A/N just a silly little story I wrote for fun. It's Christmas themed as it's getting close to that time of year (ugh) and I thought I'd write this after seeing a prompt on Pinterest (by the way it was taken from Tumblr, I believe the person who posted it was melinda-qiaolian) and thought it was cute. So here you go :)

I sigh and lean against the wall of the school cafeteria, trying to look as bored as possible. Dev and Niall forced me into coming to the Watford Christmas party and after about three arguments and a lot of bribery I gave in. I sigh loudly and pointedly as Dev saunters past, chatting with a girl in the fifth year.

"Friends force you to come too?" A voice says from my left. I recognise the voice as Snow's and when I turn I'm greeted with his bright face.

"Snow," I sigh again, "leave me alone."

"You look bored, I'm bored too. Maybe we could just form a truce for a-"

"No," I interrupt, "we aren't friends, and we never will be. Leave me alone, ok?"

"Fine, fine." Snow says and turns away. He doesn't leave though. He just rests his back against the wall and crosses his arms. Suddenly I hear a chanting; "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss," repeated over and over. I look around and realise everyone is looking at me and Snow. Confused, I look around me to see if there could be anyone else. There isn't. Niall is doubled over with laughter and clutching his sides. He points up and I follow his finger to where he's pointing. Crap. There is a mistletoe wreath hanging on the wall above our heads. I look at Snow and we lock eyes. His eyes are beautiful; the perfect blue, clear and vibrant. Not ocean blue, not TARDIS blue. Just blue. Like a crayon. Or Grover from Sesame Street. I'm aware of the noise of the chanting increasing, "KISS, KISS," and Snow steps closer.

"Shall we humour them?" He asks,

"Uh, no. No." I step backwards, trying to disappear into the crowd but I feel hands pushing at my back, forcing me forward.

"KISS! KISS! KISS!" The students shout. I look back at snow, first at his eyes, then his perfect lips. I feel an urge to kiss them and do my best to resist. I groan and run my fingers through my hair.

"Come on Basilton" Simon laughs. Snow, it's Snow. Since when did I call him Simon? Since when were people egging me on to kiss this idiot? Since when was he egging me on to kiss him? Since when was he egging me on to do anything? Finally I give in and take a step forward.

"Fine, let's humour the crowd; they're giving me a headache." I groan. And Simon takes me by the back of the neck.

This is nothing like I imagined, I've never kissed anyone before; I was worried I would bite them. But I won't bite Snow. Simon. He's all that matters now. The cheering of the rest of the school is drowned out by my heart thumping in my head. I realise my eyes are still open, so I close them. Simon runs his hand through my hair and a little shiver runs down my spine. After what feels like eternity Simon pulls away and grins at me.

"Wow." he breathes.

"Want to go somewhere less crowded?" I grin.

"That'd be good." Simon smiles mischievously, which is very un-Simon-like. Or maybe there's a side of Simon I've never seen before. Either way, I kissed the guy I've been crushing on forever and I never want to stop.

A/N Ugh guys, I'm not great at writing and I'm re-reading my other stories on here. Well its painful, they're not that great. I hope they get better but... ugh. Tell me your opinion please, I need to hear something positive about my writing.