"Fee I am hungry and tired. Can´t we rest?" The blond dwarve heard his brother sight.

"Yes Kee. Listen. I will make camp and start a fire and you will get the food ready." He answered.

They were on the road for three weeks straight and both were tired as hell.

He and his brother were on their way toward a men namend Bilbo Baggins, living in the Shire.

They were on the way to join their oncle on the quest to reclaim their long lost homeland, together with eleven other dwarves.

The brothers ate the dry meat they had packed and started to laugh at old storys.

Both laughed for hours when a movement in the bushes on the other side of the camp draw the attention of Fili.

He motioned his brother to be ready but play unknowing.

The he saw her emerging the bushes, an arrow aimed at them. Kili aimed his on her and the moments she let hers lose he did as well and found his mark in her right shoulder.

When his brother wanted to charge at her, his twin swords drawn, something armored hid his shoulder.

Fili and Kili spinned around and froze. There it stood. An hughe orc killed by the womens arrow felt dead on the ground.

Realization hit the young prince. He just shot a women who saved their lives. He spinned around.

She was gone.


But nothing happend.

"Where did she go?"

"I don´t know Kee. Are you sure you hit her?"

"Of course. There is her, blood. See. Fee, I just shut a women who saved our lives. And now she´s gone. "

"Kee calm down. We can see if we can find her on."

With this they went into the woods, but there was nothing but a wierd looking picture.

It showed her and an older man with brown hair , eyes and a scar. The back stated `Daryl and Me`.

"Lets get back to our camp and rest. We need to be at Mr. Baggins house the day after tomorrow. "

And that what they did.

"Balin. Do you have any idea what could be wrong with my nephiew?He doesn´t seem himself."

"You speak of Kili? I don´t know lad. But I am worried to. When we met again at Bag End he was disant and thoughtfull-nothing like him. "

The old white haired dwarf sighted.

He really was worried

"I will ask Fili then. We will make camp here! Bofur, Bombur get the stew ready. Dwalin,Bifur , Nori set a perimeter. Kili, see if you can get us some fresh meat."

The said dwarves jumoed into motion and the others started to set camp.

One hour later the sun was settled and so were the dwarves and hobbit. The wizzard had disappeard, again.

Thorin decided he would ask Fili about his brother on the road.

"Oin, you got first watch. The rest of you sleep, we will be off by first daylight."

Fast the company was sleeping but said dwarv on watch.

Something none of them knew was, that they has been watched from the distance.

Maggy had wandered the woods for some days without proper rest and arrow wound was infected. The only good thing was that she haddned met any enemy, walker or differnet, since the encounter with the two men and the thing.

One evening she had heard voices in the distance jet again and decided to have a look. Without help she wouldn´t be able to survive another day, so she was sure to take the watched how a group of thirteen medeavil looking man and a boy had set of camp and rested. Only one old man were on watch.

The smell of hot stew reached her nose , making her stomach rumble.

You need something to eat. You are silent enough to slip past walkers if wanted. Perhaps you can reach on of the packs to get something to eat.

The young women thought and hid her face under the bi´g hood of her pullover.

And I am fast. I could outrun him.

Without another choice she decided to enter the camp from the side farest away from the man.

As quiet as possible Maggy splaced her foots between the men. Their snorring hiding the silent noises she made. And wasn´t it for her weakness, her plan would had worked perfectly.

She just had passed an bald man with knuckle-dusters when she lost her footing and stumbled right on top of him. Waking him emediatly.

He rolled over, grabbing her wrists in the proces and pinning her down. Her face and upper body still hidden by her wearings.

"Everybody wake up."The bald man roared. And that what the others did.

He moved his knees on her upper arms to secure them and closed his hughe hand on her throat to make it impossible for her to even think about escaping.

"Dwalin what is this all about?" The leader asked.

"This little rat was stealthing through our camp, falling right on top of me."

"It´s no Orc. But I don´t recognised any of the closing. "

"Aye, I can say its no orc. The scin is to soft. But more I cannot say. Let´s find out."

With this he grabbed the hood and janked it down , ripping some hair out.

The girl buckeld in pain and tryed to wiggle free. But a closing hand on her throat made her stop emediatly.

The loose hair hid her face further.

"What´s going on Uncle?" The girl heard the dark haired man from some days ago ask.

Shit. Now I am dead for sure.

"This little brat felt on top of sleeping Dwalin. We still have to find out what it wants."

The girl started to hyperventilate, panicking more and more.

"Dwalin, loose your grip. Or there will be no opportunity to ask questions. And get that hair out of its face!" The leader ordered.

It was done as it was said. Said dwarf losed his grip and brushed the hair out of the young womens face frozing the moment he looked into two different coloured eyes filled with pure panick.

"It´s a lass." He mumbled.

"What do you mean?"

"It´s no it. This a lass."

" I don´t care if lass or lad. I want to know the intentions."

"Mahal Thorin. Give her some air." Balin scolded him. "Lass. My brother will get off you. And then we will ask you some questions. And you will answer them. And don´t even think about making an escape. We are thirteen well trained dwarves and you are in no good shape. "

The girl nodded, never leaving her eyes of the bald dwarfs ones. Searching for every hint she could get.

In the mean time the other dwarves had circled the two of them. Curiouse about the lass.

Maggy tried to sit up, but wincend in pain when she put her weight on her left arm. The arrow-wound screaming to her.

"You´ injured lass?" Oin asked.

"Later. First I want answers." Thorin growled.

"Ask." wispered the young women.

"Who are you and what do you want."

"My name is Maggy, I don´t know where I am. Was looking for something to eat. And yes, I was hit some days ago by an arrow."

"Why do you think I would believe your story?"

"Because it´s true. " she wispered.


Greate it´s their uncle. I am screwed.

"Not now Kili."

"But I think her story is true."

"And why do you think so ?" He cocked an brow at his nephiew.

"Because it was me who shot her." The dwarven prince mumbled embarrassed.

There was no noise except the pain filled breath of the girl.

"He tells the truth, Uncle. I was there as well. We had a rest and she suddenly stood there aiming an arrow in our direction."

The poor girl could litterly feel the death stare Thorin gave her.

"Uncle wait! She didn´t aim at us, but at the orc attaking us from behind. She killed him with a dead shot in his eye. But the moment she shot I did and when I realized my mistake she was gone. Fili and I searched for her,but couln´t find a track."

Dwalin eyed the girl curious. He was the first one to react the moment her arms gave away under her weight and she lost her awareness.

Her world went black.

The male dwarf catched the girl befor her head could hit the ground.

Oin was by his side the instant and started to fuss over her.

He told Dwalin to lift her up and to lay her down at the edge of the camp, so he can tent to her wounds , without hurting her dignity.

The bald one coverd her with his broad shoulders facing the camp, but still listening to every sound she made, ready to intervene.

Thorin didn´t know what to think of the strange dressed girl. But he could see the shame and sorrow in the eyes of his youngest nephiew. He thought all of this was his fault. And he must admit, it kind of was, even when he had shot her in self defence.

He decided to take her along, until they reach a place where she would be save.

"We need to undress her I worry. Her clothes are dambed with sweat and water, she will catch her death if not." Sighted the old healer.

"And how should we do that?" Asked the warrior without looking back.

"We need an big tunik to cover her upper body and thights, if possible her knees as well. We will put it on, then stripping her down beneath."

"After the scare I gave her, it would only be fair to use one of mine. Wait here Oin, I will catch one and head right back."

Dwalin was gone before Oin had even a chance to say something different. But he blinked in confusion. Never had he seen Dwalin care for a stranger. Even a lass.

"What now?"

"We will strip her upper body until I will be able to take care of the wound Kili got her and possible other. Then we will do as planed. You need to held her up."

He reached around her waist and lifted her body up. Pulling her strange coat over her head. Beneath it he found a black shirt with sleaves only covering half her upper arm. There was a hole were the young dwarfs arrow had found his mark.

Said shirt was as tight as her coat was wide. It underlines her curves completly and he didn´t know how to pull it of, so he decided to rip it apard- causing the whole camp to stop with what they were doing.

Some of the dwarves send curiouse looks towards the bald dwarf . That went even more curiouse when they saw the bald warrior blush slightly and averted his eyes.

The reason could only be seen by him and the healer: Beneath the shirt was nothing but a thin undergarmet , covering a little bit more than her nipples.

Oin didn´t seem to care about anything but her wound and body status. It was indeed infected, like he had feared, a palm wide red circle had formed around it and pus was rinning out of it. There were hints she had bandaged it and tryed to stop the infection with herbs.

He looked over the rest of her mangled form and was glad to see only already fainting bruises as new injuries but there were although some old scars on her back.

"She has only one bad injury and that was caused by Kili´s arrow. If we clean it the feaver will be fast gone." The healer explained Thorin who just had joined them.

"Kili! Get some hot water and bring it over here. Oin needs to clean the wound." Ordered the king and the prince was eager to do as told.

"How bad did my mistake went?" He asked reaching them with a bowl of hot water and a clean cloth.

"She will survive." Was the only answer he got by Dwalin with a cold expression towards him.

What is wrong with me? The lad did nothing well, heck the lass can be glad she hadn´t crossed his path. She would be dead and not injured. SO why the FUCK was he thinking the way he did.