So here I am again ;) I started this Story when I had only seen the first season of TWD. I now silly me. I just realised that there would be two Maggies in the Story, so I decided to rename my OC to Milly ( starting in this chapter) and later in the others as well-

As promised the Elves had a couple of sparerooms prepared for them. A big balcony connected all of them and served as an common room.

The company imediatly started to look around.

"Only two of these rooms have doors." Gloin said.

"It´s only right for miss Milly to get one of these." Dori stated. Balin and others of the older dwarves nodded in agreement.

"Then who will get the other?"

"Your Uncle, Kili." answered Balin the young prince.

_Milly POV_

Where´s my bed? Was the first thing Milly thought. And where is the shower?Was the second one.

"Miss Milly.-" she heard Dori call her."There are two rooms with doors. You will have one and Thorin the other. Yours is on the rigth and has a little balcony, I think you will appreciate the view."

"At least more than Thorin.Thank you. I will put my things in there than."

And so she did..

There was a hughe bed in the centre of the room with two little nightstands on either side of it. A commode was on the left.

Her feet found the way onto the little balcony Dori mentioned. And the view was astonishing.

The valley opened further than the eyes could see and everywhere were waterfalls, rivers and quiet forrests. It was so peacefull and quiet. Daryl and his Merle would love it here.

She didn´t know how long she had been enjoying the view but someone clearing his throat made her jump.

"Jesus Dwalin. Don´t scare me like that-How can I help you?"

"I am sorry . But I called your name mor´ then once. There are some elves waitin´ for ya." He told her." ´ said something about showing you the bathrooms. I don´t trust them ."

"Thank you Dwalin. And don´t worry, I´m not trusting them as well. I am still not trusting you lot fully."

Milly made her way past the bald warrior ,who looked concerned (?).

And indeed, when she left her room, there in the middle of the common balcony stood two female elves, surrounded by glaring dwarves.

"You came to see me?" The young women adressed them tired and without emotion.

"Our lord Elrond send us to show the lady the bath. Lindir will fetch your male companions in a short while. If you will follow us."

A little nod was her answer and the elves turned around to lead the way.

Seeing the concerned lookes on her comapions faces, she flashed a little dagger she hid inside her left boot winking towards them.

Never go anywhere unarmed. That´s been a lesson she had learned the hard way.

The Bath they showed her were just around three courners.

"This is the bath our lord Elrond gave you to use during your stay. You may use everything you can find. Lay your garmets next to the door and we will see them washed. Until then we are allowed to borrow you clothes." With that they disappeared.

Milly looked around. In the middle of the room was the infloor bathingtube, filled with steaming warm water.

She quickly took of her clothes off and put them next to the door.

Damn it, that feels good. She thought sitting down.

Her thought went back to her companions back in her world. She had been with that group almost from the beginning. Her family lived in a little town near Atlanta. And when the Outbreake came, her parents didn´t want to flee. So they died. The only person she coulf rely on, were her fathers best friend . Someone she had called Uncle.

He, an working buddy and her went into the woods to flee the hords and get game to survive.

When it became obviouse, the judical system were down forever, their behavior turned.

Don´t think about these assholes now...

So she forced herself to return her thoughts towards the second group. One that became her family.

She didn´t know how long she had just layed in the water when the door opened again.

"Miss are you finished?"

"No!Sorry I forgot the time. I will hurry up now."

"You better do. Your companions are allready finished. And I fear they might going to take a look if you don´t join them at the dinner table. I brought you something to wear. I will help you putting it on as soon as you are finished."

After the door closed a second time, Milly hurried to clean her up.

God, whats in these soaps. My hair never were so easy to clean.

And indeed, less then five minutes later she was all clean and ready to change.

"Miss. I am finished. You could help me now." She said a bit louder so the Elf could hear her.

The door opened again and ten minutes later she wore a dress.

A very very fitting green dress, at least around her curves. In the lenght it was too long.

"I am going to trip over this thing."She stated.

"If there were time, I could sew it up, but there isn´t you will have to held it up."

Or just cut off the button.

"You are already late, your companions are already at the dinner table."

The elf turned towards the door.

"Befor I forget. I have this leather sheath you can put around your thight to hide the knife you had in your boot. For you have to go barefoot, because there was no footwear, that could fit you and we decided to clean your boots as well. But dont fear stepping in splinters, our paths are very clean.

Shit. Very observant those elves. Very would have your head now.´never let them find ya backup.´

"That wouldn´t be a problem." Maggy answered the elf.

"Then follow me."

And she did, through different alleyways alongside all kinds of gardens, towards a balcony.

God must they be that loud? The young women flintched at the loud noises the dwarves made and imediatly looked around for walkers, although she new there weren´t any.

Falling back in her ald habits, and forgetting therefore that she wore a dress, she slightly raised her hands in a defensive position , letting go of the hemm of her dress.

"Miss?" The elf that took."Are you alright?"

" ´t worry."

Beeing a bit embarressed Milly wanted to join the company as soon as possible.

She hadn´t seen Dwalin standing up from his seat, when he had seen her approach the dining area.

So when she turned to walk towards the area and slipped over her dress, she landed right in front of him on the floor.

Dwalin coulnd´t surpress a small laughter and reached down to help her back up.

"Yer alright lass?"

"I freakin´ hate dresses." Was the only response she gave him when he helped her back to her feet.