Act II
Scene I

The First Beast of Yomshara
(Familiar of Zero x Bloodborne)

WARNING + DISCLAIMER: AU and as such, no canon plot. I do not own any of the characters from Bloodborne, Harry Potter, and Familiar of Zero, but I do own whatever is not in canon of those three mentioned fictions.

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière was determined.

Whatever they may say about her skills at magic, she was a determined person.

She was the most knowledgeable student because she was determined.

She was the most learned student because she was determined.

She was covered in burn marks because she was determined.

She was painted with tear marks more often than not before bed because she was determined.

She was suffering from nightmares because she was determined.

Her family knew this too. Outside of her mother, all of her family supported her, regardless of her ability (some silently while others not so silently). They saw how determined she was. How she studied and practiced to the point of hurting herself. They couldn't stop her, so they supported her.

And this was the moment that she was going to prove to everyone that her determination had not been for naught. She had studied day and night to get this right.

The Spring Summoning Ritual was a magic that required no magical input from her, only her soul signature. It was a ritual system that derived its workings from the magic of the surrounding; if there was magic in the environment, then it would work. No matter how much of a failure of a mage or how powerful, it worked. There has been not a single instance of the ritual failing. There were records of mages not getting the familiar they wanted, but that was personal bias.

She knew what she wanted: ANYTHING but FAILURE.

Quite simple and guaranteed to succeed.

So she spoke up.

"I, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers, following my fate, summon a familiar...!" she shouted with her heart dripping from those words.

The ritual lit up in green.

And she waited.

Yomshara's Nightmare.

Compared to those created by its kin, it was a fantastical place that was often equated to paradise by the newcomers.

Whereas the Nightmare Realms of Yomshara's kin were filled with beasts, gloomy sky, blood, and rocks, Yomshara's Nightmare was filled with floating mountains, enchanting forests, and kind denizens.

So kind and so luring that no one wanted to leave.

So disorienting that the newcomers do not notice the danger lurking in the sky, the forest, and the waters.

One such danger was the Lord of the Forest.

It was a towering beast. A mouth shaped like a vicious reptile, body and limbs of man, and a tail of a scaled dragon. It stood nearly as tall as the trees. It was his most favored form; it was intimidating and sent a clear message that no, he was not a human, even if he had once been a human. Yes, his jaw was meant to sever bodies in half with its sharp teeth.

But despite its beastly and unholy appearance, it was a guardian of the forest. It tested the newcomers so that only the "worthy" lived to leave the forest. It made sure that scum unwilling to change their malevolent ways stayed in the forest to become the new monsters and the fertilizer.

And like all lords, he had a throne, a court, and an heir.

His heir was not of his body and blood, but it mattered not. His heir was the most upstanding beast of the forest. If he, the Lord of the Forest, was a silent judge, the forest and its denizens saw his heir as the shining knight, the ideal ruler, and the most powerful being in the forest.

"-wing my fate, summon a familiar...!"

It woke up, and found a green portal in front of it.

The magic of the portal contacted him gently, and gave him three notices.

Most compatible. A girl in need. A new adventure.

It blinked.

The Lord of the Forest thought. His first impression was ... why not? He was bored as hell, and there haven't been a lot of newcomers lately. Hell, most of those who did come didn't even make it to him because the hidden beasts of the forests killed them too fast.

Yomshara, or as some of the newcomers and now permanent residents were calling the god, Lord Potter, was the ultimate ruler of the realm. The god determined whether a beast or man could leave. And considering that the portal itself had just opened up in front of him, the Lord of the Forest could at least guess that the God of the Realm wasn't adverse to his retirement.

"Why not!" he laughed to himself. "My heir can always take over, and my death will bring me back to the Nightmare!"

So the beast that was once a man known as Saitou entered the portal as it changed to it most ... surprising form. A form inspired by the minds of the more free thinking newcomers.

"A new adventure," it cackled. "How exciting."

It reached forth just as it had a passing deja vu.

"He" had done something similar to this... before his life as the Lord of the Forest.

"...What should I call myself now?" it asked itself before it went through the portal. "Hmm... How about Azatheim? Sounds arrogant and mysterious..."

A green portal opened up, and Louise beamed.

She had done it. Her familiar was coming through!

What kind of a creature would her familiar be? Would it be a cute little bunny? A bear? A dragon?! How about a-?

She shook her head.

No, no, no. She should be happy with anything that she got. Her first magic that didn't botch up! Even the mighty 'Zero' cannot mess up this ritual!

She shouted in joy, throwing her arms above her head.

It cut off short as she saw exactly who came out of the portal.

Or rather what.

It was tall. Really, really tall. It was covered from head to toe in carapace and had at least half a dozen arms. Each of those arms had spiked carapace armor and instead of hands, there were bladed hooks. It had a human face. Or rather, faces. There were at least three faces she could see on its head, but considering that she saw at least four mouths, there had to be more where she couldn't see.

It walked on double jointed quadruple legs that formed a quadropod.



She had fucking botched the ritual.