This is based on the chimera "incident" hinted at a few times in Carry On. Except its a few years later. I don't know exactly what year so its up to your imagination.


I snarl, making a sarcastic remark as Snow wanders out of the bathroom. I feel a sharp pang of hatred. Although I know, deep down, that it is coating the crush I have had on him for years now. I have a plan to destroy him. No, not destroy him... Hurt him. Argh, I couldn't let that happen. I will scare the crap out of him, giving me something to tease him about for the next years at Watford. I wait for him to climb into his bed then I grab my clothes wander into our bathroom. I get changed and sigh again. Father will respect me more if I get rid of that annoying, obnoxious, beautiful idiot. I yawn and wander out of the bathroom towards my bed. I glance over at Simon and see him sleeping curled up like a little, golden kitten. I climb into bed and watch him as his shape rises and falls gently. I smile gently. 'No Baz, stop' I think 'you can't be doing this; you need to sleep to get rest so you can get rid of this bumbling idiot.' I turn over and close my eyes. After an hour I finally fall asleep.

Snow is sitting in front of me in all his beauty. I smile at him and he leans forward, kissing me lightly on the nose. When he draws back he looks at me and his face falls in horror. I look down at my hands and I am holding a knife. He looks at me in horror.

"Baz, you love me. You won't do this to me, will you?" He says quietly. I don't say anything but tighten my grip on the knife. Then I lean forward and lunge it into his heart. He sinks to the ground and groans in pain, shuddering, then takes one last breath and dies. I laugh in an extremely amused way. Grinning as his body crumbles into the ground.

I gasp and sit bolt upright, breathing heavily. I lie back down only a dream, I think, only a dream' I lie back down and try to fall back to sleep, but I can't. I sigh and grab a book, The Maze Runner, from my bedside table and open to the page I was up to. (A/N The maze runner does not belong to me. Credit to James Dashner)

I write the note after Snow leaves the room, then I sign it, duplicating Wellbelove's signature. Then I leave it on his bed and go down to breakfast.


"Agatha... You... I... Um... What?" I stammer

"I said I don't think you deserve me" She answers slowly "it's just that... You're the chosen one and I'm... I'm just and average girl. There's nothing special about me, Nothing special at all,"

"Agatha, that's not true! I deserve you like scones deserve butter. Don't you ever believe otherwise!"

"No, Simon, it's just that... I don't think I love you. I like you well enough, but I don't think I can do this," She says looking down at the waffle on her plate.

"But..." I feel a lump in my throat and my eyes are stinging. "Agatha... I... I think your right. You deserve someone better than me." I stutter, choking on the last words. Then I run out of the room.


I'm wandering toward the dinner hall when someone crashes into me. I look at the boy as he stumbles away and I brush off my clothes in disgust. Snow.


I fling myself onto my bed and my body racks with sobs. Agatha broke up with me... She broke up with me. The idea seems extremely absurd. I cry into the pillow for a while longer then, I lift my head up to see the time and I feel something stuck to My face. I lift my hand to my cheek and remove the piece of paper stuck there. I look down but my vision is blurry and I can't read the writing. I blink a few times and rub my eyes, and then I look down again.


I feel bad. Penny is mad at me for making Simon so upset but she agrees with me. We were never going to love each other truly. I know that now. I think about how absurd the possibility of marriage between us is and stifle a hysterical giggle. That would be a disaster.


My heart leaps when I see the writing on the page. Agatha. She must have felt sorry for me and left it there. Then I realise that, no, that can't be right because I went straight up here, there was no time for Agatha to put this on my pillow. I look down at the note and read:

Dear Simon,

Meet me in the forest tonight for an act of trust. I have a surprise planned for you.



I grin, an act of trust? That means this whole thing is a hoax. She wants to see how much I trust her. I wash my face and wander down to our Greek classroom.

"You're late." The Minatoar says in a deep voice that shakes the room. He sounds scary but he is actually a great teacher. Although I do hate Greek; I can barely speak English without tripping over my words and they expect me to learn another language? I think it's a bit much to ask. No one else thinks that though. Baz and Penelope are both absolutely amazing at Greek. I'm not saying Baz it amazing though, Not at all. I look over at Agatha, trying to catch her eye but she ignores me. I grin; she's trying really hard to trick me isn't she? Penny sits next to me

"How are you Simon? You look a bit rough."

"Fine now, Agatha wants to meet me in the forest tonight. I think this whole thing is an act to see how much I trust her."

"That's cool." Penny says "We got into an argument and she got mad at me. Well, we're not on speaking term anymore, that's for sure."

"I'm sorry to hear that." I say before looking back down at the task the Minatoar has set us.


Everything is ready, now all I have to do is wait.


I wander down to the forest just before the drawbridge closes for the night. Agatha will probably have planned for this and will lift us both back over the moat so we can go to bed. Our own, separate beds. I wander into a clearing.

"Agatha?" I call. I hear a stick break to the far right of the clearing an I grin "come on Agatha." I shout a bit louder this time. A figure steps out from the trees and I start to say Agatha's name but... It's not Agatha who's there... It's…

"Baz?" I say, shocked "what are you doing here?"


Crowley, I wish I had my phone here so I can snap a picture of his face. It's the funniest thing; absolute, comical, confusion. I try hard to keep my composure as I say "Snow, I was wondering when you would get here."

"You knew?" He's shocked. I try not to grin "where's Agatha?" He looks like I've spoiled a movie for him. I almost laugh and I hold back a grin. "You're precious Agatha is not coming."


I'm shocked. "Where are you keeping her?!" I demand.

"I'm not keeping her, she was never going to come, she never even knew about that note. I forged the whole thing." Baz cackles. (Yes, he cackled, what a typical thing for a vampire to do.)

"So you set this whole thing up?" I ask. Baz cackles again "just wait." He says. I see a sudden movement behind him and instinctively pull him out of the way. A creature barges right past where he had been standing and steps into the middle of the clearing. It's amazing; the front it a lion, the back is a goat and a snake stretches begins like a twirling hissing tail. The noise it makes it horrific. All of its three heads are making noises at once; a roaring from the lion, a baaing from the goat and a loud, threatening hissing from the snake. I take a step back, whispering the incarnation for my sword. I'm stuttering so it doesn't work and Baz pulls be behind a massing boulder, not giving me the change to try again. I peek out from behind the boulder and see the snake tasting the air, trying to find where we are. I groan quietly, overcome with a sense of terror, anger and horror. I close my eyes and sink to the ground as the world around me goes red as blood.


I look over at Snow and see him hunched up, head hiding in his arms and he's shaking. There's red radiating off him and I step back in shock. After about thirty seconds he slumps forward, unconscious. Soon I feel the wold grow hot and feel my head hit the hard dirt as everything goes red and then black.

When I come to I look around in shock. The world is utterly blackened, the ground, the sky. Everything is burned in a large circle around us. I groan and sit up. The world spins and I close my eyes. Then when I open them the world is less blurry and I can see well. But there's nothing to see except Snow, covered in ash surrounded by a ring of trees a few meters away. He's shaking still and the chimera, along with the rock, has disappeared. I reach down toward Snow stretching my hand towards his head.


There's a hand brushing my hair. No one has ever done that to me before. It feels nice, comforting. I open my eyes and look around. Everything is gone and Baz is sitting next to me stroking ash out of my hair. What in Merlins name happened? After a second I remember; Agatha, the chimera, Baz and the world going red. I close my eyes and sigh, suddenly feeling weak and shaky. I lean into Baz and he holds me gently. Great Morgana, I'm being held by my roommate, my greatest enemy. I grin and close my eyes. This is nice.

"Simon..." Baz says. I don't want him to talk, to spoil this moment so I reach my neck forward and kiss him.


Of all the things I was expecting him to say or do, this is not one of them. I love it so I wrap my arms more tightly around him. He holds my face in his hands like he knows what he's doing. And I expect he does. What will Agatha say? Stuff Agatha, snow is mine now. I will never let him go.


For a second I feel bad. Agatha will be shocked to know I'm snogging someone other than her. No, I'm not her boyfriend anymore. She broke up with me. I sigh into Baz and hold him closer. Does this mean I'm gay? How will I tell Penny? How long has Baz wanted this? How long have I wanted this? I decide not to think. I just concentrate what is happening now.


I spelled us over the moat and we wandered back to our room. Now we are lying on the carpet in between our beds, hands linked. I run my fingers gently through Snow's, Simon's, hair. Hair, the yellow of the rising sun.

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