Camp Half Blood

Chiron retired back to his cabin after his usual daily work. As usual there was no news regarding Percy.

It had been 20 years now since the time Percy went month he would send an experienced demigod to look for his whereabouts in different areas. Every day he would inquire about his news only to be replied in negative.

Others were gradually giving up apart from his few friends and not surprisingly a certain daughter of Athena.

Percy had become a legend. It was hardly a surprise seeing as most of his adventures were about him slaying legendary monsters,Titans and Giants.

His mysterious disappearance just added the cherry on top.

The seven as others called them had all become minor Gods and Goddesses. Or should they be called six now?

They had tried helping him regarding any news about Percy but it was limited. Being Gods made their actions limited by the Ancient Rules.

A figure shimmered in front of him. He turned towards the figure already knowing the question.

"Any News ?"

He shook his head. The figure slowly nodded and shimmered out of view.

He sighed as he thought about the figure.

Annabeth Chase. Minor Goddess of architect. It had almost become a daily routine now.

She will come and ask him about any News related to Percy and unfortunately get only a negative reply.

All romantic fanatics and poets have portrayed her as some sort of tragedy heroine or a lonely Goddess forever waiting for her hero to return.

Most of them being Aphrodite kids.

Nobody bothered to find out the truth about what really happened and some who knew it kept their mouths shut.

He would be lying if he said that he did not feel any resentment against Annabeth regarding her part in his student's disappearance.

But with the years the resentment was all but gone and all that was left was pity.

All day she is in her cabin researching about nightmares and what not. He could never really understand much of that stuff.

If not for Thalia and to inquire about news pf Percy, he suspected she would never really come out of her cabin.

He sighed as he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. Sometimes he really felt his age.

His eyes suddenly flew open as he felt the wall shook. A sound of something hitting the floor came.

His years of experience in combat showing as he galloped away in a dive and took a combat stance.

It was dark but he could make out two figures lying on the floor. Rubbing their heads as they slowly got up.

"Ow! Lily I told you it was a bad idea. Who the hell tries to do acrobatics during a warp?"

A man's voice. A somewhat familiar voice.

"Hmph! You are acting like you did not enjoy it. Doing somersaults in the air without gravity is so much fun. Its so boring to keep standing there for half a minute doing nothing but staring at void."

A female's voice. Its not familiar but its very calming enough for me to relax a bit.

"And I am the one who is supposed to be ADHD. I hate those warps. Reminds me too much of flying and I am not particularly a fan of it." The man grumbled

"Oh please ! You are an advanced being. Do not be so much of a pussy" The female teased

"We shall talk about this later. Anyways are you hurt somewhere? "

"Yes I am hurt. Please carry me in your arms"

"Now thats just exaggerating. Hope you got the destination correct this time. Dont want to go to some weird planet again"

"You have so little faith in me...You have broken this maiden's heart"

"Lily now is not the time and - "

A cough from Chiron broke interrupted there bickering. He gradually closed his now agape mouth

"Who are you two ?"

The man and the female looked at him for some time before the man took a step forward.

"Not another step forward young man before you tell me - "

His word died in his throat as the man stepped into the light.

"Long time no see Chiron" The man with sea green eyes waved at him.

Let this feat be added to Percy's list of impossible achievements. He manged to make Chiron faint.


Percy cringed as he saw his mentor fainting. Well that did not go as well as he thought. Maybe his mind is still disoriented by that warp somersault. I know cool name but do not try this at home.

He moved forward to help his mentor all the while his companion was struggling to hold her laughter.

"Not funny Lily. Stop standing there and help me"

Releasing a regretful sigh she was about to wave her hands when she was stopped by Percy

"I dont think anymore surprises will be good for his health Lily. Lets help him the old fashioned way"

After a moment of helping Chiron to his room, he woke up. He looked at Percy and Lily for some time before muttering

"Is that really you Percy"

"Yeah I know its kind of hard to belive with all that disappearing and reappearing from thin air but its all real"Percy assured him

Chiron observed him carefully for a full minute before finally saying

"OK I believe you"

"Look I know its hard to believe but...What?"

Chiron just smiled "I know my students better than anyone. You just have this aura around you and I can see through most of the mist so unless some Major God exceptionally wants to prank me I think you are the real deal"

Percy just sighed in relief. That was the best part about his mentor. He always understood him the best. Otherwise he could have just shown him how he can heal from water and stuff.

Not that he needs water to heal anymore.

"So Percy I sure would love to hear about your very very long adventure but I think you may want to meet up with your friends first" Chiron began

"Well about that..." Percy


"So let me get this straight. You dont want to meet them yet. You also dont want me to tell them" Chiron stared at the boy.

The boy in question began to fidget around and started sweating. It would be almost comical if not for the fact that there was pure panic on his face.

"Calm down Percy" said the girl next to him as she held his hand. This was the first time he was looking at the girl properly. He was so busy with Percy he had almost completely ignored the girl.

She was beautiful without a doubt. Enough for Aphrodite to feel jealous over. She also gave a feeling he has only felt in front of gods.

So she was a goddess but which one. If there was such a beautiful Goddess he was sure that he would have heard about it.

"Chiron was it?" inquired the girl.

Chiron nodded his head.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Lily. I am Percy's wife" Lily declared.

Chiron raised an eyebrow while Percy from panic went to dumb and panic mode.

"Stop your jokes Lily" Percy shouted now red in the face.

"OK OK cant even take a little joke. Well its going to be true sooner or later" She murmured the last part.

"She is my friend Chiron" Percy said dutifully ignoring her.

Suddenly the girl face became earnest as she looked at Chiron

"I think its safe to say that Percy did not have a great expirience here before leaving. He needs time before he can meet with his friends and explain everything. I really had a tough time convincing him to come here." Lily said seriously

Chiron was shocked. Then again it was to be expected. It was a kind of traumatic event for Percy and coming here may just reopen old wounds. He sighed

"I should have helped you somehow. I am a failure as your mentor, if only I had paid more attention..." guilt was all over his face.

"Its not your fault Chiron. It was my choice and my choice alone. Nobody could have predicted the way it turned out. In the end I am fine see. Actually I am more than fine" Percy said

"I can see that. I dont know how you did it Percy but in the end I always had faith in you" Chiron said while smiling

"Its kind of a long story Chiron. I will explain after I meet my friends. When I meet them." Percy added the last part slowly.

"Take your time Percy. You can stay in my house. I am always available should you need any help"

"Thanks Chiron. I know I can always count on you."

Chiron just smiled, took one last look at the girl next to him curiously before walking away. Percy would eventually explain everything.


After Chiron left, Lily turned towards Percy

"You okay there Percy?" Liliy looked concerned.

"Yeah I am fine"Percy said though his hands were still shaking.

Lily just took his hand and then hugged him. It had the desired effect and Percy soon calmed down.

"I guess I am still a coward Lily. I cannot face my friends. I have avoided them for so many years and I still cannot face them" Percy smiled sadly

"You are anything but a coward Percy Jackson and let nobody tell you otherwise" Lily said sternly

Percy wasn't sure what he was supposed to do at the moment. He did not how powerful he really was. According to Lily he could hold his ground against a god and that wasn't even 10% of his power according to Lily.

The only thing which was shackling him was he himself. At first he thought that time will heal everything.

But then he realised it would not be enough. His training with Lily had yielded some results but it was hardly enough if he had to help in Asthea's revenge.

The only person on Earth he had kept in touch was his mom. Through telepathy across dimensions which apparently is something the advanced beings can do. Honestly just how overpowered these guys really are?

He looked outside the window and already nostalgic memories started hitting him like waves. All his days in the camp the good ones and the bad ones. Of his nightmares and his madness.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself. He could do this. He had faced Titans and Giants before. Not including the weird monsters of the other planets. How hard facing your friends can be?

Lily smiled at him.

"I know you can do this Percy. I believe in you. And after all this you can start with proposing to me and we can marry."

And just like that the mood was broken. As they bickered and spent their night in their rooms, one thing was clear to him.

It was time to meet his friends and also to face HER.