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Chapter 1:- The Beginning.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze or you can say that it was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Nowadays I go by many different names or titles such as My Lord, Naruto-Sama, The Conqueror, Master, The bringer of apocalypse and so many more. Despite all these titles the one that can truly define me is 'The Demon God'. For you see I am a Demon and I am a God to my subordinates and I sure as hell have the power to compete with Gods themselves.

But before becoming this super badass, dashing and charming demon god that I am now, I was just a simple human. A human who was beaten, ignored, sneered at and ultimately killed.

This is my story. The story of how a simple child who was wronged not only by the people of his village but also by his own family. This is a story of how every action has it's consequences. This is a story of revenge, of war, of the birth of the greatest kingdom ever known to humankind or demonkind. This is a story of transcendence of a human into a god.

This is my story. The story of a Demon God.


Minato Namikaze or otherwise known as The Yondaime Hokage of The Village Hidden in The Leaves, thought of himself as a very lucky person at this particular moment as he cradled his newborn daughter in his arms while his wife fed their newborn son.

The reason as to why he thought of himself as lucky was not only the birth of his children but also the gift given to him by The Shinigami himself. This gift was the gift of life.

You see, just a few days ago at the night of the birth of his children, his village was attacked by a masked man calling himself Madara Uchiha, though he has some doubts behind that claim. That night his daughter was taken as a hostage by the masked man as he threatened to end her life if he(Minato) did not step away from his wife. Being desperate to save his daughter's life Minato did as he was ordered. He stepped away from his exhausted wife who had just given birth to twins.

After a little skirmish Minato was able to teleport both of his children to a safehouse so that they cannot be taken as hostages again but unfortunately this gave the masked man a much needed chance to abduct his wife and extract 'The Kyuubi' from her.

What happened next can only be described as a massacre and without a doubt the toughest fight of Minato's life. In the end though he was able seal Yang half of The Kyuubi's power within his daughter while Yin half was sealed within his wife so as to save her life from the strain of the extraction of Kyuubi from her.

Even though it's power was seperated from it, Kyuubi's body still remained in the mortal world which confused him greatly as he thought that all the tailed beast were just mass of energy and nothing else. But the living body of Kyuubi proved him wrong. Not seeing any other option he did what was needed to be done for the good of the village and sealed the body within his son.

After the sealing was done, Minato was prepared for The Shinigami to eat his soul but for reasons unknown to him, his life was spared. This could only mean one thing as Shinigami spared his life then that means that his work on earth is still not done and he will do whatever it takes to not only protect his village but also to protect his family.

Though unknown to Minato, his life was not spared as a gift but as a curse which will one day doom not only his village but also the whole Elemental Nations.


5 Years Later:-


The loud sound of a slap echoed in the halls of Namikaze mansion as a little boy around the age of five fell to the floor. His blonde hairs looked a bit dishevelled as a red bruise started to form on his left whiskered cheek indicating that he is the one who has just been slapped. His cerulean blue eyes started watering as he looked up at the person who had just hit him with shock and disbelief clearly written on his face.

" K-Kaa-chan..", he muttered in a soft trembling voice as he looked up at his mother who was looking down at him with a face full of anger.

" How dare you to lie like that about your sister, naruto! She would never do something like this! She is not a trouble maker, you are!" Kushina yelled at her son who just continued to look up at her in shock.

" Naruto you should apologise to Kushina-chan for breaking her vase. You know it was gifted to her by her late mother when she moving to Konoha. So, apologise now for breaking it and while you are at it why don't you apologise to Kasumi-chan too for trying to frame her for your mistake." Minato spoke in a calm yet stern voice so as to diffuse the situation that has developed because of his son.

Slowly getting up Naruto looked at his father and replied," Why should I say sorry Tou-san! I swear it wasn't me who broke this vase. It was kasumi. She was the one playing catch with it and it slipped from her hand and fell down and broke. I swear I am telling the truth! You can ask her if you want!"

Looking at their daughter who stood behind them silently while trying to look as small as possible, both parents turned their gazes to her as if asking 'Is this true?'

Kasumi meanwhile was scared shitless as she looked at her mother's rage filled face. So, obviously not wanting to turn their ire on her she quickly shook her head negatively while praying to whatever god was listening that she be spared from her mother's wrath.

Getting their daughter's answer, both Minato and Kushina once again turned towards Naruto who was looking at Kasumi with shock and confusion over the sudden betrayel he got from his twin sister. While yes their relationship was not that good and she always made fun of him by contiuously telling him that their parents loves her more than him. Even after that Naruto never once thought that his sister would lie like that and place all blame for her mistakes on him.

"What are you doing Kasumi?! Why are you lying like that?! Tell them the truth that it was you who broke the vase, Dammit!" Naruto yelled as he took a step towards Kasumi who took a step back seeing him advancing towards her.

Apparently it was the wrong thing to do as once again Naruto was slapped but much harder this time and it was his father who hit him now.

Once again falling to the ground Naruto held his face in his hands as his other cheek also began to swell along with a bit of blood dripping from his bottom lip and he started sobbing silently as tears started to fall from his eyes.

" Naruto! What do you think you are trying to do by threatening your sister like that! You have been lying a lot from these past few months. First you said that people with white eyes were the one who beat you up while it you who got into a fight with your classmates according to your teacher and then you said that people of the village were being mean to you, which once again turned out to be a lie since there was no one who saw such a thing happening and now this. I get it that you are trying to gain our attention more but you have to understand that we have to focus more on your sister because of the chakra that she has inside of her. I get what you are trying to do but lying and wrongly accusing other people is never the right way to do things. Now go up in your room and don't come down before night. Because of this bad habit of yours, you will not be getting any lunch today." Kushina lectured Naruto as she folded her arms under her breasts while looking at Naruto sternly. Meanwhile Minato went completely silent as soon as he heard Hyuuga's name, his eyes glazed over as if he was looking into distance.

" Now get up mister and go to your room!" Kushina yelled and then she looked towards Minato who still had a glazed over look and said, " Minato don't just stand there. Tell your son to get his ass up and go to his room."

Shaking off whatever stupor he was in Minato looked at Naruto and finally said in an emotionless tone which somewhat worried even Kushina," Naruto just go to your room."

Hearing his father's tone and not wanting to get hit again Naruto trembingly got up and took his hands off his face and glared at his family in front him. Huh, family ... yeah right!

What kind of family is this where his own mother never believes a word he said, where his father just simply shows more favouritism towards his daughter and never even tries to protect him from the villagers, what kind of father or Hokage is he? And lastly his sister who not only makes fun of him but apparantly she will rather see him getting beaten up for her mistakes rather than telling the truth.

All the while he was glaring at them, both of his parents were busy in their own thoughts once again not even noticing their son as always. But there was one person who did notice this and when she saw her brother's swollen and bleeding face along with the glare that he was directing towards her and their parents, something inside of her snapped. It was as if she started believing that if she ever admitted about her mistakes to her parents then it will be her in her brother's shoes and she sure as hell don't want that. So, while feeling a bit guilty she averted her eyes from her brother and looked at the ground as Naruto slowly made his way to his room.

This day would be marked as the day when a seed of hatred started growing inside Naruto's heart.

And even at night he never came down for dinner which while concerned Kushina a bit but she soon got distracted by her other family members.


2 Years later:-

It's been two long years for Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze since he had been first beaten up by his parents. There had been several cases where a repeat of that day occured and it was mostly either because of his sister or the villagers.

Over the last two years, Naruto nearly stopped caring about his family as he purposely started avoiding them. The villager's have also gotten a lot more bolder in their actions against him while as always his mother was adamant to not believe a word he said and his father would just become silent whenever Naruto tried to tell them. He always had an inkling that his father knew about his treatment at the hand of villagers, but if he knew then why hadn't he ever stopped them from hurting him?!

This question was also answered one day when he was returning from school and was somewhat distracted and accidently bumped into a villager. Realising his mistake Naruto tried to apologise but instead of accepting his apology, the man instead dragged him into an ally where several other people were seemingly waiting for them.

Knowing what was to come, Naruto tried his best escape thinking that this man was a simple civilian, which turned out to wrong as apparently this man's grip was a lot stronger than any civilian has any right to be. What came next was one of the most painful and gruesome expirience he had ever faced. That day he was beaten bloody and would have died, had it not been for that female ANBU with cat mask.

After saving him and apprehending the criminals she took him directly to the hospital and called for his father to inform him of what has happened. When Minato came in his hospital room and heard of what had happened, he became deathly silent and just stood their for several minutes. So, seeing as her Hokage was in some kind of shock, which she thought was because his son's condition, Cat tried to ask him what to do with the convicts and the reply she got not only shocked her to the core but also broke Naruto's heart and his trust in his fahter into million pieces and it took all of his wiil power to keep pretending that he was still sleeping.

What Minato had asked was to let the convicts go after fining them with just hundred yen each. Cat tried to oppose this judgement but was made clear in no nonsense tone that Minato is her superior and she will follow his every command. So, with anger in her eyes and actions, Cat stormed out of the hospital.

That day Naruto came to know that it was his own father who allowed all of this to happen to him and his love for his father vanished as it was slowly being replaced by hate.

During his time in the hospital, neither his mother and nor his sister came to visit him even once. It was like they somehow forgot that he even exists and had not returned to home more nearly a week. And when he was finally discharged and returned home, all he saw was his mother training Kasumi how to properly hold a sword and exclaiming that she will make her daughter the greatest swordswoman of all time. Yeah, right.. like that talentless daughter of their's will ever amount to something. Everything has been given to her on a silver platter while he had to struggle for even getting a simple scroll from his parents. Even then they never even gave him a scroll, he had to steal them from the library but atleast in the end it allowed him to learn something.

After that incident, Cat had sort of become his shadow whenever she was in the village. There had been several other cases where people tried to hurt him in some way but like a gaurdian angel she always protected him and over time even came to just chat with whenever he was feeling sad or she was feeling bored. Naruto will always cherish his time spent with Cat.

Other than Cat he was also able befriend a few more people. The first person he befriended was a new chunin teacher who was just recently promoted. Her name is Kurenai Yuhi and she has the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen.

During classes one day he was kicked out of the class just for asking a question. While walking in the hallways of the academy, he accidently bumped into kurenai, who upon looking down to see just who had bumped into her, quickly recognised him as one of Minato's kid and the holder of Kyuubi's body and soul. Despite knowing what the young boy contained inside of him, Kurenai never discriminated against him and thought of him as just another young kid, despite being only 14 herself.

When asked what he was doing outside the class, Naruto simply replied that he was kicked out and after muttering a quite apology for bumping into her, made to move past her. Though before he could leave Kurenai quickly stopped him and asked for his name after introducing herself first. This confused Naruto a lot seeing as no one has ever tried to talk to him before.

Giving her his name, he once again made to leave but was once again stopped and this time it was from embarrassment because just as he turned around his stomach made itself known by letting out a lout noise indicating that it wants food and it wants it now!

Being the kind of person that she was Kurenai offered to take him to get some food. At first Naruto tried to say no but one more grumbling from his stomach and he suddenly found himself being led down the road by Kurenai.

That had been a start of their friendship. After seeing how other teachers at the academy would purposely kick him out nearly everyday, Kurenai took it upon herself to teach him everything that he needs to know and since she was one of the teachers at academy, she made sure that his papers are properly checked and he is being given marks according to his performance.

Kurenai also tried to teach him some Genjutsu seeing as it is her field of expertise, and found out that Naruto is a natural at Genjutsu. This pleased her even more as she can now spend more time with her new friend in order to teach him Genjutsu.

On his 6th birthday Kurenai gave him a little wolf cub as a present. This was the first ever present that he got from someone else, so it was only natural that this would cement their friendship even more. He even named the little wolf as 'KU', after his first friend Kurenai's name. Since that day both Naruto and Ku became nearly inseperable. Wherever one of them goes, the other will always follow. Such was their bond.

Other than Cat, Kurenai and Ku, Naruto also made friends with Anko, who was also a pariah just like him and oddly enough he also started hanging out with this old man mostly covered in bandages and goes by the name of Danzou.

Anko he met through Kurenai and although they do clash against each other over a few things but it was all fun and games. Danzou on the other hand met him when he was sitting in the park and was just enjoying the peace one evening. Next thing he knew, he was approached by Danzou who asked if he can sit beside him. Not being so trustfull of other people, Naruto just kept quite and Danzou instead of taking it as it was intended to be, which was a refusal, took it as an affermitive and sat down beside him. One thing led to another and soon enough both were playing shogi together, at which Naruto has yet to even come close to beating Danzou.

These four were the only people Naruto could call his friends, other than them all Naruto can feel about the rest of the villagers is contempt and hate. Funny how circumstances can change a person and can force a kid of only seven, to become so full of hate.

Other than spending time with his friends, Naruto mostly spent his time either training or studying. Thoughts of taking revenge on the villagers and his so called family has already started to form in his head and this drove him to train even harder going as far as to steal jutsu scrolls and sealing books from his parents library and copying them for his personal use. After copying the material Naruto would always put the books and scrolls back in their proper place so as not to cause any suspicion and get caught.

In fact this is exactly what he is doing right now. This time Naruto stole a copy of one of his father's personal jutsu known as 'RASENGAN'. After copying the scroll Naruto sealed his own copy in the seal which was inscribed at the base of his armpit, as it seem to be the only place on his body that can be easily overlooked.

With the copying of Rasengan, Naruto's own library is nearly completed. This was the second last jutsu that was left from being copied by him. The only one that he is still not able to find a scroll on, is his father's second personal jutsu also known as 'HIRAISHIN'. But he was sure that with time he will be able to obtain a copy of that jutsu too.

After sealing his own scroll in his seal Naruto silently made his way down to the library in order to return the scroll back with Ku silently following her master and friend.

Reaching the library, Naruto slowly took hold of the handle and twisted it open. But just as he swung the door open slowly, he was greeted with the sight of his father standing there and looking through the shelves as if searching for something.

Upon hearing the sound of door being opened Minato turned around and saw Naruto standing there with a scroll in his hands, which upon closer inspection he recognised as the one that he has been searching for. The scroll contained all the information required to learn Rasengan and he was gonna gift it to his daughter seeing as tomorrow is her birthday. It never even crossed his mind that his son also shared the same birthday as his daughter.

Naruto realising that he had been caught froze on the spot and became as still as a pole. His hands started shaking slightly knowing what was to come now that his father caught him with his Rasengan scroll.

Minato took a step forward and asked in an even tone as looked at his son with a stern gaze," Naruto why do you have my scroll in your hand? Where did you get it from? Tell me that you wern't stealing from the library."

Seeing his father stepping closer to him Naruto remained frozen on his spot as the scroll fell from hand.

" Answer me Naruto. Were you stealing from the library or not?!" Minato asked in a continuously growing rage as he stopped right in front of Naruto who was looking down right now.

" Y-Yes I did. But it was the only way for me to learn something seeing as both of you have never even once tried to teach me anything. It's always Kasumi this and Kasumi that! What about me huh Tou-san? Am I not your son?! Why do you always leave me to tend for myself? Tell me why?!" Naruto yelled as he glared up at his father with contempt.

Hearing the loud noices coming from the library, Kushina and Kasumi soon arrived at the scene to see a standoff between father and son.

Taking a step forward Kushina asked," Minato what's going on?"

Not taking his eyes off Naruto, Minato said," Apparently our son has taken up a habit of stealing things now. I came down to the library to collect the Rasengan scroll so that I can gift it to Kasumi-chan tomorrow and caught Naruto red handed."

During his statement Minato never even once realised that his son also shared the same birthday as his daughter. This just pissed Naruto off even more seeing as once again they seemingly forgot about him. But before he could even say a word, he was hit hard on his head which sent him tumbling to the ground.

" What is the meaning of this young man?! Just being a troublemaker and liar wasn't enough for you? Now you have started stealing too? Where have I gone wrong in raising?" Kushina yelled in anger as her hairs started floating in air resembling tails.

Ku quickly leapt in front of Naruto in order to save him from any further harm and growled angrily at both Minato and Kushina but for the most part was ignored by the two in favor of glaring at their son.

Just as Kushina took one more step forward she heard Naruto muttering something but it was so low that it was nearly impossible to understand a word he was saying. So taking one more step forward she asked," What are mumbling now?"

Looking up from his place on the floor Naruto glared at Kushina with a gaze filled with hate and yelled as he rubbed his bleeding forhead which had impacted with the floor when he fell down after getting hit quite hard," Since when have you been a parent to me huh?! You are talking about raising me? Me?! Well if you did raise me then tell me what is my favourite food? Or what is my favourite colour? Heck just anything that you know about me that is personal to me?"

Looking at her son's bleeding forehead and listening to his word gave Kushina a pause as she tried to remember any of things that she can about Naruto and came up with none! Heck she can't even remember the last time she gave him a hug or bought him some kind of gift!

" You can't huh?! Well what else do you expect? You never even cared about me enough to even investigate if I was telling the truth or not. You always just assumed that I did something wrong and am making up a lie to save my skin. But guess what I have never lied to you about any of that stuff! If you don't believe me then ask him! He knows everything and even allowed the villagers to beat me up everytime they got a chance. Tell her oh dear father of mine, tell her how you allowed your own son to get beat up by a bunch of hipocritical, senile, revengeful and idiotic people. Tell her!" Naruto yelled having finally lost to his rage and sadness over being betrayed like this by his own father.

Kushina looked toward Minato for confirmation but all she got in response was quite 'I am sorry, it was for good of the village' from him as he clenched his fists tight and kept his head down.

Gasping loudly Kushina's hands flew to her mouth as tears started to make their way down both of her cheeks. Tentatively looking towards Naruto, Kushina tried to form a sentence but nothing came out her mouth except for her choked sobs as Naruto continued to glare at her and Minato.

Not finished yet with saying his piece, Naruto once again spoke in an angryt tone," You know what? Not only that each time your great and wonderful daughter did something wrong, she would just blame it on me, knowing that you people will never believe me over her. And everytime it happened you would blame me and punish me. Where is you raising me in this huh? Answer me!"

Not getting anything in response from either of his family members Naruto just scoffed and turned around to walk away from his so called family as Ku silently followed behind him.

Turning around one last time Naruto said something that will haunt his family for a long long time," You know I was awake when you ordered ANBU Cat to let the people go who tortured me to the limit that I had to be hospitalised Minato and I heard each and everything about the Kyuubi too from those stupid villagers. But what is even worse is that you don't care what happens to me and none of you ever came to visit in the hospital even once. This is one of the reasons as to why I hate you all and will always keep on hating you."

With his last piece being said Naruto loudly slammed the door behind him while his family remained rooted on the spot.

Slowly but surely Kushina turned towards Minato as she said in a clearly delusioned tone," He was lying right Minato? You could never do this to our son! I could never do this to our own son! Tell me Minato please just tell me that he was lying."

" No Kushina he was not lying. I am every bit of a filth that deserves to rot in hell. I allowed the villagers to torture my own son just so that they can release some of their anger and so that they can continue supporting me as their Hokage. I am the worst father ever" Minato said as tears started leaking down from his eyes.

Hearing that caused not only Kushina but also Kasumi to break down into sobs. Seeing as everything was revealed Kasumi too admitted her sins against her brother," I am so sorry Kaa-chan but I was just so afraid of being punished that I lied about everything and as a result Nii-san had to pay for my mistakes. When I broke your vase, I was afraid of being punished so I lied. I am sorry please don't hit me."

Looking at her daughter's fear stricken face made Kushina realise just how horrible she had been to Naruto in the name of being strict. This just made her cry even harder and make her hate not only her husband but herself too.

Seeing his wife's condition Minato moved to place a comforting hand on her shoulder but just as his hand made contact with her, he doubled over in pain while clutching balls which had just been elbowed by none other than Kushina herself.

" Don't you dare touch me Minato! I can not believe that you of all people would do something like this. Naruto is our son and you left him to be eaten by the wolves! Though I myself am not much better as I never even believed in my baby boy and now he hates me and he has every right to hate me, to hate us. But I am not going to just sit around and wallow in my self pity. No, I am going out to bring my son back and apologise to him. I will keep on apologising until he has forgiven and even if he didn't, I will just continue to shower him with love and be a mother that I have failed to be until now." Kushina said compassionately as she stood up and made to walk towards the door before she stopped in front of Minato who was now on his knees, still clutching his balls and kneed him in the face, breaking his nose before saying at last, " And one more thing Minato, from this moment on we are through. As soon as I get my baby back I am going to file for a divorce. If you have even a spec of shame left in you than do me a favor and don't ever show me your face again."

With that Kushina stormed off to search for her son and bring him back in her life no matter the price she has to pay. That night Kushina searched for Naruto everywhere in the village but was not able to find even a single trace of her son.

Unknown to her both her son and his companion have been abducted just a few moments ago. Had she been just a little bit faster then maybe just maybe she would have been able to save not only her son but also the whole Elemental Nations but alas! It was not meant to be as she was too late to notice her past actions and too late to save everyone from a doomed fate.


Just a few moments ago:-

" Who the hell do they think they are?! They accuse me of being wrong when it is all their fault! Well not like matters now as I won't be going back to that hell hole again. I wonder if Kurenai-chan will let me stay for a few days with her. What do you think Ku-chan want to go meet with Kurenai-chan." Naruto asked his best friend as he glanced down at his comapnion, little female wolf cub.

Instead of looking at her master like she usually does whenever he talked to her, Ku was instead looking around as if trying to smell something but was being unsuccessful so far.

" What's the matter Ku-chan? Did you smell something?" Naruto asked as he looked at Ku wondering just what his little companion was doing.

So distracted were the duo that they never even noticed a figure behind Naruto until it was too late. Before either Ku or Naruto could react, Naruto was knocked out by a hard blow to the head whereas Ku was also hit and thrown in the bag.

The shadowy figure quickly picked Naruto and Ku up and shunshined out of the area. Leaving behind nothing but a few leaves in it's wake.


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