Hello, all! I've been going back and forth on this. But I think I'm putting an end to "Unpack Your Heart Chronicles."

Yep. We're done. "Chronicles" is done.

And now I'll stop causing unnecessary drama and admit that I'm concluding it because I'm going to begin "Unpack Your Heart Chronicles Part 2" soon.

Here's the reason why. I have some new "Chronicles" stories, but they will pertain to what's coming next. I have a couple of ideas that may take place during the original trilogy but most of the ideas I have only affect the stories that take place after "Good Life".

So, not-so-long story short, I'm going to definitively conclude this set of "Unpack Your Heart Chronicles". Even if I come up with stories that take place during the original trilogy, I think I'll include them in part 2, but we'll see. Like I said in "Like A Star", my series, my rules.

Well, thank you all for sticking with this for so long! I'll see you all, hopefully, rather soon! Be on the lookout for "Unpack Your Heart Chronicles Part 2" and "Iridescent".

Adios! Sayonara! Later!