Once we were in a more secure location I latched myself to Dylan mumbling how sorry I was for not telling him months ago.

"You were stressed out about what was going on, and I didn't want you to pull me out," I mutter against his shoulder as I got him out of the heavy cloak he was wearing.

His hands move to my small bump as he hums, "I...I...you're probably right, I would have pulled you the second I knew about this. But you're fine, we're all fine, we got through this. We'll visit The Eye in the morning and then find out what's going on from there." he tells me his other hand moving to slip into my hair tugging me into a kiss.

I slowly snake my arms around his neck deepening the kiss as we make our way to the bed. Who needs sleep anyway?


"Good morning everyone!" I chirp happily, setting a bag of food and uncovering my face from my purple scarf. "I've got muffins and donuts and scones! All the goodies."

Lula lets out a groan as she like a zombie grabs some. "Rough night?" I tease, "You might want to cover your neck, you got a little something." I tease, seeing as she and Jack had their own room to themselves.

She seems to huff a bit but grabs the scarf from last night giving me a look of 'you happy'

"Very, now eat, I gotta get the guys to get up, we've got a meeting in an hour with The Eye and I don't want everyone messy."


Once we made it to what looked like an observatory on the outside and was at least one spot that housed The Eye's HQ.

"Hey, guys," Lee calls out as we all get out from the car, Dylan's arm snaking around mine pulling me into his side. I spotted Jack doing something similar to Lula, I can't wait to tease them more!

"Hey!" We all call out.

"Good to see you all," Lee says happily and the group moves to give him some hugs.

"Good to see you, Lee," Danny says relieved to see a familiar face.

"Come on in," Lee says leading us inside.

"Good morning. Welcome," Lee's grandmother greets us at the door, "I'm proud of you," she says looking at Dylan. "All of you. I have a lot to show you. Come. Come." she says moving to lead us as Dylan stops noticing something.

"Dylan?" I ask softly, grabbing his hand as I follow him into what looked like a study.

In the study, there were photos all over the place and I looked around only to see Dylan brushing his finger over one.

"Dad," he says softly and I eye the picture, sure enough, it was him, looking a tad younger than what I remember, it could have been before Dylan was born, just as a picture next to it sat, with someone who looked familiar.

"Isn't that Thaddeus Bradley?" I ask, "If it is that was some time ago." I say softly.

I hear a chuckle from behind us making me jump, "Yes. Your father and I were partners. Our act was that of rivals," Thaddeus says walking into the room, I let out a small gasp.

"I was the hard-eyed realist. He was the dreamy-eyed idealist. We thought it was the perfect misdirect. Yes, in public, I did goad him. The only thing we didn't count on was it going so wrong." he says sadly and Dylan pulls away a bit to run his hand through his hair.

"Why? Why didn't you ever say anything to me?" Dylan questions Thaddeus.

" don't know. Give it a name. Shame, guilt. Regret." Thaddeus says and I move to rub Dylan's shoulder.

"I put you in jail, man. Why didn't you say something then?" Dylan says in disbelief.

"Well, you know, I was going to. But then, you were so quick to show your personal motivations that... Well, quite frankly it spoiled the trick for me." Thaddeus points out and I crinkle my nose.

"Really that ruined it?" I say in disbelief.

"I showed my weakness," Dylan says sadly.

"Well, it showed you weren't ready. But when you came back to my cell, you had let go of your 30-year vendetta against me" Thaddeus explains and I lean into Dylan a bit, his arm snaking back around and settling on my bump "...for your partner and your Horsemen. And I said to myself, "That's Lionel's boy." And I knew it was my job to see to it that he became the magician he was born to be. All that was left then was…" Thaddeus trails off.

"For me to hit bottom. So the safe, my father's wristwatch, that was all you? Walter and Tressler, were they in on it too? Oh, we knew Walter was in hiding. The Octa show was a setup to expose him to the public. And you were right about the Horsemen. They needed to learn to work together like a single organism." Thaddeus points out and I grin, knowing that we sure did finally get it and work together to get out of the mess.

"Okay. But that can't be what all this is about." Dylan says leading me to the couch within the study making me sit down as I rolled my eyes, he was getting worried too much now that he knew I was pregnant.

"You know, the best tricks work on many levels," Thaddeus says as he sits down next to us on a stool. "And the deepest one, for me, at least, is this moment right here," he says as Dylan nods his head glancing back at the picture. "I'm sorry, Dylan. I miss your father."

"Thirty years is a long time to drag something around, isn't it?" Dylan says softly and I hum in agreement.

"And a whole long time before we found each other again," I tell him softly.

"Yes, it is."

"So, now what?" Dylan questions, "Where do we go from here?"

"Now I'm about out of moves. Oh... And I'm tired." Thaddeus says.

"Come on, you're the one who said that you believe that this road led to the great wizard behind the curtain." Dylan points out.

Chuckling Thaddeus responds with "I did."

"And that you'd finally get to look him in the eyes."

"I am," he says looking at Dylan who looks confused making him chuckle.

"It's your game now. You play it however you see fit." Thaddeus says as he puts his fedora back on his head, "My suggestion, however, is that you find yourself a successor, especially with that little one on the way." he says tossing a wink at me as my cheeks flush and I shift a bit. I knew that I was wearing something a bit more open, and it showed my bump off lovely.

It was that moment Danny walked in "Hi. You have got to see what's there Harmony, every little detail planned out. Okay, so, um... Well, obviously, we have a few questions. Right?" Danny says as he was already trying to figure everything out.

"Uh... By "a few," I think he means, like, five million." Merrit says jokingly making me grin.

"Yeah." Danny agrees and goes to talk again.

"Well. Good luck to you all." Thaddeus says turning to leave

"Okay. See, that's not fair." Danny complains.

"What? Come on." Lula says close to pouting, "That's gonna make me really angry!"

"That's not right," Jack says while laughing.

"Oh, um, by the way... Pay no attention to the curtain." Thaddeus says with a grins as if knowing something we don't know.

"There is a curtain," Merrit says pointing back at it.

"Go, go, go!" Jack says pushing us towards it as Dylan goes to uncover it revealing a door which of course we had to go in.

Seeing is believing. But is it truth? Depends on your point of view. Are you listening, Horsemen? When you emerge, and you will, I will be there waiting. Because mark my words, you will get what's coming to you in ways you can't expect. But very much deserve. Because one thing I believe in is an eye for an eye.