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Chapter 2

"So, Captain, I didn't think to ask where our destination would be," Percy approached his captain behind the helm.

"Call me Luke, Percy, I don't bother with formalities. Tell me, have you ever tried steering a ship?"

"No, I haven't."

"Well I can't have me a first mate who can't steer a ship. Come here and grab the wheel."

Percy stepped forward and gripped the wheel, noting that the wood, once smooth and glossy, had lost its shine and was now rough to the hands. "So, Percy, we want the wind to remain to our back, especially since we have full sails at the moment. You feel that small gust of wind? Adjust your steering, steer towards the starboard."

Percy obliged and felt the ship sail smoothly and pick up speed with the wind at its stern. "Like this?"

"Exactly, Percy exactly. Now keep it steady for a while, I need to check on something." Luke left to his quarters and Percy remained at the helm, looking at the sailors below him and at the sea in front of him. He couldn't help allowing his thoughts to wander a bit, to the ship he, Leo, and Jason had wanted to build. He had borrowed the money from Dionysus to pay for the lumber for the Argo II, named after a the original Argo. Annabeth had thought from the start that the idea was foolish and risky, she was right of course. This better work, Percy thought.

Percy heard footsteps behind him and noticed Luke was back. "You've kept it steady," he said with a tone of surprise.

Percy half smiled. "It's alright."

"I have a question to ask of you, Percy. Have you ever heard of the Ghost King?"

"The Ghost King? No, why? Is he some kind of myth?"

Luke snorted. "I wish, but he's no myth. He's the son of a man who runs what we call the Underworld. It's the place all pirates meet to gain repairs, consult the code, and visit the taverns."

"They have taverns in the Underworld?"

"That's right, there's also tradesmen and a couple of families. But about this Ghost King, they say he's the most ferocious pirate captain to sail the seas. He's never lost a battle, even when his ships are weaker than that of his opponents. However, rumor has it that he has been building a new ship, with black sails with a silver lining. If you suddenly see those sails, even if you think you saw it in the distance, let me know immediately."

"What will we do if we run into him?"

"Out sail him, hopefully. It would be our only chance. Anyway, we're a little off course so we need to steer towards the starboard side with-"

"With half sails." Percy glanced at Luke who seemed surprised. "It's not my first time on a ship, you know."

"Yes, but I thought you were a common sailor? A deckhand? Most of my men here don't know the bow from the stern."

"I was a deckhand, but I spent a lot of time watching the captains."

Luke smiled fondly at him. "You'll make a fine sailor, Percy." Then he turned to his crew and shouted, "Half sails, everyone! Come on you scullywags, we don't have all day. Half sails!"

Nico stepped on board his new ship, The Ghost. He had been waiting for it to be built as he went on his raids of any other ship, cruise or merchant, he came across. The black sails with its silver lining fluttered in the wind, and the pirate's flag waved proudly.

"She's a fine ship, Nico," a deep voice said behind him and he turned to see a man with shoulder length black hair, a pale complexion, and dark clothing stood near the railing.

"Thank you, father."

Hades stepped forward and said, "You'll be going on a dangerous venture."

"Don't I always?"

"Yes, but going after your cousin is a dangerous thing, you know your uncle Poseidon won't be happy if any harm comes to Jackson."

"I will deal with Poseidon after I kill Jackson. Because I will kill him, father, I have to for Bianca."

Hades smiled grimly at his son. "I know, Nico. I would have done the same for your mother had I been given the chance. Since I hadn't, I decided to help you with your quest. Jules! Come over here!"

An older, zombie like man came aboard. His yellow green eyes were set deeply into his skull, and his skin was so tight it could have been mistaken for bone.

"Nico," Hades said proudly, "Allow me to introduce you to your First Mate, Jules-Albert!"

Jules-Albert raised a hand and grinned, showing off his yellow teeth as Nico groaned. "Really, father?"

"Yes, really. Jules is a reliable man."

"Fine. But we're setting off immediately, we've been sitting at the Underworld long enough. Jules, get the men together."