Percy Jackson,Son of Poseidon one of the seven who went on a journey to defeat Gaia. In the end the seven defeated Gaia and the titans. They returned as heroes,happy that the war had ended .They came back intending to live a peaceful life,but there were two who had paid a gruesome price. Percy and Annabeth. Their journey to Tartarus had given them scars bigger then they had imagined.


"NOOOOO". Percy woke up with a start. The scream had originated from his girlfriend Annabeth. He tried to ease her by rubbing her shoulders hoping whatever nightmare she is having will disappear. This is ins't the first time it happened. Ignoring his own headache and his recent nightmare he tried to wake her up. Seeing his usually strong and confident girlfriend in such state, he cursed tartarus for the thousandth time. Annabeth woke up after some time,her eyes having a mixture of terror and sadness."Shhhh Its all right I am here ." trying to comfort her in whatever way possible."Percy the monsters they did those horrible things and..."Percy sighed, It pained him to see her like this. Those grey stormy eyes had lost their sparkle . She was slowly and slowly getting worse instead of better. He asked the Fates for hundredth time what had they done to deserve this. Now that the war is over shouldn't they live happily ever after or at least live a normal life. He was planning to get married to her after they get better,but it seemed like Fate just wanted to keep playing jokes on them."Shhh I am here.I will not let anyone hurt now you are my wise one can take you away from me."Annabeth relaxed and gave me a sweet smile. By the gods she would be the end of me. There and then I made a decision to help her. I didn't know that my choice will affect the fate of the world.


I am the god of nightmares. I have control over all nightmares of mortals and immortals alike. At least that is what i would like to say but there are two beings not in my control and their nightmares are the worst. I feel angered by the fact as i tend to erase them. Now do not get me wrong. I am not doing it out of pity. Percy Jackson,son of Poseidon . He is an interesting person. In the war I had sided with Gaia as i was angered and hurt being treated as a mere minor god with no respect from major ones. He spoke for us understanding our pain. We were not only forgiven but given our own cabins in half blood. I do not like to own anyone any favours but i feel like i own him a big one. That is why I tried to erase their nightmares but something impossible happened. I found out I lost control over my powers when I tried to enter their dreams. Some ancient power is stopping me. I let out a frustrated growl as i thought about it. Suddenly i found some one trying to summon me.


I did it. I summoned him,the God of nightmares. The minor gods had once thanked me for my proposal to Zeus,So i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask him a favour. As I looked on,a handsome man wearing dark clothes appeared. His eyes were darker than the night and gave me a tinge of terror and fright. I assumed had I not been in tartarus I would have collapsed with fear by looking at his eyes as he reminded me of my worst nightmares. Well I guess that is a God of nightmares for you. Iceleus looked at me with a tinge of surprise in his eyes."Percy Jackson,never thought I would be summoned by you but then I guess it was a matter of time before you called me. I already know of the request you are going to ask and with regret I have to inform you that I cannot erase your dreams"He said with a neutral voice. I looked at him with surprise. Had he already tried?"Please is there nothing you can not for me at least erase her nightmares."I said with a hint of despair in my eyes. He looked at me for some time.I could see him hesitating."I would do please..."I said with determination. Iceleus sighed "I can transfer her dreams to someone.I know what you are going to say about this Percy Jackson,but I would like you to reconsider. You might literally go mad or go through a pain worse than death. I am quite sure your father would not appreciate me for doing this" I thought about it for some time and then said"That is no problem.I will personally write my consent signed by my own blood asking father not to do I beg you,for me Its already harder than death looking at her in such a terrible state."Iceleus looked at my eyes and as if he could see that no matter what he says i wont budge from my decision he didn't say anything. He waved his hands as if taking something and then he pointed a finger at my forehead. I felt a tinge of terror and numbness went through my whole body. After some time it went back to normal. Iceleus looked at me and then did something which surprised me. He bowed to me.A God bowing to a mortal. Before I could stop him he said"Percy Jackson this is my respect for your are an interesting being to us and have surprised me twice in my life with your actions. Something which no one has managed in millions of years. You truly are a selfless hero. I hope you manage to get through this hard time. "With that he disappeared.


"And so it has begun"


My first story guys so go easy on me. Constructive criticism always appreciated. Also anyone have new ideas they are welcome as I am still thinking which direction to take this story.