The week passed very quickly after Luna became Harold's sister, thanks to a sibling blood ritual provided by the goblins of Gringotts. Though the highlight was when Luna met Sophia, his wife. Harold met Sophia in Sword Art Online when the game turned into a death trap before they somehow were transported into Alfheim Online before returning to SAO to beat the final boss and save everyone from the game. They got married the day after Harold turned 17, Sophia had been 16 when they were married, but was 17 when Luna met her.

It happened on Thursday, Harold had gotten a call from his wife that she was in London and would be coming to spend her vacation time with him. Between his bounty hunting, dueling, part-time teaching at his mother's school, part-time VRMMO GM and gamer and Sophia's job as a VRMMO GM and gamer, they had enough money to last eight lifetimes over. Not to mention that all of the friends they made in SAO and ALO were alive because of them, added to the already massive list of things that Harold had done and the beginning of Sophia's list.

Harold opened the door and pulled his wife into a hug before kissing her. Sophia smiled at her husband before handing him her luggage, he didn't mind. Harold took the suitcases to his room before getting his mother. "Mom, Sophia is here. Could you call Luna please?" He asked his mother, who smiled and nodded. Harold went back to the living room and sat next to Sophia on the couch, noticing that she had a duel monster's deck in her hand. "Started thinking of becoming a duelist, Sophie?" Sophie just smiled and put the deck on the coffee table. "No, thats your end of the pond, dear. Besides, you have a deck so powerful I wouldn't be able to counter it successfully if I had all of the cards in the world."

"True, but I think of it more as our deck." He told her, making her roll her beautiful violet eyes. Harold pulled his wife onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist. Sophia snuggled into his chest, sighing contentedly. Harold looked up when he heard his sister call "Harold, you home?" Harold called over his shoulder "In the living room, Luna!" The 16 year old blonde skipped into the living room and screeched to a halt when she saw Sophia. "Uh...Harold, who is she?" Luna asked in a confused voice, her bright blue eyes looking into his wife's violet ones.

"Luna, this is my wife, Sophia Celeste BlackHeart. Sophia, this is my sister, Luna Lovegood BlackHeart." Harold introduced the two women, before moving Sophia back onto the couch. "I'll get some lunch ready while you two get to know each other better." He said, moving towards the kitchen to make some sandwiches. The two hit it off from the get go, Harold had been worried how they would get along. When he returned from the kitchen with a plate of sandwiches, he smiled as he saw the two laughing as Sophia retold how he had beat the 11th floor boss in SAO.

Later that day, Harold asked Luna "Sis, do you want to join us tonight, We'll be going to Alfheim tonight to meet some friends." Luna smiled "Of course, brother, I would love to go with you!" That was when things went all wrong.

-Hearts of painted Black-

Entering the virtual world once again, Harold smiled as he looked around for Sophia and Luna. He saw them a few minutes later, Sophia was teaching Luna how to fly properly. That was until a bright green spell just missed them by inches, Harold followed the spells trajectory and saw her. The death eater, Bellatrix Lestrange was standing on a roof with a crazed look in her eye's. "Sophia! Get Luna and get out of here! NOW!" He shouted before opening his wings and charging the mad witch at full speed.

The witch saw him, however and dodged his attack. "Aww, the little potter boy has come here to play." Bellatrix said as she sent a killing curse at him. Harold caught it and threw it into the roof, snarling at the witch. His kaiju armor was activated and his wings spread to their full extent, taking a step toward Bellatrix, Harold hissed as golden words surrounded him before vanishing and he sent a golden chain after her. The chain wrapped around her ankle and he yanked Bellatrix off her feet. "Not so little anymore am I, Aunt Bella." Harold snarled at his aunt, who was staring at him with wide eyes.

"You didn't know?" Harold asked though he was as far from asking nicely as he was to killing himself. Bellatrix stared at her nephew with shocked eyes, never realizing in how much danger she was. "N-n-nephew?" She squeaked and he looked into her face, noticing the look of pure terror in her eyes. What was wrong with her, she had been incarcerated in Azkaban for 13 or more years, this was not the same woman that was a full Voldemort supporter, no, this was a woman who was completely terrified of what she had done and feared that her own nephew would kill her. Harold may be a warrior, but he wasn't a monster.

"You're a user too?" Harold whispered and he saw his aunt nod slowly, then another killing curse flew overhead. Harold hissed a spell and burned the death eater alive, Bellatrix said "The Dark Lord sent us to bring you to him but he doesn't have any power in this world, but you do…" Harold moved his hand over the dark mark, he grabbed it and pulled it free of his aunt's arm. "I'm teleporting you to my friends home here, I'll handle the rest of the KKK rejects." Harold whispered and muttered a teleportation spell, Bellatrix vanished in a blue flash. "Now, you're all going to die. Very slowly." Harold roared as he charged at the Death Eaters.

-Hearts of painted Black-

Sophia sat and watched the news feed as her husband tore apart the death eater ranks. "-and the latest on the terrorist attackers. The men and women of this terrorist cult attacked the main ALO server this evening are being handle by 'Kirito', 'Asuna', and 'The Forgotten Echo'." The news reporter said and showed scenes of the two players and one user destroying the death eaters. "Please be safe…" Sophia murmured, looking at the once in-command, Bellatrix Lestrange on the bed next to her. The Aurors had tried to arrest Harold's aunt but Sophia had made her way to St. Mungo's with Bellatrix in her arms.

The staff of St. Mungo's had been the most helpful, Bellatrix had been under a combination of imperius curses and potions for most of her career as a Death Eater. It had broke when Harold had said 'Aunt Bella', bringing the real Bellatrix to the surface. Scared and confused, Bellatrix remembered all of the terrible deed she had done and had started breaking down the moment she entered the wizarding hospital. Things had gone from bad to worse in under an hour, "Please, Harold, please return back to us!" Sophia whispered as the news feed showed Harold punching a death eater into polygons.

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