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Falling into Darkness

A knock on a door caused the rooms occupant to open their eyes and heard a voice.

"Chiro?" a worried filled voice called. "Come'on kid, you haven't come out of there for three days."

"..." no answer was heard.

"Sprx?" a voice sounded to their side and they turned.


"Any luck?" she asked but got a sigh as an answer. "Oh..."

"Given time, Chiro will come out," a voice stated, as they walked up to their teammates.

"Antauri..." the two monkeys said in unison.

"Come, Otto and Gibson need our assistance with repairs," he turned and went back the way he came with Sprx and Nova following close behind.

As the sound of foot falls faded, Chiro hid his head under the covers.

"Jin-May..." he thought, opening his hand revealing a red scarf and Jin-Mays badge. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to stop his tears from falling, but to no avail. "...Just what happend to you?"

Meanwhile on the coast of Shuggazoom...

A girl with long blonde hair that seemed to have a silver shine to it, trudged along the shore line of Shuggazoom.

"This place is nice...far away from my past..." she thought as she sat down on the sand. "...but I get the feeling this place isn't always peaceful."

And right after she finished her thought, she heard an explosion in the city followed by screams of panic.

"Called it," she said aloud. She got up and made her way to the city, the wind making her streams of hair trail behind her, and her moon pendant swaying with her movements. She was glad she was wearing beige shorts, a pink-garnet camisole, a white vest, and orange converse, otherwise the wind would have lifted up any dress or skirt she wore. She pushed that thought aside and jogged off the beach.

At the Super Robot...

Sirens were going off, alerting the team, and causing them to stop what the were doing and headed for the main hall.

"What's go'in on?" Otto asked as he arrived with Sprx behind him.

"There seems to have been an explosion at main square," Gibson informed, getting a visual of the said place.

Once the visual came up, they saw a group of figures, obscured by the flying dust. "Is there a way for you to enhance the image or somehow find out who they are, Gibson?" asked Antauri, turning to his comrade.

"I'm afraid not," Gibson sighed. "The visual feed is coming from a security camera, and it seems to be damaged."

"Well then lets go!" Sprx said, making his way to the door.

"What about Chiro?" Nova asked, catching everyone's attention.

There was an awkward silence before Antauri spoke. "We will call him if we need him." and with that they all left the Super Robot and flew towards the main square.

Once they got there, the whole area looked like a battle field.

"What could cause this much damage?" Gibson wondered aloud while he examined the debris.

"Who knows," Sprx said looking around. "Whoever or whatever it was, we're gonna make sure they pay.

"Who's gonna make who pay?" a voice asked.

Surprising the team, they quickly looked around for the source of the voice as they circled around, back-to-back to defend each other. "Who's there?" Otto yelled.

They heard giggling and the crumbling of debris, they switched out to their weapons and waited for a reply. An eerie silence surrounded the whole area, until the voice came from within the defensive circle.

"My name's Acacia," she giggled.

The team, shocked to find the stranger behind them, they pivoted away from her and stood in defense stances. They all looked at her warily, she looked like a little girl. She wore a turtle-neck black dress without any sleeves, she had black flats with straps wrapping around her leg, stopping mid-shin, her hair was down with some braided around the back of her head brown with streaks of green high-lighting her hair, and her eyes glowed reddish-gray.

"Did you do this?" Nova asked cautiously.

"Uh-huh! I did this all by my self!" she said cheerfully, raising her arms in the air.

"Why?" Gibson asked.

"Enough questions! Let's play!" Acacia cheered, putting her hands on the ground. A few seconds later the ground began to shake.

"What the?!" Otto exclaimed. "An earthquake?"

Just after he said that, large roots covered in thorns burst from the ground. "Let's play Tag!"

The sharp roots went straight for each of the monkeys, causing them to spread out in several different directions.

"MONKEY MIND SCREAM!" Antauri called out, aiming his sonic waves at Acacia but a root shot out of the ground, protecting her as another root shot at Antauri, cutting his left side. "Kuh!" he grunted as he hit the hard concrete ground.

"Antauri!" the team shouted, trying to make their way to their injured comrade but were stopped but the roots.

"So I heard that you're second in command of the Hyper Force," Acacia hummed. "Such a disappointment, and here I thought I was going to have some fun." she started to pout but then smiled. As she did, a large root came up from the ground and took aim at Antauri. "But I should finish you off here and now."

"ANTAURI!" everyone shouted, trying to reach their friend. Antauri braced himself for the impact. But before the root could impale the injured cyber-monkey, there was a blur and Antauri was gone.

"You know, I just arrived here saying it was peaceful," a gentle yet firm voice said. "But I also had a feeling that is wasn't always like that."

Antauri opened his eyes, noticing the feeling of being held and looked up. It was a girl, the same age if not a year younger than Chiro. The girls voice brought him out of his thoughts. "Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine," he replied. "But who are you?"

"How about we save introductions for later, 'kay?" she implied with a smile, but it quickly disappeared as she looked ahead at her opponent. Then she gently set him down and stepped in front of him, to protect him.

"I want to know too, who are you?" Acacia asked, her index finger on her chin.

The blonde girl just glared at Acacia before she replied. "Let me show you." grabbed something out of her pocket, held it up, and a bright light engulfed the area. Once it started to fade, the girl now wore a uniform of some kind.

"Wow you changed clothes," Acacia said with heavy sarcasm. "So what? Lets continue playing with-" Just before she could finish, the girl was gone from sight. "W-what? Where?"

"Right here," the girl whispered from behind her.

Acacia swiftly turned around to face the girl and as she did, she shot a root at the girl. Unfortunately for the girl, the root coiled around her body, the thorns digging themselves deep into her skin, causing the girl to cry out in pain. "KYAH!"

"I guess you're all talk and no action," Acacia giggled as she tightened the grip of her root.

"We'll see," the girl scoffed. Just then a white light surrounded her body, she then quickly tore the root off of her an landed on the ground, only slightly staggering.

"Why you!" Acacia hissed, shooting a barrage of roots at the girl. Surprisingly, the girl took on the attack but trudged forward through the barrage toward Acacia. "N-no! Stay back!"

But the girl kept going until she raised her hand and placed it on Acacia's head. Her hand began to glow, then it surrounded them both. After it faded, the silver-blonde girl was cradling Acacia but her appearance changed. Acacia now wore a frilly-yellow sundress and her hair was in pigtails.

The Monkey Team made their way over to the girl, still a little cautious except for Antauri who walked up to her, examining the two girls in front of him. "What was that?"

The girl looked at him then smiled. "It was the power of the Ginzinshou."

"May we have your name now?" Otto asked.

"Serena Lunarius," she replied. "I hope...we can...work..." she trailed of as she began to fall back, but Sprx caught her before she landed on the ground.

Gibson began to scan her to get a diagnostic. "She needs immediate medical attention," he said grimly, looking over his scans.

"Then let's return to the Super Robot," Antauri said. Gibson supported one side of Serena while Sprx supported the other and Nova carried Acacia.

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