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Meeting of two Heroes

Back at the Super Robot...

"Gibson, Sprx, take Serena to the Medical Bay. Nova, take Acacia to the Interrogation room." They did as Antauri told them, leaving him and Otto in the Command terminal. "Otto, come with me to-" before Antauri finished what he was saying, he closed his eyes and widened his senses.

"Uh, was is it Antauri?" Otto asked curiously, tilting his head.

After a few moments, Antauri opened his eye optics and smiled. "It seems Chiro has finally emerged from his shell of self-doubt and depression."

"Uh~...what?" Otto said dumbfounded.

Antauri smiled at his green friend. "Chiro has finally come out of his room. He's in the training room."

"Awesome!" Otto exclaimed as he quickly made his way to the Training room, with Antauri following close behind.

In the Training Room...

"Hah!... Hah!... Hah!" Chiros' grunts sounded throughout the room as he practiced on a dummy. "HAH!" with one last hit, the dummy come right of its hinges and he wiped the sweat from his brow. "Phew."

As he made his way to a bench, he heard the sounds of foot falls. He shrugged it off and took a drink of water from his water bottle and placed a cool towel on his neck, (A/N: he's wearing a gray sleeveless shirt and black sweat pants, his hands and fore-arms are wrapped as well) he then heard the door sliding open and heard Otto. "Chiro!" he cheered as he jumped on to him, taking Chiro by surprise, he fell backwards on to the floor.

"Whoa! Hey Otto-Ack! Easy there, my side still hurts from the mission awhile back," Chiro said returning Otto's hug, then released as he saw Antauri walk over to them. "Antauri..."

"It's good to see you out of your room," Antauri said with a smile. "My only question is... Are you ready to lead again?"

Otto got off of Chiro and glanced back and forth between his leader and vice-leader. Chiro looked down, the shadow of his bangs covering his eyes, then looked back up with a fire of determination burning within them. "I am," he replied with a fierce resolve. "I'm sorry about the way I've been acting."

Antauri walked closer to him and placed his metalic hand on Chiro's shoulder. "Chiro, we all have been through many trials," he said gently. "That includes having to deal with losing someone close to us."

Chiro's eyes began to water but he wiped them away before they could fall. "Thanks Antauri," he mumbled.

As Chiro got up, all three heard the door open and saw Nova. "Hey Antau-, Chiro!" she too ran up to him and hugged him. "Don't make us worry like that ever again!"

"Sorry to have worried you guys," Chiro apologized as he gave her a hug, he then let go and looked at her. "By the way, what did you come down here for?"

"Oh! Right," she said sheepishly, then glanced back to Antauri. "Acacia woke up and hasn't said a word, no matter what I try," she said with frustration clearly in her voice. "All she said is that she wants Serena."

Chiro gave a confused look at Antauri. "I'll fill you in on the way down," Antauri said. Chiro gave a nod, got up and followed his teammates as Antauri told him what happened earlier.

Now at the Interrogation room...

As Chiro, Antauri, Otto, and Nova entered the room (A/N: the viewing room for interrogation), Chiro noticed a little girl in the next room over. "That's Acacia?" Chiro asked, a bit surprised by how young she looked.

"Chiro! Hey kid!" Sprx said, making his way over to him and then leaped on to Chiro's head and gave him a noogie.

"Hey Sprx! No fair!" Chiro laughed as he tried to shake off Sprx.

"Chiro, it's great to see you out of your room," Gibson chuckled as he watched the two rough-house. "But please be careful you two. We already have enough things that need repairs," he whispered the last part so no one heard it.

"Well Gibson?" Nova asked. "Any luck with "thorn-girl" here?" she emphasized "thorn-girl".

Gibson sighed. "Unfortunately, no. She says she won't talk unless Serena is here."

"She could still be after her, but she's not going to talk either," Otto added in. "So, what do we gonna do?"

Antauri looked over to Chiro, who stopped messing with Sprx, "Well Chiro, what should we do?"

Chiro looked through the one-way window at he girl who was curled up in a fetal-pose sitting in her chair, then back to his team. He thought about it for a moment, then replied. "Let's bring this... Serena, girl in."

"Alright, I'll go get her," Gibson said. "She should be stable enough to move around."

5 minutes later...

The team looked back at the door as they heard it slid open, revealing Gibson who stood beside Serena, who was in a wheelchair. She noticed Chiro and smiled weakly. "I'm Serena."

Chiro smiled back. "I'm Chiro, Leader of the Hyper Force," he said, holding out his hand and Serena placed her hand in his.

Serena then glanced over to Nova. "So, she won't talk unless I'm with her?" Nova nodded in response. "Very well," and with that said, she gripped the metal outer-rim of the wheels and wheeled over to the door and opened it, causing Acacia to look up, uncovering her face, revealing her red puffy eyes and tear-stained face.

"S-Serena..." she stammered, Serena spread her arms out in a welcoming manner and Acacia then stumbled over and gently leaped onto Serena's lap, giving her a hug with fresh tears trailing down her face.

Serena just smiled at the small girl and pet her head to comfort her. "Will you answer their questions now if I stay with you?" she asked, Acacia just nodded and Serena then looked at the one-way window. "She's ready everybody."

With that said, Antauri, Sprx, and Chiro entered the room taking places though out the room. "So," Sprx started. "Who sent you?"

Acacia fidgeted uncomfortably on Serena's lap, looking down. "Her name is Lady Shiauri, she takes people who lost all hope in life or kids that have been abandoned and brainwashes them to do her bidding. I was abandoned on the streets, unwanted by either of my parents."

Serena's usual friendly face, became serious. Chiro noticed her body tensing, and walked over to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, causing her to look up at him. Looking into his eyes, Serena could see he was just as enraged as she was, but didn't show it. She gave him a reassured smile in understanding and he smiled back.

"Geez..." Sprx cursed under his breath. "She's just as rotten and manipulative as the Skeleton King."

"Got that right," Chiro agreed, nodding his head.

Serena looked at the two with her head tilted a little. "Who's the Skeleton King?" she asked curiously.

Before either of the two could reply, Antauri spoke. "That is a story for another time."

"Oh, o-okay," Serena stuttered a bit, still confused but understood. She then looked down at Acacia, still in her lap. "Do you remember what Shiauri looked like?"

Acacia nodded. "Yeah, she has ebony hair that's put up in an up-do, she has blood red eyes, and she's all around gorgeous. But, even though her looks may be real, don't let your guard down around her... no matter what," she began to tremble, her eyes getting watery with welling tears.

Serena brought the crying girl closer to her, giving her a reassuring hug as Acacia began to cry. "Shh, it's okay," she soothed and began to pet Acacia's head. She looked over to Antauri with a serious gaze and Antauri understood.

"Thank you, Acacia for telling us," he thanked. "It really helps."

Chiro, Antauri, and Sprx exited out of the room to give the two girls some privacy and entered the other room where the others waited. "Wow..." Nova mumbled. "I didn't think we would run into something like this."

"Hey, we should be used to running into trouble," Otto chuckled. "Then again, it could be that trouble finds us."

"That would be it," Sprx agreed with a smirk.

Chiro looked at the one-way window at Serena, still comforting Acacia. "I wonder what she's been through," he whispered to himself.

The hours went by as the team began to continue repairs to the Super Robot. Though it was not long after they decided to call it a day, that they heard a beautiful song being sung. They all met up and looked for the source, it lead them to an exit hatch to the top of the Super Robots' shoulders.

Distant moon, so big and bright,
Softest silver glowing through the night

High atop, the mountain gold~,
The sun unseen, the world is cold~,
Here I wait, and here I stand
Early morning northern hand
Studying, in solitude,
Looking for, a hidden clue~
I wish, to see this world through my own eyes,
To calm, the elders and silence their cries,
Because, of you I now gaze up and sing
The lullaby of the Moon~...

Otto was the first to spot a figure sitting a safe distance from the edge of the robot. The team silently made their way to Serena, who had Acacia in her lap, sniffling.

Found at last, I steal away
Moving faster through the silent shade

Sea of stars, like flowers bloom
Looking for, a hidden tomb
Here I found, the crescent blade
Forged by Rakker, surely lunar made
Shining down, upon the earth
Now they'll see, I'll prove my worth~

I wish, to see this world through my own eyes
To calm, the elders and silence their cries
Because, of you I now gaze up and sing
The lullaby of the Moon~

Condemned me to death
With my last breath
Sorrow and anger
Fill my head~

Distant moon, so big and bright
Softest silver glowing through the night

High atop, the mountain gold
The sun unseen, the world is cold

Now I know, my chosen path
Higher calling they will know my wrath
Raise my relic blade
I will not be swayed
With the might of the moon by my side~...

Serena finished her song and looked down to find Acacia asleep, she giggled and looked up at the stars that began to appear. "Being reborn in this galaxy... without the others around... it's not the same," she thought to herself, letting a single tear trickle down her cheek.

"That was beautiful," a female voice sounded from behind Serena. She looked behind her to see the team standing there looking at her and she smiled sadly.

"Thanks Nova," she thanked and looked back at the darkening sky of dusk. "It's a lullaby that was sung to me in my past life."

"Your... past life?" Otto wondered aloud, with his usual 'what's that' face.

Serena just smiled back. "Let me show you," with that said she brought out her pendant and it began to glow, engulfing everyone in its light.

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