Chapter 4:
How it Ends

Voldemort slew another one of the eldritch beasts with a Avada Kedavra to the chest, causing it to implode.

These creatures were beyond frustrating! Even by magical standards, they ignored several laws of nature and magic. They walked through people while grabbing their innard on the way out. In the same attack, they would also leave a part of themselves behind. These parts would then grow into another one of them.

A disgusting way to reproduce, Voldemort decided. But it was effective at not only growing their number but causing fear, which these creatures seem to seek not unlike how a dementor seeks a happy person.

He looked around.

His army was devastated, and he knew that this was where his regime was going to end. The survivors of this battle from both sides would spread the word that Dumbledore had a pet eldritch beast under his control, whether this was true or not Voldemort did not know. The word will spread, regardless of facts, and it will dissuade almost all of his followers.

It was his end.

He wanted to roar and kill, but there was nothing around him.

Just more of those monsters.

In a feat only Dumbledore could match, he started a chain sequence of spell fire. Without speaking or chanting, he fired off a flurry of spells that struck and killed the monsters all around him. The few Death Eaters who had lived watched in awe for a second before they too were forced to defend themselves from the monsters.

But even Voldemort could not withstand the unending onslaught.

In the end, he too fell, and his remains were devoured by the monsters.

With the threat gone, the Hunters under Yomshara's call all gave a bow to their spectators before they disappeared, turning into mist.

The beasts disappeared as well.

And all that was left was the single lone Hunter standing by Dumbledore as the dawn broke over the horizon.

"... What will you do now?" Yomshara asked Dumbledore.

The man looked at Ha- no, Yomshara- and smiled sadly. "There is still a country for me and the others to correct."

Yomshara nodded once. "Place the bell at the entrance of this school with a strict written warning for all to wish to ring the bell: you may not return."

With that, he too disappeared.

Life moved on. People cheered, people raged, and people argued, but at the end of the day, Voldemort was gone along with vast majority of the fanatical Pureblood supremacists.

Dumbledore remained as headmaster of Hogwarts and left the political and socail restructuring to the new generations who would be leaving out of Hogwarts.

Life went on.

People began to forget about the eldritch horror that visited the Battle of Hogwarts, because their mind didn't want to admit it.

But every then and now ...

Someone decided to ring the bell hung at the entrance of Hogwarts castle.

They would all disappear with a swirl of white mist.

Most wouldn't return, but some would. Those who returned, dubbed by the public as "the Survivors," were changed people. After too many people simply didn't return, it was deemed that the bell was a danger to wizarding world.

They tried to remove it, but no one could. Hell, they couldn't even encase it in a glass box so no one could ring it. Thsoe who tried were also taken away by the bell.

And so the legend of Yomshara continued through these curious folks who dared to ring the bell.

So ends the first part of this series. I know, this chapter was short, and it was meant to be.