her mouth. "One last clash. Will decide the battle. Prepare yourself."

Both of them took a stance. The air electrified from the two warrior presence and the pressure what they emitted. Both Time and the guards almost fainted.

"[Shukuchi Kai]!" Zesshi activated the technique what made her able to move in any direction with a flash without moving her leg.

They propelled towards each other.

Zesshi appeared behind Esdeath.

"[Secret Technique: Eightfold Dragon Destroyer]" eight strong and impossibly fast strikes flew towards Esdeath. Zesshi developed this technique in case if she had to fight against dragon lords.

Esdeath answered by hastily turning around and using her blade works to block Zesshi strikes.

Zesshi eyes suddenly widened in surprise then squinted her eyes. "[Secret Technique: Mighty Dragon Slasher]!"

Esdeath stepped away from the strike. The energy behind the strike spreader in three directions from the edges of the War Scythe and destroyed everything in its way. Collapsing multiple building in the process.

As she stepped away. She flashed closer to Zesshi and head-butted her. What made Zesshi stepping back for a moment. She gritted her teeth out of pain then started to smirk.

The two of them lunged towards each other again. But before they could clash again the captain appeared between the two of them and used his martial art. "[Fortress of Gaya]"

As the two weapons collided with the simple looking spear, it repelled them.

Zesshi and Esdeath looked at his direction. "What are you doing! We are in the middle of the fight!" shouted Zesshi angrily as she glared to her captain.

"You should know why I am here! You left the treasury with the artifacts just to play around. Don't you have shame?"

Zesshi looked away. "You know why I did that…"

The captain sighed. "You know what will happen when you face with the Cardinals?"

Zesshi smiled and looked back the young looking man. "I know very well. And I don't care. First time in my life. I felt the thrill of the battle. No punishment can take that away from me."

The captain sighed again. Then turned to Esdeath." Who are you? Are you God-kin?" he inquired.

Esdeath tilted her head with a confused expression. Her golden curls moved with her head. "God-kin? What is a God-kin?"

[Message]: "Esdeath-sama. I arrived your position. Do you wish me to eliminate these pests?" asked Zero.

[Message]: "No. We can still use them. Don't touch them without my or Ainz-san permission."

[Message]: "As you wish."

The captain bowed his head. "God-kins are the descendant of gods also known as players and the owner of inhuman strength and abilities. Such as us and you." He pointed at her.

"Players are gods? What a bullshit…" she thought as she rolled her eyes sarcastically.

"Me descendant of some kind of god? Pfft" She snorted. "You speak nonsense Long Hair-san. I am a simple traveler with a little bit more strength than others." She looked at the captain with an expression of the one who is looking someone who just said some bullshit.

Her strange expression made the captain look away uneasily. "Still. As the Captain of the Black Scripture. It is my task to recruit powerful individuals into our ranks. And with this little show. You proved you are worthy to join us. So what do you say?"

"Excuse me for asking this. But what the hell is the Black Scripture?" she asked vulgarly.

The captain nodded. "I see your confusion. Answering your question. We are the secret Black OPS units of the Slaine Theocracy. The strongest among the strongest. Our task is to eliminate the threats what lies beyond the borders of the Slaine Theocracy and to protect mankind from its enemies. Wherever they residing."

Esdeath nodded. "I see…"

Zesshi grabbed her shoulders. She looked like an excited school girl. "Please join us! If you join. We can spar every day! Finally, my days of boredom will be over! I see you want it too!"

Esdeath sighed. "Sorry. I can't do that. Not yet… I still have places to explore. Maybe… if you give me some time to think…"

Zesshi bowed down her head with a disappointed expression.

The captain nodded. He searched something under his armor. And pulled it out. It was a closed envelope. "I understand. In any case. If you change your mind. Look for the Cardinal of the Earth in the Cathedral of the Six. In the Capital." He handed it to Esdeath.

She nodded. "I will…"

The captain bowed his head respectfully.

Esdeath looked around. "Well… we wrecked the place that for sure. I hope I don't have to pay for it. Because I don't have such amount of money." she smirked.

"Don't worry. The Theocracy will pay for it this time." Said the captain then started to glare at Zesshi. "But next time if you want to spar with someone. Just invite the person one of our private sparring areas."

Zesshi smiled. "Yes, that would be a good idea."

The captain shook his head with a tired expression. "Well, guys. It was a pleasure to meet you. But I have places to explore…" with that Esdeath turned around and walked away amongst the ruins of the square.

Time ran to his captain. "Captain! Why are you let her walk away?"

The captain smiled. "We can't force anyone to work with us. Either she chooses it or refuses it. If we would try to force her. She and Zesshi surely wreck the whole city. No one wants that."

Time looked at Zesshi with an uneasy expression. Zesshi only smirked. "True. I felt she is holding herself back. As well as I."

When time looked back in Casca's direction, she was nowhere can be found. Zesshi only smiled. Knowing there is someone out there who as strong as her. "Such a shame she is a woman." She thought. Shook her head. And headed back to the treasury.

As Esdeath walked through the streets, she meets Zero one of the dark alley. Her servant stepped out from the shadows and kneeled down. "Creator-sama. It is good to see you in good health."

She patted Zero's head. The automation NPC face curled to smile. Then looked up to his god.

"So… What's up Zero-san?" asked Esdeath playfully.

"I scouted the surrounding and collected every possible information in this city. I am ready to depart."

She nodded. "Yes, that would be the best." Of course, she could use [Greater Invisibility] or another concealing spell, but she pitied to waste mana on it.

Zero nodded, and the two of them left the city. After this. The two of them scouted the region and collected information. I don't have to say. Zero really enjoyed spending time with his creator.

They even dined together, and he himself prepared the food for his master. It was like he living his dream.

Scene Change: Two days later: Slaine Theocracy: Dessert Area:

Somewhere in the Slaine Theocracy two hooded figure walked amongst an open desert area. The last two days were quite uneventful. In other words, Boring and bland. They only walked place to place. Scouted the area and collected information.

Suddenly they stopped. And looked around. Feeling and unknown presence appeared and cut them away from all forms of communication with the outside word. And feeling they were in some kind of field what makes them unable to use time space abilities.

"Creator-sama! I felt someone locked the space and time around us. Seemingly we are trapped in the time being." said Zero with an apparently bored uncaring tone.

The other hooded figure is trying to use her [Message]spell to contact her friend. "Shit! It seems they also blocked every attempt to make contact with the outside world!"

The two of them looked around and saw as multiple black robes, and mask wearing figure appeared seemingly from the nowhere. Around them, a golden colored dome emerged seemingly from the nowhere. Outside of the dome. In its four sides, four black-robed figure stood holding forward their hands. Supplying the force field with energy. The other masked figures started to stroll towards them slowly.

The two figure who stood in the middle of the circle take a fighting pose. One of them pulled out from the hiding of his robe two futuristic-looking pistols and aimed towards the robed figures. Occasionally changing targets like, he measures which one is the most efficient first target. The other one places her hand the handle of her black katana what hung on her waist.

"Watch out them. I feel they are more than they look..." said the female figure while measured the multiple approaching masked figure around her with a suspicious gaze.

The male nodded his head. "Yes, Creator-sama!"

"Measure the force field around us. Use your abilities. Find a way to break it. Then we can call reinforcements from Nazarick."

He nodded. "On it."

Then... The female felt as something not right and something wet started to pour out from her abdomen under her armor. She looked down and saw a black blade what just pierced her stomach.

The blade holding person stepped out from the shadow. She started to feel the pain as the person behind her started to twist the blade in her back.

Zero's widened under his hood and turned his head suddenly to his master's direction. Seeing the puncture wound, he yells. "Esdeath-sama!"

Esdeath gritted her teeth. The blade in her stomach started to smolder reacting to her [Vector Shield] started to counter attack it the corrosive blade.

She grabbed the sword and head-butted the figure backward. "[Flash]"

She teleported away from the figure and faced him. The injury on her stomach slowly started to close. Zero flashed beside her and covered her back. "Who the heck are you? What do you want?"

The figure wore a mask what half smiled half showed a sad expression. Two crimson lights dimmed in its eye holes.

The masked figure stood up from the momentary confusion and chuckled. "What do we want? Of course, your elimination." He gestured with his hand.

"What did I ever did to you? If it's an old grievance. Then let Zero go and settle down between each other."

"Creator-sama! I stand with you no matter what!" Zero aimed his guns to the figure.

"If I let him go he immediately call uppon us the whole Nazarick. That would be not fortunate."

Esdeath gritted her teeth. "So be it."

[Message]: "Hanzo and Eight Edged Assassin units. Every one of you inside of the force field?"

[Message]: "One Hanzo and two Eight Edged Assassin units missing Esdeath-sama. We can't contact them. Maybe because of the interference what this field generate."

[Message]: She nodded. "I see… I assume in such cases they follow the protocol and warn either Ainz or Albedo."

[Message]: "Yes, Esdeath-sama."

[Message]: "Let's hope they will be not killed before that."

She glanced outside of the force field and saw how multiple robed figures are fighting the desperate Hanzo and Eight edged assassin units. And it seemed they are losing badly.

"What do we want? Of course to correct a mistake. To patch a bug in the system. Nothing else." The person glared at her behind his heterochromatic mask.

Esdeath gritted her teeth. Raised her sword and pointed at the figure. The person who faced her did the same and raised his sword. "So you finally decided… splendid!"

"Show me what you got…" Esdeath whispered. Light surrounded her, and she equipped her divine class gear.

The air scorched around her as miniature lightning started to strike out from her armor. Two pairs of black and light energy wings sprouted from her back showing her divine status.

"Zero. Do you really want to fight? You know. Maybe I can cover your escape."

"Yes, creator-sama. I created to protect you after all."

She smiled and nodded. "That's my boy... So be it. Attack pattern forty-seven."

Zero stopped for a moment, applied the settings what the attack pattern needed and took an another stance. His legendary and artifact level gear started to materialize on him. Encasing him in a black colored exoskeleton.

The masked figure still waited for her. They both took a stance.

"[Dark Slayer Stance]" Esdeath took up her sword stance and changed her posture.

Her opponent did the same. His stance does not resemble anything that Esdeath saw before.

They lunged forward each other and started to fight.

Strike after strike followed. Meanwhile Zero did his best to use his scientific guns and fend off the attackers. No humans or any other entities could possibly follow them as they clashed.

Zero as well his master flashed in an out from existence. They were followed by the other masked figures as they tried to hit them.

Sill. They were barely able to catch up with them. Except of course the figure who clashed with Esdeath. From first it seemed the two of them are in equal terms of strength. None of them could overcome the other.

Despite their best effort, it seemed even with Zero's abilities. He could not hold back his opponents endless waves. Who's slowly started to overwhelm him as newer and newer ones appeared seemingly from the nowhere?

It seemed the impossible soon happening. The masked figure who fought with Esdeath seemed to start to overwhelm her. Despite her best efforts to fend him off the best as she can. Under a minute they suffered and hit each other by numerous times.

Esdeath evaded an another attack. "[Activate Ability: Greater Parrying Strike]." The strange thing was the next. Despite her [Vector Shield] and her passive redirection worked with full capacity. The figure before her seemed to use the same redirection to counter her ability. That means her opponent also used the [Awakened Accelerator] and Esper job classes.

Only those and a few other job classes could nullify the effect of the passive [Vector Shield]. And she only knew a few people who had those in all the nine realms of YGGDRASIL.

She knows. If she does not find something out soon. She will be either had to use her ultimate abilities. That mean she had to use either her Awakened state or Transcended state. The force field around them rippled and shook as they fought with each other.

Her opponent strikes were a little bit faster than the ones Cocytus, and she felt every time they clashed she want to stop a metaphorical train with her hands.

"King… if this goes on. You have no other choice just to use your ultimate's… are you sure you are not want to give us the reins?" Offered her devil side with a seductive tone.

"Not now! I am concentrating! Leave me alone!"

"Pff… Once I want to help you, and you refused. Never mind… You're funeral… Once your energy will be gone. I will take your place. Beat this guy… then simply take the throne of Nazarick…" she chuckled.

"This is why I will not lose." She continued her fight.

She pushed away her opponent. Raised her free hand.

"[Maximize Ability: Summon Nephealem Destroyer]. [Maximize Ability: Summon Nephealem Destroyer]., [Maximize Ability: Summon Nephealem Annihilator], [Maximize Ability: Summon Nephealem Annihilator]"

The aether particles started to organize and from the nothingness started to emerge four menacing looking armored figure with glowing eyes and six energy wings. They were Nephealem Destroyers and Nephealem Annihilators. Esdeath highest level summons. They were all level 90 and excelled in attack power. However, their defensive abilities were only at a level seventy NPC.

The destroyers were close ranged units and have higher offensive stats. Meanwhile, the annihilators have support and magical abilities and were mostly ranged units.

The only disadvantage to summon them was they cost around two percent experience from the current level.

She turned towards them hastily. "Help Zero fend off the attackers!"

The four of them bowed their head and immediately jumped into action.

Scene Change: Nazarick:

A person wearing black gown edged with golden and violet edges stretched on his king sized bed.

Currently Momonga not in mission in the dragon country. He enjoyed his little free time. Just lying on his bed in his room and staring the cellar of his dark room. Due his undead sight made him possible to see just perfectly fine even in the darkest night. He could see everything around himself.

This little activity helped him to ease his mind. True because of his undead nature his body can't feel physical exhaustion anymore. He can still suffer because of his mind don't yet adapted his lack of need to sleep and his constant overwork.

Suddenly he heard a desperate message entered his mind. [Message]: "Ainz-sama! Esdeath-sama is in danger!"

[Message]: "What!? What happened to tell me everything!" his emotion suppression activated.

[Message]: "We are under attack by an unknown enemy! I send you the coordinates! They severed them from all kind of communication!"

Momonga received the coordinates. [Message]: "Forgive me… Supreme one… I failed…" with that. The [Message]: terminated by the death of the Eight Edged Assassin.

"Shit!" he whispered.

He opened a channel towards Albedo. [Message]: "Albedo. Rally the guardians in the entrance of the tomb. With full battle gear. Immediately! Order Victim to guard the first floor instead of Shalltear. Call back Sebas and Solution as well…"

[Message]: "As you wish Ainz-sama." The [Message]: ended.

Momonga felt the fear the always collected Albedo's voice. Maybe because of his tone? He did not know.

It does not matter. His friend is in grave danger. He wanted to jump and save her. But if he acts hastily. Maybe it will be the end of them.

Momonga clenched his fist. "Dammit! What have you gotten yourself again… Esdeath! Don't dare to die to me!" he thought. Then he started to think clearly. His clear thinking helped him countless time back in YGGDRASIL. "First we need a plan… yes…" he nodded.

Momonga opened an another channel. [Message]: "Nigredo. I send you a few coordinates. Keep an eye on that area and immediately report me if something is changing. Isolate the communication in the area the best as you can."

[Message]: "It will be done… Supreme One."

It took only a half hour, and every guardian except Gargantua and Rubedo presented itself on the first floor.

The guardians started to gather one by one. Thanks to Shalltear who opened a gate to each of them. They arrived sooner than Ainz counted on it.

The first who arrived was the cyan colored insectoid warrior. Cocytus. "What. Happened? Why? Ainz-sama. Called us? Albedo's. Voice. Was. Disturbed."

Shalltear turned to him. "Albedo did not explain to me. She just said Ainz-sama sounded very worried. She said. She never heard him so disturbed like now. I am a little afraid... What could make him upset like that?" asked Shalltear in a worried tone.

Cocytus looked Shalltear with a confused expression meanwhile breathed out a gust of cold wind. "I. Don't. Know…"

The next arrival was Demiurge. He wore his usual orange suit and glasses what completely hid his diamond-like eyes. "I see I am not the first."

The two guardian nodded to him. Then Shalltear opened an another gate to Mare and Aura. The twin elves stepped through of it. "Shortie…"

"Princess flat chest…" scowled Aura.

They started to glare at each other. The tension between them could be felt in the air.

Cocytus and Demiurge glared at them because even in this situation they could fight with each other.

Then the death itself appeared before them. Accompanied by a woman who wore black-clad armor and held a halberd in her hand.

"I see everyone is here…" stated Ainz.

"What happened Ainz-sama if this humble servant may ask." inquired Demiurge.

"My friend is under attack. She needs our support."

Every guardian gasped.

"P-Please don't joke with such thing Ainz-sama! This is not a good joke," said Aura hastily.

Ainz looked at her. "I am not joking."

Aura gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Mare strengthened his grip on his black staff. Shalltear trembled in rage. Demiurge sinister smile replaced by a reproachful expression and Cocytus angrily cracked his mandibles meanwhile gripped his swords harder.

"Please dispatch us immediately Ainz-sama! We will make suffer those who dared to attack the Supreme Beings!" said Aura hastily.

"At ease Aura. I trust her capabilities. We can't be hasty. We need a plan before we attack. I don't think she wants us to die because of we jumped into action instead of thinking."

Aura bowed her head humbly. "I am sorry Ainz-sama."

Ainz nodded. "First." He turned to Demiurge. "Demiurge. You remain in Nazarick waiting for further instructions. Prepare your evil lords and other subordinates. I give you full command over the units of the tomb until we return."

Demiurge bowed. "As you wish."

Ainz turned to Shalltear and Cocytus. "Shalltear, Cocytus. You two will be our sword and shield. Shalltear will tank. Cocytus meanwhile will be our full-fledged offensive unit."

"Your wish is our command." They both bowed.

He turned Aura and Mare. "Mare… You will be our support. Heal the others and support us with your abilities if needed."

"O-Of course. Ainz-sama!"

Ainz nodded then turned towards Aura. "Aura. Your beast's tasks will be to secure our perimeters and if the case wishes. Support us. Use your abilities and support us from the background. No one can get close. Do as we practiced and everything will be fine." Aura nodded with a distinct expression.

"Albedo will be my shield. If the case wishes she will help Shalltear and Cocytus or anyone else who needs protection." Albedo bowed firmly. "As you wish Ainz-sama."

Everyone know their tasks. Ainz equipped his Divine Class scythe staff. It emitted death and pestilence wherever he swung it.

He swung it, and a gate opened before him. "You all know your tasks. Go through and protect the name of Ainz Ooal Gown!"

"Ainz-sama. I beg you. Consider the option to let the first group through the gate first. Let them clean the surrounding and scout the area before you step through it." The one who spoke was Demiurge. Everyone nodded.

Ainz considered the option. "It is sensible. True I can resurrect them if they die. But I don't know if players can be resurrected by NPC's. If Esdeath accidentally die. Maybe only I can resurrect her. But just thinking about it. Leaving the guardians face the dangers… Treachery against my friends legacy! But I need to protect my friend! Whatever it takes!"

"I am sorry. I can't let you do that. What kind of leader would I be if I let my friend's children face danger instead of me? It is treachery against them and the name of Ainz Ooal Gown." He announced.

"Please, Ainz-sama! We beg you!" all six present guardians kneeled down. As well every NPC near the entrance. "Please don't take yourself out such risk. Please at least let us clean the area and measure the situation. Please, we beg you. Think about Esdeath-sama! Do she want you to die in vain!? Please let us prove our worth! Our loyalty!"

"Thinking about it again. They are right… leaving my friend to die… Even more blasphemous!" Ainz thought. At that moment he decided.

Ainz nodded. "Very well. I will watch you. But if I see you are failing. I will be forced to make an appearance sooner than planned."

Shalltear nodded. "Don't worry Ainz-sama. We will not fail you."

Everyone nodded approvingly. Ainz nodded as well. "Umu… Then… Good luck. Don't bring shame to the name Ainz Ooal Gown."

Shalltear equipped her blood armament and Divine class Spuit Lance.

The six guardians nodded firmly and turned towards the gate what Ainz opened them. They stepped through one by one. Except for Demiurge who will immediately jump into action if the case wishes.

Scene Change: Unknown Location: Slaine Theocracy:

The five mighty begins started to step out from the suddenly appeared black oval gate. One by one in the distance what was not warded against teleportation. It seemed the enemy was not amateur because it's warded the one-mile area of that strange force field against teleportation and divination magic immediately after they killed the last Hanzo unit.

It seemed the enemy counted the guardians because they were immediately attacked by shadows after they stepped out of the gate.

Being trash units, they did not pose any threats and only served to warn the opponents about their arrival.

One by one. Black robed masked figures started to appear seemingly from the nowhere to face the guardians. Each of them was around level 90. They know they can't stand a chance against the guardians individually. But they can swarm and overwhelm them if the case wishes. Seemingly they are not fear death because they attacked like suicide bombers in infinite waves-

The units immediately started to attack Shalltear and the others. But because of the masked robed figures seemingly have very low health and all of them died from one or two strikes or shots. They were not much a challenge to the guardians.

Of course, they did the same damage as a level ninety badly optimized NPC. But their numbers and fearless nature compensated them for this weakness.

Aura summoned her strongest animals. Around fifteen of them and ordered the strongest ones to help keep the swarm at bay. Meanwhile, the weaker ones who were better at detection she sent to guard the perimeter.

She pulled out magical arrows one by one seemingly from thin air as she stretched the string of her bow.

"Shalltear! Cocytus! Look out! I will use area attack!" she warned her fellow guardians. The two guardians flashed away from the area what will soon be hit by her ability. "[Rain of Arrow]!"

She rained arrows on the area. Killing numerous masked figures. Whom seemingly evaporated amongst the shadows. And new ones appeared instead of them.

It seemed Shalltear and Cocytus are enjoying the thrill of the combat as well furious in this moment. They enjoyed the moment because they can show their worth to Ainz. And they were furious because these pests held them back to reach the other Supreme Being and protect her from the possible dangers.

Shalltear used her Spuit Lance to leech dry her opponents. Meanwhile, Cocytus held his four high-quality swords in his hands and struck down his enemies. Occasionally using his abilities. Either to defend himself or to breath his icy breath on the neck of his opponents. Or defeat them in a large area by using one of his sword based AoE attacks. For the naked eyes, he seemed a deadly tornado of icy death

Mare used his druidic abilities and rooted the enemies to the ground occasionally growing a smaller forest with dangerous flesh eating plants to devour his opponents wholly. And supporting his allies using his nourishing powers and buffs to support his teammates.

Albedo used her superior defensive capabilities to fend off the enemies from whoever needed it. But mostly protected Mare and Aura their ranged fighters from the harm. Those shadow masked figures had no chance against the teamwork of the guardians of Nazarick. Their only advantage their seemingly infinite amount of number.

Thanks to guardians superior tactics what they practiced for hours in each week in the mandatory teamwork practice. Their teamwork was like a veteran raid team.

Ainz hated waiting for the other side of the gate while his friends' children fought against an unknown foe. But for their plead he endured it. He let them prove their worth. He only hoped. His hopes not in vain and they reach his friend in time.

He waited for the answer a few minutes. He just wanted to step through the gate when he got the message. [Message]: "Ainz-sama. We fended off these lower lifeforms and secured the other side. You can come through the gate." the sweet voice belonged to Albedo.

Ainz sighed in relevance and stepped through the gate. In the other side, a seemingly endless desert waited for them. The ground was full of the bodies of the masked figures who did not already evaporated in a black substance.

"Ainz-sama. All opposition eliminated as you commanded." Reported Albedo.

Ainz looked around and saw his subordinates kneeling before him. Nodded and raised his hand. "Rise."

The guardians rose.

[Message]: "Demiurge. Send your subordinates and start to secure the surrounding. Provide us support for retreat if it's necessary. "

[Message]: "As you wish Ainz-sama."

Ainz nodded and turned to the young dark elf girl. "Aura. Which way is Esdeath?"

"Follow me Ainz-sama!" replied Aura hastily.

[Message]: "Pandora's Actor. I have a request."

[Message]: "Your wish is my command mine schöpfer!" His exaggerated motions could be heard out from his tone.

Ainz emotion suppression activated even thinking about his creation moves and speech pattern. "Ahh! How lame!" he thought.

[Message]: "Prepare yourself. We may need your expertise in combat. Transform into either to me or some high ranked magic caster and teleport a safe distance from us. I will inform you when we need you."

[Message]: "As you wish!" the connection terminated.

Ainz and everyone followed Aura using either the Mass fly spell what Ainz cast to them or their items to fly with high speed. Aura used her beast to ride on because she was a lot faster in that way.

Scene Change: With Esdeath and Zero: The force field:

Esdeath and Zero fought more than an hour time inside of the force field. And it seemed Zero slowly start to run out his usable active abilities. After that, he can only rely on his various guns and close ranged weapons.

The four summoned unit armors were full of holes and in the verge of collapse. True if they shed of their armor they became astral entities who use mostly astral based magic attacks. But become a lot more sensitive to magic attacks. Considering those robed masked figures using magical attacks too. It would be unfortunate and dangerous.

As Esdeath. She was forced to take up her true Aether form. She as well her enemy did not let each other to use their openings. They just pushed and pushed further and further each other boundaries.

Esdeath Aether form resembled a human shaped swirling black and white aether energy cloud. Now her hair as well was constructed from aether energy and because of her energy. Her hair flapped upward. Making her hair look like it was blown upward by a strong fan.

She had no pupil now. In her eye holes, just a black and a white eye without a pupil can be seen. Around her, several floating blades floated, and now she held two divine class katana both of her hands.

This aether form made her completely immune to physical damage and increased her attack power but decreased her defense and magic immunity.

Esdeath and the leaders of the masks clashed their black blades again and again. It seemed the enemy also has Esper abilities as her because it is using magically generated blades to block her physical blades. The energy blades of the enemy destroyed after a few clash but he always summoned new ones.

Despite Esdeath power, the guy was hit like a raid boss. True Esdeath was immune to physical exhaustion. But she started to get enough for this fight. She did not want to activate her Ascended and Transcended state, neither her World Class Item. Those were her last stand. She only uses them when everything seems to lose. Using Super Tier magic in an open battle. Not speaking about she was in the middle of the battle was pure insanity and suicide.

She was the main close ranged player and the tank in this situation. If she starts to cast the Super Tier spell now, she would be completely vulnerable to attacks not speaking about even if she uses an item to reduce cast time to zero. Considering her opponent strength and speed, she was not fast enough to evade the attack and wait for the global cooldown what needed to activate the spell after casting.

The force field around them rippled and shook from the force what the sides pressure to each other. But because the force field power source was outside. The few cracks what appeared on it disappeared quickly.

"What the hell are you!" she clashed with the figure again. Then kicked its abdomen with a firm spinning kick. What the masked person blocked by crossing his arms. The two of them flipped away from each other.

Esdeath raised her hand and activated her ability. "[Supercharge Magic: Vector Singularity]" a black ball of energy left her palm what rapidly approached her opponent. "[Triple Maximize Magic: Magic Devourer Cannon], [Triple Maximize Ability: Reality Crash]!" it seemed the world lost its colors around the devourer rays as they started to devour the magic in the air and the reality starts to crack around the figure as the waves reached him.

The masked person used a quick teleport to evade the attacks, and they collided with the force field. What caused big cracks appearing on its surface. The cracks are healed a few moments later.

Esdeath threw her divine class blades into the air what started to float. She pointed to her opponent. "[Activate Ability: Enchant Weapons: Vector Destroyer], [Triple Maximize Magic: Vector Tether]!" she pointed at her opponent and marked him. Then sent her newly enchanted divine class blades towards her opponent with a lazy flinch with her wrist. The masked figure tried to evade the blades desperately. Flying in an always changing chaotic looking pattern.

But in the end, the blades seemed to reach him. He suddenly turned around and slashed his blades two times in the air. "[Triple Maximize Magic: Anti-Esper wave]"

The vector tether seemed to lose its power, and the blades stopped. They started to float in the air motionless losing their targets.

But it was too late Esdeath already charged her [Triple Anti-Reality Bomb]. For a moment she was below him. Then Esdeath flashed before him with the charged anti-reality bomb in her hand.

The masked figure raised his blade before himself to protect himself from the massive twenty-meter-wide anti-reality bomb. But it was too late even to teleport. Esdeath pushed it into his face at close quarters. It collided with him and pushed him into the walls of the force field. Almost destroying it wholly.

Not caring about her own wellbeing she just pushed and pushed the bomb it exploded in her hand ripping off it completely.

After the explosion, she teleported back in the middle of the area it and flicked her fingers in her intact hand. Her missing arm already started to slowly reform.

"[Recall]" her blades returned to her hands and brushed off the enchantments from them.

She sighed and looked into Zero's direction who fought the few remained shadow units. Esdeath's high-level summons was already destroyed, and the area below them was completely glassed. Not speaking about the air became so hot it was impossible to breathe to a living person anymore. The air was almost in the plasma state.

With quick teleports and strikes, she helped defeat Zero his opponents, and it seemed the reinforcements arrived just in time because the force field started to lose its integrity. Esdeath and Zero saw as Shalltear, Cocytus, Mare, Aura and her beasts, as well Albedo, Momonga and a few lower leveled vassals of Nazarick slowly overwhelm their opponent.

The four black-robed figure turned around Momonga and the others to help their companions. The four figure who feed the force field seemed a lot stronger than those trash mobs because even Shalltear, Albedo, and Cocytus have problems to fend them off and keep them off from Ainz and the other ranged units.

Esdeath sighed then turned to Zero. "Are you alright Zero."

Her subordinates bowed before her. It seemed Zero missed chunks from his arms and body. As well half of his closed head guard has been blown off. It was not surprising. After all. His armor was a cosmetic item enchanted by data crystals. It will repair itself after a while, but it can be damaged. "I am fine Esdeath-sama. Thank you for your concern. But please don't worry about this meaningless servant."

"Ok. I just asked…"

"Are you alright my creator?" inquired Zero with a worried tone.

Esdeath sighed, and a swirling energy wave left the place where her mouth used to be. But now it's fused together due to her body energy nature. "I am fine. I just have enough from this day." She stretched her arms like she woke up recently.

"Do you wish a good bath and a meal after we arrive home?" inquired her servant.

"Yeah… That would be good… Thank you…" she nodded.

Zero bowed.

"But before that… We still have to work… Let's tear down that damn force field. Shall we?" Esdeath closed her eyes and looked Zero with an expression what seemed a smirk. Due in her Aether from. Her mouth was fused together. Ordinary people could not discern between a smile or simple stares in this form of hers. But her creation knew his master too well to recognize her facial expressions even in this state.

A small smile curled on his face. "It will be done. My Creator!" he raised his guns and started to barrage the dome with magical projectiles before him. Esdeath used her abilities to help him.

Meanwhile, Momonga and the other were slowly finished with the crowd outside of the field. The massive walls of the force field trembled, shook and rippled as the projectiles collided with them. It started to crack slowly. Then shattered. The whole magical dome collapsed like it was made from some kind of glass.

Momonga looked in the direction of the shattered dome after used [Grasp hearth] on the last opponent before him.

"Hmm…. So you managed alone. I did not expect less from you." He murmured.

"I hope she is alright and not the enemy collapsed his own defensive magic just to deceive us."

Ainz turned to Aura. "Aura… Do you sense any more opponent in our immediate area?"

Aura used her sensory abilities and searched for signs of life. "I only detect. Zero. Esdeath-sama and a weak life signature Ainz-sama."

From the dust, two figure shadows can be seen as they stroll towards the little group. "Oi! Ainz-san! Guys! It is nice from you to stop by!"

"We would never let out such a party!" Momonga shouted back to his friend then chuckled wholeheartedly. What immediately mad his passive emotion suppression activated.

Momonga sighed in relief. He really wanted to run to his friend and inspect her she is really alright. But he was in his vassals' presence. That would stain the picture of the mighty rules. The picture what he wanted to keep up. According to Demiurge and Albedo, he knows everything and predicted everything even before it actually happened.

Now. He knows that actually not true. But every time he says he as well everyone can make a mistake. The Guardians start to plead he is just too humble and it is not true. Now he reached the point to not saying anything.

As Esdeath and Zero reached closer. He saw they were encased their battle gear. Esdeath in her full divine equipment while the energy of her aether from leaking out of her armor. Zero in his legendary class gear.

As they reached closer, Esdeath stopped by. "So… What's up?" she deactivated her aether form.

The guardians looked at each other with a confused look on their faces.

Momonga smacked her head with his staff. "You idiot! That's how you scout!? Blowing up half of the country?"

"Hey! Hey! They started! Besides that, we only glassed half square kilometer."

Momonga shook his head. Then burst out in laughter just to a moment later his passive emotion suppression activated and suffocated his good mood and memories. "You did not change at all! I remember back in YGGDRASIL what a carnage you always organized!"

A sour smile settled on her face. "Yes… Good old times. Good old us…"

"By the way… Who was the person who attacked you?" inquired the overlord of death.

"I don't really know. He only blabbed about something I am a mistake and needed to be fixed." she scratched her head with a confused expression.

"Outrageous! Saying. Such. Thing. About. A. Supreme. Being!" said the Cyan colored warrior as cracked his mandibles angrily. It could be clearly heard of his tone. He shook from the anger. The light broke one his cracked exoskeleton.

The guardians nodded approvingly. Even Albedo.

Ainz glanced to Aura. "Aura. Do your beasts sense anything in the perimeter?"

"No Ainz-sama! Everything is clear."


[Message]: "Demiurge. Send your servant to survey the area for anything valuable and to finish off any remained opposition. Clean this place."

[Message]: "It will be done…"

Suddenly they heard a slow, mocking clapping sound from the direction of the ruins of the force field. They looked in its direction, and it was the masked figure. His robes were completely ruined and burned. Half of the mask were completely scorched. And it seemed the masked figure, not he but she. Judging from her slender form and the two breast on her chest.

"Good. Good. You did well. I expected no less from you… as well from myself." she clapped her hands.

The guardians readied themselves to leap into the battle if necessary. They gripped their weapons harder and changed their posture.

"Who are you? Why are you attacked my companion?" asked Ainz seemingly a calm tone. But in truth in his heart. He boiled because of his rage. At this moment his emotion Suppression activated three times at least.

"Who am I? Tchh. Tchh. Tchh." She clicked her tongue. "You know me better than anyone else oh. The merciful leader of the band of idiots…" she bowed mockingly.

"Keep your mouth shut lower being! Or I will shut it for you!" shouted Albedo almost losing her composure and pointing her halberd towards the person before her.

Ainz raised his hand. "Calm down Albedo. The person before us is not yet aware what will be awaiting her. Or simply lost her mind because she exactly knows what will ahead of her. After all, an insane person is not capable of making clear decisions. Neither is able to represent itself in a negotiation..."

"I am sorry to interrupt you Ainz-sama!" Albedo bowed.

Ainz nodded then turned back to the enemy before him. "State what you want, and I may judge you mercifully. But you must understand. You made a few unforgivable mistakes why you will be punished!" he pointed at her accusingly.

"Mistakes?" the masked figure tilted her head. She started to chuckled. "Tell me old bones… what mistakes?"

Ainz held a pause what combined with his cold dark tone could make anyone cringe. "You attacked my friend without any reason, dared to injure her and her servant… "Esdeath and Zero nodded while watched suspiciously the masked woman before them.

"Forced us to march out here and take care of your pathetic band! Risking to reveal ourselves too early. Opposed my rule and most of all…" Ainz glared the person angrily before him. "Dared to stain the name and the legacy what my friends and I build together through hard work, tears and sacrificing our own blood! There is no forgiveness from now on! You will wish to die in thousands of death when I have finished with you!"

The masked person started to laugh manically.

Ainz looked at her with a confused expression. "It seems she is really lost her mind."

Esdeath nodded. "Most likely. Or she still has something in her sleeves. Be aware Momonga-san…"

Momonga nodded then turned back to the masked woman.

"What do you hope? You are completely alone… Your subordinates either dead or our captives. You are completely surrounded by our vassals. There is no escape!" stated Momonga.

The person before Momonga looked at him with an amused look under her mask. "No escape you say? My goal was never to get away… never to survive the encounter… I already prepared my own fall from the very beginning…"

"What!?" Momonga and the guardians gasped.

"And you say I am alone…" she smiled under her mask. "I never alone… and I always has a plan B!"

She snapped her bandaged fingers, and seven robed figure landed beside her. Each of them threw away their robes.

Momonga and the Guardians gasped. "Impossible… How is that possible!" shouted Momonga.

Near the masked woman, several figures stepped out from the shadows. A birdman with a head, wings, and talons of a bird.

A grotesque looking Odd- pink flesh.

An Elder Black Ooze, one with an appearance of a merely mass of a black, sticky substance. Its tar-like surface rolls and writhes continuously, never staying in one shape for more than a second.

A humanoid gray goat, crowned with a pair of wickedly curved golden horns.

He is dressed in a black suit and velvet cape, with a rose pinned on his left shoulder. Upon his head is a beau and the right side of his face is covered with a golden mask.

A humanoid with a head resembling that of a distorted octopus, covered with crooked text tattoos. He has two pupil-less, blue-white murky eyes and his skin color is deathly pale like a corpse.

He wore a black cloak decorated with silver accessories and several loosely-fitted belts.

A Nephilim that wears a dark red samurai armor.

And an imposing looking holy warrior wearing shining white armor with a helm that has a huge sapphire embedded in its chest, radiating with pure and divine light.

The guardians looked with a shocked expression at the seven-figure before them.

"Peroroncino-sama…." Shuttered Shalltear with a disbelief in her sound.

"B-Bukubukuchagama-sama!" said in a frightened tone Mare. "So they did not leave us after all…" Aura wiped away the tear of joy under her heterochromatic eyes and sniffed.

Cocytus breathed heavily. "This. Battle. Aura…Warrior. Takemikazuchi-sama?" the red armored warrior nodded to him but said nothing. The Cyan warrior bowed down before his creator, and the red armored warrior nodded to him. "My. Creator."

Demiurge who watched the whole scene with the help of Nigredo as well Sebas immediately used the gate and hurried in the scene. True previously the whole area was under lockdown against teleportation spells, but now it seems this restriction has been lifted.

As they reached the gate immediately kneeled down. "Oh. Mighty. Creators. You. Finally returned." Demiurge and Sebas looked at each other for a moment due they said this in unison.

Demiurge raised his head and looked to his creator with shining eyes full of hope. The incarnation of evil. Ulbert Alain Odle. Then he looked to Ainz. "As expected Ainz-sama. You said you would find them. You never cease to amaze this humble servant!"

Sebas said nothing just looked at Touch Me with eyes of happiness.

Albedo trembled in anger. She gripped her weapons with all of her strength. "You… How dare you…" behind her closed faced helmet she looked accusingly to the seven figure and raised her weapon. "How dare you come back after all of this!? How dare you come back after you left Ainz-sama!?"

Cocytus breathed heavily and breathed out a gust of cold wind. "Albedo! You. Go. To. Far! Show. Respect. The. Supreme. Beings!"

An evil chuckle interrupted the conversation. "I hate to interrupt this little family reunion. But we are in the middle of something. Don't we?"

"You… How dare you use our friend's appearance to deceive us!?" Momonga raised his staff and pointed accusingly towards the figure. His voice trembled in anger and his passive emotion suppression were barely able to calm him down.

"Oh… So you still think they are simple forgeries? Don't you?" The masked figure looked through the seven puppets before her. Then back to Momonga. "I assure you. They are not. True… I made a few modifications in their codes. But they as real as you are."

Esdeath gritted her teeth. "What. Do. You. Want!?"

"What do I want?" she chuckled and pointed to Esdeath. "Of course… To correct a mistake. A bug in the system. This is why they sent me after all. I am the fixer, or as someone calls me... a debugger. I detect bugs in the system and fix them. That's my job after all. And for these…"

She looked through the seven figure. "Little morsels. Let just say. They are the creation of my creativity. Simply. Tools for the work."

Demiurge gritted his teeth. His usual calm and collected demeanor disappeared. "Insolent creature! How dare you stain with your mark our creators!"

"However I have an offer." She raised her index finger. Then pointed at Esdeath. "I only want her head. And I will give you back your creators. Intact. Without a scratch. Fully functioning. With all of their memories."

Zero raised his guns and pointed at the woman before them. Then he felt someone grabbed his arms. The two-person was Shalltear and Demiurge. They held his hands firmly. As well Cocytus and Mare grabbed Esdeath arms.

"Oi! Mare! What are you doing!" shouted Aura.

The usual timid expression from Mare faces disappeared. Instead, it radiated determination. He looked deeply into his sister's heterochromatic eyes. "If there is a chance to get back Bukubukuchagama-sama. We have to take it."

"But…" Aura looked to Esdeath with fear in her eyes. "Is this really what Bukubukuchagama-sama want?"

Mare did not answer just strengthened his grip on Esdeath arms. Cocytus did the same.

"Let them go. Immediately! I command you!" shouted Momonga. The guardians remained silent. "Do you really think our friends wants our friend's death to bring them back!? Do you really don't know your creators that much?" shouted Momonga. The guardians did not answer just looked the ground with a shameful expression.

Albedo trembled in anger. "You… all of you! Traitorous vermins! How dare you betray the leader of the Supreme Beings! The mightiest amongst all. How dare you betray my love!"

Sebas and Aura grabbed Albedo's arm. "If there is a chance to get back them…" said Aura with a sad tone.

"We have to take it…" bowed his head Sebas.

"I am really sorry Esdeath-sama." Said Shalltear in a lethargic tone.

"I understand Shalltear. No grudge." She nodded. "I need to find something out. I don't want to hurt my friend's creations. But if there is no other chance… Then… No! I rather die than hurt them…" she mumbled in her head.

Momonga searched the possible way out as hard as he could look through the guardians and the area. Considering their possible options. "What now? I just can't let them kill Esdeath! What is the warrant what that asshat said is true? The whole thing can be a ruse… aside from that. I can't let my only remained friend die! Using my world item? It would not help much considering all guardians have one. Calling Pandora's Actor. Not help either. Rubedo. She is Smaragdina-san creation. So her loyalty stronger to him than me." Momonga glanced to his opponent.

"With that masked person who could match Esdeath's strength. And with the support of the guardians and if consider that fact that seven puppet has similar strength as my friends... Even with Esdeath's strength, we can't win."

"Of course Esdeath defeated guilds before. But they were not as skilled as her neither they used world item against her. What is now obsolete because she is wearing one."

Zero trembled in rage as she glanced amongst the guardians. "Traitors…"

The woman before them laughed. "Splendid. Then let's end this… Hold her firmly." She reached into her void storage and pulled out an item.

Momonga and Esdeath gasped seeing the item. It was a long spear. It radiated infinite amount of malicious energy from itself and was adorned by various engravings. Near its tip, two red feathers can be seen. The edges of its blade radiated blood red fog as well its blade drenched in corrosive blood what constantly dripped on the ground.

It was the world item. Longinus. One of the twenty. This World Item is capable of complete deletion of the target, but the price to pay for its use was the complete deletion of the user. After having the data deleted by this World class item, unless another World Item was used for revival, there was no coming back.

Zero glared the item. Then looked fearfully to his creator. Then back to the item. He determined himself. A small smile settled on his face. "I am sorry Esdeath-sama. It seems this is the end…"

Esdeath looked fearfully to her creation. "Zero! What are you planning?"

"Please don't forget about me… Even with my death. I will serve you faithfully."

"Don't do it... I am not worth that much..." her voice trembled in fear.

"[Maximize Ability: Greater Escape]!" he disappeared from Cocytus and Mare's grip. Then lunged towards the figure. The seven puppets hurried to defend their masters.

"[Shadow Blink]!" he activated his ability.

He disappeared into the shadows and reappeared behind the woman who held Longinus. He closed her with a deadly tight hug. "Activate Self-Destruct Sequence. Code. Foxtrot- Uniform-Charlie-Kilo-Yankee-Oscar- Uniform!" His eyepatch burned away, and on his pupil, a countdown appeared.

It counted down from ten. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6…"

"Annoying little droid…" said the woman and started to stab her abdomen with her sword. Through it, she stabbed the already exhausted Zero as well.

Zero gritted his teeth. "…5, 4, 3…"

She threw her blade into the air and using her Esper powers stabbed Zero through his head. Feeling Zero grip loosening she freed herself with speed what was faster than lightening and with a spinning kick, she kicked him far away.

While Zero flew, his countdown ended. "I am sorry… Creator-sama… It seems… I have failed after all…"

He blew up with the power of an atom bomb creating shockwaves in the area.

"Zero!" Esdeath shouted. She felt agony never before. Losing her beloved creation makes her heart churn.

The masked woman looked in the direction of Zero. "Well then. Let's continue our work…" she raised the spear what started to collect energy. Momonga felt as the warning enter his mind about the usage of one of the twenty. "Protect me while I finish the charging process..." said the masked woman.

Insert music: Hunter x Hunter - Restriction and Pledge

Esdeath looked to the ground. Her eyes were devoid of all emotions. She slumped to the ground. Tears rolled down on her emotionless dead face. She bowed her head down. "Liar..."

Momonga and the guardians looked at her with a frightened expression. The wind started to blow as the energy began to gather around her. "I don't care... anymore..."

The guardians and the seven puppets prepared themselves. "If this is the end..." her heterochromatic eyes were completely devoid of all emotions.

"[Transcendence], [Awaken]" she whispered. The blowing winds started to become stronger. Three pairs of tentacle energy wings emerged from her back. Long five-meter spiked tail started to grow above her buttock slowly.

And two pair of horn and a divine halo appeared above her head. She activated her aether from and her body become energy. It seemed her aether body started to gain muscle beneath her energy form. She became not overly muscled like a bodybuilder. No. Instead, she kept her slender shape and became stringy.

Mare and Cocytus had to release her arms because the energy what she radiated started to burn them. They backed away from her covering themselves with their arms. Esdeath slowly was risen from the ground. Inspected her hand with a dead expression as a third eye opened in her forehead. Her eyes transformed gaining ripples around the pupil. "So..."

The guardians and Momonga had to defend themselves from the energy what she radiated.

"I will use everything..."

"This is her final form... Now her power is equal... No... Surpass Rubedo with a big margin..." thought Momonga. "If she loses her head in this form... it is possible she will kill everyone..."

She scowled at the opponent before her. "You... I will kill you..."

Shalltear and Sebas placed their hands on Esdeath's shoulder, and despite her corrosive aura, they held her firmly. "I am sorry..." she whispered. "[Activate Ability: Enchant Strength]" her already divine strength increased further. With a flash she turned around grabbed Sebas and Shalltear hands. Twisted them and threw them far away.

"Go. Hold her." Commanded the seven figures the masked female who charged Longinus.

The seven Ainz Ooal Gown puppet lent themselves into action. Esdeath strolled towards them. "[Blink of impossibility]."

As the seven-player puppets attacked her, she used her ability and evaded them. Occasionally blinked before them. In this form. She can't use any weapon neither armor because of her body overly corrosive nature. Instead, she is relying on her abilities and newly acquired strength what was equal of a full World Champion class armor and weapons.

In this form, she almost entirely loses her mind and only attack out of instinct. She evaded and fought back with the best of her ability. But the seven puppets seemingly moved with a synchronized manner. Like one person controlled them. There was no error in their movement.

Sometimes they hit her. But mostly she was able to evade their attacks and counter them. Causing great amount of damage to the puppets. Still, as said before. She suffered damage as well.

Momonga looked to the guardians. "Have you no shame!? Do you think Peroroncino-san, Herohero-san, Ulbert-san, Smaragdina-san or even Touch Me-san would want their friends to suffer? Do you think they rather chose one of us to die instead to sacrifice themselves!? Then you really don't know us! You know less from your own creators than I first thought!" roared Momonga furiously.

"Ainz-sama is right." Said Albedo. "What you do is simply treachery in the highest level! Have you no shame!?" shouted Albedo. "Those things!" Albedo pointed to the direction of the fighting puppets.

"However they look. Whatever aura they emit. However, they resemble our creators... They are just fake copies of the real ones!"

"What do you think what will happen after she uses Longinus? She will die as well. And leave us with fake copies without mind? Do you really wish such fate your masters?" yelled Ainz.

The guardians sniffed realizing. Ainz and Albedo are right. "Now..." Ainz turned to his opponents. "Let's show them what happens those who dare to defy us!"

Back with Esdeath.

She fought desperately to reach the masked woman before she could finish the charging of the spear. But the seven of her guild mates copy were always in her way. Their strength and skill was on par or not greater than the real ones.

She just wanted to block an another strike. When someone blocked Warrior Takemikazuchi strike. It was Shalltear. "I am here to defend you Esdeath-sama. Just concentrate taking out that bitch!"

She looked around and saw all the guardians did their best to fight against the fake creators. Even Ainz and Albedo did their best.

She lunged forward but Touch me blocked her way. With his World Champion gear, he was able to make her struggle for a moment. Even with her current power.

A few seconds and the spear will be charged. She gathered all of her remained strength and pushed away Touch Me from her way. Finally. She was in arms reach of her opponent. When... the masked female used her ability. "[Greater Teleportation]"

She appeared before Momonga and raised Longinus. Momonga's inner eyes widened. Even if he uses teleportation. He can't teleport away because of the global cooldown.

Every guardian froze for a moment looking in the direction of the Guild Master of Ainz Ooal Gown. It seemed the times are slowing down as the tip of the spear slowly approached the undead king body.

"[Greater Intervene]!" they heard the shouts of Esdeath. [Greater Intervene] was a skill what can be used by players who has warrior job class such as Sword Saint. It has no global cooldown and can be used instantly. In other words, it was the teleportation of the warriors.

For a moment Momonga closed his inner eyes waiting for his inevitable end. Then when it did not come. He opened it and looked at himself. He heard the sounds of soft flesh meets the tip of the spear.

As the item activated it pushed its holder away with a jolt of electricity. The masked woman knowing her end stood up. Shot a weak salute. "That's all kiddos. It was fun," she smirked under her mask as she started to evaporate slowly. "We will meet again... Witcher..." These were her last words before she completely disappeared and with her. Her seven puppets.

Esdeath Ascended form and Transcended state immediately deactivated and slumped on the ground. She breathed heavily as particle by particle she started to disappear.

"N-No...Nononono!" Momonga kneeled beside her. "Hold on! We will figure something out!"

Esdeath smiled gently. "You know it is bullshit... We all know what will happen..."

Momonga looked away. His emotion suppression was barely able to withhold his overflowing sadness. He knows what happens when someone hit you with that spear. He saw a few times back in YGGDRASIL.

The guardians froze. Seeing one of the Supreme Beings slowly started to disappear.

"Don't be sad Momonga. We all know... Everything that has a beginning. That has an end..." she smiled brightly. Still, her smile can't make Momonga feel himself better.

"How could you do this...? How could you do this me!? How could you leave me alone?" he shouted.

She chuckled. "You were never alone... The legacy of our friends was all along around you..."

Ainz was silent, not able to find the adequate words as the guardians started to gather around them. Albedo placed her hands on Ainz's shoulder.

"It was fun until it lasted... Don't you think my friend?" she smirked.

Momonga nodded, but his heart churned the sadness. "Yes, it was..."

"I have only request..."

"Say, and I will make it true..." promised the overlord of death.

"Show the world the greatness of our guild... Show them the meaning of Ainz Ooal Gown..."

Momonga bowed his head. "I will. You can bet on it."

She sighed one last time. "All... Hail... Ainz... Ooal... Gow..." with that. She disappeared.

Only her gear and her world item remained after her and of course. The smoldering cursed item. Longinus. "I promise... I will show them the greatness of our name..." Momongahugged her clothes to himself one last time. Sniffed them. Then stood up and turned back to the guardians.

"We have work to do."

The guardians kneeled before him. "As you wish Ainz-sama!"


She floated in the pitch darkness of the void. Around her, only the nothingness existed. She slowly flutters open her eyes.

With severe difficult, she sat up. It was like she ran more than one thousand kilometers without resting then hit by a train.

She looked around with a confused expression. But she only saw darkness around her. Then she spotted a robed figure sat before her. She can't see his face due his hood was completely pulled in his face.

"You finally awake..." a reverberating voice left his mouth what she heard everywhere and nowhere.

"It seems..." She sighed. "Can you tell me where am I?"

"You are in the void."

"Void?" asked Esdeath. Suspiciously.

The figure nodded approvingly. "Yes. The Void. This is the place where the players come whose killed by Longinus. As well the home of the game masters and administrators. The place where we watch out for errors. Then fix them if necessary."

"I see..." she was completely calm.

"You do not look upset."

She shook her head. Then looked down into the nothingness below her with a thoughtful expression. "After the transportation. I have learned a few things. For example, there is always a bigger fish. With cold thinking you can reach a better solution and of course... the most important..." she started to smile. "Always look at the bright side of life. Always look at the bright side of death." She started to whistle. "I am already dead. Why should I be upset? That's just stupid if you ask me..."

The hooded figure smiled under his hood. "You are strange. I like you."

She pointed at her smiling face. "I know! I like myself too!"

The man before her smiled under his hood.

"Continuing the previous conversation. You say I am this kind of error or bug. Is that correct?" she pointed at the man before her.

He nodded. "Partly."


"Yes..." he said in a reverberating voice.

"Can you explain me further?"

"You see... in your transportation there were a few complications. Due your unique race and game breaking stats. Your transportation caused data corruption in the world where you transported. You could see that yourself when you, Momonga, and the guardians fought with that plant monster..."

Esdeath got a flashback from the fight from volume 14. She started to smile. "So that was the result of data corruption. I must admit you make me curious... as a programmer as well a person. Can you tell me at least who you sent to hunt me? She caused great pain to my friends."

The figure before her sighed. "It cannot be helped. That was her task. What she did was the most efficient way to solve the problem. She is an enforcer after all..."

"Oh! You don't say? A fellow enforcer?" she chuckled with a playful expression. "Well then... what now? I have to stay here for the eternity or I will be simply deleted permanently."

"That's an option..." nodded the figure.

"Which one?" asked Esdeath while leaned forward and put her hand under her chin.


"I assume if there are not only two options."

"As you say..."

"Can I chose amongst them or others will decide my fate?" inquired Esdeath.

"Considering the data corruption was not your direct fault, and in the end, you helped us fix it. You can choose from several options. But you can't return to the world in your current state. Neither anyone can resurrect you because the item what needed to your resurrection can't be found in the world."

"I see. Then... let me hear my options." Esdeath leaned closer to the man.

"First option. We still have your human body in an isolated time space bubble. We can send you back without the memories of the New World. You simply wake up with the awareness. The game YGGDRASIL ended, and the system forced you to log out automatically." A shining door opened behind the hooded figure.

She nodded. "Second?"

"Second..." he opened two fingers in his clenched fist. "You will reborn in a different world. Maybe an entirely different race than human. This is the random thing in this option. But you can keep all your memories and knowledge what you gathered in your human and current life."

A second door opened behind the figure. Radiating blue light.

She considered it. "Tempting... Starting from a clean state with all my knowledge. The danger lies with the random part."


The man opened an another finger in his gloved hand. "Third. You will transport to an another world after we fixed the errors in you. You can keep all of your memories and knowledge. Your stats will be reduced of course. Hell. If you want, you can change your avatar and choose and replaced your race and job classes before you start."

A third door radiating crimson energy appeared behind his back.

"Fourth?" she asked.

"Yes..." he nodded. "After we fixed you. You can return to the New World. We wipe away all your memories about the new World. It will be like when you, Momonga and Nazarick appeared in the world. Everything will be reset." His voice reverberated in the nothingness.

She thought about these things a moment. "Any other options?"

The man shook his head. "None..."

"Hmm... Decisions. Decision. What should I chose."

"You have as much time as you want for thinking. After all... in this place, the concept of space and time does not exist. We even have games, internet, television cookies, food, and other hedonist things if you decide to remain here." he motioned to the nearby long table what was suffered from the great amount food and drink. Several robed people played nearby with some kind of weird game.

"Can I ask you? Momonga and my other guild members are all right?"

"Yes... They are all right..." nodded the man.

"Can I ask your name before I depart?"

The man smiled under his hood. "I lost my name a long time ago... But we are closer than you first think..." the hooded man crackled.

Esdeath scowled. "yeah... right..." she rolled her eyes. "Thanks for the nothing..."

The man nodded. "You are welcome..."

Esdeath thought about her choices over and over again. Then she decided. She stood up with a determined big smirk on her face.

"So, you decided... I must admit... Most of the people passing by can't decide this fast."

"What can I say... I am a strange guy..." she chuckled. "Goodbye hoodie-san! May we meet again!"

She burst out in a fast sprint towards the door in the distance. Meanwhile, she thought about the experiences what she gained in the New World. Her past lives and her current state. She never faltered just continued running towards her goal.

Insert credits song while she ran:

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

Sun is shining in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped raining everybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day, hey hey

Running down the avenue
See how the sun shines brightly in the city
On the streets where once was pity
Mister blue sky is living here today, hey hey

Mister blue sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?

Mister blue sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?

Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, mister blue sky's up there waiting
And today is the day we've waited for

Oh Mister blue sky please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?

Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you

Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you

Mister blue sky, Mister blue sky
Mister blue sky

Mister blue, you did it right
But soon comes mister night creeping over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way

Mister blue sky, please tell us why
You had to hide away for so long (so long)
Where did we go wrong?

Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you

Mister blue sky

Esdeath reached the door and jumped through it. As she reached the light. She disappeared entirely from the Void.

After Credits Scene:

The masked woman stepped through the shadows. "Well... Interesting choice..." she turned to the hooded man. "Don't you think Momonga-san?" she slowly removed her mask.

"As you say... Esdeath-san... as you say... you always make interesting choices..."

She smirked. "The universe created. To be created. To create the individuals who set up and upkeep it..." she turned to the hooded Momonga.

"So... What's my new target oh great leader?" she asked sarcastically while bowed.

"Hmm... Let's see..." Momonga waved his hand, and a screen came up before him showing the various errors. He touched one of it. "This will be fine..." then he looked to Esdeath under his hood. "Next time I will be the one who goes to mission. It is boring sitting here all day..."

"Yeah... Yeah... Whatever Dark Lord Palpatine..." she said sarcastically while rolled her heterochromatic eyes.

Momonga sighed. "You never change... After all this time... You are still like a child..." he looked up to the infinite darkness where the ruins of Nazarick floated.

The End


Well, this is the end of this story.

I hope you enjoyed the last chapter.

I decided to give the story an end because I made too many mistakes under its writing I can't even keep it count anymore.

Mistakes what I can't correct with simply fixing them chapter by chapter.

I will rewrite it fully at a later time from scratch.

Giving the characters better character development as well hopefully a better story.

After thinking everything through truly and at least making a few notes and sketch before I start writing something.

I hope it is not disappointing you.

Don't worry. It will not influence my other stories.

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