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"So where is your date?" Luna asked as she was picking her things to place them on her messenger bag.

"In the Lucky Cat Café and I don't know if I would call it a date." He replied, stating the last part in a quiet voice.

"You are going out. With a boy. Alone. I think that counts as a date." She remarked.

Haru huffed and looked away so she wouldn't see his blushing face.

"Anyways, I heard about the café, it's very popular in school, especially with the girls. I heard some girls gushing the other day in the bathroom. I was curious and wanted to go myself but I never had the chance to go." She paused for a few seconds before looking at him. "I'm coming." She stated, completely serious.

"What?! Luna!"

"What is the big deal? I want to go and I will." She insisted, placing her bag securely on her shoulder.

"I don't need a chaperone." He grumbled.

"And I won't be one." She reassured, pausing to think on the correct words. "I will just... make sure that he is a nice guy. Proper and all that." She said, waving her hand dismissively.

"That's what a chaperone does." Haru stated.

"Oh," She mumbled and then shrugged, "then yes, I will be your chaperone."

Haru sighed deeply.

"Don't worry, I will give you space." She reassured.

Haru just stared at her.

"You wouldn't even know that I'm here."

After saying their goodbye's they went on their way.

Heading home, he couldn't help but hope that Luna won't do anything strange. He loved her of course, her and her -as she used to said- wonderfulness. But she could be too much in a first meeting.

After taking a quick shower and changing his clothes he sent her a text asking if he should wait for her. Not receiving an answer after the ten minutes mark, he started worrying. Thinking that maybe she had changed her mind, he was about to call her when he received a text from her. Reading it he couldn't help but snort.

lol I'm already here xD -Luna

Taking a deep breath, he headed to the door making sure that he had his apartment keys.

Luckily Luna would behave.

"...what?" He mumbled as he glanced at the giant Lucky Cat on the roof. "So... that's why is it called Lucky Cat?" He tilted his head a little. "It's cute though."

"Glad you like it." A woman's voice sounded next to him.

He jumped, startled, and turned around to face her. "Uh, I was just-" He stuttered and noticed the apron she was wearing. "You work here?" He asked curiously.

"Well, yes, I'm the owner." She said, placing a hand on her hip.

"T-the owner?! Oh my God! I didn't mean to disrespect you in any way! I'm actually really impressed by it!" 'Why everything I say sounds wrong!' He wanted to hit his head against a wall. Repeatedly. "I meant it in a nice way! I swear I-!"

He looked as if he would to cry at any moment.

"Oh my, it's alright. Everything is alright. No harm done." She reassured him.

"I'm sorry…" He mumbled. "I never came here before."

"Why don't you come in? We have an empty table."

"What was that commotion about?"

"Oh, just a boy, poor thing, he was too shaken."

Tadashi stopped what he was doing and glanced at her. "Why?" He asked worriedly.

"Dunno... maybe because I scared him?" She added quietly.

"You did what?"

"Hey! Don't look at me like that! I didn't mean to scare him! He was out there looking at the cat -the giant one, mind you- and talking to himself, I just wanted to see if he needed something."

He stared at her. "And?"

"And I think he noticed the apron because he asked me if I worked here. I told him I was the owner and I think he thought he offended me somehow and he started to apologize! He was so cute! He kept apologizing over and over!" She gushed excitedly.

"Cass, please control yourself. Remember what we just talked about."

"Yeah, yeah," She mumbled waving her hand dismissively. "I'll behave, don't worry."

Tadashi snorted. 'Yeah, right.'

He took a seat on an empty table and took a deep breath to relax and try to forget his embarrassment, glancing around the café, he didn't saw Luna around and he thought that maybe she had left. The light entering from the big windows against the light green walls was soothing.

He was so distracted looking outside the windows that he didn't see the owner approaching.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

Startled, he turned around facing her. "Um, I'm really sorry about what happened." He started.

"No worries. Would you like something?" She asked smiling.

"Just chamomile tea, I'm too nervous." He said, glancing at his hands. He was shaking with anticipation.

She nodded and then asked. "Waiting for someone?"

'Was he so obvious?' Haru blushed and nodded quietly.

She just smiled knowingly. "Be right back."

A few tables to the left, Luna was in incognito mode, brown tinted glasses, her blonde, almost white hair covered with a beanie, staring at him over the menu.

"Excuse me, are you going to order?"

Luna looked up surprised and saw Cass staring at her curiously. "Oh, um, yes I will have the…" She quickly looked over the menu, pausing to look back to where Haru was. "a Latte and a chocolate cake, please."

Cass, noticing the looks she was giving Haru, asked. "You aren't there just for the coffee, isn't it?"

"Um, no." She replied. "You see, I'm here for a friend. It's his first time dating."

She quickly connected the dots. "Oh! Is it that boy over there?" She said pointing to Haru.

"Yes. Just making sure he is alright."

Cass nodded. "Alright, I will bring your order."

"Your chamomile, sir… Haru?"

"Eh? T-Tadashi?" He jumped from his seat. "When-? You work here?" He asked noticing the apron.

"Uh, yeah, I-" He stammered and almost tipped the tea cup but he quickly left it on the table.

"Why didn't you tell me? I-I don't want to make you any trouble." He said quickly.

"I was free today but the café kept bustling with customers." He mumbled, scratching his neck.

"I would understand if you want to cancel." Haru smiled reassuringly.

"Here." Cass spoke as she placed the coffee and the cake on the table.

"Thanks." Luna said distractedly. "I still can't decide which one is more awkward."

They both looked as Tadashi almost tipped his cup.

"Tadashi, definitely." Cass stated.

"You think?" Luna glanced at her and then back to Haru as he stammered and flushed. "I don't know."

"I'm sure. I'm his Aunt." She said confidently. "Just look."

"I told you he was the cutest thing!" She said as soon as she was close to them.

"Cass…" Tadashi warned.

Haru just glanced at them. "Uh? What-?"

"Just look at his confused face! Adorable!" She squealed.

"Cass!" Tadashi hissed, embarrassed at his aunt's antics.

"I don't understand." Haru said blinking confusedly.

"She is my aunt."

That piece of information made him pause. "...your aunt?" He trailed off. "Oh God," He mumbled. "I-I hope I'm not bothering, ma'am." He quickly said.

"Oh, he's so well mannered!" She gushed and slapped Tadashi's arm. "Tadashi, you better be a gentleman." She ordered and left them alone.

"It mustn't have been easy… to lose someone, especially that young." He dropped his gaze towards his now empty mug.

"It wasn't. He wasn't the same."

"But what about you?" Haru glanced at him worriedly. "You care so much for him, and it's wonderful. But what about you?"

Tadashi blinked shocked at the question. Everyone was always worried about Hiro.

"I... I am alright, I guess." He sighed, scratching his neck nervously. "I'm holding on. For everyone's sake."

"You know you don't always need to be the strong one, right?" He said looking at him. "You are human. You can make your own mistakes, you just have to learn from them."

Tadashi nodded quietly.

"And I am saying that by experience." Haru grinned trying to lighten the mood.

"You have each other." "There is nothing more important than that."

"Yeah," Tadashi smiled and cleared his throat. "And you? Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"No, I'm an only child."

"I assumed that you had siblings because of how you treated Hiro."

Haru just smiled. "No, I always wanted a big family. Brothers and sisters. But my parents died when I was little."

"I'm sorry."

Haru just smiled and shook his head. "Why don't we talk about something else?"

Haru laughed.

"I'm serious! He just looked at me with those big puppy eyes and I had to jump over the fence to retrieve it!" Tadashi energetically exclaimed. "I swear he can't live without it."

"It's precious to him, it's understandable."

"Mom, made it for him." He spoke, his gaze far away. "He had it since he was a baby."

Cass watched them from afar with a sad smile. It still hurt but they were holding on. She would do everything she could to keep them happy and safe; she promised herself.

And looking at them, it was as if she was looking at her sister and her husband when they met for the first time.

She was confident that this encounter would only bring them happiness.

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