Hello everyone! So this is my very first PJO fanfic! Super excited to be sharing this with you! Warning: my ship glossary is a tad bit rusty, but just bear with me.

Rated T for: swearing, intense action/gore (possibly, I want to practice my gory writing), and sexual implications.


Nico paced up and down the dock, keeping his eye on the horizon. It was a calm evening, a slight breeze in the air as the sun began its slow descent. Unlike several weeks previously, which had been a nasty storm that caused several trees to crash upon some houses. Nico was momentarily worried, but reminded himself that she would be alright. She would, Percy promised.

Percy was a friend and somewhat of a mentor to Nico and his older sister Bianca. He was accompanying Bianca to hers and Nico's home country, Italy, to join a convent. Nico had been upset, Bianca was the only family he had left after their mother's death. But, eventually, Nico began to understand and gave her his blessing, she set off two days later.

Nico snapped his eyes to an image in the distance and almost jumped for joy. It was a ship, with blue sails, just like the one Percy had taken Bianca on. He couldn't wait to see Percy and ask about Italy and how Bianca was adjusting to the convent. He shifted from foot to foot as the ship slowly crept closer. Then, boats were tossed over the side and sailors jumped in and rowed to shore, some carrying merchandise from Italy.

The sailors climbed onto the dock and passed the young boy with a grunt. Nico searched their faces and eventually saw Percy. "Percy!" he yelled and ran towards him, a bright smile on his face. However, his smile quickly fell when he saw Percy's green bloodshot eyes and furrowed eyebrows. His hair was tousled even more that usual.

"Percy, what's wrong?"

"Let's take a walk," Percy said and laid his hand on Nico's shoulder as he guided him away from the dock and down by the beach. "Listen, Nico, we hit a pretty bad storm. The mast broke and began to fall, right where I was holding onto the railing. Bianca... she- she knew what was coming and shoved me out of the way." Percy stopped walking and knelt to look the younger boy in the eyes. "She died. I'm so sorry, Nico. She wanted you to have this." Percy grabbed a figurine of a pirate from his pocket and pressed it into Nico's hands.

There was a minute of silence as Nico stared at the figurine, then he whispered, "You promised you would protect her."

Percy's face fell. "Nico, I couldn't help it. There was no way I-"

"You promised!" Nico stepped backwards, his face red with rage. "I hate you! I wish you were dead!"

"Nico, please-" but Percy could not reason with him, for Nico ran down the beach, still clutching the pirate figurine in his hand. Later, when Nico didn't come back, Percy realized he should've gone after him. But it was too late.

(Five years later)

"Uh, captain, sir?" a sailor asked nervously as he fidgeted with his shabby clothing.

"What?" the captain said coldly, turning to stare at the sailor with his one eye, the other covered with a patch.

"Well, it's just that, you being a new captain and all, well we were wondering if you needed one of us to show you the ropes?" The sailor was, of course, referring to himself mostly. The rest of the crew had gathered around the two pirates, eyeing them eagerly.

This captain was the youngest captain they had ever known and therefore were skeptical about him taking over their ship. There was no doubt that he was an excellent swordsman, he proved that when he gutted their previous captain, but for the past week he had done nothing except have the anchor lowered and the ship sitting still. He had made no move, barely any commands, and glared at his crew with his one eye.

"Show me the ropes?" The captain picked up a rope from the deck that had been previously been cut from the mast.

"Aye, captain."

"How about I show you the ropes?"

Quick as a serpent's bite, the captain snatched the man by his shirt and slung the rope over his head. He threw the sailor overboard while quickly tying the other end of the rope to the railing. The rope went taut, and the man twitched below before hanging still.

"Let's make something clear," the captain yelled and he took off his black pirate's hat. "I am the son of Hades, Nico diAngelo! I am your captain now, you will answer to me or else you'll be hanging there next to your old friend. Pull up the anchor, set the sails and begin to row. We have places to be."

Nico turned sharply, his black cape flowing dramatically behind him, and he took his place behind the helm. He watched as the crew rushed to preform their tasks, saying quietly and bitterly, "I will come for you, Percy Jackson. I will get my revenge."

Ok ok I know the eye patch is cliche, but there's a legitimate reason behind it that will be explained eventually. Although Hades was mentioned, I'm not sure at this moment if he'll make an actual appearance in this fic. Anywho, please leave me your comments, questions, and concerns in that glorious little review box down below ;)