"It doesn't matter how tough we are, Trauma always leaves a scar."

To My Mom, Rest in Peace

A/N: I hope none of you ever have to go through something like this. Just know if you need to talk I'm here.

Chapter 3:

"20 year old woman, possible drug overdose. Cardiac arrest, lost her twice on the way here. Has not regained consciousness." The paramedic told the doctors waiting in the ambulance bay.

"Trauma bay 3." The attending instructed. "Shepherd what are you doing back already?"

"The patient, it's my baby sister." He stood by the window, his eyes focused on her body that jumped every time they shocked her.

"I need some help in here." A resident called out of the room.

Derek watched as Mark headed toward the call for help, not noticing his best friend whose back was toward the doorway. He froze in the doorway, the head of Raven curls knocking the breathe from his lungs. "Sloan get out of here." Someone yelled, but he didn't move. Derek was of no use to help. "Sloan, clear out."

Addison had a childhood worth of experience suppressing her emotions, something that only really came in handy for the first time today. She handed Derek the phone she came in with, the voice of his mother asking questions he couldn't answer. Addison pulled Mark from the room, unable to look at the girl in the bed herself. "Dr. Carter, please, you have to save her."

"Get them out of here Montgomery. I'll send someone when I have any news." He barked, no time to coddle the interns at the moment.

The three interns waited as close by as they were allowed, Mark's arm over Addison's trembling shoulders. Derek paced back and forth, wishing he could have prevented this.

Kathleen was the first of the Shepherd sisters to arrive, she had been on her way to Jersey when she got the call from her mother and turned right around. "Is there any news?" She went right to them and wrapped her arms around her brother.

"She hasn't coded again but she's still unconscious. They just finished pumping her stomach." Addison whispered, her voice breaking.

"Where did you find her?" Her youngest siblings didn't normally run in the same crowds.

"She broke into our house. I found her in the living room." Derek muttered.

"Mom's still a few hours away, Nancy's husband is watching all the kids and her and Lizzie are on their way." She told them. "Mom's a wreck. She thinks this is her fault."

"It's not her fault, she put it onto me and I let her down. If I just went straight home from work, if I tried calling her a few more times," Derek started, running his hands through his curls.

"Derek stop, this isn't your fault." Addison told him.

"Addie's right. Amy did this to herself. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. You saved her life Der." Kathleen rubbed one hand down his back, the other resting on her now noticeable baby bump.

"Kath, are you?" Addison gestured to her stomach.

"Oh yeah." She pushed a lock of her dark hair behind her ear. "Four and a half months, we found out last week."

"Good for you Kathy." Mark told her, though he couldn't even force a smile on his face.

Dr. Carter emerged through the doors to the operating rooms. "She's stable, still critical but stable." He informed them and they breathed a collective sign of relief.

"Can I see her?" Derek asked.

"We're moving her to the ICU as we speak, she should be awake soon. I'll bring you there myself."

"Thank you Dr. Carter."

"I'll meet you there, I'm going to call mom and give her the news." Addison told the siblings and Mark.

The hospital felt colder than it had just a few hours before. Derek had his arm around Kathleen as they walked, her eyes blurry with tears.

"I'll leave you alone, page me if anything changes." The Doctor said as he closed the door behind them. Derek grabbed one of her hands while Mark grabbed the other, careful of the IV.

Kathy stood by her head, smoothing her matted curls away from her shallow face. "Amy you need to wake up. You've been through so much worse than this, don't give up." She whispered.

"Water?" A fourth voice croaked, snapping the attention of everyone toward her.

Mark brought a plastic cup toward her and placed the straw between her lips.

"Don't ever do that again." Derek kissed her forehead.

The icy blue eyes of the patient looked around the room. "Where am I?"

"You're at the hospital. You overdosed at Derek's house." Kathy told her.


"Oh? That's really all you're going to say?" Derek snapped, the lack of sleep catching up to him.

"Good to see you?" She joked, laughing then wincing. "Fuck that hurts."

"I cracked two of your ribs when I was giving you CPR." Derek muttered.

"I deserve that."

"You died Amy! You were dead and we weren't sure we could get you back." Mark pushed Derek out of the room.

"Go take a walk, take a nap, I don't care. Just get out of here before you say something you'll regret." He blocked Derek's entrance back into the room. "She's alive Shep, that's all that matters."